Chapter 2

The nearly full moon was just starting to take on an orange tint as it continued its descent toward the black horizon. The four witch boys began to secure their captives with magic ropes that were impossible to escape from. The witches' eyes were solid black as the thick ropes slithered through the air and caught hold of wrists, pinning and tying them behind the sleeping nude Native Americans' backs, and tightly binding seven pairs of ankles. Next, big, fat ball gags were stuffed into every mouth with the same invisible force and tightly lashed behind their beautiful dark haired heads. Caleb, however, preferred to gag his wolves with his bare hands. He loves gags; they are his favorite part of bondage. He pushed the fat plastic ball against Jacob's full lips, and got excited just watching those beautiful lips part and be spread wide by the size of it.He pinched Sam's nose shut and waited for the sleeping Indian to open his mouth for air; as soon as he did, plop went the big ball into Sam's hot, wet mouth.

When the last mouth was gagged, it was time to butt plug their captive boys. With Jake's hole already corked good and tight, the witches began to stuff the six remaining holes. Each witch pulled out the strange wooden butt plugs and a jar of lube from his own duffle bag. Once the plug was lathered well with the cold jelly, it was ready to go. Reid was rough with Quil and Jared. With one hand, he forced the boys' cheeks apart, exposing their vulnerable tight anuses, and held them spread with more force than was necessary. Then with no preamble, he just smashed it into their defenseless, tight anal lips. Both Jared and Quil moaned and grunted through their gags in their sleep. Caleb slowly worked his into Sam's big anus. He would put a little in at a time, pull back out, then ease it back in, further than before, until the whole fat plug was buried in Sam's rump. Pogue covered his fingers on one hand with the lube, and then fingered Paul's and Embry's butt holes first, slicking them good, and really enjoying how tight their sphincters were on his fingers, and the wet, heat of their holes. He couldn't resist himself and felt around inside both men for their prostate glands. He easily found them both and noticed how both of their cocks plumped up as he repeatedly pressed their love glands. He knew Paul is straight, and yet here he was, unconsciously, getting hard from being finger fucked in the ass. Tyler was really getting into plugging little Seth. He couldn't help himself; Seth's pert, perfect double bubbles were just too tantalizing to ignore. He leaned into the boy's butt, gently spread the cheeks, and exposed his tight, virgin anus, surrounded by just a very light amount of soft hairs. His nose was an inch from the sleeping, captive boy's hole; he could feel the heat coming off it. Then he inhaled and in his jeans, he felt precum rush out of his cock, wetting his jeans. Seth's butt hole smelt so, so fucking good! He pressed his tongue against those hot lips and heard the boy moan into his gag. He began to coat his anus with slippery saliva and even pushed the tip of his tongue just inside them. Seth grew rock hard in his sleep, and his own hard, beautiful boner began to drip precum. Tearing his tongue and mouth from the boy's butt was so hard to do, but then Tyler eased the huge, lubed plug into the puckering, now hungry little butt hole. Seth grunted and began to gyrate his hips, still sleeping soundly. Tyler smiled at him and lovingly patted his perfect little butt.

Lastly, each pair of big, hairy testicles had to be bound with special pieces of twine. Again, Reid was rougher than he needed to be. He tugged on Quil's and Jared's nuts with mean glee and bound them tighter than was required, the young Indian men stirring in their sleep, squirming in pain. Caleb first roped up Jacob's beautiful, fat egg-shaped nuts, and then tied Sam's big bull balls all good and tight. Pogue took care of Paul's and Embry's fuzzy, low hangers. Careful as he was, Tyler still accidently pulled a big curly nut sack hair of Seth's and the boy stirred in his sleep. Tyler leaned down, kissed the boy on his plump, little balls, and rubbed the soreness from his lightly hairy scrotum.

With all seven naked men now bound, gagged, and plugged, it was time to position and wake them.They started with Quil; with black eyes, they lifted the sleeping guy off the ground with invisible force and set him down on his knees, about five feet from the fire. Caleb said "Wake," and Quil came to, groggy at first, then anger wrinkled his brow and he began to struggle in vain and mmmphf into his ball gag. Then came Jared, Paul, Sam, Jacob, Embry, and little Seth last; they were all in a row, a couple of feet apart, in a semi-circle around the fire. The werewolves thrashed and jerked in their bonds, trying to get free, to no success. They grunted, moaned, and yelled into their fat ball gags. Jared, Paul, and Sam now had liberal streams of drool running out the corners of their stretched wide, gagged mouths from vainly trying to yell at their captors. All together they made quite a bit of noise; so much noise, Caleb couldn't be heard over them as he tried to speak.

"Shut the fuck up!" yelled Reid, his eyes turned black and seven pairs of bound nuts suddenly were snatched down and twisted with invisible hands. Yelps were screamed behind seven ball gags, drool flying from most of the gagged mouths, but all seven naked men went quiet. All except poor Seth, who had tears in his eyes, and was whimpering softly.

"Thank you, Reid" said Caleb, although his facial expressions indicated he didn't approve of such force used to quiet the captive pups. "Now, some brief explanations, we are on a bit of a tight schedule here," Caleb began, "My name is Caleb Danvers." He inclined his head toward Pogue, "This ripped and cut specimen of man is Pogue Parry, my boyfriend." Pogue waved to the naked bound men and winked at Caleb. "Our blonde friend here with the anger issues is Reid Garwin." Reid smiled an evil smile and raised a middle finger, kissing the tip of it. Caleb laughed and looked at Tyler, "And last but not least, Tyler Sims, youngest witch and Reid's better half." They all laughed but Reid. Tyler shot him a look that meant "straighten up", to which Reid just rolled his eyes.

Caleb continued, "By now, you can probably tell there's more to us than just our good looks. We are witches, descended over 300 years from four powerful families. For awhile now, we've been looking for creatures to make into our familiars. We heard of the rumors of huge wolves in this area, so we came looking and found you. We've been studying you all for a while. You're not the only beings with some telepathic powers. We've learned so much about you. For example: Jacob, Embry, and Seth are gay."

Jacob, Embry, and Seth acknowledged this with frozen silence. Seth stared down at the ground in embarrassment. Quil, Jared, and Paul began to cuss out Caleb with loud mmmmmmpphf, mmmphf, mmmmmmmpphhff's! Sam's angry eyes never left Caleb.

Caleb just smiled and went on, "The ropes you are all bound in cannot be got out of; only we can remove them though our supernatural means. I'm also sure that you can all feel one of these," Caleb raised up an extra wooden butt plug to show the captive men, "up those beautiful, tight, round asses of yours'. These inhibit your ability to turn into wolves. They make you much more manageable, don't you think? They are carved from a very ancient oak tree, and the runes carved into them are spells of binding and inhibition. You can't shit them out, nor can you pull them out with your own fingers; only one of us can pull them out of those sweet behinds of yours'. Even the lube we used to grease them up is a potion that we made, and it's part aphrodisiac, part binding agent. The strings binding your ripe, full nuts also serve a purpose; they've been enchanted to keep you from achieving orgasm. You see, it's very important for you all not to cum until the end of our binding ritual, which will happen two nights from now under the light of the full moon."

The captive, naked Native Americans now exchanged angry, yet frightened, glances. What the fuck are they going to do with us? seemed to be what each wolves' face was saying. "Now, some private words with you three," Caleb said to Jacob, Embry, and Seth. As these three looked on, from thin air, objects materialized around the four straight wolves' heads. Huge black leather blind folds obscured their sight. Big head phones topped their heads and covered their ears with loud speakers to keep them from hearing. Music could be heard blasting into the ear drums of the straight boys. Reid wandered over to harass Quil and Jared. Caleb approached Jacob, Pogue went to Embry, and Tyler to Seth. The captives stiffened in fear and tried to pull away, but the witches caught them with firm hands and began to give them loving caresses. Caleb put both his hands to the sides of Jacob's face and told him, "Hush, my sweet puppy, none of that. We only want to give you what you've wanted for so long. None of us can imagine what it's been like for you three; we've always been able to love men, love each other, as we please. And now, you will be able to love freely too." Jacob's face was defiant, but Caleb saw the longing, the hungry want in his eyes. Embry's whole body shuddered as Pogue placed kisses on his cheeks and forehead. The kisses felt white hot to the lean, smooth wolf but oh so good. Tyler put his face to Seth's, both young men enjoying the smell of the other's breath. One of Tyler's hands cupped Tyler's cheek, tears flowing over it, and the other stroked his small but defined pecs. "Now, a private word with you, Alpha Wolf." Pogue and Tyler pulled back as Embry and Seth now also got the blind and silent treatment.

"As I said before, we've studied you all well and we know all of your secrets. And I do mean all of them. We know of the other creatures that inhabit this area. We know about him, Jacob." Caleb smiled and gagged Jacob's eyes went wide with fear. "How you've managed to keep it a secret from your brothers is beyond us. It's a testament to your strength that you have, and only proves further that you are meant to be my familiar. In two night's time, I'm going to give you a choice. And I am so sorry; it's going to be the hardest and meanest decision that you're ever going to have to make. But I know that you are going to make the right choice. But for now, it's time for us to make some choices!" And with that, Caleb winked at Jacob and suddenly the blind folds and head phones disappeared back into the ether, the other six wolves blinking in the light from the fire.

The four witch boys made a tight circle around the fire and joined hands. They began to chant in soft, husky voices. Jacob swore they were speaking English but he couldn't understand anything they were saying. As their voices began to get louder and they began to speak faster, the atmosphere around the bound wolves began to press in on them and they could feel the power in the air. The witches suddenly stopped, the silence was actually frightening, and then began to undress, what little clothing they had. As Caleb shed his clothes, Jacob drank in his body with his eyes. Caleb was beautiful, dark hair swirled over his powerful chest, down his middle, and ended in his thick, lustrous pubic bush. As he leaned over to pull off his socks, Jacob got his first look at Caleb's round butt. Although his cheeks parted slightly, you couldn't see his anus due to all the thick, curly black hair in his crack. Jacob could now feel the plug in his ass starting to get warm. It felt like a soft fire was being held to his prostate. As he squirmed in his tight bonds, he noticed that Sam's angry face was beginning to get a strange look: desire. He too felt the flame against his love gland. Although he is heterosexual and has never felt these kinds of feelings toward another man, he couldn't help himself not to get aroused by Caleb's naked male flesh.

Every wolf was going through the same emotions. For the three gay wolves, it was easier to give in to the forced arousal. Embry stared without blinking at Pogue, his hard dick continuing to drool even more now. Pogue was so ripped and cut, every muscle plainly stood out in the light of the fire. Poor Paul also couldn't take his eyes off him. Paul was filled with anger and confusion as he felt a stirring in his balls as he watched Pogue undress.

Both of Reid's boys were straight and their eyes were filled with fear, confusion, and a little disgust at being turned on by this mean spirited blonde man. Reid was the only witch with a smooth, hairless chest. Their still soft, chubby thick cocks began to get the slightest bit hard. At the other end of the line of captives, Seth was already fully rock hard like his two gay pack members. His perfect, stiff dick leaked clear precum as he ate up Tyler with his hungry eyes. Tyler had a smaller build than his three fellow witches but he was just about as muscular as them. His chest was lightly covered in soft looking, light brown hair. He smiled lovingly at Seth as he stripped off his jeans, pretending to do a little strip tease for him. Seth was helpless to keep himself from starting to slightly gyrate his pelvis.

The wolves soon realized that the four witch boys also had their nuts bound in the stupid twine. Caleb noticed Jacob's stares at his tied up big, hairy balls and smiled. "Just a precaution," he told the puzzled, gagged wolf boy, "we can't afford any slip ups. We're not allowed to cum either until the climax of the bonding ritual." Caleb began to squeeze his balls and stroke his meat, masturbating while looking at all the gagged and bound werewolves. The other three witches began to tweak themselves on their tits, rub their dicks, and massage their bound, heavy testicles. As the beautiful witches continued to masturbate, the captive wolves began to feel a powerful heat coming off their gyrating, writhing bodies. As Caleb slipped a hand behind himself and pressed a finger into his hairy, warm crack to lightly finger his moist, tight anus, he said to Jacob between sighs and gasps, "If we sexually stimulate ourselves, it will make the bonding more powerful. Our bodies will release all these sweet smelling pheromones and you wolf boys will be helpless to resist us!" Jacob believed him; the warm air rolling off the witches' hard bodies was undeniably getting a stronger, sweet, musky man smell to it.

"It's time," Caleb said, and the other three young men stopped playing with themselves, every cock fully hard and dripping with excitement. "Now we're going to give each and everyone of you a full examination!"

"You're first, little puppy dog!" teased Reid to Quil, the first in line. Reid made the come here gesture with his finger, and helpless Quil floated up off the ground and hovered to a spot in the air in the dead center of the four hungry looking witch boys. His ropes unwound and floated a few feet away from him. The butt plug popped out of his little asshole and also kept a stationary position in the air nearby. Quil immediately tried to shift to wolf form realizing that his inhibitor had been removed. He scrunched up his face in concentration and began to grunt and huff behind his ball gag, which had not been removed. The four witches began to laugh at the struggling floating naked boy.

"Oops," said Caleb between chuckles, "Did I forget to tell you boys that even when the inhibitor plugs come out, your powers are still kept in check for about an hour. So struggle all you want little pup, you won't be wolfing out on us. And don't worry, we'll have that nice fat plug back up your tight little tail hole way before an hour's up!" Quil stopped fighting the invisible forces holding his arms and legs and let out a long defeated moan into his ball gag. Then his inspection began.

Caleb went first, followed by Pogue. Neither of them seemed interested in Quil; they rubbed their hands over his chest, back, and the muscles in his legs.Quil's body was very average; he has a normal build and slight musculature. His dick looks a tad smaller than average but it is really wide, with a fat bulbous head, and some fat, roundish nuts hanging low behind it. His butt is a touch on the flat side. They spread his buttocks to examine his anus; Caleb commented on the size of it, "It's not as big as Sammy Boy's, but it's still a big one." He patted Quil on the rump and told him, "That'll come in handy with Reid; besides his dick, he loves to play with really big toys!"

Reid just smiled and wagged his hard, wide wang at Quil, who began to whimper into his gag. Reid reached up and began to explore Quil's helpless body. He squeezed his pecs and pulled on Quil's tits roughly. He sniffed his pubic bush and began lightly spanking his fat, tatter nuts. He twirled him around in the air and spread his ass cheeks and started giving him smart pops directly on his already sore anus. As Reid sniffed his fingers, he stroked his wide dick and muttered, "Oh yeah, fucking hot! Nothing smells better than sweet, virgin straight boy butt hole!"

It was Tyler's turn; all he did was reach up and give Quil's stocky, fat wiener a few firm squeezes. "I'm done; NEXT!" Quil began to float back to his spot on the ground, as he went the ropes bound him again and the butt plug re-corked him. Before he reached his spot, Jared began to rise up, and his eyes went wide with fear and he began to howl into his ball gag. His ropes came off, the fat wooden plug pulled out of him making him grunt. Again, Caleb and Pogue gave him a quick working over.

Then Reid took his turn, and lingered much longer over Jared's naked, helpless flesh than he had on Quil. Jared was cuter than Quil. He still had a bit of baby fat, and it gave him some sweet, pouty little tits and a smooth, cute little tummy. His butt was a good medium size, but full and round; it had an arousing jiggle when Reid popped it. His pubic bush was thick and crowned his wide, fat prick. His cock looked like a bloated sweet potato with how its head had a bit of a taper to it. Reid squeezed and tugged on his average sized nuts. After spreading his round, bubble cheeks and poking and squeezing his dark colored anus, he let Tyler have his turn. Tyler squeezed Jared's sweet little pecs and that was it. Jared was rebound and replugged; "Mmmmmmmmphf!!" he said as it was lodged back into place.

Now Paul had his turn, he had more anger in his eyes than fear as he floated into place and was untied and the plug came out. Caleb once again was quick with his turn. He gave Pogue a knowing smile as he passed the naked, struggling Indian man to him for his turn. Now it was Pogue who took his time exploring the captive and then it hit Jacob. They already knew who they wanted; this was being done to humiliate them. Fuck them thought Jacob while he struggled, not just against his ropes but also to the attraction he couldn't help but feel toward Caleb's beautiful hairy flesh. Also, he couldn't deny that watching beautiful Pogue fondle helpless, beautiful Paul was fucking hot; his still drooling hard cock was proof of that. Paul was indeed a Native American work of art; a beautiful face and a muscular body. Pogue was rubbing his large, defined muscled pecs; working his dark colored tits until they were hard. He ran his hands up and down Paul's ripped six pack and stroked his curly black bush. He ran his big, chiseled hands up and down Paul's big, hard pole. Paul's cock had a long plump stalk that got a bit wider in the middle and had a big, fat mushroom shaped head on the end of it. Pogue kept tweaking that fat head, making Paul grunt and make these almost barking like yelps into his ball gag, spit flying out the sides of his mouth. Paul went all quiet though except for a high pitched moan as Pogue spread his ass cheeks and examined his crack. There was some hair, long and curly, swirling around his dark anus. Pogue sniffed his butt hole long and deep, then kissed him on his tight anal lips, making Paul's whole body shiver. He squeezed both of Paul's nice plump firm butt cheeks once more, then passed him to Reid. Reid was his usual rough self, just briefer. He gripped and squeezed Paul's tits, slapped and spread his buttocks and rubbed him really hard and fast on his anus, making Paul moan into his gag. Tyler stroked him by his big dick and then Paul's turn was over.

Paul and Sam shared an angry, frustrated glance as they passed each other in the air and Sam took the "place of honor". Sam was the man of the pack. He was 36 and his man's body stood out from his younger brothers. He wasn't that super muscular but his frame was big, thick and strong. Sam's bush was really thick and crowned his big, huge cock. His cock was darker colored than the rest of his body and it was shaped like a huge log. Caleb lingered over that big Indian tool, rubbing it up and down, and couldn't resist putting the monster head into his hungry mouth. He gently used his teeth a bit and Sam howled into his ball gag, giving Caleb a look that could have killed. Sam's balls were huge and heavy, hairy, saggy and swinging between his thighs. Caleb turned him around and patted out a gentle drum beat on Sam's big rump. Then he spread those big mounds and in the middle of his dark, hairy crevasse, was a really large, dark colored anus. Caleb was really turned on by guys with large nipples or big butt holes; and with what Sam had, Caleb was very, very happy. Caleb tickled Sam's sensitive hole and ran the tips of his fingers up and down the length of that tight rectal mouth, enjoying the fiery heat coming off of it. Caleb gave it a few playful pokes, getting even harder hearing Sam roar and cuss him out from behind his big gag. Pogue took his turn; pressed Sam's big meat down to watch it spring up and bounce around and then he had to check out his monster butt hole. Reid tugged on his fat defenseless nuts and stuffed three fingers up Sam, making the big Indian man jerk and squirm in his invisible bonds. Tyler then had his turn. After admiring Sam's tree trunk peter, he gently tried to rub the soreness out of his big, aching anus.

And then it was Jacob's turn to be examined like a slave. The raw want and desire in Caleb's eyes was intense; Jacob could almost feel Caleb's gaze on his skin. Jacob was so fucking cute and muscle ripped. And, unlike his pack members, his body was lightly dusted with dark black hair; it covered his chest, ran down his cut abs, he had a thick glossy pubic bush, dark curly hairs covered his large, egg-shaped testicles, went up his butt crack, and lightly covered the backs of his arms and all over his shapely strong muscled legs. "Wow," Caleb said in an awed whisper, "You're pretty hairy for a Native American, huh, pup? Must be the Alpha in you giving you some extra testosterone or something, right?" Caleb couldn't stop running his hands all over Jacob's hairy patches. He rubbed those cut, hard pecs until the boy's dark tits stood out at full erect attention. He twirled his fingers in Jacob's black bush and gave gentle tugs, making Jacob moan and grunt into his gag. He began to pump Jacob's beautifully sculpted cock, rubbing the wide piss slit and playing in Jake's slippery precum. He wiped the lube off onto Jacob's hairy thigh, and turned the boy around to take in that sweet, sweet muscular bubble butt. He rubbed the firm buttocks for a moment and then spread them to expose the furry crack, with a dark pink anus in the center of that black forest of hair. Caleb strummed those anal lips like guitar strings and Jacob could have shot a big load right then and there if it hadn't been for the magic string on his cum filled balls. He gyrated his pelvis and tried to push himself into Caleb's amazing touch.

"Okay, lover boys, my turn," Pogue teased as he pulled Jacob's floating and helpless body away from Caleb, who's eyes were almost glazed over with lust.

Caleb shook his head to try to clear it and said, "Yeah, you're right, Baby. The night's not getting any younger." All four witches looked up into the black night's sky and at the moon that was now so much closer to the horizon. Pogue stroked Jacob's fuzzy chest and spread his butt to examine his hole. Reid tugged on his nipples and tugged his balls, making Jacob give out this mewling whimper. Tyler stroked his cock a couple of times.

Next up to bat was Embry, with his lanky, lean body and beautiful face. Caleb rubbed him over the chest and massaged his thighs. Then Pogue took his sweet time, because it was obvious that Embry was one of his. He ran his hands all over Embry's smooth lean body and with every touch, Embry shuddered, Pogue's touch felt so unreal and powerful. Pogue played with and twirled Embry's thin but really long dick, with it's tapering, fat mushroom head. Embry had those perfect egg-shaped oval nuts that Jacob has, just a bit smaller. Pogue took them both into his hot, wet mouth, working them with his tongue. This was nearly too much for Embry to take, he let out a long, guttural moan, and squirmed so hard against his invisible bonds. Pogue let them plop from his mouth, now the air was so cool feeling to Embry with his wet nuts. Pogue explored Embry's little but perfectly round luscious butt. He put his firm, slippery tongue into Embry's tight, hot ass lips and Embry bucked his whole body with the pleasure of it. Reid took his turn by taking Embry's cock in one hand and thrusting two fingers of the other hand into Embry's velvety hot hole. He worked the captive boy with a quick randy rhythm, making Embry cry out into his gag loudly. Tyler played with his long dick for a moment and ended Embry's humiliation.

And then only Seth was left; he looked half scared to death and half horny as fuck. He was shaking as his bonds slid off his wrists and ankles. As the plug spurted out of his tight hole, his hard dick squirted out a dollop of precum.Seth was the youngest wolf in the pack and had a beautiful, nubile, lightly muscled body build. Caleb, ever the ass man, went straight to the boy's butt and spread his perfect little round bubbles. There was just a bit of hair coming in around his anus, which looked so fucking tight. Pogue quickly rubbed the boy's body all over. As Reid reached for him, Seth freaked out and tried to struggle against his invisible bondage to get away from the mean looking guy. Reid pulled his beautiful dark nipples, making Seth squeal into his gag. Drool ran from the corner of his pretty lips. Reid tugged on his dick and nuts, then passed him on to Tyler.

Tyler lovingly caressed Seth all over, squeezing his perfect little pecs and his biceps. Tyler worked his beautiful average length dick and massaged his ripe fuzzy nuts. He spread Seth's pert butt and rubbed his little anus for awhile. Seth purred and moaned to every touch of Tyler's. Then the magic ropes wound their way around Seth's wrists and ankles again, and the butt plug forced itself back into Seth's virgin, little anus, making him grunt. As Seth floated back to his place in line on the ground Tyler sniffed his fingers and masturbated; and now all the wolves had been inspected.

"Okay guys, time to pick 'em!" exclaimed Caleb.



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