Unlocking his apartment door, he felt exhausted. It had been a typical Monday at work, and worse afterwards. Glancing at his watch, he realized he was running late. 'Figures' he thought as he took his tie off and tossed it onto the chair, undoing the top of his once starched white shirt. Ron dropped into the chesterfield, feeling totally spent, irritated as well.

He tossed the mail onto the coffee table, and thought about having a stiff drink before making his way to the kitchen. He needed one, not just from having another crap day at work, but the little fender bender on the way home had only been the icing on the cake. Pissed him off too, not because his pride and joy had a nice $500 ding on the rear quarter panel, but because he knew he had been a sap.

No way would the other driver show up, or pay him. Ron grimaced, realizing he had let his dick rule his head one more time. It was a piss off, but hell, he was a sucker for a cute guy, specially when they were twinks.  Mind this situation took the cake, because he should have reported the accident. Instead he had fell for the tears, the sobs of an 18 year old that looked like he had stepped out of a Bel Ami video. He was so friggin cute, that it made him act like a kid himself. He was 27 for Christ's sake, should know better, but did he?

Ron got up and went to the side table, where he kept his drinks. It wasn't like he was a drunk but now and then he enjoyed sipping on some good stuff, instead of beer. Quickly he poured himself a nice shot of Rye Whiskey and went back to the chesterfield, to contemplate his stupidity. No way would he ever see any money for the damage, let alone the 'bonus' that the kid had suggested to him.

Sipping on his drink, he felt the liquid warm his throat, and his stomach. He felt it gurgle as he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and his stomach was empty. It was already past 8pm and he really didn't feel like cooking. Instead he was thinking that maybe Aaron would show up at 10, as promised, but he doubted it.

He still wasn't sure how he had been conned into not reporting the fender bender. It had been on a side street, as the freeway was too crowded, and taking side streets had saved him time, well, until today. Somehow Aaron had clipped his rear, pulling out from a parking spot on one of those lonely side streets. The sound, the sudden lurch and swerve of his car had scared the living crap out of him. The noise alone had made his ears ring, and before he even realized it, he was out of the car fuming.

Ron had never felt such rage before. It scared him as he stormed around his car towards the other side, where his precious car had been wounded. He had saved to buy the car, his first. Unlike punks whose parents gave them everything, he had to work hard for his money, his toys. Nothing really came easy for him, and this was his first car. He could count the number of times he had stayed late, put up with old man Winter's bitching just so he could save a few extra dollars to buy this vintage car.

Now it was hit by some punk who slowly got out of his own car, a brand new one too boot. That got his blood pressure boiling, as he saw the mop of blond hair rising up out of the driver's side. His first thought was that here was another of those spoiled brats, driving a car he couldn't afford, but that his parents had got for their precious little brat. Too bad they didn't give the moron driving lessons.

Taking another swallow he realized that it was when he saw the young man's face, his anger had suddenly eased. There was something about those pale blue eyes, filled with fear, that made him stop yelling and cursing. He had watched as the tall man got out, noticed how he was not thin like most, but had some meat on him. The face was set in a worried frown, and yet in some strange way the kid was attractive. He felt an instant reaction in his pants, that he tried to ignore as the lanky blonde slowly made his way to where his car was wedged into Ron's.

He was apologizing, constantly saying he was sorry, and you could hear the fear in his voice. It had somehow calmed Ron down, as they stared at the damage. Then the kid, who looked like he had just gotten his license, began to swear, talking about his father would kill him. He was talking to hide his nervousness, as he said he was sorry, and how he had borrowed his dad's new car, to run errands. He kept saying how sorry he was, shaking even as he stood there staring at the damage.

Ron felt sorry for him, or did he? Sitting now in his apartment, the quote from the body shop in his shirt pocket, he wasn't so sure if it was that he felt sorry for the kid, or if he had been swayed by the tight basket that was one of the most gorgeous he had ever laid eyes on. Maybe it was the blue eyes, that were glazed with tears welling up, or the long blonde hair that came down to the young man's neck. It could have been his chiselled chest that stretched his t-shirt or the tight fitting jeans that showed off his muscular legs. Whatever it was, he had suddenly acted like some lovesick teenager.

He had pulled his damaged car off to the side, and it was while exchanging driver license information, insurance details, that things suddenly changed. Instead of calling his insurance agent, and the cops, he held back. He found out that his maniac car impaler was only 18 years old, that his name was Aaron, and that he was just heading off to college. He also found out his father was one of those strict types, who was some big shot contractor.

The kid had been so nervous, and frightened of what his father would do, that he felt sorry for him. He listened as Aaron told him about his working to buy his books for college, at how his father made him work around the house. How he had taken the new car, despite being told not to, and how his dad would skin him alive. It was quite a story, when Aaron had looked at him, those eyes swimming in tears, asking if they had to report it?

He rushed on, saying he'd pay for the damage, that he had saved up extra cash from working all summer. His voice had a pleading lilt to it, that made Ron ache. He actually fell for it, he thought, sitting there knowing that to fix his car was going to cost him close to $500. The damage to Aaron's father's car was minimal, as it seemed to have barely a scratch on it. His luck, he thought, given how cheaply the new crap was built, but it was how it had hit, that had given him the worst of the encounter. Now he was supposed to fork out $500, and trust that some off to college twink would pay him back.

Ron figured he was losing his mind. No way should he have agreed to not calling the cops, or reporting the accident to his insurance. Okay, yeah he had a $300. deductible, and yes it would more than likely cause his rates to go up, but shit, $500 was not an easy amount for him to come up with on short notice.

To be honest, he hadn't expected the repair to cost as much as the estimate. He was still in sticker shock, as he downed the last of his drink, contemplating another when the front door buzzer sounded. It startled him as he looked at his watch, realizing it was close to 10pm already. Maybe it was the kid, but he doubted it. No way would he show up as he lifted up his phone, to see who it was.

Surprise was all over his face as he heard that voice, recognizing it and he quickly buzzed the man in. He actually had shown up, which was amazing. Glancing around he thought about putting his jacket away and tidying up but screw it, not like Aaron would actually be there to pay him, or give him his bonus. In his heart he knew that would never happen, though the idea of having him naked, of his mouth filled by his own dick, was appealing, it just wouldn't happen.

The knock on the door woke him up out of his little daydream. He opened it to stare at the handsome young man. The hair was combed but if anything looked more inviting than when he had first seen it. The eyes seemed to sparkle at him and the face actually look more relaxed. He let the young man in, catching a whiff of his cologne, that seemed to make his body tense up. It wasn't overpowering, but held his attention.

They moved into the small living room area, and Aaron sat down in the chair, looking a bit tense as he leaned back. His legs were spread open, in typical male pose. Ron couldn't help but look, and he knew that Aaron had noticed. He couldn't help himself, the long legs were inviting as was the firm looking basket.

'You didn't expect me to show up, did you?'

Ron noticed how Aaron was looking at him. His eyes seemed to wander just as Ron's did. They kept contact with his face, but now and then would flicker and glance down, at Ron's bulging crotch. He noticed too, that Aaron's own basket seemed to be getting a bit bigger as well.

'No, I didn't.'

'Told you I would, uh, you get an estimate?'

Ron nodded and reached into his shirt pocket, handing it over to the young man. There was a strange exhilaration as he passed the folded paper over. It was sort of like electricity was in the air, as he watched the young man open the estimate. He heard him whistler, seeing the eyes open a bit wider as he read the final quote amount. He looked up and Ron could see he was taken aback by the figure. In some odd way, he felt sorry for him, even though he had caused the accident.

'That's a lot of money.'

'Yeah, I know. I uh, I suppose I could look around for another body shop, but I doubt they'll be much cheaper.'

'I didn't think it'd be that much, I uh, I only brought about $400 with me.'

Ron was surprised. His face must of shown it, as Aaron quickly began to talk, saying he could get the rest, but it would have to be tomorrow. His bank only let him withdraw up to $400 a day, and he had the money.

'Well I already gave them the go ahead. I pick the car up Friday, so I can wait a bit for the rest. Uh, how'd you save so much?'

'Huh? Oh I worked and my Gran gave me some cash for my graduation.'

'This for your books at college?'

'Yeah, well for some.'

'Your parents not helping out with that?'

'Them? Nah, my dad figures that as he's paying the tuition, the rest is up to me.'

'How much are the books?'

'The school says about $1200 all total.'

'How much you manage to save for them?'

'I managed just over $1300. to save, figured I'd need to have a head start for next semester, in case I couldn't get a part time job right off.'

'That's for one semester? That seems awfully expensive, aren't there second hand shops where you can get them cheaper?'

'Uh, that is for second hand books. New is way out of my league.'

It was how he said it, that made Ron sink back into the chesterfield, contemplating the young man. He felt like a heel, realizing that the money he was being given was the kid's book fund. Somehow, it just didn't feel right as he got up and poured himself another drink.

Looking at him, he just couldn't bring himself to taking the cash from him. Sure, it had taken him nearly a whole year to save up that kind of money, now it would go to his car repair but in all honesty, he couldn't enjoy spending that money knowing he had maybe hurt a kid in learning. It was a strange feeling, because he never considered himself a sucker. Still, looking at Aaron he couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Aaron stared back at him, then he leaned back and pulled out a wad of bills out of his pocket. He placed them on the table next to the couch.

'There's most of it. I'll bring the rest tomorrow, if that's okay.'

He just nodded, finishing off his second drink. He couldn't help the way he was feeling, tempted to just tell Aaron to forget it, but he didn't as he just looked at the young man.

'Honest, I will, and uh, I know I uh, well you know, the other. I'll still do that, now, if you want.'

'You sure about that?'

'I said I would, I uh, I keep my word.'

Ron noticed how he had his head lowered, looking up at him from under his eyelashes. It was odd, but while he had wanted it, he wasn't sure. Still he was attracted to the young man, and hell, it was his car that had been damaged.

Maybe it was the second drink on an empty stomach, but he couldn't deny the urges inside as he walked over to where Aaron was sitting. He stood right in front of him, looking down at the slender man. Aaron lifted his head up and looked up at him. The eyes were open and Ron knew that he would do it.

He placed his empty glass down on the table, next to the wad of bills. He hadn't even bothered to count them, as he took a step closer to the young man. His eyes were a bit glazed over as he unbuckled his belt.


Aaron stared at him for what seemed an eternity. Then he lifted his hands up and shifted himself on the chair, coming forward. His eyes continued to look up at Ron, as the hands fumbled with Ron's pants. The hands were trembling, as was Ron's legs. It was strange, to be standing there, waiting for some stranger to undo his pants, and suck him off. Yet he felt like he couldn't wait, as the young man's fingers pulled at his pants, undoing the clasp then pushing the zipper down.

Ron felt his body tremble with anticipation, as his pants were slowly pushed down his legs. The hair on his legs seemed to stand up as the young man's hands brushed past them. Then he felt the hands reach up and take hold of the waist band of his shorts. He licked his lips, glancing down to see Aaron still looking up at him. The eyes were filled with water, as if the young man was about to cry, but he ignored it as the fingers tightened and began to push the shorts down.

He felt the shorts release his cock. He heard the intake of breathe as Aaron stared for the first time at his erect penis. He let him push the shorts down, stepping out of them and his pants. He spread his legs wide apart, as he looked down. Aaron no longer was staring up at him, but was looking right at his hard cock.

The touch of Aaron's hand on his thigh, then the light touch of his fingers around the base of his cock made his body shake. He felt a strange jolt as he watched the young man wrap his fingers around the base of his cock. A small moan escaped his lips, as he watched the blond head begin to move inwards. He could feel his hot breath now, as it wafted across his cock head. His legs became taut with excitement, as Aaron glanced back up at him.

He smiled, resting both of his hands on his hips. Ron felt his heart racing, his lungs began to ache as he waited for that first touch, that first feel of Aaron's lips around his cock. His balls were aching, as he watched the head moving closer and closer, until finally, he felt it.

He shook and his hands moved from his hips to rest on Aaron's head. The head stopped and pulled back, but his hands moved with it. He didn't try to force it, and once more it moved back closer, and again he felt Aaron's breath on his cock head. He gritted his teeth, as the warm lips touched his skin. It made him quiver, as Aaron slowly let his thin lips surround the head, pushing the skin back under its grip.

His hands spread out on the young man's head. His fingers managed to twist some strands of hair, holding them tightly. Aaron's lips slowly moved along the cock head, then pulled back. The head leaned back, despite his hold. He heard him swallow, knew he was looking up at him, but he didn't look back. He waited, the tension building up in his body as once more Aaron moved his head forward. Once more his lips surrounded his cock head, and this time moved down more.

As the lips slid down and off his cock head, to grab hold of his shaft, Aaron's tongue darted out. He felt the raspy edge lick at his cock head, taste the small drop of precum that had formed. He felt himself shake as the hand around his base grew tighter. Then the lips were moving down his shaft, and he heard Aaron gagging a little, as he stuffed Ron's cock into his mouth.

The warmth, the flick of the tongue under his shaft made him grab harder onto the boy's head. He felt it resist, but he only increased his grip, and then he felt the head moving up and down his cock. He moaned as he felt the tongue licking at him, and his hands were stretching and contracting, pulling at Aaron's hair. He groaned as he felt the waves of pleasure running up and down his whole body. His muscles were all constricted and taut as the young man began to suck on his throbbing pole. Every now and then he heard a sort of gurgle, as the boy gagged now and then.

Ron ignored it as he began to rock a little. He was slowly moving his own hips in time with the motion of Aaron's head. He continued to moan, biting his lower lip now and then, as a particularly strong wave of pleasure would roll through his whole body.

Every few strokes, Aaron would pull his head back, and would use his hand to stroke Ron's cock. He had moved off the chair, and rested on his knees before Ron's body. He sucked on the cock for several minutes, then he would stroke it, and then back to sucking it. He didn't touch him anywhere else, as he kept stroking the base while sucking. His lips were tight and Ron felt his body shaking, felt the blood rushing faster and faster to his cock. His balls felt like they were on fire, as Aaron continued to stroke him, to suck him.

His hands now rested on the young man's shoulders. His fingers were digging into the flesh as he continued to gyrate his hips, driving his cock deep into the mouth. He ignored the gagging sounds, as he felt his balls slinging upwards. He felt the pressure building as he moved his own hands, grasping the back of Aaron's head as he shot his hips forward hard.

His cock drove deep down into the throat, he felt the head strike the soft tissue, then rear back. He cried out, his hands holding the head tighter as his body exploded. His cum was flooding out, filling the young man's throat and mouth. Aaron tried to pull back, but Ron wouldn't let him. He kept his head over his cock, as he shot his load.

His whole body was trembling, as his cum flooded the young man's throat. There was no mistaking sound of gagging, of sputtering as his cum flowed out. His body was shaking as he arched forward one more time, letting more of his cum shoot out. Aaron was choking, or sounding like it, but he held his head firmly, until he heard him swallowing. He could feel his cream coming back and coating his throbbing pole. There was no moaning, no groans from Aaron, but he couldn't help but cry out, enjoying his release.

The rolling waves were still running up and down his body as he slowly pulled his cock out of Aaron's mouth. The young man leaned back on his haunches, resting against the base of the chair. Ron felt his eyes on him, as he shuddered a few more times, before he could open his eyes. He stepped back and slowly made his way to the chesterfield, where he collapsed. He had felt exhausted when he first got home, but now he was totally drained as he stared over at Aaron.

The young man had slowly gotten up, and sat on the chair, just staring at Ron. His eyes seemed to look forlorn, watching Ron panting. He could feel his chest heaving, as he stared back, a small smile on his face. There wasn't any from Aaron.

Ron turned away from Aaron's face, and stared down at the wad of bills. He felt suddenly cheap, and looked back at Aaron. He could see his dejection, feel it really as he sat there, totally drained.  He reached over with one hand, and picked up the thick wad of money. His eyes looked at the money, then over at Aaron. He held his hand out to him.

'Here, take it back, we are even.'

Aaron's mouth opened, and he sat there for a second or two, then leaned over and took back the money. His eyes peered hard into Ron's, then looked back down at the money in his hand.

'Are you, I mean… uh, I don't know what…'

'Next time, look for oncoming cars before you pull out, okay?'

Aaron nodded as he stood up, stuffing the money back into his pants pocket. Ron saw the dried cum on his lips, realizing he had just paid $500. for a blow job, that in itself wasn't the greatest, but somehow he felt like it was worth it, as he saw the smile on the young man's face.



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