To begin with I want to tell you that this is a true story, it happened back in my senior year in High school, while still In the St. Louis area.

I had been sharing this story with a gay buddy online and he told me that it would make one hot story For Gaydemon. So I hope you enjoy it as much as he did. Would love to hear your comments they are always welcome, both good and negative.

I was a Senior in High School, Awh High School, those wonderful years when nothing in life was better. Those wonderful years when your finding out what life is like, preparing to take on the world in your adult life, and learning what your cock is for.

Personally I had learned that when I was about fourteen, when I found out just how awesome stroking it felt when it got hard. I had become master of the Jerkoff.

Then I found out I did not have a patent on jerking off, actually Ronnie Isringhouse showed me how to do it in the barn, and we jerked off many times together never giving thought to doing anything with our hard cocks but stroking them and seeing who could shoot their load first, it became a contest, but during those years of stroking off in the barn with Ronnie, I began to find his cock sexy and alluring, I couldn't wait to get to the barn and see his swollen cock, watching him beating his meat, seeing that foreskin slide back and forth showing that shiny head, and I loved seeing it shoot out a load of white creamy cum all over his chest, damn I loved it.

Well when I finally got into High School, I began to notice the bodies and shapes of other guys. Levi's were the trousers of choice, as were tidy white briefs their underwear of choice too, as far as I was concerned white briefs were just about as hot and sexy as anything.

It was when we began having gym class that I began to notice differences in other guys.

I found myself finding that during our dressing out for class and then afterward, showering in the gym locker room shower, a large open room that had about ten shower heads along the walls, that it was beginning to bring out the sexual desires hidden deep within my senses.

I began to notice guys hot, sexy bodies, seeing muscles on a guys body was having a very arousing effect on my body, nice round shapely asses were a thing of beauty to my eyes, and when I saw a cock that looked like it was swelling and getting hard, while there in the shower or dressing area, I couldn't take my eyes off it, I found myself to the point of almost reaching out and touching it or wanting to do more. I was mesmerized by hot looking guys.

I was especially attracted to guys with uncut cocks too, I thought they were so natural, sexy, raw animalisitc and just plain awesome, thats not to say I didn't notice guys with nice cut cocks too, they were just as alluring to me, but I guess uncut was my favorite because of Ronnie Isrighouse.

I had endured this almost torture for three years, of seeing naked good looking athletic built guys in the locker rooms after gym classes and sports.

I was in good shape, working out, making sure I looked good myself, playing football, baseball, running track.

So I had kept myself in great physical shape.

I had girl friends too but I didn't know why, I wasn't sexually attracted to them. Oh yeah, I knew how to talk the talk when around other guys but If I had my rathers It was the guys that I was talking to that I desired.

There was nothing more handsome and gorgeous than a good looking guy in a nice snug fitting pair of Levi's sporting a nice bulge between his legs.

Then In the senior year about a month into the first semester, Mathew Perlman showed up, his father had been transferred on his job and he was a transfer student from out west somewhere, Pheonix Arizona, I think.

I just befriended Matt. He was handsome, in a rough sort of way, always wore tan slacks instead of the usual blue jeans most guys wore.

Matt was introduced as a very good student in his past High School, and he was almost a nerdish sort of guy, straight A student, but he always wore this sort of goofy looking golfers cap with curlish dark blond hair waving out from under the cap, just a little over ear length

His eyes were bright bluish-green and he was very good looking. Although he was not a body builder sort of guy, and not terribly sporty, he did play golf with the golf club there in High School.

We had gotten to know each other sorta well, and I felt this strange attraction to Him, although he was not the sexually HOT looking kind I was accustomed too.

we got to doing things together and I met his parents. We started going to malls, movies, school functions, and those ever popular game rooms, spending most our Friday and Saturday nights together. Matt and I became very close, Then it happened, I invited him over one Friday night to spend the night.

Now at that time I had not yet really gotten to see his cock and balls, or even see him naked or in his underwear, he had a different gym class.

Matt and I played on the nintendo most of the evening, haveing a great night, ordering a pizza, sneeking a couple of Dads beers, (Mom and Dad were gone out of town that night) and we had the house to ourselves.

It was my quest to somehow get the sexual info I wanted to come out of his mouth.

'Hey man, do you like girls?' I asked Matt.

'Well yeah and no, I like them but, well........ Hum! Just put it like this, They really don't want anything to do with me.' he said.

I was very stunned and puzzled by his statement.

'I don't understand, what you mean, Matt.' I said.

Well Matt looked at me with a very serious and somber look on his face.

'Hey Ken, are you still a virgin, you know have you ever had sex before?' he asked.

'Well Yes and no,' Yes I'm still virgin, and No! I haven't had sex yet.' I responded.

'Well, neither have I, but not because I haven't tried or even had the chance.' he said.

'What? I don't follow you Man, sorry,' I said.

'Well it's like this Ken. I get into a situation, I get to making out with a chick, and when I begin to get to the sex part, I take out my cock, and thats when it stops, they take one look at my cock and say no way your putting that in me man.' he said.

'Damn Dude, your pulling my chain aren't you?' I asked.

Matt looked seriously at me and said, 'I'll prove it to you, Come with me,' and we went up to the bedroom.

I watched as Matt begin to strip, his upper body was just normal, slightly muscular, not fat, but not defined as in athletic type, he as nice looking and then he slipped off his sneakers, and socks, he was staring straight into my eyes as he undid his belt and let his slacks fall to the floor and he was wearing boxers.

I watched as Matt bent down and slid off his boxers, 'HOLY FUCK MATT!, where the shit did you get that, what did you do with the rest of that horse you took that off of?'

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, Matt's cock was about half hard and it looked like a horses cock, 'Just how big is that thing anyway?' I asked with total shock and amazement,

'Well the last time I measured was about two years ago and It was almost ten plus inches, that is when its hard.'

I said, 'How would you feel if we measured it again?' I asked.

Matt looked at me rather Funny, 'well I guess it would be alright.'

I went to the sewing machine in moms sewing room, and I got a tape measure, I went back upstairs and was even more amazed at Matt's cock, he had begun to stroking on it and getting it hard, Holy Fuck it was huge, I measured it from the body under at top of the cock where the body meets the shaft, to the very tip where the foreskin ended, it was almost 10.5 inches long, and then I measured its circumference and it was 6.5 inches around, I had never seen one like that before.

Matt smiled when I gave him the measurement.

I Just said, 'No wonder the gals don't want anything to do with it, but I guess that leaves you alone don't it?'

'Yeah kinda, I looked at Matts sweet face and I reached out and took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it for him, his eyes lit up and 'Shit man, that feels fantastic.' I began to gently squeeze it and slide his foreskin back and forth unveiling that beauiful pink cock head, Matt just stood there as I stroked his cock, head leaning back and his eyes closed, licking his lips, and then I noticed his hand go up and begin to twist his nipples, and heard hisvoice let out whimpers as I noticed a little drip of pre-cum form on the very tip of his cock.

I stopped and said, 'Matt have you ever had a guy make love to you?' I asked him.

'No, never thought about a guy before even wanting to have anything to do with me. Never thought of myself as gay, but what your doing is feeling awesome.' he said.

I stopped strokinghis very hard, huge cock, and had him lay on the bed, and I got undressed, My own cock about to split open from being so friggen hard.

I leaned over as we layed there on my bed, and I noticed everything about his awesome cock, big thick veins bulging under the skin, the color of his cocks skin, dark, and his balls came off a pony, damn this kid was hung.

Matt, said, 'I guess it runs in our family, My Dads cock is at least this big.'

Well there went the theory that big cocks are caused by jerking off a lot.

I told Matt, 'Just lean back and enjoy some loving alright?'

I reached over and began to stroke his thick cock it actually felt the size of a 59 chevy radiator hose, it was unbelievably thick and long.

The more I felt his stomach do its jerking thing, and watched as it began to leak that pre-cum the more I wanted to have a taste, I wasn't sure what that would be like, I had never tasted a cock before, but I knew if I was going to do it, I would never get a better chance, and as Matt layed back with his hands behind his head, and I played with his cock, I leaned over and said, 'I hope you enjoy this,' and I took a nice sized part of his thick hard cock into my wet warm mouth, 'OH Fuck man,' Matt said as I started sliding my mouth as far as I could down his thick cock. It tasted wonderful, my first blowjob, and I was loving it so far, I was licking on the swollen head, licking off that salty, sweet pre-cum, I remember thinking that if cum tastes like this Im in for a real treat.

Matt was about to explode, 'Man thats the most awesome feeling I have ever had,' he said.

I was so happy he was enjoying what I was doing, I was stroking on my own cock and I was getting so excited as I brought Matt to a fantastic finish, I Looked up and he had pulled the blankets and sheets loose from the bed, and it was a mess and I felt his body tighten up, as I massaged his nuts I realized that they had disappeared into his body as he grew closer to bust a nut, and I felt his body raise up and he grabbed my head let out a very loud grunt and moan, and I felt his body began to convulse as I tasted his sweet, bleachy, musty cum and shit man, was it a load, like his cock and balls, his load was huge, I gulped and got most of it, but there was so much I thought I would gag, but I did get most of it.

I had stopped strokin my own cock to put all my energy into sucking Matt's cock.

As I layed there licking and sucking and cleaning Matts deflating cock, Matt pulled me up to him and began to stroke my still swollen, very hard seven incher, his hand felt like heaven on my cock, 'Hey aren't we suppose to kiss or something after having sex?' Matt said with a smile, and I leaned over to his more than ever beautiful face and we kissed for the first time, it was fantastic.

We kept kissing as Matt gently stroked my cock and I blasted cum all over his stomach and chest, He just busted out laughing and reached down swiped some of my thick cum and stuck it into his mouth and said. 'Yummy,' and we both started laughing.

We fell alseep naked in each others arms and woke up to full blown boners about five A.M.

I had heard of being fucked before but I wanted to try it, I must have been a gluton for punishment because I got some lube, (KY Jelly) and got his cock all lubed up and then lubed up my asshole, Hey I was game for anything back then.

I got up ontop of Matt, and it took me a while but I felt the most horrible pain in my life as his cock finally broke thru the opening of my asshole, I couldn't breathe and I only had about six inches of his cock in me, I had to stop for a second or two, since I was on top setting down on it, controlling the speed and depth of entry.

I finally adjusted to take his cock and I set to the balls, I couldn't believe I had almost eleven inches of very thick cock up my ass, but I loved it and I endured the pain, I wanted Matt in every way.

We fucked like wild animals that night, I did bleed a little but it was worth it, and when I finally saw Matts face as his cock belched out one fantastic load of semen into my man hole, it was worth it all just to see it.

I shot a load over his chest and hit him in the face wit my semen as he climaxed powerfully into my intestines.

Matt and I remained lovers for several years after High School untill he left for Military School, to further his career, Its been a while since we contacted but I hear from him every once in a while, he now lives in California somewhere.

What awesome memories of my most unforgettable character. Matt if you read this contact me at my E-mail Address, would love to hear from you.



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