I had worked with Castro Kitchens and Bathrooms for about 4 years and we would take about one to two weeks to fit a really good kitchen. We worked as a small team of two joiners, a plumber, electrician and tiler with the floor being fitted by outside contractors. My job, I suppose, was foreman, as I had to coordinate everyone and keep the job on schedule. At 35, I was the oldest of the group and in pretty good shape. Apart from my age, I was the odd one out in another way, I was gay. Not screaming, camp, effeminate gay, just an ordinary guy who looked the marrying type but gay!

My latest sidekick was Gordon. He was the sort of guy who worked for today and his wage packet at the end of the week. He did what he was told but couldn't plan from one end of a work surface to the other. He was 21 and not a bad joiner, just a bad planner. As the others tended to come and go on each job, Gordon and I found ourselves together for much of the time and talked about anything and everything from last night's television, to football to his unsuccessful or successful dates. We had been working together for about 9 months before the subject I knew was going to come up, did. We had been discussing his new girlfriend, some 18 year old bleached blonde called Carla, when the question was asked.

'So Lewis, how come you never married?'

I decided to go for, 'never met the right one,' but it didn't work. It's funny how simple minds can often be the most incisive.

'But if you never go out, you're never going to meet anyone and, let's face it, you aren't getting younger!'

It took him one more day before the penny dropped. 'God you don't look gay at all. You're just like the rest of us.' Then the questions started. 'Do you actually stick it in a guy's bum' and 'what exactly do you do,' came next?

I pointed out that my penis had, in fact been inserted in a number of anuses but I actually enjoyed the feeling of man meat in MY anus.

'Doesn't it hurt what if it's a big one do you wear condoms?' The questions continued driving me mad. He knew absolutely nothing about gays or the gay life but give him his due. He didn't go blabbing to the other guys about it either, which was a blessing. I wasn't ashamed of being gay but couldn't be bothered with the hassle.

Now Gordon was a bit thick but he was also cute. I like guys to be a little broader than he was but I had gleaned from him that though he was slim and wiry, he was quite well blessed in the lower regions and if anything is attractive to me in a guy, it's a big dick. Once he found out I was gay, I had to be careful about investigating his sexual attributes too much in case he thought I was coming on to him. It didn't seem to cross his mind that I would though.

For the purposes of eroticism, perhaps I should describe Gordon. He stood about 5 feet 10 inches, very slim, probably only about 29 inch waist, but he had good muscles and a beautifully shaped bubble butt. His jeans were always washed out and showed real promise with a hose sliding down his left leg that I would dearly have loved to have in my mouth. His boxers, frequently showed above his jeans, further adding to my excitement. His face was a slim clean shaven face a bit like a 21 year old pre-teen. It looked like his body had grown up but his face still looked as though he hardly shaved. His chest had a few little hairs but that was it. So again, not really my type but it's funny how non-availability makes someone sexy. My 6 feet height and broad body seemed to tower above him. I presume you now have the picture so now the story.

Carla and Gordon had been seeing each other now for almost 4 months. She had given birth at 16 to some anonymous boyfriend and now had a council house supplied to her as a single mother for a peppercorn rent. This gave Gordon a bolthole from his parent's house where he still officially stayed. I had seen Carla. She had a body most men would love to get their hands on and provided she didn't speak, I'm sure most would enjoy. Her hair was blondish though I had a feeling her pubic hair didn't match it but she had what looked like a 38 inch bust, 26 inch waist and 38 inch hips. Pear shaped bums do little for me but I presumed hers were perfect as far as girls go. Her teeth were dazzling white and until she spoke, she could pass as a model. Sadly her knowledge of the English language was somewhat limited and four letter words beginning with 'c' and 'f' seemed to make up about 50% of her vocabulary. However according to Gordon she went like a rabbit and was 'game for anything.' I presume if he got her drunk enough to shut up, he could still enjoy himself. Gordon was no scholar himself so perhaps he enjoyed knowing someone who looked up to his 'superior knowledge!'

Anyway it was Monday morning and after the electrician had left and we were alone in the house we were kitting out, Gordon suddenly mentioned that he had bought a video camera at the weekend 'off a mate.' It was seemingly brand new, latest model Sony and only $200.00. This suggested to me that perhaps his mate had acquired it through dubious means, especially since the instruction book was missing.

'It'll be great to take videos of the little one as she grows up,' said Gordon, the 'little one' being his 18 month old surrogate child.

'Yeh,' said I in a disinterested manner.

'Do you know much about them,' he kept on. 'You can save all your videos on the computer and edit them can't you?'

'Yeh,' I repeated. I had done a bit of editing but I couldn't tell him the type of films I was expert at editing and burning to dvd. Let's put it this way, you could guess the ending in all of them!

'If I took films you could sort them for me couldn't you'


It took until mid afternoon before the subject returned. 'We fancied making some homemade porn movies,' he said, 'Carla really fancies doing something really dirty.'

Now that moved me away from monosyllabic answers!

'Really,' I said, 'and how are you going to do that since you'll be in the movies?'

'Shit, I hadn't thought of that!'

The silence lasted a further five minutes. 'You could do them for us. You being gay and that, you wouldn't be fancying Carla so I wouldn't be jealous and you are also discreet.'

God bless him. It hadn't occurred that I may not get turned on seeing Carla being fucked but would sure as Hell be turned on seeing him doing the fucking.

'Carla wouldn't want that,' I said.

'Carla would be as hot as fuck if you were filming us. She thinks you are sexy.'

I was beginning to like where this was going. 'Well as a favour to you two I would be happy to take the film and also to edit it and make it into a dvd for you.'

'That would be awesome,' he said. 'I can't wait to see what Carla thinks.'

It seemed that Carla shared his enthusiasm and he secretly told me she wanted to see what I had in my pants so would ask that I was stripped too so they wouldn't be embarrassed. No problem there for me as long as the little horndog gave me plenty opportunities to see his cock in action and film it!

It moved really quickly from there. Saturday night next was the date. We would meet at 7.00pm, have some drinks, go back to her house where baby was being farmed out to Gordon's parents and they would fuck while I filmed. Sounded great!

Saturday came, we met, we drank, they got quite pissed but I tried really hard to hold back as I wanted my wits about me for any eventuality, and by 9.30 pm the pair of them were staggering into her front door. They went for a communal shower while I set things up. The camera had a little tabletop stand so it could stand alone and I made sure the lighting was right. The house had little furniture but did have a large sofa bed, so I pulled part of that out for a base and that was it. I could hear giggling and squealing from the bathroom and a few minutes later the arrived back into the main room, her in bra and pants and him in his boxer shorts.

'Come one, get 'em off,' said Carla.

I stripped down to my briefs and that seemed to satisfy them. Carla's tongue was down Gordon's throat anyway so I started filming. His shorts were tented where his cock was already struggling to break free and she was squeezing the tip. He released her tits with some difficulty by popping her bra up, then eventually managing to release the clasp. She looked at me as he sucked her tits. It was 18 years since I had seen a female naked and sexually aroused and it hadn't done much for me then but this time the pressure wasn't on me so I could watch and get aroused at Gordon's arousal. My cock started to grow just as Gordon, lowered himself to his knees and pulled Carla's panties down. She stepped out of them now fully naked. She kept looking at me, obviously enjoying me watching her. Gordon was oblivious, completely engrossed in what he was doing. As his tongue started to lick her pubic area, he delved between her neatly trimmed 'V' shape to insert it into her crack. She looked and smiled at me, nodding in the direction of my erection.

'Looks like I can raise the dead,' she said.

I hadn't the heart to point out that it was the prospect of seeing her boyfriend's cock at long last that was creating the effect. He pushed her back on to the couch and I zoomed in on her open cunt. It was wet from his mouth and he stood slightly back to give me access with the lens. Carla pulled the lips apart. Gordon dived back in again licking and slurping. He moved up and kissed her heavily and slightly clumsily on the mouth, his tongue diving into her mouth as he did so. Carla asked for another wine. I laid the camera down and gave it to her. Gordon was licking her out as she drank.

'Give Gordon the camera Lewis,' she said, 'and let him film me.'

I handed the camera to him and as I stood alongside them, she pulled my briefs down. I tried to move back but she grabbed my stiff cock. Gordon started to film, rubbing his crotch with his free hand. I thought, 'If this turns him on then I might as well go along for a few minutes.'

She sucked me and, to be honest, the erection failed slightly but when Gordon dropped his shorts and released his cock I jumped immediately. Out sprung a long, uncut cock which was about 8 inches in length but surprisingly thin. It had a slight bend towards the left but not too much. His hair was thick around his cock and balls but he was not excessively so. His balls were quite small in comparison but hung loosely below. My cock was hard as nails as Carla slurped, happily assuming that her action was working on this poof. My 7 inches were at least thicker than his and it crossed my mind that it would probably be more satisfying to a girl. He moved across and though obviously excited by Carla's actions, ignored me sexually, taking his hands to her breasts. She took her free hand and started to stroke his cock. I checked that the video, now standing alone on a table, was still filming this. She pulled his cock to her mouth and tried to suck both of us. Just the feel of his hot flesh as our cocks made contact, made me grow more.

'I've gotta fuck her,' he said.

I slipped my cock out of her mouth and returned to my 'professional' role as photographer my cock sticking out and up obscenely. Gordon rolled her over and lay behind her, lifting her leg as he entered her. I assumed he had seen this position from the porno movies as it gave me a perfect shot as his cock slid into her cunt. He started thrusting, with both hands holding her tits as he did so. Her juices were clearly visible on his cock flesh as he pumped in and out. This was great footage and I was really looking forward to wanking off to it in the privacy of my own home later. I have to say that Carla looked absolutely pissed. Her reactions to him were quite slow and she was responding almost automatically rather than in the height of passion.

'I want fucked by Gordon,' she slurred.

'Shit,' I thought, 'I don't really want to fuck you.'

Gordon didn't hear her so she repeated it. 'I want Gordon's big cock in me!'

'Eh well OK, but he is a poof,' he said, almost as though I wasn't involved in the decision.

I handed Gordon the video as I made my way between her legs and felt my slowly dwindling cock enter her warm soft channel. I didn't usually fuck much but when I did, I preferred the tightness of a guy's arse to this. She clenched herself and I managed to get some rhythm going, all the time looking at Gordon stroking his lovely cock for my visual support. He filmed and I fucked for about 10 minutes. Carla grunted and made lewd comments but sometime after minute 8, I think she fell asleep.

'Here, give her to me,' Gordon said in a rather impatient tone. 'I'm so fucking horny I could shag my mother. She's always doing this to me just as I'm ready to fucking cum.'

He slid in behind her prone body, took some lubricant and slid his finger into her arse. She made an 'ow' sound and then drifted back to sleep. He lubed his cock and started to push into her hole and I videoed every minute of this. He managed about 2 inches in before she shot bolt upright and screamed 'fuck off!' He plopped out.

She went back to sleep. I shrugged my shoulders as Gordon stood with a very hard cock in his hands, looked very pissed off.

He looked at me. 'Do you want it,' he said?

'What,' said I naively?

'This,' he said thrusting his cock out obscenely. 'I'm no poof but if I can't have her arse, I'll have yours.'

Call me cheap if you want but you wouldn't believe the speed I moved at. The video was set up (I wasn't going to miss this) and I was lubed in seconds. He wasn't protected by I was well aware that both of them had recently tested negative for HIV and I knew I was. I really didn't want anything to change his mind. He pushed me doggy fashion on the floor, with Carla sleeping not a yard from me and started to enter. He was surprisingly patient as he slid into me. He took it an inch at a time, pulling back and sliding in until his entire beautiful, heterosexual, dreamy boy meat was all inside me. He then started to fuck. Boy could he fuck! He took a good steady pace and held my hips as he shagged me so beautifully. He leaned down on to me as he fucked and kissed my back. I so wanted his lips but knew that wouldn't be forthcoming.

I was flipped over on to my back and my legs lifted as he entered me from the front. My cock was like a flagpole sticking straight up in the air. He actually took it in his hand and stroked it in an amateur way before returning to fucking me. He held both my ankles and he hammered away and then told me he was cumming. He groaned as I gripped his cock with my sphincter and then with one push, he stopped, making only small moves as I felt the hot fluid pump inside me. Eight long squirts could be felt pulsating in me before he withdrew.

'Cum on her face,' he said, nodding to the sleeping Carla.

I couldn't refuse him. He took the video and with just three strokes, my cock exploded over Carla's upper chest, face, and hair covering her lips as it did so. He zoomed in on her. We both laughed nervously.

'Can you edit the middle bit out before you give us the movie,' he asked.

'Yes if you want,' I said, 'but there won't be much in the middle bit to make a separate DVD,' I said.

'We might add to it though,' he said innocently.

'I'd like that,' I replied as we nervously started to mop up and dress.

We did, and I had a wonderful DVD for the times in between. Sorry to say he didn't turn gay but when he was horny and being refused, I was happy to be the spare hole to keep him satisfied.



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