The huge red wolf patrolled the dark forest alone, padding silently between the huge, old trees. The night was warm and moist, and even without the nearly full moon, the wolf would have had no trouble seeing. He and his six brothers were scattered throughout the area, making sure their territory was safe from the threat of vampires. The wolf was in the act of turning around to head for home when he caught a scent. Fire? The big red wolf thought. As he followed the smell of smoke, it grew stronger. But soon there was another smell. Man, two men. The wolf now could see a soft glow in the woods from a small camp fire ahead of him. Before he reached the small clearing, he already knew what he would find the two men doing. The smells were unmistakable. Sweat, musk. Sex. Without a sound, he moved up to an opening in the tree limbs and bushes and secretly gazed out at the two young men.

The two of them were on a single spread out sleeping bag, what looked like their discarded clothing scattered all around them. The blonde guy was on his knees behind the brown haired guy, who was on all fours but with his shoulders to the ground, his perfect little butt in the air.Blonde Guy was pounding Brown Hair like there was no tomorrow. Their bodies met with each angry thrust with loud smack, smack, smacks. The big red wolf was beginning to get aroused; the smell of cocks, balls, and assholes was so strong and sweet. The wolf would have thought Brown Hair was suffering nothing but great pain except for the big, delirious grin that covered his face between each grunt and moan of pleasure.

What the fuck? Is Jacob watching gay porn? And just like that, Jacob Black was no longer alone in his head, Jared's thoughts were full of his usual mischievous glee. Their pack telepathy was cool but also a major pain in the ass. Jared was the clown of their pack, the kind of guy who could never keep his mouth shut; so he obviously couldn't control his thoughts. Jacob immediately pushed away his hungry thoughts of the two beautiful men's bodies and tried to bury them deep. He and two others in the pack were gay but it was something that they had never talked about. He could feel Embry and Seth's desire flare up but just as quickly, they too hid those wants away.

Quiet, Jared. Jake, what's going on? Sam was business as usual.

Nothing, Sam; just some campers. Jake began to back up. Wait, something's not right. There was two more scents, two more men, or wasn't there? Jacob felt like his nose could smell more men but his brain was telling him that there wasn't more. He began to growl softly.

"He knows; get him!" yelled out Brown Hair, as he and Blonde Guy instantly stopped fucking and sprung up off the ground.

A voice spoke up menacingly behind Jacob, "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" And before Jacob could even turn around, an invisible concussive force slammed into him, and threw him into the clearing. Everything that happened next seemed to happen in a single heart beat. Huge, fat roots erupted out of the ground all around him; one wrapped around and bound each of his massive paws. The largest of all caught him around his midsection to further immobilize him. With all his mighty strength, he should have been able to rip free easily but he found that he could not. As he struggled in vain, the two guys that had been having sex pulled on pants; Blonde Guy black leather pants, and some tight, dirty blue jeans for Brown Hair. The owners of the last two scents now made their way into the clearing.

The first of the newcomers was dark haired; his raven black curls were thick and framed his face in a messy, lustrous black mane. He wore a white plain tank top and swirls of beautiful, thick chest hair was visible at the top of it. He wore tight blue jeans and black boots. The second man was shirtless, showing off his utterly ripped, cut body. A small patch of light chest hair dusted the valley of his perfect, hard pecs. His washboard abs ran down to the hard veined curve of his stomach, which was divided by a dark, thick trail of curly hair that ended at the waist band of the black vinyl pants he wore. He wore black boots that looked like they were made out of rubber and covered in buckles. His hair was light brown, with lots of blonde streaks in it, and it hung down almost to his shoulders.

Jacob panicked; all four of these men were closing in on him with pleased but hungry expressions on their faces. That's when he noticed that Blonde Guy's eyes were solid black. The longer haired, cut guy spoke to the blonde, "Reid, you got him?" he asked.

"No, man, you gotta help me, Pogue!" answered Reid in a strained, almost desperate plea.

Pogue raised his hand toward Jacob and suddenly his eyes were solid black too. The strength of the roots binding Jacob grew stronger and began to pull him down to the ground. Oh god, oh god. Help me! Guys, HELP ME!! Jacob sent his thoughts out as powerful as he could to his pack. He lifted his head and let out a blood curdling howl that felt like it was loud enough to burst ear drums. He knew his pack would find him. Unfortunately, that was exactly what his attackers wanted.

Brown Hair, with his eyes also black as the night, addressed the black haired guy, "Caleb, they're on their way."

"Good job, Tyler. Keep track of them", ordered Caleb. "Now let's get a muzzle on you Big Boy" he said to Jacob with an evil grin. Caleb's eyes turned black and two final roots burst forth from the ground and wrapped all around Jacob's head and snout. They pulled painfully tight and made an excellent muzzle for the wolf. His whole body was now being held perfectly still, pinned to the ground.

Tyler approached the immobilized red wolf and laid his hands on either side of his big head. "Shhhh, more talking to your little pals" he told Jacob. Although Jacob could still hear his brothers talking to him, his brothers could no longer hear what he was thinking. "Don't worry Pup, they're still going to share in what you're about to get," he said with a chuckle.

Caleb brought over a huge duffle bag from behind some bushes and took position at Jacob's rear. He pulled out a big battery that had wires running back into the bag, still attached to some hidden object. Then it finally hit Jacob. Oh god, this is some sort of trap. Even with their powers though, how could four guys take on six huge wolves? The fact that none of these guys were afraid made Jacob start to worry again. He began to whine and whimper behind his gag. Caleb began to pat Jacob on his huge rear, "Hush, Baby. Daddy Caleb's about to make you feel something so good, you and your pack aren't ever going to forget it!"

Jacob, we're coming! That was Sam again.

Hold on, Jacob, hold on. Talk to us, man! What's going on?! Jacob could feel Seth's fear and love for him. Jacob began to whine louder in his gag.

We're almost there, Jake! Embry's thoughts felt so close, Jacob knew they would be there any second.

Caleb opened a jar of some sort of weird looking, jelly-like substance. He began to coat it all over the unseen object still in the bag. "Dude, are you going to be ready? You need to hurry that shit up!" Reid complained to Caleb.

"Relax, Reid, everything's going fine," Caleb answered. "The others will feel it too, right?" he asked Tyler.

"Oh, They're gonna feel it alright! I'm using my powers to heighten Jacob's sensations passed on to his pack," Tyler told his leader. He knows my name; what the fuck?! Jacob's heart skipped a beat with the fear that this thought brought. These people know us! What the fuck do they want?!

Under brush being crushed and small trees snapping could now be heard all around the clearing. The pack was closing in, all at once, from all sides, and they were coming in fast! "Now?" asked Caleb.

"Not yet," said Tyler. The tremors from the six huge monsters galloping toward them could now be felt in the ground.

"What are you waiting for? Do it!" yelled Reid.

"Not yet."

With his left hand, Caleb took hold of Jacob's big, fluffy tale, and yanked it up out of the way, exposing his large anus. Again he asked, "Now?"

Six pairs of huge eyes could now be seen all around them, glowing from the fire light; and they were getting bigger and closer with frightening speed. "Now!!" yelled Tyler!

Caleb lifted the electro ejaculator probe from the bag; it was dripping with the jelly he had smeared all over it. In one smooth motion, he shoved it up Jacob's wolf butt. The burn and sting in his anus hurt but it was bearable, Caleb had lubed it well. The huge, fat pressure in his rectum felt so weird. And then it mashed up against his prostate and Jacob gasped. Six huge wolves began to burst through the tree line, fearsome and snarling. The wolves were so worked up, they hardly noticed the feeling they were getting up their butts as well but that was about to change in an instant. Then Caleb turned on the probe, full power, and none of the wolves missed what happened to them next. Jacob felt it first, it was an orgasm, but not like he had ever felt before while masturbating. It felt so good, too good, it hurt. His nuts were on fire! Electricity was zapping his prostate and making him have a spontaneous orgasm. Then he passed that feeling to his pack, and the snarls turned to howls. They in turn took that orgasm, and with their telepathic link, began to send it to each other back and forth, over and over. The over whelming sensation of pleasure/pain built up and up, all happening in less than a second. Then BAM! All the wolves came, spraying cum in huge white fountains, and they all turned back into humans. One second, six huge wolves were smashing through the trees; the next, six naked Native American men were flying unconscious through the air, trails of cum following in their wake. They all came crashing down in a circle around the four young men and their captive, who also was human again. The roots had instantly adjusted to keep the boy bound; his hands, waist, and feet were still tightly held, and his mouth was still gagged.

The huge electro ejaculator was now jutting out from two pert, beautifully round, bubble butt cheeks. As Caleb slowly eased the fat probe from the boy's dark colored, stretched anus, he noticed the dark, curly hair that covered the inside of those beautiful cheeks. Jacob began to stir and moan into his gag. One other werewolf had not passed out either; Sam was trying to get to his feet, his arms and legs shaking.

"Well, well; looks like it takes more than a super orgasm to take down the two alphas, huh?" teased Reid.

Sam was struggling to reach Jacob. Semen still dripped from his big, softening cock. "Jacob, what...?" he started to ask. The four strange young men surrounded him and the still gagged and bound Jacob.

With eyes black as pitch and sweet, evil smiles on their faces, all four said in unison, "Sleep."

"No, no...stop, no...uuughhhh" Sam's fight ended in vain and he slumped to the ground sound asleep.

Jacob continued to fight. "Mmmmmmmphffff, gaanuuummmff, umf, umf, umf, mmmmmmmmmppphffff!!!" he said into his fat gag, cussing out the four guys.

"Good gods, he's strong, so strong," Caleb said in wonder, staring down at the struggling bound boy. He began to squeeze and stroke his hardening big bulge in his tight blue jeans.

The other three boys smiled and laughed. Pogue said, "Well, I guess we know your first pick, oh, Fearless Leader."

Caleb didn't even seem to hear him, "He's perfect for me." He stopped stroking himself and dug in the duffle bag. He lifted up a strange butt plug, made of wood with odd symbols carved all over it. As he coated it with the jelly lubricant from the jar, he said "I bet this will help. If we penetrate his flesh, we'll be able to more easily penetrate his mind."Caleb spread Jacob's firm buttocks, exposing his dark colored anus, nestled in a small forest of black hair. He prodded it with his fingers. "Huh, they really do have some kind of rapid healing ability. His hole aught to still be pretty relaxed but it already feels really tight," he said as he pressed the tip of his pointer finger into the moist, hot heat of Jacob's tight anus.Without further preamble, Caleb slowly but firmly pushed the fat plug up Jacob's still sore anus."Okay, guys; let's send him to Dreamland with the rest of the puppies, all together now," ordered Caleb.

The four closed in on the helpless boy and again said, "SLEEP."

Jacob could feel their wills working on his, he tried so hard to fight it but they were to strong. He could feel his cum, cold now, splattered over the fuzzy curve of his belly. His butt hole clenched around the shaft of the plug. His prostate, again being mashed against with uncomfortable pressure, began to feel like some sort of heat was being held to it. He could feel his soft cock hardening again.Gotta fight it, have to fight, have to...have to...sleep. Into his thick root gag he mumbled, "Mmmmmmmmphff, mmmphf, gaaanuuuufffff..." Then his heavy eye lids dropped, his body stopped squirming in his bonds, and he finally succumbed to his forced sleep. Pogue and Reid released Jacob from his organic bondage. The roots tunneled back into the earth. The witch boys began to inspect their harvest.

Caleb squeezed and massaged Jacob's buttocks for a moment, then rolled him over and began to stroke his semi-hard meat with one hand. With the other hand, he cupped Jacob's large testicles and gave them a gentle squeeze. Jacob stirred in his sleep but continued dreaming. Pogue was playing with Sam's big, limp dick, twirling it around. Tyler was exploring Seth's body, rubbing his hands all over him and lightly pinching his tits, making them get hard. Reid was playing roughly with both Paul and Jared. The two sleeping werewolves had landed next to each other and he was slapping them in the nuts, watching and laughing as their unconscious bodies twitched and jerked automatically to the pain.

Caleb put his face down into Jacob's naked crotch and began to take long, deep inhales of the boy's genitals. As Caleb's hot breath blew over Jacob's sensitive, semi-hard log, it began to get harder. Just as he was opening his mouth to swallow that succulent looking cock, a voice spoke over his shoulder, "Should I be jealous?"

Caleb turned to Pogue and smiled, "No, Baby. I'm just excited! Isn't this cool! We're all going to have our own familiars. And not just any ole familiars: WEREWOLVES!" He leaned over to Pogue and they shared a deep, long kiss. "You know you'll always be my number one man!" Pogue smiled up at his boyfriend as Caleb stood up and surveyed the scene for just a moment before clapping his hands once. "Alright guys, let's get these boys ready for the official 'Choosing Ceremony'!"



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