Arn has just pass the big 60 over the weekend and decided to go up to New York to see his favourite team play in the world series . He had the right connection and got 2 tickets for tonight games against the Met's and the Red Sox on the first base line 10 rows up. The time was shortly after 3 pm when he decided to go down to one of his favourite pub's close to MSG sports arena grab a salad,hot buffalo wings and a few draft beers.

The bar was not to busy yet when he notice another Jock 4 stools down staring at him. Marcus was a very type person who got a great job working on the Stock exchanges few blocks away. Arn could see that he was a huge fans of the Met's by all what he was wearing.

It only took a few minutes later that Marcus got his nerve up and invited over for a chat. Without any hesitations  Arn slowly got up from his stool and walk down to greet him before they both grab a booth together at the end corner of the room.

They both had a great chat and Marcus knew right away who Arn was before their chat was now getting more personal. Arn was up front with him right away telling him about being interested in men and that he has two grown kids from his previous marriage.

As for Marcus he was real nervous telling Arn about what he is all about before the waiter came over to take another order of drinks. The chat is well into hour plus when Arn then decided to invite to join him for the big game tonight. Marcus was extremely excited what had just happen he then told the Waiter to bring over 2 triple Martinis straight up with double olives instead of the beers.

The drinks went down fairly well as Marcus invite Arn back to his place for a few more drinks before the game. " I only live 4 blocks from the stadium Arn " and maybe we can order up a pizza and some wings from my favourite pizza place. The clock was now showing just pass 4 pm and it was well after 5 pm that they got back to Marcus small 1 bedroom apartment.

Marcus made the first move on Arn by touching his huge budge that he was showing off in  his Wrangle 501 jeans that he loves wearing these days. Arn then stood up as Marcus then got down on his knees and started to open up slowly each button. His cock had a very nice semi on now as Marcus began helping him pull his lovely nice 8 inch semi cut thick cock through his Duluth Company dark green spandex sports underwear. 

Marcus then took a huge swing of his DR Pepper soft drink and slurp it all over the shaft and head of his penis.

" OMFG Marcus it feels so great dude "

" I know you love it Arnie "

Arn dick started to shoot off huge loads or pre cum all over Marcus trim moustache and lips as he was getting real close in cumin. The blow job has now ended up on Marcus bed as Arn body was stretch out with both of his feet touching the ground.

Marcus once again took a huge swig from the pop and started to blow it all over Arn huge set of nuts. This made Arn cock evan more sensitive as he just layback letting it all go down. Marcus order Arn to roll over onto his stomach as he began to spread his hairy legs and bubble butt apart. 

" You like your ass eaten out Arn? "

" Holy shit Marcus never had it done to me yet "

" Just relax and enjoy it Sir "

The clock on the wall is now showing pass 5 pm as Marcus started to pour some Dr, Pepper all over his sweating butt and hole. Arn was now moaning with great pleasure as his ass juice was all being slurp up by Marcus.

" OMG Marcus it feels great "

" I want your ass cum Arn? "

" Give it to me Sir "

Arn was now screaming with great sexual pleasure as he felt the Tip of Marcus tongue sliding in and out of his hole as the pop made him evan more sensitive. It was like a minute later that Marcus tongue felt a little explosion of ass cum coming from Arn ass.

" Holy shit that was fuck'n great Marcus"

" I knew you would enjoy it dude "

" I think we better get going to the ball park "

" You got that right Arn "

Marcus quick went into the bathroom and got clean up a bit before he went out the door.As for Arn he was now wiping off all of the pop and ass juice from the towel that Marcus him give him. The game was over just pass 11 pm as he walk back with Arn over to the subway platform was and made sure that he got on the right train back over to Manhattan.

They got together next night over at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner  and some more drinks. They then went back to Arn hotel and went onto continuing and finishing what they both started last night.

Marcus is now sitting and sliding up and down on Arn massive cock as the fuck got more aggressive and sexual. Arn then got right behind Marcus tight ass and bang him dog style for the next 20 minutes or more. Both their bodies are now soaking of sweats and Arn is now getting closer and closer in cumin.

Arn then belted out a huge moans as the cum started to fly out of his cock like a shot gun going off. Both their bodies jilted like a volcano during the long 10 seconds orgasm that Arn and Marcus were both having. 

" Very nice Arn "

" You got that right Marcus "

" I never had cum like that before "

" Are you serious  "

Arn really took his time in pulling out of Marcus ass before they both ended up in the shower together. Marcus was now on his knees slurping up the rest of Arn load that was still dripping off his semi hard cock before he turn the shower on. They both took turns and scrubbing down one another with the soap and sponge before the grab the shower handle to spray off the soap and suds from their hairy bodies.

Marcus finally made it home that night just after 10 pm and went straight to bed all exhausted from the fuck he had with Arnie. Over the next few weeks Arn always love jerking himself off with shower hose thinking about Marcus mouth and ass.

Two months have pass and Arn got horny once again and drove over to a well know Truck Stop that married men like to pick men up at. Arn meant this fellow truck Stew who was like 6'5 a solid 280 with trim relish beard. They both rented a room over at Sleazy Roadhouse Inn on interstate 95 just pass the city of Pittsburgh.

Stew was a 100% top and  Arn had to become his bitch for the night, They both 69 one another and Stew had rap his 8 inch plus uncut cock tightly around Arnie bearded wide mouth. He then shot off two loads only seconds apart that flew all over his mouth and lips. Arn then quickly took a swig from his can of beer so he can wash the rest of the cum all down.

" Thanks Arn that was real nice "

" Holy shit Stew never had 2 loads at once going off like that before.

" How about we take a break for a while Arn ? "

" Sounds good to me Stew "

Stew and Arn are now sitting out in the Adirondack chairs having a few more beers and colt's cigars. Stew then sat there and  wonder if Mr Arnie ever got fuck before by a real man or is he more of a top person. He finally got the nerve up to ask him and was deeply surprise that his ass is still intact. 

" How about we go inside Stew and you make a real man out me ? "

" Sounds good for me Arn "

" Hey Arn, Have you ever done poppers before ? "

" No Stew but I have heard about them "

" Good news Arn got some in my truck cab "

Stew then went out and got them and came back in side and went into the washroom to get ready for the fuck. Arnie was real nervous as he lay there on his belly with his hairy bubble butt hole all mounted up right before Stew dick. 

" Hey Arn please turn over onto your back "

" I like fucking missionary style "

" Please go slow Stew, I will Arn "

Stew brought over with him bottle of massaged oil, KY Gel and the poppers for Arn to try. Arn was now all horny as Stew hairy chest was all cover in massaged oil and his nipples were totally erected. He then watch Stew pull his cock through the front of his tight red spandex Colt underwear before he started to rub the massaged oil all over his body. He began to order Arn to take a shot of the poppers before he put 3 fingers up his tight hairy hole to loosen it up a bit.

They both took a huge snort of the Poppers as Arn hands hang on very tight to the waist band of Stew underwear. Arn began to moan with pain and pleasure as Stew massive cock started to enter his hole. 

" OHG Stew it feels so good "

" Just relax need tops it all the in now "

It took Arn a good three minutes until he was totally comfortable with Stew cock sliding in and out of his hole. The fuck is well over 20 minutes where Stew is now in full throttle fucking the hell out of Arn ass. Both their eyes  are roll back into their heads when the fuck got lot more aggressive on Stew part. 

" Holy shit Arn you feel great "

" Fuck it hurts Stew, Put I loves it "

" Just take short deep breaths "

" I need some more poppers Stew "

Arn can feel Stew huge nuts slapping against hole good and tight as both of their bodies are soaking wet and smelly from Colts Cigars and fucking order. 

" Fuck Arn I am close "

 "Jerk my cock Stew we cum at the same time ? " 

" Jerk me harder Stew, Harder Stew Hard ! "

" Fuck you got me so close to Stew '

" Yea , Yea "

" Fuck i am cumin Arn , Same here Stew " 

" Jesus Christ , Holy shit "

Stew pull out of Arn ass real fast just before both of their own cum flew out huge amounts cum all over Arnie sweaty chest and hard nipples. They were both amazed as they watch it head the leather backboard of the bed. 

" Holy fucking shit Arn that was good "

" Same feeling here Stew "

Arn was the first one to hit the shower room and 5 minutes later Stew jump in. They both check out of the room just after 1 am.  Stew then walk Arnie to his Ford F1 pick up truck before he climb back into his own truck cab. 





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