(from Part 1) ...Then he said, "I think I have a crush on you and am pretty sure you have one on me too." This is where the difference in our generation is evident. A deep secret I've been harboring for decades is one that he casually, yet confidentally puts right out on the table…

Part 2

On the inside I was scared out of my mind, but my external reaction came from years of hiding the truth. "Yeah, I have a man-crush on you" feigning denial like I'd become so practiced at doing. Josh replied, "I'm talking more than a man-crush…I'm really attracted to you." The shit going through my mind at this point was almost unbearable, but an almost pre-programmed "sorry bud, I'm beyond flattered, but I'm a married guy" came out of my mouth. This was so what I wanted but I was caught off guard and my rational response beat my emotional one to the punch. He apologized, dropped the discussion and we stuck around for about another 20 minutes talking about other things. I did not want to scare him off or make him think I was offended, so I suggested we meet again the next day for me to show him different places around our town.

That day and night I was tortured thinking about Josh. I could not think about anything else. At work, I furiously beat off in the bathroom thinking about watching Josh remove his workout shorts. I beat off again that night imagining what his cock looked like (hairy or shaved; big or small), rolling his balls in my mouth and finally tasting a cock for the first time. That night I rehearsed my next conversation with Josh over and over in my head.

We met at the same coffee shop, grabbed our drinks and sat down to map out the places around town where he could live. But before we started, I told Josh that I wanted to cover off something else with him first. Essentially, I spilled my guts, starting with telling him how I felt about his admission the previous day and then my whole closeted life. I started tearing up and by the end I was so ridiculously emotional that Josh suggested we leave and go for a walk. Admitting all this, to someone out loud opened a floodgate of emotions that I never knew existed. Josh was a great listener and after I finished and calmed myself down, he shared his story on how he came to terms with his sexuality. Much more simple and straightforward than mine and he was able to do it between high School and college (I learned he was a wrestler in HS and his first time was with a fellow teammate -- a story for later).

After all that emotion and discussion, Josh summed it all up simply by saying "we got to get you some cock!" I smiled a big grin and slapped him on his tight jeans clad bubble ass.

Again, admiring his confidence and casual but take charge approach, Josh said "let's blow off the tour today, go back to my place and I'll give you a lesson." Thank God I came twice the day before, or I would have shot a load right there in my pants.

I followed him back to his spartan apartment and Josh's maturity and sensitivity impressed me again. The guy is beyond masculine, but so incredibly intuitive to my needs. Clearly we knew what we were there to do but I had no idea how things would get started. Anticipating this, as soon as we walked in, he suggested it would be least awkward if we start in the shower. Uneventfully but slowly, Josh started taking off his clothes. First he kicked off his shoes, then bent over to take off his socks (great ass view) then stood up and removed his shirt. I was literally dripping cum at this point and a lot less nervous than I thought I'd be. He had a really nicely define chest, decent dusting of light brown hair on his pecs and belly, nice, big delts and biceps, furry underarms, flat stomach but not quite a six pack. His most startling feature were his nipples -- almost quarter sized, just a little puffed-up and all I could focus on at that moment was putting my mouth on them. His then stepped out of his jeans which revealed the powerful thighs and ass I ogled at the gym, this time covered in tight, white boxer briefs which hugged every curve of his body. He turned toward the shower, stepped out of them exposing his amazingly (and surprisingly) hair free ass. Typically, I'm a guy squeamish about bodily functions, but would have no hesitation dropping to my knees, spreading those cheeks and munching on his asshole. Josh turned on the shower, made sure the temp was right and turned around back to me which revealed his cock. It was short, a little "chubbed-up" but his foreskin was still covering the tip and it was nestled against his slightly low-hanging balls and really furry pubes. The floodgates of blood rushed to my cock.

Josh very nonchalantly came over to me, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and said "lift your arms." Seeing my bare chest he said "really nice, especially for an old guy (with a smirk) and proceeded to lightly run his hands over my pecs, nips, shoulders and arms like he was feeling the detail his eyes could not see. My body is more trimmed than his since as I've aged, the body hair gets a bit more unruly. He brought his head close to my chest, gave a quick sniff and said "let's get those pants off and get in the shower." I unceremoniously stepped out of my flip flops, shorts and, tighty whities then followed him into the shower.

Josh said "the first thing I want to do is introduce you to my body" and he grabbed my hands, placed them on his neck and and described what each part of his body likes: soft lips and breath around the neck and ears; tongue fucking and sucking with the mouth; bringing my hands down to his nipples he said he likes them pinched lightly but loves them sucked hard; guiding me over to his pits, he liked the hair gently played with and licked; down to his cock, (which was the first cock I touched besides mine) he had me first cup his balls and then stroke the shaft just enough to move the foreskin back and forth over his head saying his cock and balls "pretty much like anything but pain;" I was surprised how different someone else's cock felt in my hand compared to my own. Unlike my cut cock, his was much softer. He then moved my hands behind him over his ass saying "he likes them spread, massaged, sucked and sometimes pounded by a hard dick:" Next he pushed my head down a little, placing my hands on his inner thighs saying he liked them rubbed and lightly stroked and is not averse to stubbled or furry cheeks rubbing against them. Holy shit -- in about three minutes time, this guy put me at ease, showed me what to do and gave me the most raging boner that i'd ever had.

Then he said "what do you like?" I responded with, "I don't know yet, so we need to try it all." An evil grin spread wide across his face.

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