Quinton couldn't wait to escape the small farm and get to college. He thought it would change everything in some automatic way. Even though the beginning of the first semester was going well, it wasn't what he had hoped. The problem was his confidence and the fact he was afraid to go after what he wanted. He was attractive, albeit at six foot two and less than 170 pounds he was a tall skinny guy who felt less than 18 when he saw how well built some of the other guys were, or how they just seemed more mature. And there was the little issue of being gay in a college town in the south in 1978. You just didn't flaunt it.

Quinton did notice how casual so many others dressed, in tight shorts and tank tops, some even wearing jeans and t-shirts with rips in them. There were a couple of classes were he actually changed where he sat for his attention kept going to the exposed flesh of a knee or a thigh, or drift up to the way the stretched out t-shirt hung over some guy's broad shoulders. His mother never let them wear anything that wasn't perfect in appearance, so how you got your jeans or other garments to have such a worn rough appearance he couldn't imagine, until the day he found the resale shop in an old shopping center on the edge of town. It was a shock to see how busy it was with students of every stripe browsing through the donated clothing and other items. He browsed the piles of donated clothing and soon found two pair of old Levi's that actually fit. They were very worn and faded, with the pant hems frayed out and very tight fitting.

That night he put a razor blade to them in a few key places and washed them with bleach in the water. When he got them dried he noticed one pair was perfect. Both knees had that blown out look, one back pocket looked torn loose and the fading was more pronounced. The other pair he had over done it. They seemed to have torn more in the wash, with a thigh cut ripping nearly to the crotch, and the little rip he put that would align just under his ass cheek had continued to the inside seam. He thought he would never wear these in public so stashed them in his suitcase to get them out of the way. He didn't want his roommate finding them either.

To complete this new look he bought white t-shirts in small instead of medium, daring to wear them skin tight over his lean frame, and he found an Army-Navy store over in the next town where he got some boots. The country boy look was purged whenever he wore even just the boots and t-shirt with any of his jeans but the worn pair just made it perfect. Even his roommate said it was a good look after staring at him for an uncomfortable long time the first night he was wearing everything in their dorm room. But his confidence was only superficial for he still didn't have the courage to try to hook up with another guy, although there were rumors of places on campus, or the night clubs over in one of the nearby cities of Atlanta or Birmingham, or even the support group for gays on campus. He couldn't bring himself to try any of the options.

At Christmas break he went home with all the mixed up confused feelings he had when he left, but now they were more frustrating for college was suppose to be this place he could find himself, or some such bullshit. His first few days at home where the usual of catching up with family and friends and holiday gatherings but the next weekend he planned to go out for the evening down to Pensacola, saying he was to going to catch a movie and hang out with a friend from college. All lies of course, for he had found out even Pensacola had a couple of gay bars in the old downtown area on the bay. As he was getting ready, digging through his suitcase for one of his tight t-shirts he found tucked in a side pocket the jeans he hadn't dare wear. He held them up thinking why not. Without really thinking about the effect he slipped on white briefs and the jeans, pulled on a t-shirt, the black boots and took off. Since he had an old handed down sedan he had earlier asked to use his dad's new truck. A Ford F-150 with all the options. Never had his dad spent so lavishly on a truck and now he was afraid to use it on the farm.

On the hour's drive down to Pensacola his cock was half hard with anticipation which he easily rubbed through the hole at his thigh until he had to make himself stop. He grabbed fast food on the way and then went in search of this infamous gay bar in downtown. It didn't take him long to find it and scope out the area. Being it was so early he decided to go kill some time shopping around. He remembered a hobby shop in an old mall just north of town and headed there. The place looked really dark and even more run down at night than it did during the day because most stores were shuttered up tight. There were a couple of old restaurants, a tattoo parlor catering to the military boys coming through the base in town and some odd retail shops. He walked along the exterior section of shops first then went into the old mall section. It was a little busier than he expected but that was in a section of shops catering to the military. He couldn't help but stroll among the guys with their close cropped heads and round tight asses showing in the jeans they wore. He caught the eyes of a couple of guys but didn't dare stare back, instead diverting his eyes away.

After a while he had made his way down to one end and realized he needed the men's room. He knew there was one along an exit corridor in back. It wasn't filthy but it wasn't clean either and only one light worked in the ceiling. The urinal was taped off as out of order. He went to the last of two stalls but was surprised to find it locked so he stepped back to the first one. Really needing to go, he quickly got his dick out and was letting loose when he noticed the hole in the partition. It didn't take long to realize what he was looking at. When he finished pissing, he couldn't help it. Almost like he was in a trance he gave his cock a pull, filling it thicken slightly, as he stared at the hole. He saw the bare thigh through the hole and movement, then he saw the guy's lower part of his face come to the hole. He stuck his tongue out, lewdly, obvious in his desire.

"Come on, give me that cock" the guy whispered. Quinton without forethought turned toward the hole and pushed his cock through into the waiting mouth. That hot wet mouth slide all the way down his cock, putting suction on it that quickly brought it up to full hardness.

"Oh shit" was all Quinton could say as the guy sucked his cock, fucked his face back and forth along its length, or just licked the head for while. When the guy pulled back and reached through and pulled his nuts down hard in their sac Quinton let a moan escape for the slight pain mixed with pleasure ran right up his spine. When his cock sank back into the mouth began to pump his hips fucking his cock through the opening and into that wet hot anonymous mouth. All his pent up sexual frustration seemed to come to the surface. He was soon fucking that mouth so hard his hips were slapping up against the partition until he felt it. That moment when his cock hardened up even more, flexed upward and cum shot out into that sucking mouth. The guy took it all, swallowed every drop. When he was spent, he pulled back and sat down on the toilet, looking down at his wet spent cock as it still flexed a little. On the floor he saw where his cock sucker had shot off on the floor under the partition. There were even a couple of spots on his shoes and pants legs, which he decided to leave alone.

He heard the guy getting dressed and as he stepped out he said thanks. Quinton noticed through the gap around the door he looked like a military guy as he made his way out. Quinton sat there trying to get his heart to slow back down, but the memory of what just happened made his cock stay hard. He even stroked it up a little. Then the door opened to the room as someone come in. Through the door he saw another young guy with close cropped hair pass by going into the stall. The guy soon was relieving himself, and it was loud as he pissed in the toilet. Quinton couldn't stand it, he had to look. He leaned over slowly staying in the center of the stall and looked through the hole. All he could see was thigh for the guy was too far forward, so he leaned a little more and got a little closer to the partition. The guy was finished but didn't seem to be putting his cock away. He just stood there for a moment. When Quinton got a little closer to the hole the guy turned toward him, holding his cock. It was hard and curved up.

"You wanna suck it?" he asked barely above a whisper.

Quinton froze at first, not believing the tables had turned and now he was to be the cocksucker.

"Come on man, my friend said you sucked."

So his cock sucking friend lied about what happened. But that cock was so pretty, so beautifully curved upward, with a vein or two visible along its shaft, Quinton finally gave in and just relaxed into the moment, pushed his jeans to his ankles and dropped to his bare knees on the hard floor. He felt one knee land in cum as he got into position. As soon as his mouth aligned with the hole the guy began to push it through to him, to feed it to him, to let him suck cock. He worked his mouth down until he nearly gagged then began to face fuck himself on that anonymous hard cock. All too soon it seemed the guy began to pump his hips, driving with need his cock into Quinton's mouth until he was the one slapping up against the partition, thrusting away with blind lust. And then he came. Quinton swallowed as fast as he could but between the thrusting of the guy's cock and Quinton letting it slip out at first, he was hit in the face with enough cum to run down his cheek to his chin. But Quinton got all the rest, and as the guy slowed down he sucked harder on the cock to pull all the cum out of it. The guy pulled back and whispered thanks.

The guy didn't hesitate, quickly getting his pants pulled together and out as soon as he was spent. Quinton got up and pulled his clothes back into place and went out to the lavatory to wash. It wasn't long when another guy came in. He was not bad looking but something about being caught out in the open spooked Quinton and he took off. He told himself it was just time to go. But it was a little early for the night club so he drove around, heart pounding, cock half erect, and the taste of cum lingering in his mouth.

About midnight he made it downtown, drove by to see several guys going in and a lot of cars in the parking lots in the area. It took a while but he finally found a space in a lot across the street up against a building. He backed in so he could watch the door for a little while. As he sat there his mind kept replaying what had happened until he was hard again. He ran his hand in through the hole along his upper thigh and massaged his cock through his briefs as he watched a few more guys enter the club. Why he was hesitating, he didn't know, but the anticipation was arousing, until he wanted, no he needed to release his cock. He undid his jeans and pushed them and his briefs down to mid thigh so he could slowly jack his cock, to fill it get hard, to have it stand up straight. He imagined what could happen if he met someone, could really get them alone. Would he allow the guy to go all the way; to fuck his ass? He wanted it but was still scared too. He leaned back and slowly stroked himself lost to his thoughts.

"Hey, nice cock; ya need some help with that?" a voice spoke right as his window. Frantically he tried to get his jeans back up looking to see a guy at his window.

"Relax, relax man, I love a good showing" as he put his arm in the window to put his hand on Quinton's to stop him from pulling up his jeans. "Let it hang out. Can I get in with ya?"

Quinton noticed the guy looked a little older; maybe late twenties or early thirties but he had that military look like he was still in the service. He had on a tank top revealing nice tanned shoulder and upper chest.

"Yeah, ok" as he unlocked the doors. As he got in he said his name was Louis and he was just waiting on his friends to show up when he saw what Quinton was doing. He apologized for interrupting but just couldn't help wanting to see his cock. Once in he reached over and slowly stroked Quinton's cock which was only half erect now, but very quickly at the touch of another's hand back up. Quinton told him his name but then just sat rather stunned at the situation, allowing Louis to work his cock till precum leaked from the head making the stroking all the more sensitive.

"Nice, and all that lube you put out...nice" and he leaned over and took Quinton in his mouth, slowly, easing down savoring the taste. Quinton gasped and leaned back enjoying what Louis was doing. After a few minutes Louis began to push Quinton's jeans and briefs down further as he worked up and down his cock, licking its length and then plunging his mouth back down, not stopping until his face was buried in pubes. When he sat up he pulled his tank top off.

"Get those boots off" was all he said. It took a minute but Quinton got them off, and Louis leaned over and pushed his jeans and briefs down and pulled his right leg free of them. He then pulled Quinton around on the seat, with his free leg against the seat back spreading his legs wide open. He grabbed Quinton and pulled him down flat on the seat, and landed on top of him, kissing him, nibbling his neck and grinding his jeans' covered hard cock into Quinton's. Quinton ran his hands over Louis' back and shoulders, feeling the muscles flex as Louis was grinding into him, pushing downward, letting Quinton feel his full weight. Louis pushed his jeans and briefs off his left leg and then began to feel his ass, rubbing the left cheek, then into the crack and up and down over his hole, touching him there. Quinton couldn't help it, he pushed up to Louis' finger, wanting it inside him. Louis teased him for a while, rubbing the opening and up and down the crevice of his ass, warming him up. Then slowly he slid one finger in, giving it small pumping motions as he pushed in, slowly. Quinton moaned and could feel his skin begin to sweat. Louis worked a second finger in stretching his hole open a little more, twisting around inside hitting spots that made him feel more intense. Louis then slid in a third finger stretching him open further.

"Goddamn, I gotta fuck ya. Come on" as he got up and opened the door to get out.

"What? Where...where are you going?" Quinton sat up asking in shock that Louis was getting out.

"Come on, it's too cramped in the cab, let's get in the back. No one will see us. You're up against the building and it's pretty dark."

Quinton hesitated, scared of getting caught, of someone seeing, of getting fucked, but in the end he got out and eased to the back wearing only his t-shirt, sweat damp enough to see his hard nipples pressing out. Louis was opening up his jeans, and with no underwear, Quinton saw his cock for the first time. It stood straight out, hard with the head wet with precum.

"Get in and lay on your back with your head on the tail gate."

When Quinton was lying on his back with his head hanging over the side, Louis began to rub his cock over his face, through his hair, getting his scent, his sex, all over him. Then he rubbed Quinton's lips until Quinton's lust too over and he opened up to receive him. Louis went slow and developed a fucking rhythm, pumping his cock in Quinton's wet hungry mouth as he began to stroke himself to the same rhythm, slowly, up and down his hand went as Louis' cock went in and out of his throat. The cool coastal air felt good as more sweat developed on his skin. Eyes closed and moaning around Louis' cock Quinton was lost in the moment.

When the bed of the truck shifted from not one but two people getting in, Quinton tried to pull off Louis' cock and sit up, but Louis held him down, telling him it was ok, that his friends had shown up and were just wanting to party too. Soon Quinton felt the two guys push his hand away from his cock and began to play with it. Stroking his cock, slapping it back and forth, and then fighting over who was going to suck on it.

"Don't get him off yet. Let's keep him revved up; I want that ass" Louis told his buddies. Quinton felt one mouth then another lick, suck on the head or just buried itself all the way to pubes as Louis kept a steady rhythm of fucking his mouth. Salvia drooled out and ran down his cheek. Louis slowed his pace then pulled out letting Quinton see his hard cock bob up and down in front of his face. It glistened in the dim light from his salvia.

"Spin the bitch around, I ready for some ass" was all he said and Quinton was roughly manhandled around till Louis was holding his legs up on his shoulders and Quinton was looking up at two young guys, both obviously military and both undoing their jeans to get their cocks out. One looked stocky, muscular with brown hair and fair skin. The other was tall and lean, with jet black hair and dark olive colored skin.

"You ready to suck some dick, cocksucker?" one of them said, not as a taunt but rather with a blind sense of lust. Quinton felt Louis fingering his ass, with one finger, then two and once again finally three, stretching and twisting his hole open.

"Go ahead Sean, let'em suck your dick" the brown haired guy said and he moved over to let Sean push his cock into Quinton's mouth. As Quinton took the steady rhythm of Sean's thrusting cock in his mouth as he felt Louis' cock rub over his ass, with each pass up and down he got more intent on his hole. Then he was pushing in, slowly, forcefully, into Quinton, pushing his cock until it was over half in, then he began to slow fuck; in and out, pushing more and more cock up Quinton's ass while Sean enjoyed working his cock in Quinton's moaning mouth.

"Goddamn this boy's ass is tight" Louis told the other two. As he picked up his pace Sean was obviously pushed to the edge and he pulled out of Quinton's mouth and stroked his wet cock a few times and came all over Quinton's face and chest. He rubbed his spent wet cock over Quinton's face until he was covered in cum.

"Ok, Tony, give'em some of yours" Sean stated as he moved over.

"Yeah, Tony put that fat cock in his mouth" Louis told him as he worked up a faster and faster rhythm. Suddenly he got rougher, even reaching down and grabbing Quinton's t-shirt, ripping it up the middle stripping him of all his clothes. Tony put his hands on either side of his head as he worked his cock in steady strokes and Louis was working on his nipples as he hammered away at his hole, pinching and twisting them. The pain was an intense sensation that made all the rest so overwhelming Quinton forgot he was in a public parking lot in the bed of his dad's truck. All he could think about was the pleasure the two cocks were giving him, making his own flop around hard, leaking precum, spreading all around.

"Fuck his ass Louis, fuck him harder" Sean said as Quinton took his own cock in hand and began to stroke it.

Louis got into that final fuck rhythm, rough and slamming hard as he drove his cock into Quinton's ass.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming" as he hammered into Quinton making his own hard cock bounce up and down through his slimy fist. Louis pumped a few more hard jabbing strokes then leaned over spent. As Tony slowed down, Louis pulled out and stepped back.

"Get up boy, I'm fucking ya now" Tony said as he pulled back and stood up in the truck bed. Quinton rolled over and stood up. Tony pulled him toward the cab and pushed his upper torso over the top opening his ass up for his cock. He moved up into position and sunk his fat cock in all the way while Quinton leaned up moaning far too loud.

"Fuck, he is tight...take my cock, bitch" Tony rambled, talking more and more, telling Quinton what a fuck he was, just a hole for him to fuck. The truck rocked with their hard hammering rhythm. Suddenly Tony slowed down and Quinton looked back to see Sean behind him, pushing his pants down to mid-thigh and then just ramming his cock straight up his ass. Tony shoved forward at the penetration.

"Oh fuck, put it in me Sean, fuck my ass" he grunted out as he fucked into Quinton at the same hard pace.

"Damn, you boys love a rough fuck...shit" Louis said as he stood by the truck watching the three of them fucking. Sean with his pants open, Tony with his down to his thighs and Quinton bare ass naked. Their fuck was not in rhythm but rough punches, hammering cock into the hole in front of it and hands slapping ass checks. Quinton grab his cock knowing a few strokes and he would cum. He couldn't take it anymore. Tony breathing and rhythm showed he was close as well. Sean was hammering his ass, pushing him harder and harder into Quinton's. Tony grabbed a handful of Quinton's hair pulled his head up to look at him.

"I'm going to cum in your ass" Tony gasped out as he fucked his cock in hard ass slamming strokes up Quinton's ass and he shot his load deep into him. Quinton stroked a few more times and came hard, shooting his load over the rear window.

"I'm close, get on your knees" Sean stated as he backed out of Tony's ass. Tony turned and dropped to his knees. Quinton turned and slid down into a sitting position trying to catch his breath watching as Sean grabbed Tony by his left ear and stroked his wet slimy cock until he came in his face. After Sean was spent Tony leaned up and licked the cum off the head then took it all the way down cleaning it completely.

When everyone finally stopped to catch their breath, Louis slapped the top side of the truck bed to get everyone's attention.

"Ok you slutty bastards, get your clothes back in place and let's go have a beer."

Quinton jumped down to get dressed as Louis reached into the truck and handed him his jeans.

"My underwear, hand me that will ya" Quinton asked Louis.

"Nah, I'm keeping these" as he sniffed them first then stuffed them in his back pocket. "Hell, boy you go in there in just those jeans you'll have yourself a fine time."

Tony and Sean came up to the cab dressed as Quinton fastened up his jeans.

"He needs a collar and he'd be perfect" Sean said as he gave Quinton a funny look. Quinton was embarrassed, not only with jeans that if he was sitting down they could see everything from the right angle, but also his lean upper body didn't seem muscular enough to be without his shirt, and then the idea of being collared gave him a little jolt, a tingle in his cock, an idea planted.

"Come on Quinton, we'll get the first round, or two or three and see how the night plays out" Louis said to him as he put an arm around his shoulders and led the group of them across the street to the night club. The night was young and anything could happen.



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