It was quite late. I'd had a good dinner and

some beer with friends from the conference I

was attending, and was walking back through the

pedestrian underpass towards the park and my

hotel. I needed to piss anyway, and I thought

it wouldn't do any harm to check out the

action, so I popped into the cottage which

faces the park.

To my disappointment, nobody else was there. I

pissed and then stood with a half-hardon

showing, hoping for some action. After a few

minutes an old man came in, mumbling to

himself, had a piss all over his shoes, and

went out again.

Then a man came in who made my cock firm right

up immediately: about 6 feet tall, big but not

fat, extremely dark-skinned with fantastic

hairy forearms, and an interesting face with a

big slightly hooked nose and deep brown eyes.

He stood so close to me in the (quite large)

urinal area that I knew he must be looking for

cock, just like me, so I didn't bother to hide

myself or hide my interest in him. And what a

cock came out of those trousers! About 7.5',

straight, fully erect, and extremely thick. My

mouth watered.

But just as I was about to move towards him and

take hold of his cock he tucked it away and

went out. Damn! I quickly zipped up and

followed him outside. He headed towards a

semi-circular seating area surrounded by dark

bushes; the lights outside the cottage hardly

illuminated this far, so it was quite a good

place to meet. Anyone coming towards us would

be in the lit area and we would see them long

before they saw us.

He sat on the back of a bench with his cock

drooping out of his fly. I knelt on the seat in

front of him and sucked him right in. Soon I

realised that I couldn't possibly take all of

him in my mouth once he was fully erect, which

happened very quickly. His cut cock oozed huge

amounts of pre-cum that tasted of exotic

spices, and I lapped it up eagerly. After a

while my jaw was getting tired, so I pulled off

him and sat down.

Sitting next to me he tried to speak to me in

German. I quickly realised that his German was

even worse than mine, and this wasn't going to

get us far. 'Which country are you from?' I

asked, in German. 'Maroc,' he replied. Ah,

Morocco, so I switched to French, assuming

(correctly) that he would speak quite good

French. We had a short chat, but soon it was

down to business again.

He knelt in front of me and pulled down my

trousers and underwear. He licked and then

sucked my cock, but not with any great

enthusiasm or skill. Then he raised my legs and

started rimming me with a hard wet tongue. This

was delicious and made me extremely horny, but

I knew it was only a matter of time before he

tried to fuck me with that monster. Much as I

enjoy being fucked, his cock was just too thick

for it to be anything other than agony for me,

and probably not very satisfying for him,


I explained that he was too big to fuck me; he

looked disappointed, but contented himself with

sliding two fingers inside me while continuing

to suck. By this time I was ragingly horny, and

I asked him if I could fuck him. 'Non, non!' he

exclaimed, 'Jamais [never].' Pity, his cheeks

were solid and muscular, and it would have been

a lovely tight fuck.

He stood in front of me and fed me as much of

his cock as would fit, thrusting it in and out

just a little. I slid my tongue along the

underside of his meaty frenum, which created

little spurts of delicious pre-cum, and his

cock got even harder and thicker. I could tell

that he wasn't going to last long.

After another few minutes of this, he grabbed

hold of my ears and started thrusting more

forcefully. Three strokes and he grunted, then

yelled, as five hefty spurts of cum shot into

my mouth so quickly that I didn't have time to

swallow between them. As he withdrew his

still-leaking cock I swallowed quickly and then

licked his cockhead to get the residue.

I looked down at my own cock, hoping he would

get me off, too, but he just grabbed my nipples

and watched as I wanked myself just a few times

before shooting cum up into the air. Fantastic

orgasm. I sat for a moment to recover, then

stood up and went to hug and kiss him, but he

pulled away. (A lot of Arabs will not hug or

kiss or be fucked.)

We made an arrangement to meet in the same

place the following night, but he didn't turn

up. However, what happened instead was worth

waiting for...



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