If what happened to Bernard could be traced back to anyone, it probably would be his grandfather, Heinrich. He was just too good to Bernie. When Bernie's parents died in an automobile accident, Bernard's grandfather took him in and raised him without hesitation and without denying the boy anything he needed. Thus, from an early life, Bernie trusted elderly men with white beards and gravitated to them for comfort.

Klaus Keller, who owned a clock shop near the square in Bamberg down near where the Regnitz flowed by, had been a good friend of Grandfather Heinrich's-and was of much the same age. When Heinrich died, Klaus took the nineteen-year-old Bernie in as an apprentice in clock repair. And Bernie trusted Klaus and was comforted by his white beard.

Bernie was a fair and finely formed young man. And Klaus comforted him. In time Klaus took Bernie into his bed on cold nights in the cold drafty flat above the ancient clock shop near the square in Bamberg, where, eventually, Klaus came to comfort Bernie closely and deeply. And Bernie, who had no one else but Klaus to care for him, was grateful and comforted and felt needed when Klaus embraced him close and filled him with his love.

When Klaus died, Bernie was barely twenty-four. He had learned enough about clock repair in his apprenticeship that he managed, if only barely, to keep body and soul together in the shop that he inherited from Klaus. It was a very lonely profession, though-and not one where a young men would meet many more young people.

There was a hole in Bernie's life. Since he had been a child, there had always been a gray-bearded man to comfort and protect him. Bernie missed that-and, in particular, he missed the way in which Klaus had shown how much he valued the young orphan, Bernie.

Not long before he died, Klaus had bought Bernie a computer and had helped him learn how to use it. Bernie found the Internet. And in those dark months after Klaus died, Bernie spent his lonely evenings exploring the Internet.

He found an Internet site named devoted to senior men, where, when Bernie had paid a fee to discover what lay behind the intriguing "Whitebeard" name that made him feel so comforted and mellow, he found, to his delight, that there were stories of young men seeking connection with something called "daddies" and nice-looking white-bearded men saying they wanted to be daddies to young men.

Bernie was a young man who felt the loss of several men who had been good daddies to him. He looked at the stories of all of these white-bearded men who were looking to provide just what his grandfather-and later, in a more intimate fashion, his mentor, Klaus-had given to him-back when he felt protected and comforted and needed.

Bernie decided he would put his story on this Internet site too, and maybe he would find someone as comforting as his grandfather and Klaus once again. He looked at the stories-which they called profiles-of the young men who seemed to have the most notes from white-bearded men, and he used many of the same words in his profile so that he might find someone to talk to as well. He had no trouble describing his body-which was some of what was required in the profile-because he did indeed have a very nice body.

He didn't want to mislead anyone, though, so he did admit that, although very well proportioned, he was quite small for his age-almost boyish-and he felt it only right to acknowledge that his penis was really quite small. Klaus had said he shouldn't be ashamed of that, though, that it was one of the reasons that Klaus loved him all the more-that he looked almost exactly like a statue by a Renaissance sculptor.

When it came to what Bernie would write that would tell anyone else the void he was seeking to fill from the loss of his kind and attentive grandfather and mentor, Bernie was at a loss for words.

In the end he just said he was interested in someone who would love him and hold him close-and, having seen how well it worked for other young men in encouraging older men to contact them on the Internet site, at the last minute, Bernie added "group and 1-on-1," whatever those meant. Bernie figured out how to add to his profile a picture that Klaus had taken of him in the park one day when he was very happy and then he pressed the submit button and went off to open his clock repair shop for the day.

Johan and Hans were gray beards, and very nice looking ones, as well. They were not all that old-Johan was fifty-five and Hans was sixty-but they certainly would seem like the grandfather type to Bernie. And they were just the type Bernie would find comforting. They were both tall and well filled out, but not fat really. And they were prosperous looking-and both had benign smiles-in the photos they put on a shared profile on the Whitebeard.com Web site.

They posted a shared profile because they were very good friends indeed and they wanted any young man interested in exchanging messages with them to know they liked to share. They put it right there in their combined profile-they liked to share. Bernie thought that was very nice and unselfish of them. It was good to share, he thought.

Johan and Hans lived in Nürnberg, where Johan was a banker and Hans was a lawyer. They saw Bernie's profile on the senior men's Internet site, and they were excited, because he was just the sort of young man they were interested in and Bamberg was not all that far away from Nürnberg.

They messaged Bernie to his Internet site account.

And Bernie, when he came upstairs into the flat after a day of repairing clocks and talking to almost no one, was delighted to see that he had a message in his account on the very first day-and from not one, but two, men who were much like his grandfather and Klaus. For the first time since Klaus had died, Bernie felt that someone else might exist who could comfort him and make him feel special.

In no time, Johan and Hans had convinced Bernie that he deserved a day off from repairing clocks and could think of nothing better to do with that day off than to come to Nürnberg and have lunch with his new friends at a little café they told him they were sure he would enjoy.

"It's a very nice café," Bernie said after he met his new friends Johan and Hans in a downstairs room on Jacobsstrasse in Nürnberg. "But I'm not sure I see anything special about it. Except maybe that there are no women here. Just a few young men-mostly sitting with older men. But it's a very nice café. It has a comfortable feel to it."

"Come, let us find a nice booth and have a nice drink and become better acquainted," Johan said.

"Yes, let's," chimed in Hans.

And Johan slid into a booth and beckoned Bernie to slide in beside him, which Bernie did. But then Bernie was surprised that Hans slid in beside him-leaving the other bench free. The three of them were wedged together like sardines in a tin. And although Bernie found this strange, he also found it very comforting. And Johan and Hans seemed to find it very pleasant too. They had their arms around Bernie and were hugging him and saying very comforting things to him.

Bernie had not had anyone pay attention to him-focus on him-since Klaus had died. And he found himself opening up to these two very nice white-bearded gentlemen and talking of things he'd never talked to anyone before. This included the nature of his relationship with Klaus.

Johan and Hans were very interested to hear of this-and they were smiling and Bernie could almost feel them trembling in pleasure of how good Klaus had been to him.

"We can be very nice, too," Johan said in a low, hoarse voice. "I think we could be as nice and comforting to you as your good friend Klaus was."

"Yes, I quite agree," Hans agreed. "Would you like that, Bernard?" Hans squeezed Bernie close to him in assurance and affection.

Bernie didn't quite fully comprehend what his two new friends were proposing, as he was noticing for the first time that some of the young men were going through a door at the back of the café with some of the white-bearded men who had been sitting at the café tables with them.

"Yes, that would be nice," Bernie said absentmindedly. And then, "I wonder where those men are going? I wonder if there is another room back through that door."

"Yes, I think there are several rooms back behind that door, Bernard," Hans said almost in a whisper.

"Would you like to see the rooms back there, Bernard?" Johan added in that low, hoarse voice he had acquired while Bernie was talking of the comfort Klaus had given him.

"Yes, that would be nice," Bernie said-again absentmindedly-wanting to return all of the good feelings these two nice white-bearded men were bestowing on him with their hugs and friendly smiles.

Within minutes of finding a room of their own beyond the door at the rear of the café, Johan and Hans proved they were not that old at all. First, they managed to undress Bernie quickly even though his enthusiasm for their friendship was waning a bit in the process and, although he didn't fight them, he didn't exactly help them either.

And then they showed that they each had a very nice long, although not all that thick, cock that could still get quite hard.

And then, Johan embracing Bernie from the front and Hans embracing him from the rear, his legs lifted off the ground and straddling Johan's hips, the two white beards showed just how well they shared, as they both managed to get their cocks into Bernie's channel together and fucked him until he was exhausted in perfectly choreographed counterthrusts, all the while making love to each other over his shoulder with their lips.

To show him how comforting they could be, they each fucked him separately as well on the cot in the small room behind the Nürnberg café on Jacobsstrasse.

Although Bernie did enjoy the first close attention-and sexual arousal and release-he had gotten since Klaus died, he wasn't sure he wanted the comforting that was going on to be more between two others rather than toward him-when he left the Nürnberg café, Johan and Hans were fucking each other and didn't seem to notice him leaving at all.

Thus, when he got back to Bamberg, Bernie opened his profile on the senior men's Internet site and made a few adjustments. In his description of what he was seeking, he changed the "make love to him" part he said he was looking for to merely "seeking a daddy"-he'd seen how this had seemed to have gotten a good response for other young men on the Internet site, and he certainly would like to correspond with someone like his grandfather, Heinrich. And he struck out the "group" reference-as he seriously suspected that Johan and Hans had rather misinterpreted his interest on that one-but left the "1-on-1" because, if he had marked that out, there would not have been much of anything else in that space.

Almost immediately, he received a message from a very nice looking white-bearded man named Bigdaddy10inch who said he lived in Heidelberg and had some toys he thought Bernie might like to see. Perhaps, he said, Bernie could come to Heidelberg on his next vacation day-Bamberg wasn't that far away from Heidelberg. Bernie thought he just might do that. Grandfather had played with him with toys-and he'd found that very comforting.



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