Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be forty, god man, I'm getting ancient. I had just finished a shower and was looking at my body in the full length mirror, and I was complementing myself on how well I had taken care of myself, Of course the job I had worked for the last fifteen years had helped in that line too, Iron working in construction, but I have to say working out with my 'Bowflex' has really helped too, I bought one for Lenny and me about five years ago, I had always been sort of a health freak.

Hey Dad, whats going on? Lenny, My son asked me, I was standing nude in the bathroom, Lenny and I have always been open with each other.

I had gotten married when I was eighteen trying to make my self believe that I was straight and normal, if there is a normal, and we had a little boy named Lenny, I was so very proud of him, He is my pride and the true joy of my life, he's now twenty. Lenny and I have a great relationship, I have had many talks with Lenny and he accepts the fact that I am Gay, and have men lovers, he has on several occasions accidently walked in on me while I was having sex, and It did not seem to make a difference to him in the least. We have talked about everthing openly, and I have not put pressure on Lenny to be anything but himself.

Lenny by the way is totally straight and very comfortable with his sexuality, He has an adoreable little girlfriend, a real sweet little doll, and I couldn't be more happy for him.

I guess it was about maybe six months ago that one of Lennys friends, I guess his, you might say best buddy, had come to visit, He is twenty years old and his name is Travis, I have always welcomed Lenny's friends to our home. By the way Lenny has lived with me since he was thirteen, having had issues with his mothers boyfriend, and getting into fights with him. So I went to court and applied and got custody of Lenny and he settled down and we have had a good life together.

Well It was a friday night, Travis was spending the night, Lenny and Travis were in the basement family room playing on the pool table, and Lenny announced that he had a date with his girlfriend, Travis just smiled and said, Hey Mr. K, that means your stuck with me for the night, I said I'm sure we can come up with something to do, He said you betcha, I don't mind spending the evening with your Dad, Travis told Lenny.

I never gave any thought to Travis spending the evening alone with me.

Lenny left about seven to pick up Denise, his girlfriend.

Travis just set down at the kitchen table and looked up at me and said Hey Mr. K, whats on the agenda for this evening, I said for sure supper, and then we'll let the chips fall where they may.

He said cool, We chatted about sports, which he and Lenny was into big time, and I ask him why he didn't have a date with his girlfriend, He said He didn't have one, Hadn't really found one that, I think the term he used was 'Flipped his switch', I said Oh, He just smiled and we got ourselves something to eat, and then went to the living room, sat in front of the T.V. and just watched some old movie on Cable, I was starting to really notice how he kept looking at me, almost like dudes in the gay Bars that I had encountered. Travis, finally just came out and ask me, Mr. K, can I ask you a question? I said why yes Travis, He said, Lenny and I have talked and I was noticing that you don't have a female friend, you know a regular lady companion, and I ask Lenny why not, he told me you were gay, Is that true? I said yes Travis, it is, I have been gay all my life, I tried the marriage thing trying to prove something to myself, but I did't work out, So I am now here by myself, and Gay, I have had male lovers at different times, but no one steady at this time, I am getting older and finding guys to date and well just plain bluntly have sex with is getting a little harder, every one goes for the young, sexy, masculine jocks, and as a gay man gets older he sorta gets set on a shelf, so to speak.

Travis just looked stunned at that statement, he spoke up and said, 'Why? Man your so damned good looking and your really a sexy looking man, I said hey, that is just the way it is. He said Mr. K. I would love to get it on with you, I almost swallowed my tongue, I looked at him and almost started studdering at that statement, I said T-Travis, what did you just say? He said Mr. T. Ever since Lenny told me you were gay, I wanted to have sex with you. I have always had the hots for you, and when he told me, I have really thought of no one else, thats why I wanted to spend the evening alone with you tonight, I said does Lenny know about this? He said, Not in so many words, but I have expressed my like for you to him but not in a sexual manner, I just said 'No Shit', he said, 'No Shit'.

Now Travis was wearing this sort of polo shirt and a pair of, it Looked like Jogging shorts, and I noticed Just how awesome looking Travis looked, damn he was one hot little dude, My cock was starting to stiffen in my Lev'is and I notice his bulge thickening, I said Travis do you want the whole love experience or just the sex, He said what do you mean, about the only thing I have done is jerk off with a couple of my friends.

I said come with me, We went to the bedroom, I said just lay back and let me take care of this, I first said, Are you sure you want to do this? He smiled and looked down at his cock which was bulging out from his short, Hard and thick, and said, Does that answer your question? I just smiled and then I said close your eyes, I started kissing his earlobes and sticking my tongue into his ears, then I slid my tongue down his neck, licking and kissing, and I felt him tense up and say man, that is so exciting, I then slid around to his mouth and he started kissing me like crazy, I had to say Travis, slow down and enjoy the feeling, he said but Mr. K, your so damned hot, I felt so proud when he said that, I needed to hear it for my own sake, and I knew then that I had to make this experience really a good one for Travis, I just started to run my hand up inside his shirt and felt the chest hair, and fuck I was getting so friggen hot, this was so sensual, this young virgin, I was getting to take on the first journey into a greater world of manlove, Damn man, my cock was aching, about to explode, I was so excited.

Travis was gently moaning and getting into the movement, I slid his shirt off over his head and then, I started rubbing his stomach, muscular, washboard muscles, god I had never realized just how beautiful Travis was, I started kissing his nipples and he grunted, AW Fuck Mr.K. and I started sucking on his nipples which had hardened up and stuck straight out, He said man, your doing things to me I never thought would feel like this, I put my hand down on his inner thigh and he just slightly jumped and his body jerked a little and then I rubbed my hand upwards and he opened his legs to allow entry, My hand slid into his pants leg and I felt his sack beneith his briefs, they felt like two plums, round thick and heavy, I started massaging them, he started groaning and moaning saying Fucking awesome, Oh my god, then I felt The hardness of his cock, it was like a steel pipe, and god damn, His cock was bigger than mine, it was a good seven and a half inches and about six inches around, thicker, way thicker than mine. I reached up and slid Travis's shorts and briefs off, and that awesome cock just flopped back up against his stomach, I readjusted myself and I reached up and wrapped my hand around his cock and It was a handfull, I said Travis, dude, My God man your cock is awesome, He said Thanks, I was hoping you'd like it, I said, fuck yea man, it's awesome, and I noticed something strange about Travis's cock, Most young guys his age were cut, He still had his foreskin like me, and I love a foreskin with a passion, He said his dad didn't believe in circumcision, I said tell your Dad Thanks.

I slid his foreskin back and I got a wiff of his manliness and I went ape over it, I started to jerk him off at first and then I said Man, I got to taste this thing, I leaned up over Travis and just took his cock to the hilt into my mouth, and he said UGHMMMMMMMMMM and raised his ass upward into my mouth up off the bed, and he said, Oh my god,oh my god, Mr. K. Holy Shit! I just started a slow rythm of sliding my mouth up and down and deep throating his awesome cock, licking my tongue around his cock head, I noticed he was going wild, grabbing at the pillows on the bed pulling the fucking blankets loose, Groaning and grunting, breathing like a man with asthma, and saying Oh shit, Oh god, oh Fuuuuuuuucking Shit, and he raised up his ass to the air and shoved his cock into my mouth, after about five minutes of this action he Said one very loud Oh Fuck Me! and his cock started unloading his cream into my mouth like a fire hose, He was pulling a hand full of blankets over his body and jerking and after a couple minutes and a very hefty load into my mouth, he settled down, and just layed back and looked at me, grabbed me and said Mr. K. that was the most awesome experience of my life, I said Travis, the nights not over, and I took my shorts and briefs off, he smiled when he saw my very hard cock, sticking straight out at him, and he said do me, I want you to do me. He said do me Mr. K., Fuck me, I said, are you sure? He said Oh Yea! fuck me like you would if I was your lover. I said Travis, I would be my pleasure, He just smiled and said I'm sure I will get pleasure from it too, He said I have used my sisters dildo on my ass so It is used to getting stretched open.

I got some lube and slathered up my cock which was about to split it was so hard, and I lifted Travis's ass up and started licking and rimming it, He went ballistic, He said, Oh shit Mr.K. I, I, I, aw fuck, I never had that done before, it's fucking fantastic, as he gasped for air he said I'm gonna cum again, awe fuck, I stopped before he came again from it, and leaned up and lubed his asshole and just slid my seven inch, thick uncut cock into his hot sexy ass and he went ballistic, man did this kid like to get fucked, I fucked his virgin asshole like I would a seasoned veteran. Man I couldn't believe my luck, this hunk, awesome looking young stud, and I was having the honor of breaking him in, My cock was the first real peice of meat that his asshole had ever felt and he was loving it, He was breathing like a man starving for air, sweating, and saying, more, give me more, man I love this, Fuck me, Fuck me hard, yea man, God I love this, and he was about to bump me off the bed, he was bumping my body with his ass, I jammed my cock to the hilt into his turd tunnel, And I was starting to feel the build up of a very powerful climax. He was saying give me your load man, give it to me, and I did just that, I started grunting, Huhmmmm, Ughmmm, Oh Fuck Travis, and I shot about ten vollies of hot, thick, creamy cum into his intestines. He started jerking and said, Oh God, and he shot his load all over his stomach and chest, I just totally collapsed on top of Travis, and he started kissing my lips and licking my neck and just acting like a lover would after a good fuck.

I started to get up and he wrapped his legs around my body and started laughing, holding me against him, put his arms around my neck and said God man, Lenny's got a wonderful Dad, I smiled and said, And he has One hell of a good Friend too. He smiled and said Thanks Mr. K., I said don't mention it, it was my very wonderful Pleasure, and he said not all of it, It was very pleasurable for me too.

I can't tell you the times after that, that Travis would come by and spend the night, and of course we would have the most wonderful sex. He liked to wore me out a few times, I aint' the spring chicken I used to be, But I never drew back from a romp in the hay with Travis.

That was a year ago on the night before my birthday but he still comes by for sex every so often. I guess age is just in the mind of the person themselves. And life and pleasure is what you make of it for yourself.



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