Steve was called up to his pro hockey team once again, His home for the next few months well be the Marriott Hotel in downtown Rochester. Steve is given a few day's rest because of a slight injury that he received during his last game, For a goalie and took a very hard slap shot that hit him dead on in the middle of his mask that knock him out for a few seconds.

He decided to go down to the hotel bar around 7 pm to watch some Basketball game in the newly renovated sports bar. The draft were going down real good bye now when he notice his favourite wrestler while growing up came in a sat down on the stool right beside him.They both shook one another hands as they both order a few rounds of drafts.

Arnold was a brute of a man standing well over 6 feet with a burley body and a well kept trim blonde beard, As for Steve he look much younger for the age of 25 along with a very solid hairy body and just under 5'11 tall. Steve could not be happier in meeting his idol as the wall clock is now showing just pass 11 pm. " Hey guy's last call what would you like " The both order double scotch on the rocks as Allan is about to close both of their bar tabs for the night.

" Hey Steve how about coming up to my room for a night cap "

" That sounds great Arnold "

" I always keep a few cans of beer in my mini fridge dude "

They both got up from the stool as Steve began to follow him to where his room was located on the 10 floor. Steve was now feeling of know pain now before Arnold show him a few wrestling moves.

" Shit it is getting hot in here Arnold "

" How about we take our clothes off and wrestle in our underwear for a bit "

Steve thought is was kind of strange a bit coming from a married man with his wedding band still on his finger. There wrestling match got more intense when Arnold put Steve into one of his famous holds as he began to smell his sweaty crotch area by now. You can see both of their cocks getting a semi hard as Steve lips was dead smack on Arnold sweaty nut's. 

They both began to groan as Arnold was laying on his back as Steve was licking his hard  cock that was fully erected in his green Jockey sports briefs. Steve was on now his knees over at the side of the bed as he began to deep throat Arnold 8 inch dick.

" Fuck that feels great dude "

" You like that Arnold "

" Fucking yes dude "

The pre cum began to pour out as Steve love sucking up every ounce of Arnold sweet salty cum. 

" Fuck I am close Steve "

" Give it to me Arnold "

" Deep throat it all the way down "

" Further dude , Further "

" Fuck thats hot dude "

" Holy shit almost there "

" Here it comes Steve "

" Fuuuucckkkkkkkkkkkk"

" Steve open his mouth as began to shoot of his load all over Steve lips and mouth  "

" Holy shit Arnold, thats fucking hot dude "

" Fuck Steve I am going to shot again "

" Jesus OMG I am coming "

Once again Steve got another huge load from Arnold at the same time he shot off his own load that went all over the bed cover that was laying on the floor beside the bed. Arnold got up slowly and roll onto his belly as Steve got more horny staring at Arnold hairy bubble butt ass. He began to take a swig of his beer and slurp all around his goatee mouth before he blew it all into Arnold brown bear hole.

" Holy shit Steve eat my ass "

" Love eating bear asses Arnold "

" Fuck you tongue feel great dude "

" Love your ass juice "

" Love your bear spray hole"

" Fuck me Steve "

" Love to fuck your grizzly bear hole "

Steve got up from his knees and took a huge amounts of spits from his mouth onto his hands to make some lube before he dips his dick into Arnold hairy hole. Arnold took a huge gasp of breath and moan with great sexual pleasure as Steve cock started to go up inside of his tight hole.

The fuck is well over 10 minuted when Steve is still fucking the shit out of Arnold as they both moan much louder as his cock was thrusting in and out in as the fuck became more aggressive for both of them.

" Fuck I am close Arnold "

" Give it to me Steve "

" Give it to me dude "

" OMG Arnold "

" OMG Arnold here it comes "

" Fucking Yea "

Steve quickly pull out of Arnold and shot a huge load of his hot juice all over his hairy ass cheeks and lower back. The both took a few minutes rest before the two of them got into the shower together to scrub each other down. The both slept very well the rest of the night before they both got up around 8 am next morning.

Once again they both took turns blowing each other off in the shower. Steve and Arnold both took turns watching one another get dress before they went down to grab some breakfast .

It was around 10 am now were Steve gave Arnold a huge hug in the hotel lobby before he went over to the area for a morning skate, As for Arnold he had to catch a plane to fly back to his new home in Jacksonville area.




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