(note: Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy -- Josh looks a lot like the lead actor Chriss Pratt)

In that short span of time I also experienced so many things that I had fantasized about but never had the courage to actually try to make happen.

Still standing in the shower, Josh grabbed the sides of my face with his hands and pulled our lips together. Unlike, the light, relatively gentle and certainly soft kisses I was used to with women, this kiss was rough. Josh's tongue was hard as it probed my mouth and he sucked my tongue like he was sucking on a straw. I loved the intensity and I loved the feel of his bearded skin against mine. I responded to his kiss with equal intensity and we stood there making out like teenagers until he broke away and said, "let's clean each other up." My cock was so stiff at that point, calling it simply an erection would have been an insult.

Josh grabbed the soap and asked me to spread my legs and put my hands in the air (kind of like I was being frisked). He soaped up my arms, scrubbing my pits squeaky clean then he moved to my penis and "undercarriage," soaping, scrubbing and massaging my shaft, pubes, balls and taint. He then turned me around so my ass was facing him. As he soaped up my glutes he said "I need to spend a little more time here to be sure it's extra clean. No person had ever spent much time back there (including myself) and the only time some one or thing had touched or entered my anus was my annual physical, and that was not particularly pleasant. Now very slippery, Josh massaged my ass cheeks and work his way up and down my crack. He picked up where he left off in the front scrubbing my taint up past my hole and to he top of my crack. Next he squatted down making himself eye level with my ass and began digging deeper in my crack. Very gently he circled my anus with 2 fingers, with alternating pressure. The feeling was making me out of my mind and the sensation, which I also felt in my cock, was making me melt. Josh then slowly began inserting the tip of his soapy finger in and out of my asshole, going slightly deeper with each stroke. It was pleasurable but not more than when he was circling the outside of my anus. Gradually, he got his finger in (I think it was his fuck you finger) and the minute it started touching my prostate I started to quiver and vibrate. All I can say is that it was a sensation I'd never felt before and I did not want it to stop. Josh said "I see that I need to slow down a bit. Good news is that you are now squeaky clean."

Next it was my turn and I pretty much performed that same body cleanse that Josh did. I scrubbed the dense hair under his pits, after which I gave them a nice deep whiff. I washed his nips then went down to his cock. While my erection stuck straight out at a 90 degree angle, Josh's curved up toward his belly button and fully exposing his ball sack. Like mine, his cock was super hard. It was not long (I don't think the tip extends much past the top of his pubes, but it is really thick.) The head was stretched so you could not tell that he was uncircumsized. I "shampooed" his pubes like I would my hair, stretched out the skin around his balls to clean the folds and got my hand under to clean the taint. It's so awesome having a guys genitals in your hands and watching his face in ecstasy. I felt so lucky that Josh seemed to be the "real deal." Turning to his backside, I stopped for a minute to admire his perfect, round, hairless ass. His ass alone could provide me with a lifetime of masturbation material. I ran the side of my soapy hand up and down his crack, which unlike his ass cheeks, was hairy. While I thoroughly scrubbed his asshole, I did not circle and penetrate it like he did.

We both rinsed off, stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves off. Josh led me to his living room where asked while we were walking "what's going through your mind right now?" I told him "I'm so unbelievably sexually charged right now, that he had made me hornier than I'd ever been in my life and that I felt totally connected to him." I also said that I can't imagine what it would be like for my "first time" to be an impersonal, blow & go experience like I had imagined it would eventually be. Josh responded by saying he too found this incredibly exciting and felt a bond and deep desire that he has felt with few other guys. He also said he liked this slow pace and was kind of getting off mentoring me. I told him "that this experience was beyond my wildest dreams and had no hesitation for what's next." With that he said "OK, sit down on the sofa on top of your towel and I'm going to give you a proper blow job. I did as I was told and Josh kneeled down in front of me, placed his hands gently on my thighs, lowering his mouth on the tip of my cock. he swirled his tongue around the tip several times and then started to slowly move up and down my penis. Not too long after he started, Josh had my cock all the way in his mouth with his nose hitting my pubes. I could feel the tip of my dick on his soft palate which could easily have made me come if I were not trying so hard not to. He could tell I was pretty close so he got up, tweaked my nipples and asked if I was ready to try. Of course I said "yes" and we quickly switched places. Josh reminded me of one of my coaches in high school, but instead of how to throw a pitch, he instructed me on how to approach his dick, what to do with my hands, how to breathe, how to watch out for the teeth etc. It was cute and really, really hot. Again, following his lead, I swirled the tip with my tongue. He suggested I work up a big glob of saliva and spit on his cock to make it easier to take it inside my mouth. I did, and slowly inched my lips down to its base and pubes. My mouth certainly felt full, but fortunately I never felt like I was going to choke. Josh coached me on going up and down and alternating my lips with my hands. I had no plans to stop until Josh said "next lesson" and asked that we switch places again.

I sat on the edge of the sofa again, but this time Josh asked me to roll so my head and back were on the sofa cushion and ass and cock were up in the air. "Time to dine, my friend" as he suggested I tuck my arms behind my knees. Josh spread my cheeks and went to town. He licked around the outside of my anus which made me get real vocal. I started moaning uncontrollably the feeling was so good. He did that then worked up to my balls, rolling each one in his mouth a bit before going back to my hole (which felt much better to me than getting my balls sucked). Without warning, he literally fucked my hole with his tongue. He got it real stiff and plunged it as deep as it would go in my hole, alternating with the lighter licks around the circle. "Exquisite" describes it best. I was so horned up, I could have come if Josh had simply breathed heavy on my cock at that point. Josh could tell and asked if I was ready to come. I gasped "yes." He spit in his hand, grabbed my dick and put his tongue back in my hole. I could feel the orgasm start to rumble in my ass, then slowly to my balls and then the eruption out my cock. Seven long spurts that seemed to come from nowhere with a volume my 48 year old dick had never produced. Josh stroked me the whole way through and it took a while for my body to settle down. Josh brought his come covered hand to his mouth for a taste, then he offered his index finger to me which I orally raped until it was cum-free. Josh took my cock in his mouth and proceeded to clean it too with his mouth. It was sore and sensitive, but his mouth was like a warm blanket.

We laid naked and sticky on the sofa while I recovered. Josh started to asked me to tell him more about what I fantasized about and how I kept myself sexually sane

for so long. I asked him about his first time and he said it was nothing like this but it made him realize what a first time should be like. I told him his approach could not have been more right for me.

After about 45 minutes, I said "Josh, you need to get off, now." He said "I thought you'd never ask" and assumed the same position I had been in. He instructed me how to use my tongue but I said I need to start at his incredible nipples and work my way down. I crawled up his body and started to gently circle his right nipple with my tongue and biting the tips with my lips while my hand lightly tugged and twisted the other nipple. I want back and forth about half a dozen times all while Josh was squirming, commenting that "he'd created a monster." I licked down to his navel and then down to his pubes, where I buried my nose in the thick forest. I played with his cock and foreskin with my hand and my tongue went down to his ass. Other than porn vids, I'd never seen "beyond the cheeks" before. Josh's hole was furry, pretty tight and much smaller than I had imagined. I could not decide whether to play with his uncut cock or his ass, so I went back and forth to both. I was attacking his hole with my tongue not nearly as gently as he did, but his ass was literally writhing back and forth. Sounds came out of him (guttural moans) that I had not heard from him before (although it was close to the sound he made doing clean and jerks at the gym). I decided to stick with his ass and use my hand to stroke his cock. I did this for about 4-5 minutes until he started to say he was about to come. He was not nearly as dramatic as I was when he ejaculated. He seemed to come in several, gentle rolling waves that lasted a total of about a minute. His thick cum oozed all over my hand and formed a big puddle on his belly. I worked my mouth back up to his dick, sucking him clean and experimenting with putting my tongue between his glans and foreskin. It was so hot and smooth. I was so excited and so exhausted at the same time. We were both completely spent.

I looked at Josh and said and incredibly sincere "thank you." He looked back at me, chuckled and said "you are so gay," but you are still a virgin.






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