Meet Kyle, a 19 year old quiet college freshman who enrolled in the ROTC program. He came from a well-to-do family in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and moved down to the United States when he was very young. Kyle has Citizenship in both Canada and the United States, so he is allowed to fight in the US military as an officer. He walked through the slender hallways of the McGee Memorial Dormitory at Morningwood Academy in Fairview, Eagle State. His room number is 227 on the 3rd floor. His father had movers bring his stuff to the dorm so he didn't have to bring it and they should be there soon as well. As he inserted the key into the lock and turned the door, he was greeted by an awful smell, and it smelled like weed. He stepped ln and heard laughing coming from one of the bedrooms. This was a six person Dorm Room and he wouldn't be surprised if two druggies were his roommates. "hello?" he called out. "shhh shhh! There's a dude here! Put it out!" he heard someone say. The door flew open and there stood two guys with a sculpted chest and stunning six packs. Not a hair on them either. The one on the left was shorter and thinner, but just as defined as the one on the right. "uhh... I'm Kyle." he said. "Matt. This is Rusty." the shorter one said pointing to the taller one. Both guys are taller than Kyle, he stood at 5' 4" and wasn't nearly as defined as these guys, but he still considered himself more beefed up than most other people who are the same height. "man, your short." Rusty laughed. He walked over, still completely stoned and pinched Kyle's cheek like his grandmother did. "he could be my little brother! He's so tiny!!!" he said laughing. "let go!" Kyle said very sternly. Rusty backed off. "sorry..." he said in shock. Kyle heard a knock at the door; it was the movers. They were in and out in a flash! Kyle put his stuff in a separate bedroom and got set up. Kyle put up posters of his favorite athletes, bands, sports teams, and movies. He put on his sheets on the bed and put on his blue and white striped comforter with matching pillow cases as well. Weather he liked it or not, this is going to be home for the next 4 years. He lays down on the bed, staring at the ceiling when he heard a knock. Matt walked in. "hey... I wanted to apologize for Rusty... He can be mean sometimes. But he's a good guy, so don't let this cloud that. He has a good heart." he said standing in the doorway. "Better hope so... I can only take so much..." Kyle said with his hands behind his head. He didn't even look at Matt, just the ceiling. "not to be rude, but this isn't a big thing, so..." he trailed off. "I don't know about you, but when I came here today, I thought that I could get away from bullies that made fun of me. Instead, I meet a new one. That doesn't look good for me in the future. So forgive me if I'm not ready to just let it go right now ok?" he said sitting up straight. Matt finally understood. This poor kid was probably tormented in high school, and Rusty is probably reminding him of that. "I'm sorry that happened to you." Matt said with his voice filled with remorse. "forget about it." he said. Matt looked up at Kyle. "what did you just say?" he asked. "I said," Kyle said angrily. "forget about it." "are you Canadian?" he asked. Then he realized how stupid that question was. "yeah..." Kyle answered feeling annoyed. "oh..." Matt said. "I didn't know that." he turned and walked out of the room, closing the door. If there is something Matt hates more than anything else in the world, it's snobby  Canadian boys. When he went to visit his grandparents in Canada, his cousins were so snobby, and he hated it. It must have stayed with him because he just got really angry at Kyle for no reason. He contained himself and walked back into his bedroom with Rusty and continued to smoke the weed. 

One week later....

"Kyle!! Get the fuck up! Were gettin' some pussy and were gunna get you laid!!" matt called from the kitchen. Kyle tried to ignore him but somehow his voice got through. Matt walked into Kyle's room and turned on the lights. "get up ass bag!" he screamed. Kyle rose out of bed with just his pajama bottoms on and a messy hairdo. Matt combed his friends hair because Kyle was still half asleep. "I don't wanna have sex tonight. I wanna go back to sleep." kyle mumbled. "no way dude. Your still a virgin right?" 

"yeah." he said.

"so... We need to fix that." Matt said. Kyle looked into their room and saw Rusty fucking some chick with huge tits on the floor. His dick got hard. Not at the chicks tits.... But at Rusty's fat cock tearing into this chicks pussy. They were moaning hard as Rusty thrusted even harder. Rusty was wrecking this broad. Kyle turned away and followed Matt to some fraternity. They walked through the crowd of people dancing to the blasting techno music. Kyle looked around and saw some dude blowing chunks in a corner, two chicks were making out on a couch over by the giant tv. People were grinding up against eachother, playing beer pong, having sex, and drinking, especially drinking. "so, which do you prefer, pussy or dick?" Matt hollered. Kyle didn't answer, he was too busy looking at all of the hot guys in the room. Some were loners, others were getting some head right on the dance floor. "they are total animals!" Kyle thought. He kept noticing a good looking guy with blond hair, blue eyes, and a stunning physique from what he could tell from his tight fitting tee shirt. Their eyes met and he flashed a smile at Kyle. Matt stopped and turned to face Kyle who was eyeing this guy from top to bottom. He looked over to him and got an idea. He brought Kyle to a room and talked to the guy he was leering at. "hey Travis... Look... My buddy kyle is up there and he's new here. Could you... Maybe.... Help him with his virgin problem?" Matt asked. "sure, but you owe me." he said looking at Matt's belt buckle. Matt got the hint and agreed. Travis walked up the stairs and into the room Kyle is in. He locked the door, and started taking off his shirt, revealing the waistband of his black Under Armor briefs. Kyle was stunned and didn't know what to do. He looked away but he just kept looking back.  Travis sat next to Kyle and started feeling up his body. Kyle could feel his cool hand trace his six pack and move up to his chest. He leaned in and tried to kiss Kyle. Kyle froze, and was totally unable to move. He was so nervous he couldn't contain himself. "relax..." Travis whispered as he kissed his neck. Kyle tilted his head to expose more of his neck to Travis. He closed his eyes and felt Travis guide him to the bed. He gently pushed him down, and turned him over. He kissed Kyle with such passion, that Kyle returned it. Matt watched from a corner of the room, slowly stroking his hardening meat. The scene he was watching made him hornier than ever. To him, there was nothing like watching a young, innocent Marine get dirty with another guy. But he did feel bad about just letting the schools man slut loose on some poor guy without his permission. He knew that Travis would finish the job, even if it calls for raping the poor guy. His motto is; "if they wanted it, they get it" and that sometimes was a dangerous way of thinking. Matt watched how uncomfortable Kyle was and he took his hand out of his hands. "Travis... Stop. He's nervous." Matt said. Travis turned his head; "excuse me, but unless you have a suitable alternative you can leave." he said. "fuck me..." he said. Travis thought about it and liked the idea. He climes off of Kyle and Kyle stood up, and left. He grabbed a look at Matt and walked back to the dorm by himself. He couldn't believe that Matt was watching him the whole time. He started wondering why Matt was talking to Travis anyway. "Did they set me up to use me?" he thought as he walked home. He reached the dorm and swiped his ID card. The door buzzed and he pulled it open. The door closed with a thud and he walked up the 2 flights of stairs to his floor. He walked to room 227 and turned the doorknob. It was locked. He pulled out his key and inserted it into the door. He walked into his dorm room, closed the door and walked into his bedroom. "huh, the doors closed." he thought. He swore he didn't close it. He opened the door to see Rusty on his computer. He recognized what he was watching. "dude!" Kyle screamed. Rusty turned to face Kyle and Kyle saw the hate in Rusty's eyes. Rusty stood up and walked towards Kyle. "why didn't you tell me your a cocksucker?" he said with anger in his voice. "I'm... I..." Kyle started to say something but he had to duck out of the way because Rusty threw something at Kyle. "dude! Stop!" he pleaded. "he grabbed Kyle by the shirt and practically threw him at the wall. He hit it with so much force, it made a hole in the wall. Kyle fell onto his bed only to be jumped by Rusty. Rusty threw punch after punch at poor Kyle. Kyle tried to block the blows that Rusty sent his way. He was pleading to god to let Matt come home. One connected with Kyle's left eye and another connected with the side of his head: knocking him out cold. 


Kyle woke up a few hours after his brutal attack and found Matt passed out on the floor and rusty is nowhere to be found. Kyle walked over to Matt and picked him up. He didn't move. "Matt? Matt?" he said trying to get some kind of reaction out of this drunken mess. He finally stirred. "Kyle? What happened to your face?" he said popping up like nothing was wrong. "let me get some ice." he said. He quickly returned with a bag of peas. "it's the best we can do." he laughed. Kyle took it, took off his flat-billed hat and rested the bag of peas on his eye. "who did this?" Matt asked. "well... It was-" the door opened. Rusty stepped in and saw Kyle. "oh my god! Are you ok?!" he said rushing to Kyles side. Kyle glanced deeply into Rusty's eyes and they said. "if you tell anyone, I will hurt you" Kyle looked away from Rusty and brought the bag to his head. Kyle started to cry....


Cecil Cityscape


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