The story I am about to tell is based up mostly fact, except the names were changed so as not to offend anyone.

I was nineteen, Heading off to college, I was excited and leaving home for the first time, I was young handsome, or so I was told, fairly well built, I had always stayed active and worked out a lot, Jogged, swam, and tried to stay in good shape, after all I wanted to be a football player in college, my hopes was to be a quarterback.

I got to State University in a central Missouri town, I was excited, ready to take on the world, I would make new friends and maybe lifetime colleagues. I was really happy, I was ready to take on lifes challenges. My Dad had paid my tuition and I was set to find me a Dorm Room and meet my new roommate, and possibly a new sex partner.

Oh yea, my name is Dexter, I am called Dex by my friends, but I leave that to their descretion.

Well I got to my new dorm room and met my room mate, His name was Gale, I really found a great rapore with Gale, we talked openly about everything, even sex, Oh yea I'm gay and Gale Is Im not really sure yet, but It is my quest to find out before the year is over, Gale is built really nice and as handsome as fuck, muscular, on the swim team, I found that out when he came in in his sweats and shucked them off and he stood there in his swim trunks, just about a bikini style swimming speedos. damn he had what looked like a great big bannana laying over to the side almost to the edge of his leg, Fuck it looked Huge, I just swallowed hard, and looked up at him and said, don't that thing get in your way sometimes, he just reached down in his trunks and pulled his nuts and cock out and I almost fainted, shit, he said this little ole thing, I said If that is little then Mines a microcock, I just smiled and he laughed, He knew he was hung and now so did I, he went in and took a shower and I had to jerk off, seeing his cock made me hard and horny.

I had just cum and Didn't hear him comming back into the room and I was setting there holding my cock with my cum all over my hand and he saw it and said Fuck man, did you enjoy that, I said well to be honest yea, He said I might join you one of these times if you don't mind, I enjoyed jerking off with my buddies back home once in a while, I thought I was dreaming and said what? he said I might joing you in that some time if you dont mind? I said fine with me, just say when, and then he went back into the bathroom. I thought man am I dreaming or what.

The week was pretty normal, but I had to take my sport physical that comming kTuesday afternoon, I went to Dr. Winchell's office downtown on Second St. And I went to the third floor to his office, and the secretary said Dr. Winchell was out of the office that day and had cancelled his appointments, but let me check something, I said o.k., She came back in a few minutes and said said Dexter come on in go into the end room down the hall the Doctors Assistant will give you your physical, I just said o.k.

I went to the examination room, the office was deserted and the only one I could see was the receptionist, and she was preparing to leave.

I set down and in about three minutes the door opened and A young man looked like he was maybe at the most twenty seven or twenty eight, so good looking he just about made me cream in my shorts. I thougth if he checks me for rupture I am FUCKED, I was looking at this young man and I was getting turned on, He just held out his hand and said Hi, I'm Dr. Stallings, youll have to bear with me, I'm just starting with Dr. Winchell and just getting started in General practice, I said thats fine, He said now lets see, I guess you are my first patient today, and my last. But it is just a routine physical, I said yea I want to play football at college, he said UN HUH! I said Your really young, he said about like normal, I said thats good, He said Dex, is that what they call you? I said yes he said slip off those clothes and let me have a good look at you, he said no need to wear a robe unless you really want one, you and I are the only ones here now, I said no problem, so I slowly slipped off my sneakers and socks and then my sweat pants, and then my polo shirt, and I stood there in my briefs and the Dr. said now set up here on the table, I jumped up on the table, and the Dr. looked into my ears into my eyes, listened to my heart took a blood sample for the lab work, and checked my heart, listened to my bowl sounds the ususal things, ask about my family medical history filled out some papers as we went. and said now for the fun part, I just swallowed really hard he said stand up and I did, and what seemed a little strange, he reached down with his rubber gloved hand and slipped my briefs off like he was undressing a lover, I started feeling that strange feeling of lust in my stomach and I felt my cock starting to move, He just checked my nuts, I noticed he said you have very nice, healthy looking testicles, and he just kept feeling them and gently squeezing them in his hands and then one at a time I was beginning to feel like I was being made out with, then he started asking me if I masturbate, I said yes, doesn't all guys he just sorta laughed and said hell yes, and hows your sex life, any problems there? I said none that I know of, Hows your erections, I said what, he said your 'hardons', I said like a rock, he said fine, I smiled and then he said Lay back on the table and then there I was upon the table, stark naked with a boner throbbing with each heartbeat, he looked at my hardon, and said yea I see, I could feel the heat rising in my loins, and I said sorry, Doc, he just smiled and said why? I have seen erections on guys before, I have handled them, we hell Dex, I have even gotten a few of them myself, and he just looked into my eyes and smiled, he said this might be a little uncomfortable and He used some KY jelly on his gloved hand and put my feet in the gyneocology stirups and said slide your ass down here and I did and He slid his finger up into my rectum, he said hot inside, Loose, and made it sound very mecical, and I was feeling that feeling and I moaned and he said am I hurting you, I said oh fuck no doc, that feels damn good, and he just smiled and started gently stroking my rectum with his finger, pushing it in and sliding it out and then he said hows this?, I said fucking awesome, and he noticed that my cock was leaking pre-cum and he said well this needs some attention, shall I attend to it, and I said Oh yea man, I just slid down to his right hand so he could stick his fingers into my asshole and pump them more, and I was grunting and moaning and wimpering, fuck man he was a Dr. he knew where that spot was, and he reached up with his other hand and started jacking me off and he was smiling and licking his lips, and I wanted more, and I reached down to his scrubs and slid my hand up under his shirt and started rubbing on his lightly hairy chest and twising his hard as rock nipples and he started wimpering and saying, oh shit man, it's been so long, I said well I'm here baby, and I just kept playing with his nipples as he stroked my cock and fingered my asshole, I looked down and his cock was about to split his scrub pants and I could see the outline of a nice thick cock, the outline of his cock head, and the rim, was beautiful and I leaned over while this was going on and untied his scrub pants and slipped them down and his cock popped out, His beautiful black furry bush just glistened in the light, and I grabbed his beautiful circumcised cock dampened with his desire and pre-cum, and I began to give him the pleasure that he was giving me, I got down from the stirups and stopped him, and leaned him back against the exam table with his scrubs down around his ankles and I took his shirt off. He was wimpering and he grabbed me and started kissing me like a long lost lover, I was about to explode, I was so fucking hot, and my cock was aching, I wanted more with this young Dr. and I was gonna have it. I leaned him back and knelt down and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him off, he was really needing this, he grabbed my head and was saying awe shit man, I love this feeling, thats it do it, it's been so Long, too fucking long, and I was about to go over the top with the sucking, I had him about to pull the covering off the examination table he was grabbing and pulling on the sheets as I sucked, and he was huffing and grunting and saying Awe shit man, I felt his body getting that rigidity that signals a climax and I started pouring on the heat I started slurping and sucking like a madman and Dr. Stallings started gasping for breath and said one long Awe Fuck, Ughmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and he started jerking and holding onto my head and shooting a load of cum into my throat and his body was doing a jerk dance as I grabbed his ass and held tight against my face untill he stopped and he just layed back and grabbed his forehead with his hand and said, Oh Fuck man, Oh shit, what have I done. I said man you just made me very happy, he said yea, but it was unprofessional and he looked sorta sad, I walked over to him and said Doc, man you didn't do anything I didn't want done, and believe me I enjoyed the fuck out of it. He looked up into my eyes and said but I'm a Doctor, I said from the lookes of that cock and those nuts between your legs, I'd say your a man first and a doctor second, he just laughed, and I reached up and kissed him, I said If you would like I'd like to be your friend outside of here, he said I'd like that, then he said get back upon the table, I'm not done with you yet, and he started rubbing my cock again and in aout three minutes I shot a load all over him and he laughed, I reached up and kissed my Dr. and he said I think I might need to re-examine you in about say, four or five days. I said, do I need to come here or can we meet for it somewhere else? He said really anywhere is fine with me. I just smiled.

Four days later was Saturday, I got a call from Jonathan, (Dr.Stallings) He asked me if he could come over and pick me up about six that evening and we'd go out to dinner and maybe a movie or a concert or someting, I said sounds great, I got ready and sure enough he appeared at my dorm room door with a box of candy, no shit, a box of candy, like I was his girlfriend or something, I invited him in, and he said would you like to bring some clothes in a bag and spend the weekend with me? He said I will bring you back Sunday evening or Monday Morning before I have to go on rounds at the hospital, I said sure and I got my clothes and left a note for Gale, who would probably be staying at a girlfriends apartment anyhow.

We went out to dinner, his treat at Red Lobster, and I enjoyed it imensly Then we went to a local comedy club Called the 'House of Laughs' A local place with local comedians and one Headliner usually only on weekends.

We had some drinks and I noticed he was wearing me like a peice of jewelry, I felt so proud to be with him, He treated me like I was his wife, and I loved it, I am not a fem mind you but I was loving this attention, After the show, we had had drinks and was not drunk or even tipsy but loosened up, we went back to his apartment, and he said now baby I gonna show you just how I feel about what we did the other day, and I smiled, He grabbed me and so tenderly and gently kissed me, and slowly stripped all of my clothes off, I just stood there loving this and he ws sucking my nipples and licking my stomach and sucking on my earlobes and I was in a fucking stupor, I was gone from this planet, My cock was about ot explode my nuts were tight up against my body and Johnathon was making love to me, whispering loving, warm, sweet things into my ears. and I was eating them up, I started undressing him and we stood there totally naked embracing each other and saying wonderful things into each others ears, kissing, loving and being tender and as we layed back on the bed Johnathon said, Dex, I want you to fuck me, I have never had that before but I say the way you were enjoying my finger in the rectum the other day, I want to feel it too, I just slid down to his crotch and raised his legs up and started sucking on his nuts first, then slid down to his Hairy, furry little love canal opening and started doing a tongue dance into his anal opening and he was writhing and wimpering and grabbed his legs at the knees and pulled them back and just said thats it Love it man, love it and I got it nice and sloppy wet with my mouth and then slid a finger in the opening and he yelled yes, yes, oh fucking yes, and then I raised up and he had a tube of ky jelly on his night stand and I Grabbed it and slathered some into his hole and aroung it and on my cock and I raised up and felt the heat of his pucker hole and I pushed the head against and felt that heat that comes from the intestine and I slid my cock into his hole, Oh Fuck Johnathon said, Then he said I'll be o.k. just hold it a second, I did, and after about two minutes he said go slow at first and then get on it. I did as he ask and slid eight inches long and six inches around of hot throbbing awesome feeling cock into his shit shut, and he started cursing under his breath, Fuck me you stud bastard, give me that hard fucking cock, fuck me man, I want to feel it, Hammer my love cunt with that awesome cock, and He was going wild with this shit, I had unloosed a madman, He had wrapped his legs around my body and started lifting us both with his legs and shoving his ass up onto my cock, Fuck this was wild and he was loveing it, I felt the feeling of my cum boiling in my nuts and said Man I'm gonna cum, I gonna fucking cum, and He said Me to you fucking stud, I started that shooting feeling I gave a hard grunt and moan and shoved my cock to eh nuts and said Whoa, Fuck, and held I deep into his intestines as my cock shot several blasts of cum into his intestines adn filled them with my man cream. he was going wild and started just holding his breath and groaning and gritting his teeth as he shot his cum upon his chest and face and then went just a dead looking as if he had a heart attack. WE both just layed there for a while getting out breath and kinda wimpering and trying to talk but couldn't, He finally spoke and said Fuck Dexter, where did you learn to fuck like that, I said from you, he said, What? I said yea man your my first peice of man ass, He said no way man, I say oh yea, and I fucking loved it. he said yea and so did I.

We spent one wonderful sex filled weekend and every weekend from then on, and he of course became my Doctor of choice, for every thing from a runny nose to a hardon that needs attention. LOL.

We have calmed down after a few months and now have a calmer more substantial realationship, Oh yea, Me and my roommate finally got around to haveing a jerkoff together, and He let me suck him off a couple times, He loved it and said I was better than any girl that had done him, actually we have done It more that several times but it is just only on special occasions with us together, but no matter, Me and the Dr. have a good thing going and I made the football team, and the Good Dr. Is always there in the bleachers rooting and cheering me on. I really Love him and hope this can grow into a lasting thing. Hey guys remember, you never know, physicals can be wonderful things.



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