Stuttgart in Germany has several underground shopping centres, built as part of their metro

system. Thoughtfully, they've also provided

public toilets, some ideal for cottaging.

One such is on the outside of an underground

section, the entrance door facing the castle

park -- excellent for just lazing on the grass

watching the world of men come (hopefully

cum) and go. Just after dusk the castle park is

an excellent place to take your latest conquest

behind a tree and do what comes naturally.

There are people around, but it's too dark for

them to see what's going on just yards away

from them. Anyone aware of such things might

be alerted by the occasional groan or 'Oh fuck'

(in several languages), but the general public

isn't usually aware.

This is the first tale of encounters in that cottage

and park.

I was on my way back to my hotel, at the far

end of the park, and just happened to drop in to

the cottage ... to see what might be available. It

was almost nightfall, and very quiet, so I didn't

hold out much hope of getting any action. The

urinal is metal, with no partitions, in a U shape. I

stood myself at a corner where I could see the

door and waited hopefully, with a half-hard-on.

And waited, and waited.

Patience is a virtue, and virtue brings its own

reward (they say). And, on this occasion, so it

did. A lanky black man came in, looked round

and saw me (I'd more or less hidden my cock

with my hand) and took up position halfway

along one side of the U, closer than most

straight men would stand. He pulled out his

cock and pissed, looking down at his cock so

that I had a chance to stare sideways at it. A

nice long floppy dusky hosepipe with a bunched


He shook, but continued to stand there -- it

doesn't take long to make it clear that you're not

just there for a piss -- and I stared more openly

as his cock swelled and lifted. Soon he glanced

over at me (by this time my cock was fully erect

and jutting out fiercely) and he seemed to like

what he saw. He grinned, and tucked himself

(with some difficulty) into his trousers and

walked outside.

I quickly made the decision that he'd definitely

been interested, so I wedged my hard-on

across my thigh and followed him. He hadn't

gone far -- just away from the lights near the

shadow of some trees, and he was looking

back at me. Casually I wandered towards him;

he stepped completely into the shadow, and as

I reached him and my eyes became used to the

gloom I saw that he had his cock out and was

stroking it gently.

Dropping to my knees I slid his still half-hard

erection down my throat until the musky smell

of his crinkly pubic hair was right under my

nose. He groaned softly, but then said with an

American accent, 'Not here. You gotta place to


'My hotel is at the other end of the park,' I

replied, standing up and adjusting my own

erection, which by this time was agonizingly


'OK, let's go.'

As we wandered across the park he told me

that he was a US serviceman on leave for the

weekend, and that he'd had no sex action for

nearly a week. I drooled.

Luckily, I had my own key to the outer door of

the hotel, so we were able to go in unobserved.

Up to my room, in, and lock the door. We both

quickly stripped and he lay down on the bed.

Kneeling between his legs I sniffed at the strong

musky odour of his crotch -- a great turn-on.

Again I slid his half-hard cock into my mouth

and throat until I gagged slightly, which made

him groan as my throat muscles massaged him.

Despite my best ministrations, I couldn't get him

any harder (and never did, all the time he was

there). My arse winked with disappointment, as

I knew I could never get a half-hard cock into

my tight hole. So I just continued sucking him,

holding his big balls pulled away from his groin,

enjoying the taste of his copious pre-cum and

the fantastic sexy smell of his body.

Just as I was going to suggest that he move

down the bed so that we could 69, he started to

thrust his hips up rapidly, a long stifled moan

came from him, and he absolutely filled my

mouth with tangy cum. 'Damn,' I thought,

'that's the end of his interest in this evening's

fun!' When he finished coming, which he did in

one long stream, not in separate spurts, I

backed my mouth off his cock and swallowed

the huge load. Very tasty, thick and satisfying.

I lay down beside him, assuming that he'd get

up and dress and leave, but he rolled over

towards me and grabbed my erection, which by

this time was leaking pre-cum like a waterfall.

He rubbed the fluid over the head of my cock,

which very nearly made me come, and kissed

me, tasting the residue of his own cum.

'Gotta condom?' (A man of very few words.)

'In the bedside table drawer.'

He tore open a condom packet and rolled the

rubber on to my rigid cock, then bent down and

slurped the whole thing into his mouth, dribbling

spit everywhere. I was nearly hysterical with

lust by this stage, and hoped he wasn't just

going to suck me off into the condom (an

extremely unsatisfying feeling!) But no, he

squatted over me (facing me), located the head

of my cock at his hole, and slid straight down

until he was sitting on my hips.

Both of us groaned slightly at the hot full stuffed

feeling, then he grabbed my nipples and started

to do squat-thrusts. American military training is

extremely good for one's sex life, I decided, as

he continued doing this long after my muscles

would have cramped up. I held on to his cock,

still slippery with the remnants of his cum, and it

returned to that firm but floppy state that

seemed to be the limit of his erection.

I couldn't move much, as he sat down on my

hips each time he bottomed out, but he was

doing such a good job I didn't need to move at

all. My mind and body just fused into a gigantic

cum-machine, waiting for the trigger to make it

explode. After a good ten minutes of this action,

he reached behind him and squeezed my balls,

just as he was at the bottom of his thrust. A

feeling that I at first thought was pain, then a

throbbing urgency, then a set of wild spasms,

and then I came.

Oh god, how I came! And so did he -- out of that

hosepipe of a cock sprayed another vast load of

creamy cum. His arse tightened round my cock

as he came, and I came again! I pulled the

pillow over my face to stifle my scream (I'm a

very noisy cummer!) and we both panted with

the exertion.

He pulled off me, took off the condom, emptied

it on my chest, and lay down on me, belly to

belly, chest to chest, squishing his cum and

mine between us. The wonderful bleachy smell

was almost overpowering, and we kissed

frantically as our heartbeats returned to normal.

It would have been nice to have a sleep and

then do it all again, but sadly he had to leave. I

offered him a shower, but he wanted to keep

the spunk on him as a memory of a fantastic

encounter. As he left we had a kiss and a hug,

and I collapsed back on the bed, smearing the

remnants of our cum-loads off my belly and

chest and then licking my hand clean.

The following day I didn't wash it off, and all the

time I was shopping I could smell, rising from

inside my shirt, that wonderful sexy odour. I

was half-hard all day.



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