Mike couldn't see anything but darkness, the whole space dark except where he hung, suspended in a sling. He was naked, cuffed ankles and wrist secured to the four chains that held the leather sling in which he lay. The light was too bright, hurting his eyes and it made the darkness around him inky black. He didn't remember how he got here, but it excited him. His cock rolled over onto his abdomen and began to thicken, to elongate as he thought of his exposure. Nothing was hidden from anyone looking from the shadows. He felt sweat trickled down his face and down his sides from the heat of the room. It loosened his muscles making him feel limber.

A ghostly image approached, its details becoming more distinct as it grew closer. He saw their outline, then the details of their body, tall, muscular, thick dark hair cut short, tatoos on one arm and above the right nipple. It was Adam and he was naked except for chaps, the black leather shiny in the harsh light. Adam cock was angled upward, hard, the head wet and drooling. He moved up to Mike, stood betwen his outstretched legs stroking his cock.

"I'm going to fuck your ass" Adam uttered as he moved up and pressed his cock to Mike's hole.

Mike felt the pressure against his hole, the urgent need to breach his opening. He threw his  head back and felt the sling rock toward Adam, felt that thick cock penetrate him, roughly, stretching him open. He cried out as Adam pushed inward sinking inch after inch into his hole.

"Oh...fuck!" Mike exclaimed as he felt Adam press up tight to his ass.

Adam held each leg and pumped his hips, slowly at first, savoring the feel on every inch of his cock as Mike's hole milked it as it pulled then pushed through his tight opening. Adam swung his hips in a slow rhythm, driving all the way inward then pulling nearly all the way out. Mike shivered with the penetration as his own cock grew harder, rose up off his abdomen flexing with his arousal.

"Whore" Adam uttered at the sight of Mike's cock growing harder and he began to fuck, to drive his hips faster. Mike rocked in the sling, back and forth with Adam's fuck. He felt their bodies smack together over and over and over. Mike raised up and looked at the muscular body between his legs, every muscle flexed tight and the skin glistening wetly in the harsh light. "Fuck...fuck" Adam grunted between hard breaths as he hammered Mike's hole, thrusting inward with all his strength.  Mike could do nothing but hang there taking every punishing thrust.

Adam stopped and pushed Mike away from his body till his cock pulled free. He hesitated a brief moment the pulled Mike back to him spearing his hole, then he pushed him away again. Over and over Adam pushed Mike off his cock then pulled him roughly back on it. Mike's hole barely closed before Adam was spearing it again.

Adam kept it up, working Mike back and forth faster and faster till he just held him in place and fucked. Fucked with all his remaining energy, sweat pouring from his body.

"Shit!" Adam exclaimed and he pulled out of Mike and stroked his cock only a couple of times. Thick ropey wads of cum splattered across Mike from his chin down to his stomach. Adam came several times, shooting each wad across Mike's torso till he was covered in cum. Then he walked away. Silent, not one word spoken as he walked into the darkness disappearing from sight.

Mike felt the cum turn runny and trickle over his sides. He smelled its unique odor, strong to his nose as he hung there, still locked in the sling and his own cock still hard, untouched, drooling wetly on his abdomen.

For several minutes there was no sound. Just the harsh light beating down on his nakedness. He looked around the room seeing nothing but darkness. Then he saw it, another ghostly image, slowly coming toward him. It moved closer and he saw it more clearly, details emerging till he recognized Tracy. His tall lean body coming into view. he wore faded worn jeans that hung low on his hips. They were ripped at the knees and on one thigh allowing the pocket lining to hang free. Tracy's upper body was bare, his long lean torso fully exposed. His skin was dark olive toned and it looked like satin in the edge of the light.

Tracy came up to his head, grabbed him by the hair forcing him to take the cock pressed to his lips. Tracy pulled his head on it, roughly, nearly all the way gagging him, then pushed him back. Tracy kept it up, repeatedly making Mike take his cock, to suck it into his mouth and down his throat. Mike gagged and choked as he struggled to take Tracy, struggled to take the long lean cock being forced into his mouth.

"Suck me...Jesus you can't suck for shit" Tracy uttered as he pushed into Mike's mouth again.

Tracy pulled back and moved up between Mike's leg. He scooped up some of Adam's load smearing it on his hard cock then he stepped up to Mike, put his cock to Mike's hole and shoved inward, all the way, his long lean cock penetrating further than Adam, deeply into his hole. Tracy held each leg and fucked, just hammered away at Mike in a furious pace. His tall lean body undulated with his fuck, stomach knotted up tight and each small nipple hard and erect. Mike watched Tracy take each one where he pinched and twisted them roughly as he kept fucking, slamming his abdomen against Mike's ass on every inward thrusts.

"Oh fuck..." Tracy uttered as he slammed into Mike hard, shaking with release. "Too soon" he whispered as he jack hammered his cock deep within Mike's hole dumping his load. When he pulled free he back away, slowly, till he disappeared in the darkness.

Mike hung in the sling for an uncomfortably long time, felt Adam's cum begin to dry on his skin and Tracy's leak from his hole. His own cock was still hard, still untouched and drooling a pool on his stomach. He heard something above his head and leaning his head back he saw someone approaching, their image coming into focus, slowly, details emerging till he recognized Jake. Young, boyish looking with his mop of hair that hung down into his eyes and a lean body that made him look younger than his twenty years. Jake came out into the edge of the light and his fair white skin seemed to glow, reflecting the light with a satin sheen. His cock was curved upward, a thick shaft with a flared head. Mike watched the slit drool a long droplet that slowly went to the floor.

Jake didn't say anything as he came up to Mike's head, taking it between his hands. He fed Mike his cock, the thick shaft stetching Mike's jaw open as inch after inch sank into his mouth. Mike held his breath and took every inch, let Jake use him, as he watched Jake's body move with the rhythm of a slow fuck.

When Jake pulled free of Mike's mouth his cock flexed up and down as it glistened wetly in the harsh light. He moved around Mike and up between his legs. He held Mike by his thighs as he pressed against his hole. Jake pushed till the fat flared head stretched Mike open penetrating him once again. Jake eased inward, letting his curved cock drag through Mike's hole as it sank all the way in.

"Oh...fuck" Mike uttered as his body shivered with the penetration, his hole stretched open further, wider, taking every inch of the thick shaft Jake was pushing into him.

"You my whore?" Jake taunted as he began to fuck, to drive his hips back and forth, his pace increasing rapidly. He tore through Mike's insides, hit places inside of him that made his cock rise up harder, and ache for release. He begged Jake to fuck him, to fuck him harder as he felt sweat bead up on his skin and every muscle tight even though he was only hanging in the sling taking every thrust Jake drove into him. He leaned up and watched the lean body flex and undulate between his legs, every muscle pushing at the white glistening skin. He watched Jake pull his left leg over as he leaned to it putting it to his mouth. He nipped at Mike's ankle then drug his tongue along the edge of Mike's foot. It tickled, made Mike squirm in his bondage as he felt Jake drive inward over and over and over.

Jake hammered at his hole till he was jabbing at it in a rough manner, no longer in rhythm, just forcing cock inward all the way.

"Goddamn" Jake uttered as he thrust hard into Mike, their bodies smacking together. Mike felt how close he was to release, felt like he could cum any minute, his cock bouncing off his abdomen as roughly as Jake fucked his hole. He felt it, his release, so imminent he...

"Mike...hey Mike, where are you at man" Tracy asked as he stood up looking over the cubicle wall between them.

Mike blinked his eyes trying to focus on his surroundings. Adam, his supervisor, a big muscular man was at Amanda's cubicle giving input on her report. Jake was walking through pushing the cart with the day's mail and Tracy was giving him a funny look, questioningly wondering where his mind was at. Tracy was so tall he towered over the low wall as he looked down at Mike.

"Sorry man, I was just daydreaming about somewhere else other than this place" Mike offered as an excuse.

"Well wake up man. Now where do you want to go for lunch. I'm starving."

"You choose this time" Mike replied as he secretly adjusted the erection straining the front of his khakis.



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