I was now into my first year of college as I decided to head down to the local YMCA to check and see the types of programs they have. I got on the route 8 city Bus around 6 pm one Saturday night for the 20 minute Bus ride to the YMCA. It was a very cool night as I pay the person behind the glass window a dollar fee. The year was around 1979 and this YMCA has been over for well over 50 years in this beautiful old structure building. The why Attended gave me a tour of the facility and show me where everything is including the Locker room, running track , pool ,weight room and a special training room for wrestling with huge oval matts set up in it. I had a very good workout that night when I saw this beautiful man shaving at the sink, He stood about 5'11 a good solid 180 short dark hair with a well groom beard. He was wearing a nice  pair of white Jockey underwear along with a White T-shirt that match. 

I was now drying off and was getting dress as my eyes were clue to him watching him get dress, I had to hurry up to catch the 9 pm Bus back to the rooming house were I was staying in. It got to be a great routine doing this every Saturday instead of hitting the bars and getting drunk. It was a good couple of months as I was now in the sauna at the YMCA he came in and sat down on the wooden bench next to me. We started to chat for a bit before he shook my hand and told me his name.

" Hi I am Matt "

" Hi Matt my name is Kelly "

" Nice to meet you Kelly "

" Same here Matt " I can tell from the chat that we have the same interest in many ways from sports to schooling and politics. He told me that he is in his first year of Teaching High School History and Math. I told him I am hoping to get some degree in Marketing or Business. The Sauna was now getting real hot as the sweat started to roll of both of our hairy bodies by now. I was in the shower washing and soaping myself down as he came in started to do the same, He then gave me a few nice smile before I got out to dry off. The time was well after 9 pm by now.

" Hey Kelly "

" What Matt " Would like to come to my place for a beer and to watch some Hockey with me ?

 " Sorry not tonight I have lots of studying to do for the next week exam " 

" Okay how about next Saturday Kelly " ?

" That will be great "

The week in college went very slow as the Exam lasted a good hour plus. I just got all my things in my gym bag again to head back down to the YMCA for a good workout and swim. I was now into my 20 Th lap of the pool as I stop to rest for a bit when Matt came in wearing a nice Canadian Olympic speedo from the Montreal 1976 games. My God I thought to myself has I stared at his huge bugle he was showing. 

" Hi Kelly how is the water "

" Great put cool Matt jump in"  He dove off the swimmers starting blocks and swam a least 50 laps or more as I was watching him. I then got out of the very cool pool area and went into the sauna to warm up a bit. It was not to long after that Matt came in to join me.

" How was the swim matt " ?

" Good " When he reminded me about coming over to his place for a Beer and to watch some Hockey. It was into the 3 period of the game by the time we got back to Matt apartment about a 7 minute drive from the YMCA. 

" Hey Kelly how is the Beer " ?

" Very good and it has a great taste to it " The both of us must have a least drunk about 5 each as I started to feel drunk a bit. Matt came over to see how I was doing as he planted himself beside me on his new couch he just bought. 

" Are you Okay Kelly " I then shook my head in a yes motion as I felt his hands massaging my legs and thigh now. It did not take long until I was laying in his bed with my underwear on has he was now giving me a whole body rub down.

" Fuck Matt your hands feel great " As he was rubbing down my sore hairy chest with some kind of oil that he was using. I then felt his nice lips go down on my bulge as my cock became real hard for him. He then slid my underwear off me and began to suck my cock good and hard as I began now to play with his nice 7 inch tool. My God it felt great getting my first blow job by this person. The next thing we did was started to 69 each other deeply. We both shot off and our mouths as I really enjoy tasting cum for my very first time. 

" Fuck Kelly that was real great " 

" I got the same feeling here Matt '

I then got up and caught the very last bus back to my place around 1:30 am now. I never seen Matt for a fews week now at the YMCA until last Friday night. I was in the local coffee house when he comes walking in all alone as he then notice me before he sat down for a coffee and a chat. He told me that he has been very busy himself with school and family issues. He was not to late as we drove back to his place once again.

" I hear him ask me if he can the first one to Make Love to me "

" I smile and told him yes and he got to go very slow with me "

The lights were turn down a bit as I watch him but on his red & white speedo which he wore during the Love making session.

" You ready my friend " As I hold on very tightly to the speedo that were pull down to his well trim balls and crotch area. I gasp a few times as he started to push his cock inside me now. " Fuck it hurts a bit Matt "Before he stop for a moment , Then he began very slowly now pushing it all the way up me. It took me a good 5 minutes as I was really enjoying his cock sliding in and out of ass. 

" Fuck you ass feels great " !

" Fuck your ass feels great " ! He then started to yell out has his thrust became more harder and aggressive  by now. I was hanging so tightly on to his speedo by now as they were soaking went from both of our sweating bodies. His hazel eyes are glancing with suck great sexual pleasure as he was given me thought out the Love Making. It was not to long after that I can hear him say to me.

" Fuck I am getting close "

" Fuck I am real close oh fuck Kelly " I then felt a huge explosion inside my ass while he had just orgasm inside of me. I felt his whole body was quivering with total excitement  as his cock was shooting off. He then pull out of me fairly fast as I saw lots of cum left on his cock. He began to rest on his back as I started to suck his semi erected cock once again. " My God Kelly " I love you sucking  you as he became nice and hard before he gave me another huge load down my throat. The shower was great as I scrub both of our body all down with a lot of Irish Spring soap.  I then feel asleep with him that night after I got all dry off. The next morning we had some nice muffins and coffee before he drove me back to my place. " Thank You Kelly for the nice time " As I open the car door up. " Same here Matt  take care " I  can feel my ass was still sore a bit from last night Love Making as I went back up to my room to finished off one of my papers that I was working on.

The End.




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