Stephan came from a Polish immigrant family who just arrive in America 10 years after the War. They own their  Hardware store in downtown Albany and save up their money so Stephan can go onto college to get a trade in Electronics and Welding. He end up working for the Company called Hubert's that made industrial kitchen equipment. After about 10 years and got a huge per-motion and became Regional Manager for the entire East Coast of the country.

He was real nervous in meeting the new CEO of the Company Bill Watt's who was a son of a bitch and had a very bad reputation of being not nice to people. Mr Watt's stood just under 5'10 and was former British Amateur Wrestling back in his younger day's. The meeting was around 10 am in a conference room at the Hilton. It took Stephan a few seconds to knock on the door before the deep voice told him to come on in.

They meeting lasted a good hour plus before Bill invite Stephan out to lunch with him to tell him that he would be going to Florida along side of him for the Company National Convention the week after Labour Day.  Steph was exciting as hell when he check into the hotel were the convention was gong to be held and ran into Mr Watt's a few hours later in the Lounge.

The rest of the week went off without any serious issues and Steph had to fly back to Albany as soon as possible to settle a disagreement with one of their Team Leaders. Steph was not impress with him at all and had to fired him right away and had to put back on his work clothes to complete a huge contract over at the Holiday Inn.

Every few month's he loves going out on the jobs to do the dirty work and wanted to keep up his experience and technology that comes with the job. It was just around 3 pm when Steph meant with the Kitchen Manager Chris Wilson over had the Hotel.

Chris was out as being Gay and deeply enjoy watching Steph bend over on his hands and knees trying to install the new Company dishwasher. He could not keep his eyes off of Steph Black Silky underwear that was showing out of his navy blue Dickies work pants. Chris also love the look of his white work shirt that show the company name on one side and his own name on the other. 

It only to a few seconds for Steph to get completely soak after the main water hose flew off and went all over the place.  Shortly after when every was all clean up and the job was finished Chris then took Steph down to the Mens change room to get clean up. The change room was huge it had around 10 lockers for each person along with a few shower install and a long wooden bench to sit and get dry off. Steph truly felt great after he got all clean up and then Chris handed him some Kitchen whites uniform for him to go home in.

Bill got hold of Steph to see if he would like to learn on how to play Squash with him over at the all Men Racquet Club. Steph felt it was kind of strange that Mr Watt's got the last court reserve for like 10 pm on Friday night.

Steph felt great after the hour Squash lesson from Bill and decided to take a sauna before he heads on home. He was all alone for around 15 minutes completely drench with his own sweat when Mr Watt's walk in wearing some type of 70's style speedo bathing suit.

Bill had a great body for someone close to 65 with a well build salt and peppers  hairy chest  and nipples and huge a strong muscle tone hairy set of legs. He also kept his short black hair slick back and had a lovely trim bristle moustache. Steph then smile at him and got up to take a cold shower before he went back in for some more.

After the cold shower he then walk over to his locker and grab his brute aftershave and spray it all over himself before he went looking for his popper inside the small sports bag that he brought with him. The wall clock was now showing it was close to 11:30 pm when he decided to go back to grab some more heat. 

Steph took a huge snort of the poppers before he open up the door as he walk slowly over and begun to stand right in front of Mr Watt's who was now sitting on the second tile bench over the sauna. The hole steam room was all full of hot mist when Bill then stood up on the tile bench and took his towel off and threw in onto the floor. 

It was a few seconds after that Steph walk up to his huge 7 plus cock and started to suck his thick dick. Mr Watts was truly enjoying the poppers and blow job and shot off two loads at once all down Steph throat.

" Holy shit Mr Watts that was nice "

" Know kidding Steph "

" Where the hell you learn to suck like that ? "

" Good question Bill "

" How about you come over to my house next Friday night ? "

" That would be  real nice Bill "

The week flew by as Steph hop into his new Mazda 6 sports car to head on over to Mr Watts place. Steph was deeply amazed bye the size of his place especially the indoor pool that had a nice 6 person hot tub that was build right beside the 32 by 16 feet pool. It only took less then 15 that Bill was now sucking Steph hard cock as he sat on the side of the hot tube. Steph was now moaning of sexual pleasure as Bill trim bristle moustache started to tingle his hairy ball and shaft as the blow job got more intense. Once again they both took a huge shot of the poppers before Steph shot off his load .

" OMG Bill it feels awesome "

" Same here Steph , I love your dick "

" Fuck you got me close now Bill "

" You want it Sir "

" Give me your juice Steph "

" I am coming , Holy shit here it comes "

Steph balls exploded a huge load of white cum that landed all over Bill juicy wide mouth and hairy chest. Bill was so turn on by it all that his own cock started to cum at the same time as Steph. They then both got up from the hot tub and dove into the pool to wash off their smelly sweating bodies.

They then made there way into Bills brand new sex room that was just build for these special times, As for Steph he could not believe what he is seeing and which made him more hornier then ever.

" OMG Bill that very nicely done "

" Thank You Steph , I knew you would like it "

" I love the message table "

" You mean the fuck table lol "

" I only been fuck once before Mr Watts "

" Wonder who got that lucky Steph "

" It was my parents neighbour who was in the Military "

" OMG know surprise there Steph , How big was he dude "

" He was a good 6 inch plus "

" You have a much bigger dick and nicer dick then him Sir "

" How about you lay lay-down on the table and I will give you a nice massaged "

" That will be great Bill "

It was a short time later that Steph find it kind of strange as the room lights started to get dim as he felt like he was put into some kind of sexual trance before he took another shot of the poppers that Bill had gave him. By now Bill then lower the bottom of the table and began rubbing both of their bodies all down with some sort of messaged oil.

Steph felt real horny as the lights are lower some more and notice two other men in the room now with him and Bill. The 3 all them started to massage Steph weaken body before the fuck session was about to began. The other two men where all around the same age and build as Bill. Pat and Mike where former rugby players back in England and got to know Bill through a sex club over their.

" How do you feel Steph "

" I am okay Sir "

" You like some more poppers ? "

" Yes Sir "

Bill slowly began penetrating his thick 7 inch thick into Steph ass as the other two gentlemen stood and watch it all going down by playing and jerking their own dicks. It was a few minutes later they all took turns and began fucking the shit out of Steph juicy filled hole as the fuck got lot more sexual and aggressive.

Mike was the first one to shot off his load into Steph ass and then with only like 2 minutes later it was Pat turn. Steph was now screaming with sexual desire when Bill really started to show off on how to fuck a mans hole as the Pat and Mike watch with amazement. Pat then walk behind Bill and started to nipple on Bill erected sweaty titis as Mike was on the floor with his bearded mouth sucking and licking Bill hairy balls after each long hard strokes from his cock that he was giving to Steph.

" Holy shit guy's , I am getting close "

" Give it to him scream Pat and Mike "

" Fuck Bill give it to me dude "

" Jesus here it comes "

" OMFG "

Steph and Bill let out a huge scream as 3 loads of cum shot off one after the other all over Steph very sweaty pounding chest. Pat and Mike could not believe that some of it evan hit the back wall. It took a few minutes later that Pat and Mike left the room fairly fast before Bill started to withdraw his cock from Steph sore ass.

" That was the best orgasm ever Steph "

" What the hell was that all about Bill ? "

" You like that dude "

" OMG it was amazing Sir "

" Who were those other 2 guy's with you Bill ? "

" What 2 guy's ? Steph "

" Maybe I was just dreaming Sir "

" I called it a sexual trance Steph "

" Wow Biil love to do it again "

" How about we both get clean up now and let you get on your way "

" That cool with me Bill "

Steph was all shower and dress as Bill then lead him to the door as he wore his tight red ADIDAS track suits. Once again they hug one another as Bill hands turn the knob to open the door up. Steph jerk off for the next few nights thinking what happen over in Bill sex room. It was like 2 months later that he hook up with Fire Chief name Mike Harris  and his brother Pat for a 3 some over at Mike house. The funny strange thing about it all , It was compelety the same sex room as Bill Watts.





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