Growing up in a mid sized mid-western town, I had grown up in a good family, church going, law abiding, hard working people that just wanted to have a good life.

I would say that I had a normal life in most respects other than the fact as I started to mature into manhood, I found myself not being like most guys, but not in the normal parts.

I was very athletic in school, I played football, ran track, basketball, baseball on local teams during the summer months.

When we moved into the new subdivision it was several months afterward that the new people moved across the street, and I was so overjoyed there was another lad about the same age as myself that would be my new neighbor.

I met Chester Caldwell when we were five years and became close friends he was the same age as me, and we would end up being best mates all thru grammer school, then High School.

Our Dads became good friends and we went camping and fishing, and just did lots of things together, we played on the same cory league teams, played soccer on the same team and well were almost inseperable.

As we began to mature I realized I was having these funny feelings for Chet (His nickname).

I guess the first time I realized it was one summer night we had gone to the city to watch a Major league baseball game with our Dads.

We was going to have a sleep over that night, it was a Saturday night and it was alright with our parents.

We were at Chet's home, sleeping in our underwear of course in Chet's big bed, that's all most guys our age wore to bed.

It was that night that I saw Chets athletic body in a different way than ever before, I found myself almost drooling over his thick muscular arms, his thick tree trunk legs, I hadn't realized we had grown up, but then I was in better shape physically than ever before too, we were almost eighteen then.

I had seen him in his underwear, he always wore boxers, and I wore briefs.

I was setting on the edge of the bed when he took off his levis and I saw the upper part of his cock through the split in front of his boxers and a thick black pubic bush and I noticed for the first time, a thick cock laying down the side and it looked really thick, I could see his visible penis head outline.

'Hey man, What's wrong, Are you alright?' Chet ask me.

I guess I looked surprised or startled or even strange at that moment.

'Oh No,' I said, not realizing I was staring and getting aroused at his gorgeous body.

I did realized my cock had thicken out and was pushing the material of my briefs straight upward.

I crawled in the bed and lay there as Chet turned the light off, and crawled into bed.

I was feeling sensations and feeling I didn't understand or had ever felt before.

I only knew to feel the heat of Chet's skin, knowing that his body was almost naked next to mine was totally different and so sexually arousing.

My cock was tingling wanting more than just the usual Masturbation session.

I wanted to feel, to touch, to caress and let Chet know that I desired him sexually.

I felt I was in a dream world, I was almost shaking as I lay there with my boner standing straight upward, wanting to do something about it but afraid it would ruin my relationship with with my best friend.

I lay there staring out the window and slowly and gently rubbing my swollen aching member through the material of my briefs.

I could hear Chet's breathing and it became that sound that let's you know he was asleep.

I gently rolled over on my side facing Chet's body, I reached out and felt his mildly hairy thick muscular chest, it as gorgeous, I was being as gentle as I could.

I rubbed his stomach, feeling the grooves of his washboard abs, god he was awesome feeling, I hadn't realized he had built his body like this.

I noticed he never moved and made any sound other than a light snoring sound, not loud just very heavly sleeping.

I found myself almost shaking from the excitement, this was something that I had never even thought before, but the next time I moved, my right hand went down to his crotch and I felt this this, half hard big cock laying downward in his boxers.

I easily and quietly as gentle as I could, seperated his boxers fly, reached in with my fingers and ran my fingers the length of half hard cock, it was really bigger than I expected.

I felt it start to rise and get harder as I stroked it.

I wrapped my thumb and finger around the thickness of his shaft and gently began to work it out of his boxers.

I had not ever seen it before and I was a little shocked to see his still had a foreskin but it was not tight it was easily slipping back, exposing the head and I found myself stroking a cock that was at least eight inches and felt like a coke can. Chet was fucking hung.

I was shaking like a leaf in the wind as I began to work out his nuts, thick, hairy and awesome feeling.

I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and felt him slightly move his hips upward and I began to stroke him off.

I had stroked his cock for him about five minutes when I heard a slight moan, and I felt his cock start flexing and cum started flying out of his thick cock head, Damn he came like a horse.

Chet never moved that night, nor did he ever let on that he knew I had done that. But I did wake up that next morning with his arm over my chest, he woke up and just smiled,,'Sorry,' he said as he got out of bed, with a huge boner sticking straight out of his boxers.

Chet blushed and smiled, 'Well what can I say, it's morning and I got to piss.' he said.

I flipped the sheet back and looked down and he just smiled, 'Well I guess I'm not the only one that has that problem,' he said as he noticed my seven plus inches standing out like a tree limb, harder than a rock needing to piss.

We both went to the bath room and stood there both pissing in the commode at the same time blasting piss like a race horse.

I couldn't take my eyes off Chet's thick cock and Unless I was mistaken, he was staring at mine the whole time, but never said anything.

Well that happened several times, me playing with his cock while he slept during a sleepover and it was the same thing, he just slept as I brought his cock to a nut busting climax, the last time I did something I didn't think I would ever do, after he shot his thick cum and the end of his uncut cock was still covered with his cum, I wanted to taste it so I leaned over and I took about four inches of his thick, cum covered cock into my mouth, it was like nothing I have ever experienced before, the taste that feeling of his velvety foreskin, the thickness of his cock head against my tongue, I could still feel his cock doing that after jerk thing as I sucked and cleaned off his cock with my tongue, What made me wonder about Chet's possibly being awake when it happened was that he moaned lightly as I licked on his cock and cleaned it off.

I never said anything to Chet about it and how I felt and he never mentioned it to me either, but I wondered how he would react to me be gay.

We were both eighteen and one Monday evening I was looking out the window, a saw Chet go into the house, followed by David Bryer.

I already knew that Chet's mom and dad were gone for a couple weeks, his aunt was undergoing cancer surgery in Kansas City, and they had gone to help take care of her post surgery, so Chet was home alone.

I was planning to go over and see him that evening and I looked out the front room window, and noticed a Bryers Plumbing truck setting in the driveway.

My first question was 'I wonder what happened that he had to call a Plumber?'

I decided after about and hour to go over and check it out.

I went around back and went through the garage door and into the family room I heard some funny sounds and gently realized that it sounded like a porno video.

I got excited thinking I would see Chet watching a porno maybe seeing him jerk-off or something, man was I in for a surprise,

I gently walked toward the kitchen and I got the shock of my life, David Bryers a twenty nine married man, that owned Bryers Plumbing was behind Chet's body, Chet was leaning over the kitchen counter making all sorts of sounds and David Bryers had a good seven inches, shoved to the balls in Chet's asshole, Dave was fucking Chet like there was no tomorrow, 'OH yeah man, that's it fuck that ass, pump your cum deep into my asshole, God that feels good. I love to feel that hot cock in my ass.' Chet said.

I sprung and instant boner and stood there rubbing my hard cock through my shorts, god was this ever fucking hot turn-on.

'Holy shit Chet, your asshole is so hot and tight, much better than a pussy, I'll fuck that asshole any time you need it.Oh yeah man, anytime you need your pipes cleaned just call ole Bryer's plumbing.' Dave said.

'Hey man, I'm about to bust a nut, you want it in the ass, or in your mouth?' Dave said.

'In my mouth, I want to taste that cum man, I love the taste of cum,' Chet said.

I was now completely in shock at that statement.

I watched as Chets hard cock flopped around as he turned around and took Chet's hard thick cock all the way to the balls in his mouth and then I watched as Dave began to grunt and his body began to jerk and he held Chet's head tight against his body and Chet began to sorta gag as Dave filled his mouth with cum.

They had just finished when I walked into the kitchen, they both jumped, startled, and looked like a couple deer with their eyes bugged out like they had been caught in the headlights of a car.

I just smiled at them and unzipped my pants and let them drop, 'Can I Join in on this party?' I asked.

Chet smiled and said, 'bring that over here.'

I smiled and slowly wandered over in front of Chets face, my hard-on standing upward as Chet took my cock in his hand, 'I have wanted to do this to you for a long time, ever since you jerked me off that night.'

I let out a loud gasp as Chet took the full length of my cock into his mouth and began to slowly let me fuck his mouth.

Man Chet knew how to suck a cock, and I was enjoying the blow-job of a lifetime.

Before the afternoon was over, I had been sucked off by Chet, sucked Chet off and fucked David Bryers.

We decided to spend the night, David went on home and told Chet he would be back to check his plumbing later in the week, said he'd probably need his pipes cleaned again, and that I could come over and give him a hand, or mouth or asshole, just whatever is needed.

That night I spent the night with Chet, who confessed he had had feelings for me for quite a few years now, but was afraid until that night when I woke him up as I played with his cock, that I would hate him or turn against him.

I leaned over and took Chet's face into my hands and kissed his sweet lips and felt sensations run through me like I had finally found my soul mate.

Chet and I made love that night, I leaned down and slipped his boxers off and watched his cock as it flopped up toward his navel, his cock was wet with pre-cum and I couldn't wait to have myself a taste of his leaking cock, I slipped his foreskin back and began licking that bluish pink cock head, it was phenomenal tasting, and that pre-cum was awesome tasting.

I had Chet's cock to the balls in my throat, when I decided I wanted him to fuck me like I needed to be fucked.

I lubed up my asshole and Chet raised up and I looked into his loving sexy eyes as he slid all eight inches of hot, throbbing cock to the balls into my manhole, it was a little uncomfortable, but tolerable, that lasted about the first five minutes when that feeling, of wanting more, was taking over my body to that point Chet was fucking me, then I took over and began fucking Chet with my asshole, massaging his thick cock with my anal muscled, He and I began to move together in unison as we made love as well as fucked that night, it was the most unforgettable sex of my life, and I knew I wanted all of Chet I could get.

I watched Chet's face eye to eye as we both unloaded our cum Me all over our bodies as his cock gently massaged my prostate and I exploded, and him as he pumped his awesome cock, deep inside me and exploded with his climax moaning and grunting in exstacy, and then he fell over exhausted next to me and we petted ourselves to sleep, life has not been the same since that night, Chet and I are more inseperatable than ever, and I look back now, I realize things do sometime change for the better and life is full of wonderful surprises.

Ya'll have a great day now ya hear.



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