The following day after Kyle cried in front of Matt, Kyle was left alone with rusty, and he knew that Rusty isn't going to be pleased because he has been drinking heavily. Kyle was sitting, hunched over a text book that belonged to Rusty. He had already done his homework and now he is doing Rusty's. Rusty sat on the bed watching tv when he noticed a very hot chick come on the screen to promote Victorias secret. He instantly had a boner and started to jack off when he remembered that he had his own personal cock assistant in the other room. He pulled up his pants and waited for Kyle to step into his room to give him his completed homework. "Rusty, I finished-MMM!" he screamed as Rusty covered his mouth and held him close to him. He dropped the paper on the floor as Rusty forced him onto the bed. Kyle is crying profusely and wonders where Matt is. Rusty is on top of Kyle; trying to submiss the feisty little guy. Kyle felt his pants get ripped off of his body, and felt a massive cock against his ass. Rusty grabbed a condom and slipped it onto his fat cock. He leaned over Kyle and whispered into his ear: "don't fight it pussyboy. Don't fight it..." Kyle squirmed; knowing what is going to happen next. He felt a violent thrust into his virgin ass as Rusty plunges his nine inch cock into his hole. Rusty still has his hand securely on his mouth. Muffled screams fill the air as Kyle tried to resist the intrusion. Long, violent thrusts soon took it's toll, and Kyle submitted to his Rapist. "that's a good boy, Kyle. Your a good boy...." he said as the pleasure of assaulting his small roommate builder in his nuts. The distinct slapping noise blended with the muffled screams; creating an eerie harmony that sent Rusty over the edge. He ripped out his cock and Kyle whimpers as he feels the big cock leave his violated and abused hole. He didn't dare to move; he just laid on the bed not moving. Rusty then forced his cock down Kyle's throat. Kyle cringed at the salty distaste in his mouth. "ooohhh... You've got the hottest, wettest mouth ever..." he said before unleashing strand after strand of thick, sticky cum down Kyle's throat. He ripped it out and slapped Kyle with it. "you liked that cock didn't you?" he said laughing. Kyle couldn't speak. He just laid there crying. Rusty pulled Kyle off of his bed and threw him out of his room. Kyle crawled to his room, closed the door and huddled up against it, wondering what he had done to deserve this. Maybe if he hadn't brought his laptop with him, none of this would of happened. "it's my fault I was raped today." he thought. Rusty took it too far, and he needed to tell someone.


Over the past few weeks, Kyle has been secretly bullied by his Roommate Rusty and it's starting to take a toll on Young Kyle. His performance is suffering in the ROTC and is on the verge of getting dropped from the program. He can't tell anyone because he is afraid of what Rusty will do. The physical stuff has stopped but whenever Matt had to go somewhere, or stay after class, Rusty makes Kyle do anything he wants. It hurts Kyle because he and Matt have gotten along great and he can't tell him what is really going on when he's not home. He even has a curfew and needs to be home right after class, then he has to do Rusty's laundry, his homework, everything. He can't get any sleep because he's afraid to close his eyes because all he sees is Rusty. "Kyle! Come here!" rusty called from his room. Kyle reluctantly got up from his desk and walked into Rusty's room and sees him without his pants on. Kyle wanted to leave and never come back. "jerk me assbag!!!" he yelled. Kyle started to tear up. He wrapped his hand around Rusty's cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Rusty closed his eyes and put his head on his pillow and enjoyed the ride. "then, I want you to drink my cum got it?" he said. "...fine." Kyle said only thinking of his safety. Out of nowhere, Rusty forced Kyle's head onto his monstrous cock and forced him to deep throat his cock. Kyle gagged, he couldn't swallow this, but he knew that he had no choice. The door locks tumble and Rusty threw Kyle off of his dick and Kyle's head hit the wall. "yo! Anyone here?" matt called out. Rusty stood up and grabbed Kyle by the throat. "not... A word!" he said silently. They both left the room together and finally, Kyle felt safe. He walked back into his room and closed the door. He leaned up against it and started crying as he does every day of his new life. He hated Rusty and he wished that he would get drunk at some frat house and never come back. That would make things easier for him. 


"56, 57, 58, 59.... Singer!!!" the drill sergeant screamed. He walked over to Kyle who has completely collapsed. "singer! Get your ass up!" he screamed again. He grabs Kyle and lifts him up to his feet. Kyle couldn't stand. He was up all night doing his homework and Rusty's and he just cant do it anymore. "company! Laps around the gym till the rafters start to sweat." he hollers. "what's wrong kid? You look like you've been beaten up." he asked. Kyle thought about what he's going to say next. "I.... Was.... By my roommate. He makes me do all of his homework, his laundry, and... other things.." he said completely embarrassed. He wanted to leave. "did you tell anyone?" he asked. "no because I don't want to be beaten up again. I got one problem wrong a couple of days ago and he beat the crap out of me sir." Kyle answered. "ok. We will talk more later. Laps." he said. Kyle started to jog with the rest of the group the rest of the day. After the day had passed by, he and a few other guys headed towards the shower. He didn't want to shower in front of the other guys because of his bruises on his ribs. He waited until they left and finally had the shower room all to himself. He turned it on and cool water flowed over his Sweaty, broken body and it felt so good. The cool water tingled as it went over every little part of his skin, providing just a small dose of reprieve from the pain that the bruises had produced all day. He ran his hands through his hair and washed himself completely. He walked back to the dorm and saw Matt leaving. "Matt. Where are you headed?" he asked in a cheery tone. "just headin' down to do some laundry." "I'm coming too.... If it's ok..." he said glancing at the door. "sure bro." Matt said. "here, let me help." Kyle said reaching for a basket.  "thanks dude." he replied. Matt had to admit, he really judged a book by it's cover this time. He thought that Kyle would be another one of those people but he guesses he was wrong. He really likes Kyle and he would hate to see him hurt or upset. They walked down to the laundry room and loaded up a couple of washers. "Matt?" Kyle asked. "yeah bro?" he said turning the dial on the washer. "um... This isn't going to be easy to talk about..." Kyle started. "relax dude. I don't care if your gay." he said chuckling a little. "well... I think I am but that's besides the point.... Um.... You know how I got beaten up recently?" he asked. Matt stopped what he was doing and turned to face his friend. "yeah. Why, is it happening again?" he asked. "yeah...." Kyle said not able to make eye contact. "Rusty did it. He found.... Gay porn on my laptop and... he beat the shit out of me..." kyle said starting to cry. "he has made me his bitch for the last month, and he even made me suck him off a few times...." he said hanging his head low. Matt couldn't believe what he was hearing. He didn't believe him until Kyle had shown him the bruises. "he started going for my torso because you wouldn't see it." Kyle added. He could see the anger in his eyes. "please don't do anything ok? I don't want things to get worse..." Kyle said. Matt was in a rage. He didn't know if he could go back to the dorm and not murder Rusty for the way he is treating Kyle. They finished doing the laundry and walked back to the dorm room. Once they arrived at the wooden door, Kyle looked at Matt and matt nodded, basically saying that he will be fine. They turn the key and step inside. Rusty comes out of his room. "What did i tell you to do? Be ho-" he saw Matt. "hey bro. Laundry all done?" he asked innocently. "yeah." Matt said with agitation in his voice. "you ok bro?" Rusty asked. "yeah... I'm cool." Matt reluctantly answered. Matt was trying as hard as he possibly could to contain his anger towards his former best friend rusty. Because Kyle said not to do anything, he won't. Rusty went back into his room and Matt joined him. He pulled out a few cardboard boxes and started to pack his stuff up. "dude, what are you doing?" Rusty said taken off guard when Matt did this. "this rooms too small, so I'm gunna move into the other room. Kyle's got his own room, so I want my own too." Matt said with enthusiasm. "ah. Alright bro." Rusty said. Matt took about 25 minutes to move into the new room and when he finally got set up there, he laid on the bed and started to think about what Kyle has to go through when matt isnt there. This made him very angry and a few times, he thought about hurting Rusty. The same rusty that only a month ago Matt was apologizing for to Kyle for his comment. He's known Rusty ever since the second grade and he can't believe that he could have been so blind this whole time. Now when he thinks of it, over the last few days, Kyle has tried to tell him something, he just couldn't pick up on the signs of abuse. How could he be so stupid? It was happening right under his nose. He knew that he needed to do something, but what? Then Matt snapped.

Matt stepped out of his new room and into his old one. Rusty was already sleeping. "lazy fuck." he whispered. He walked over to Kyle's room and slowly opened the door and saw him hunched over his desk feverishly writing on his computer. "this stuff is hard...." he heard him whisper. He saw at the top of his paper it read Rusty Clemens. This sent Matt over the edge. He closed the door and walked over to Rusty's room. He opened the door and walked over to the sleeping football player. He grabbed him; waking rusty up. "what-" Matt covered his mouth. "get up. Walk toward the door and don't make a sound. Kyle's sleeping." he said putting on a fake smile. Rusty got up and followed him out of the building. They went into a camera blind spot and Matt turned to face Rusty. He threw a punch right at rusty. It connected with his jaw and it sent him back a bit. Matt tackled Rusty to the ground and beat him savagely. He threw another punch at Rusty's eye and it made a slapping sound. He picked up disoriented Rusty and punches him in the gut; knocking the wind out of him. "Matt.... Stop..." he said collapsing onto the ground. Rusty knew that Matt could easily beat him into a coma. Matt is from Detroit, where fighting is necessary for survival. Especially along the 8 mile road; where Matt grew up. "what is this about?" Rusty asked bruised and battered. "I think you know. You don't treat a human being like the way you treat Kyle. Are you too stupid to do your own homework? Are you too bored of jacking off that you need Kyle to do it for you?!" Rusty was overwhelmed with emotion, and he knew that Kyle would never forgive him. He felt like shit, and he knew what he needed to do. He gingerly got up and hobbled over to the Dorm room building. They swiped their cards and walked back to their dorm. Matt grabbed Rusty's shoulder. "you will go to your room, you will stay there and never talk to Kyle again. You will also apply for a room transfer. Clear?" he said. "crystal." Rusty said still in pain. When they got to the room, rusty went into his room and closed the door. Matt went into Kyle's room and saw that he was still on the computer. He walked over to him and highlighted the document and hit delete. Kyle was out cold; sleeping soundly. Matt knew that his young body had given up, and that it cant handle the added workload given to him by Rusty. He picked up his small and and in his mind, delicate friend up and placed him on his bed. He covered him up in his blanket and turned off his laptop and lights. He took Rusty's books and went across the hall to Rusty's room. He opened the door and dropped his books on Rusty. "you want your homework done? You do it." be said. "dude, if i fail this class I won't graduate!" Rusty said. "well you should have thought about that before you enslaved Kyle. And just how long do you think you could have gotten away with it?" he said as he left the room. Matt started thinking about the whole situation all over again. It infuriated him; especially about how he was forced to give handjobs and if he knows rusty, probably more than that. He wanted to kill him, he though he should have killed him. It made him beyond furious. Rusty laid in his bed; pain convulsing through his nerves. "the kids a fag.... He likes dicks... I don't understand what the problem is..." he thought. He doesn't think he did anything wrong. "sure I made Kyle have sex with me  but Matt doesn't know that. He won't know that. so as far as they know, I'm not gay." he thought. He thought he was the smartest person in the room. He reached into his nightstand and took out a joint and lit it. After a few hauls, his pain went away.


Matt walked over to the kitchen and heard crying coming from Kyle's room. He put his ear to the white painted door and he heard it more clearly. He knocked on the door and the crying stopped. The door cracked open and Kyle looked through the crack to see Matt with a worried look on his face. He let him in. Matt could see that Kyle's eyes are bloodshot; his once resplendent eyes are now darkened and full of sorrow. "wants wrong bud?" Matt asked. "I'm not going to be able to finish r-my paper tonight because I can't find it." he said. "I know about the paper, and it's Rusty's." Matt said. Kyle got scared. He doesn't want to get hurt again. "don't worry bro." he said sitting next to him. "he won't do it anymore." Matt added as he put an arm on his friend's shoulder. "are you sure?" Kyle said still frightened. Matt smiled, "yep. I beat him to a pulp." he confessed. Kyle couldn't believe what he had just heard. Matt fought for him? He has never Been fought for before. It felt good to him. Now he can finally focus on his ROTC work and classwork; not ROTC, his, and Rusty's class work, Just his. He smiled at Matt, and gave him a hug. Matt was taken by surprise, but enjoyed it. "thank you Matt. Thank you for saving me..." he cried. He let go of Matt and regained his composure. He looked at Matt and leaned into his cheek and kissed it. Matt was thrown off by this, but he knew that freaking out about it would only damage Kyle's already fragile psyche even more. His lips were soft and when he pulled off, he himself leaned in and kissed Kyle on the lips. Kyle was surprised but he relaxed. Matt felt waves of electricity flow up and down his spine. He couldn't believe he was kissing a guy and liking it, but on the other hand, Kyle wasn't some guy, he was a close friend and a nice person. Honestly, Matt thought that going out with Kyle actually wouldn't be that bad. They got even more passionate and Matt felt his 4 inch soft cock start to grow in his gym shorts. He could tell that Kyle was hard too, and that this is a first for both of them. Matt laid Kyle down on the bed and climbed on top if him; kissing his neck and cheek. He kissed every inch of Kyle's lower half of his face. Kyle and Matt kept locking lips for 10 minutes; they couldn't stop. Matt didn't want to stop kissing this angel of a boy, and Kyle had finally reeled in a sweet guy, not some punk like his first boyfriend Jason. Matt took off Kyle's flat-billed hat and placed it on the floor; revealing his neatly styled short hair. Kyle stopped. "Matt..." he whispered. Matt looked up at Kyle. "what's wrong?" 

"will you go out with me?" he asked innocently. Matt smiled, "yes." he answered. They locked lips more slowly but still had a pace. The passion is still there as well. A tear fell from Kyle's left eye, it wasn't sorrow; it was happiness. He knew that he will be ok.


A few weeks after Matt beat the shit out of Rusty, Rusty hasn't come out of his room for anything except for food and to take a shit. He knew what he had done was wrong, but he had to admit that Kyle sucked cock better than anyone that had wrapped their mouths around his massive bone. Rusty knew that he could easily get what he wanted out of Kyle, he just needed to wait for just the right time to strike. Every time Kyle stepped out of the shower, he wanted Kyle's nice ass to be fucked by his 8 inch penis. Thinking about it made his cock hard, and no matter what he thought of to make it go away, it just comes back whenever he thinks of Kyle. He had made a decision; and it will happen tonight while Matt is at a party.

Kyle remained hunched over his laptop; working on a paper on the history of the Marines. He has started to listen to music while he does his work because it helps him concentrate. He typed as a perfect circle's "Gravity" played into his ears via the headphones. The song was a little dark but it spoke to him. You know, everyone has a song that speaks to them; almost like the song was written about them. The song gave him strength to keep moving forward. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he paused his iPod. "hey Matt. How was-" he said turning around. It was Rusty. Kyle gulped in fear, and couldn't move. Rusty flashed an evil smile and wrapped his left arm around Kyle's throat; silencing him. "you gonna be quiet?" he said. Kyle shook his head slowly and Rusty picked up his little roommate and hunched him over his bed. Kyle knew what was going to happen next and he started to squirm. Rusty ripped out the headphones and threw his iPod on a pillow. Rusty brought his left arm across Kyle's toned chest and his right had over his mouth. He submissed young Kyle and Kyle gave up trying to fight. With his left hand, Rusty slid his hand down Kyle's tight body. He unzipped kyle's jeans and brought  them down below his ass cheeks. Rusty pulled out his dick and inserted it into Kyle. Kyle lurches in pain a little but doesn't try to leave or get away. Kyle just laid there, letting Rusty have his way. He felt Rusty shutter as all of his cock slipped into Kyle's tight, bubble ass. Kyle stared forward; trying not to think of what was happening. Kyle finally realized how long Rusty waited for this moment. He made slow, deep thrusts into Kyle and was kissing kyles neck. Kyle started to shake as his cock was getting hard. He heard rusty let out a slow sigh in pleasure as hot, sticky cum went deep into him. Rusty kissed Kyle a little more and climbed off. He buttoned up his pants and Kyle did the same after taking a shower. He knew how lucky he was that Rusty didn't beat the shit out of him. He rinsed off, cleaned himself and stepped out of the small shower and got dressed into some clean clothes. He entered his room and closed the door; thinking if he should tell Matt. Matt said that he will always be there for kyle so he plans to tell him what happened today. He soon got back to work. 

Matt was partying over near the Harwell campus at some frat house. The Harwell campus is a notorious party school and he knew that he will get fucked up pretty good here. But he remembered that Kyle is all alone with rusty and who knows what's going on over there. Kyle could be dead for all he knew, so He left the party before even having a beer and climbed into his suburban and took of down the road towards the Fairview Campus. 

Kyle Heard the door fly open and he heard Matt call out. "Kyle?! Are you ok?" he said pushing kyles door open. He saw him sitting and doing his homework. Kyle turned and got up and walked over to the stunning jock that is Matt. He put his hand on Matt's chest and his right hand around his lower back. "close the door." Kyle said seductively. Matt smiled. Kyle brought his hand on the wooden door as he lowered his head to kiss kyle. Their lips met and Kyle started to get hard. So did Matt. Matt lowered Kyle onto his bed and started to take off Kyle's shirt. He looked at Kyle's well developed Chest and Six pack. "dude.... Your jacked for a little guy." Matt said between his kisses. Kyle slid his hand underneath Matt's tee shirt and slid it slowly up his back and over his head. Both guys are now shirtless, and because it's in the middle of summer, they start to sweat. Their bodies grope and they become slick with sweat. Matt holds Kyle close to him; embracing him as they kissed. Their tongues find eachother once again as they rub and mingle in eachothers mouths. Their heartbeats pump blood harder and harder. Matt starts to kiss Kyle's neck; the salty flavor from Kyle's sweat tingled against Matt's lips as he kissed kyle's chest and abs; moving his way past Kyle's navel and he started to kiss Kyle just above his Calvin Klein briefs. Kyle moaned as he felt Matt's warm, slick tongue lick his bellybutton. Matt slowly unzipped Kyle's jeans and slid them down to the middle of his thighs. Matt noticed that Kyle was packing some serious heat in his pants. Matt suspected that Kyle's cock is at least 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide at least! He kissed Kyle's limp cock and it started to rise. Matt took a hold of Kyle's amazing penis and started kissing the shaft as it hardened. He slid the member into his mouth; sending shockwaves up Kyle's spine. He knew that he wouldn't last long; he was never one for longevity. "Matt?" he whispered. Matt dropped Kyle's semi-hard cock out of his mouth. "yeah?" he finally said. "I just wanted to tell you... When I.... You know... I really let it fly." he said. Matt smiles; "good." he wrapped kyle's now hard cock and started to bob his head up and down; then applying a little amount of suction. Kyle bucked his hips; forcing the head further down Matt's throat. Matt could take this cock, because he has sucked bigger. But he isn't gonna tell Kyle that. It'll ruin his self esteem. The pleasure was completely indescribable. Kyle had never had his dick sucked before; and he's glad that Matt is the one doing it. Kyle hung his mouth open as his eyes closed tighter and tighter. Matt licked Kyle's dick while it was in his mouth, and this sent Kyle over the edge. "Matt...Matt..... UGH!" "good boy, Kyle. Let it fly." matt said. "MMMM!!!" Kyle growled as he got closer and closer to blowing his cream all over the room. Matt wrapped his lips around Kyle's dick just as his load flew out of his dick hole. Matt was surprised at how much the little guy could jizz, and wasn't prepared to drink that much. Kyle's breathing was shallow and irregular; his head hurt too. most likely to the bucket of cum he just shot out of his small body. Kyle had concluded that this blow-job was the best.  that wasn't gonna change. Ever. Kyle was spent; but that doesn't stop him from giving pleasure to Matt. Matt was lying next to Kyle; sweat still profusely running down his face. He felt his pants loosen and he looks down to find Kyle swallowing his hard dick that had not yet released it's product. Matt moaned as Kyle serviced his aching cock. It was begging to blow it's load and now it has a chance. Matt leaned back onto the soft pillow; closed his eyes, and enjoyed the pleasure that raced up his spine. This was Kyle's first time sucking cock; but he was quickly learning. He sucked gently; feeling every muscle spasm in Matt's body. He let the hard cock fall out of his mouth and took a hold of it with one hand; kissing the shaft. Matt shifted as the pleasure grew. He let out a sigh as Kyle licks his dick from the base to the head. His eyes tightened, his ass clenched, and rope after rope of thick, sweet cum flowed down Kyle's throat. Matt let out a sigh of relief as his load was finally released. The two boys kissed passionately as sweat glistening as the sun radiated through the blinds. Matt collapses onto Kyle; breathing heavily as blood pumps violently through their veins. Their cocks find eachother and grind together. Giving the boys one last amount of pleasure before turning soft. "I love you Matt." Kyle whispered into his ear. "I love you too, Kyle."


Cecil Cityscape


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