We were summoned for the exercises. I was to wrestle, and I hoped that I'd draw Victor. He was all bulging muscle and beauty and fluid movement. As I entered the palaestra through the columns, I saw him over to the side with a group of other soldiers, laughing and jesting with them as he removed his breastplate to show rippling muscles and solid abs every bit as sculpted as the armor he had shed. Then he was unsheathing his short sword, followed by his leather skirt, and he stood there in considerable glory, only in his leather sandals, laced up to his knees, the leather bands under his biceps, and a scanty, flesh-colored loincloth. He was ready to enter the arena for his wrestling match, in finest Roman fashion. And I was so ready to be called upon to be his opponent.

I rejoiced when I was told that I had drawn Victor for my wrestling partner, and I quickly stripped down to my loincloth and entered the arena, my eyes intent on Victor's glorious body. We paired off on the ground of the palaestra, with Victor and I given the honored spot in the very center of the field, and, on cue, all of the men began their various assigned games and exercises.

I was no match for Victor, and I didn't stay on my feet very long. He had me down and we were wrestling vigorously, our arms and legs entwined and our chests heaving mightily. He was straddling my back when I noticed he had gotten very hard and was rubbing his cock up and down the small of my back. I managed to get turned over, so that he knew that I was turned on too. We were all over each other, trying to make it look like a simple wrestling match, but we had reached the point where we were doing the best we could to keep our engorged cocks grinding together through the skimpy material of the loincloths.

Victor was whispering in my ear that I was one hot young stud, and I rejoiced in this. He wanted me. But he couldn't want me as much as I wanted him. I was sure of that. I had known it since we were cast for what we were doing.

'That's some sword you're carrying,' I hoarsely whispered back to him.

'It's very much in need a tight sheath,' he answered. 'Can you help with that?'

'First chance I get,' I whispered back.

'Cut!' the director commanded, and we all relaxed and stopped whatever we were doing. The other 'exercisers' in the arena went back for towels to wipe off the sweat they had built up under the strong lights in Film Studio 21, and the cameras rolled back from the close-up scene they had been filming with the stars in the pillared loggia running along two sides of the palaestra set. Our exercising had just been the backdrop for a movie scene.

'Take thirty,' the director's assistant yelled to all of the extras, and we started picking up our gear. Some started redressing for the next scene.

'In five behind studio 16,' Victor whispered in my ear, as we disentangled and he started gathering up his Roman soldier's costume.

I was there in three minutes, but he was already waiting for me, casually leaning against an oil drum, no longer burdened by his skimpy loincloth, and smoking a cigarette. He flicked the cigarette aside as I came to and knelt in front of him and made love to his thick, pulsating dick.

'We've only got twenty left,' he muttered in a husky voice after I'd worked him up for a few minutes.

And, with that, he pushed me away from his cock and onto my haunches and than my back. He crouched down on the ground between my legs and rolled me up onto my shoulders, with his strong forearms folding my knees into my chest. My butt cheeks were in the air, but my asshole was quickly covered by his short sword. His tongue was flicking and digging at my chute, and one of his hands went to my cock and was stroking it. I could tell that he was in a hurry, trying to make every minute of our short break count.

He stood and then reversed his stance over me, his hands now holding my legs down to my chest, and crouched down again, his hips moving down to my pelvis. I cried out as his long, thick sword was sheathed in my ass canal. He was pushing hard past my sphincter and then plunging down, down into me, as I did all I could to accommodate his insistent, impatient thickness and length and to pull him farther inside me. I arched my back and grabbed for my cock as he jackhammered down into me, with an ever quicker and frenzied beat. My eyes were glued to his undulating ass cheeks, tightening and loosening, and then quivering and twitching as he came inside me and I shot my own load up onto his buttocks and the small of his back.

We held the pose, both panting and moaning for less than a minute before we heard the studio whistle signaling that our short break was over.

'Good timing,' Victor said with a deep laugh as he pulled out of me and toweled himself off with his loincloth. 'Time for the next scene. I see we're both scheduled for that.'

'Which one is that?' I asked, as I stretched out on the ground, totally satisfied and unable to move for at least another moment or two. 'I don't remember what was scheduled.'

'The orgy scene in the baths,' Victor said with a big grin. 'The cameras won't be able to catch what we're doing below the surface of the water.'

'Wonderful!' I Exclaimed. Suddenly I found I had enough energy to get on with the next scene.



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