Adrien open his closet door and stood staring at his clothes trying to decide what to wear. He flipped shirts and pants from right to left rejecting each garment. Polo shirts, dress shirts, casual shirts and even some t-shirts but none seemed appropriate. It was Friday night and he was going to this club across town from the university. He knew little about it but he had grown tired of those nearby, the typical neighborhood pub, the dance club that played one genre of music till he grew bored and the live music venues that left him standing among the crowd wanting something different. He had turned twenty-one last Tuesday and found himself feeling a bit more daring, a little more adventurous and after finding this club he was determined to check it out.

Adrien wasn’t sure what he expected even questioning his own motives. For the last three years, college had been liberating, meeting guys, going out on actual dates, something he had been afraid to do in high school. But he was searching for something else, something he couldn’t define. Reaching up to the far right in his closet he pulled down a pair of black jeans he hadn’t worn in a long time. ‘Black’ he thought as he held them up then tossed them on his bed. He considered what would let him blend in at this club. He found the club through social media by some who go there and their photo posts showed a mode of dress very different from that of the clubs and bars he normally would go to. He thought of it as costumes, modes of dress that spoke to their sexuality and an eroticism that had a dangerous edge to it. He didn’t have the kind of clothing or the things he saw in the photos nor did he think he could wear such but he could wear something to blend in. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a black t-shirt. Solid black would let him blend in, make him inconspicuous.

Adrien quickly dressed, t-shirt tucked into his jeans and black belt secured around his waist. Back at the closet door he looked at the assortment of shoes he owned realizing none were right but he had a pair of black shoes that were plain which he pulled out and put on. Looking at his cell phone he saw it was only ten o’clock, too early to arrive at the club, but he was anxious, too wound up to just sit. Grabbing up his wallet and keys, Adrien headed out of his dorm room. As he walked down the corridor the other guys gave him funny looks, one asking him who died as he walked by.

The parking lot was a short walk away and Adrien had to stop and think where his little coupe was parked. The car was parked just past a landscape island and difficult to see but soon enough he was buckling himself in. He drove out through campus into town.

The club was in an old office building and he drove past it to see where the club occupied space in it and he saw there was no one around, not one person anywhere on the sidewalk, nor did he see the entrance. He lifted up the sheet of notebook paper in which he had jotted down the address:


2121 E 23rd

Ste. B1

Adrien saw the number on the building just above the front door but he saw no suite numbers and couldn’t figure out where ‘B1’ would be within the building. He drove on past and circled around one block after the next finding himself in a part of town he had rarely been in before. A couple blocks from the club were tattoo parlors, used book store, consignment shops and pawn shops lining each side of the street. He saw one shop selling leather clothing and a couple of porn shops. In this district he saw the people, how they were more alternative, more tattoos, more body piercings and clothes that were much more expressive of one subculture or another. Adrien looked at the people with curiosity, wondering what it was like to be submerged into a subculture the way so many were in the area.

Circling the block again Adrien saw it was still too early, only a quarter till eleven, so he pulled into a parking space and got out. He told himself he would just walk around a little, that it was just a way to kill some time, but within a few minutes he was standing in front of the leather shop, looking in seeing it was still open and patrons were inside browsing as patrons of any shop would do, only here he saw a woman looking at floggers, a couple of guys going through collars, one trying to get the other to try one after the next on, and near the back a guy coming out of fitting room wearing a harness. It was so alien to Adrien, something he had never seen in person, but he felt drawn to it, something taboo about it all that made it a temptation. He felt his heart race with excitement, this desire to go in and be a part of this environment, if only for a night, so he found himself going to the old entrance doors, a pair of narrow tall wood doors with a large glass panel in each and for a brief moment he saw his reflection just before he pushed the right door open hearing a bell ring as he stepped inside.

He moved down one aisle intrigued by everything he saw, each one speaking of some eroticism he could sense, an aspect of sexuality, with its dominant and submissive roles that made him feel excited, his own sexuality suddenly so very real and here a way to express it, to give into it. He let his fingers slide over the blindfolds, the gags and the wrist and ankle cuffs wondering what it would be like to wear each one, to be in a sexual situation where their use was a part of the experience. He stopped and looked at the leather garments; long pants, shorts, shirts and vests, then next to the clothing the harnesses in so many configurations he couldn’t comprehend them all. He rounded the end of the aisle and moved into the next and found boots lining the shelves, some covered in buckles and straps and some very simple, and all varying in height, some a regular boot cut and others rising up to calf length and one pair rising up to the knee. Adrien glanced at his black shoes and for a moment found himself hoping no one saw them, considered them inappropriate in every way. His eyes kept going to a pair of boots that were simple, a smooth leather lace up boot that were a little taller than the regular cut. He found himself really wanting them but he wondered if it was just being in this store, the prospect of where he was going later that drove this desire. He let his eyes glance to the opposite side of the aisle at the jock straps, especially those with cod pieces and next to those chastity belts in various styles and on the shelf below hung plastic and metal chastity cages for a man’s cock and Adrien felt his face flush red as he considered what it would be like to wear such a thing on his own cock. He felt it stir in his tight jeans, the confinement almost painful. He quickly turned back to the boots and lifted up the right one feeling the weight of it in his hand.

“That is a very popular boot” someone says from behind and Adrien turns to see a guy standing just behind him. Nearly the same height, a lean build fully displayed by the tight leather shirt and shorts he was wearing. The guy’s hair was cut short, close to the scalp where the dark hair perfectly outlined the way it covered his head.

“It is a nice boot” Adrien said as he sat it back on the shelf.

“I’m Nicholas; you want to try it on” Nicholas said as he looked down at Adrien’s feet. “I’d say you’re a size ten…ten and a half?”

“Ten and a half, but…” Adrien replied getting cut off my Jasper.

“I have that size right here” Jasper stated as he squatted down and pulled a box from the bottom shelf, one lined with shoe boxes three high for its full length. “Our chairs are over here” said Jasper as he pointed to the end of the aisle where the store opened up with a row of chairs and some small vertical displays. Adrien followed him telling himself he would only try them on, just see how they fit.

“Just take a seat” Nicholas said as he pulled up a stool. Adrien sat and when he lifted up his right foot he felt embarrassed at how the shoes he wore were so out of place. Nicholas seemed not to notice, just slipped the shoe off and helped Adrien get the boot on. “Now the other foot; the soles are much thicker than the shoes you have on and the boots will feel better if on both feet.”

Adrien lifted his left foot and watched Nicholas slip on the boot and slowly, meticulously tightening the laces working his way up the boot. Adrien watched for a moment then he let his eyes roam around the display fixtures close by; cock rings and collars arranged on hooks or small shelves on the two closest units. He focused on the collars, the different styles, thick leather, thin leather some with only one metal loop, others with many arranged around its length, then some made of chain and neoprene and some he wasn’t sure what they were made of. His eyes moved up and down the rack until settling on one near the top, a simple leather collar with metal loops at the front and each side. He wondered about the person who would wear it, the act of submitting to someone, letting them take control. He imagined someone wearing it, chained to a column, being led by a leash or…chained to the floor. He imagined the guy in the collar, submissive, naked, unable to escape, imagined him with brown hair, fair skin, like himself, the image playing in his mind till he was the guy.

“Hey…you like those?  The one third down from the top is my favorite. It was the one I was trained on” Nicholas said breaking Adrien out of his daydreaming. I see you’re looking at the top one. It is nice, very clean simple design” Nicholas added then leaning forward closer, lower his voice, “I bet you would look hot in it.”

Adrien blushed, turning red in the face. Nicholas smiling up at him dressed in his tight leather clothing, now so provocative, pushing him out of his comfort zone. Nicholas saw the way it embarrassed Adrien, his forwardness and he leaned back. Looking down at the boots Adrien now wore he slide back on his tool.

“Well, it’s time for you take a walk in these boots and see what you think.”

A few minutes later, against his initial reluctance, Adrien handed over his credit card to pay for the boots he still wore, his own shoes tucked into the box the boots came in. Nicholas handed the card back and waited on the receipt to print out.

“You going to Balaur?” Nicholas asked Adrien as he tore the receipt free.

“I…I was thinking about it, but…”

“Where is it?  We get that question all the time. You have to go down the alley on the right side of the building and the entry is the door that is a few steps down. You can’t miss it. Look for the three headed dragon painted on the door.”


Adrien drove around for a long time telling himself to just go back to the dorm but whenever he headed in the direction of the campus he would turn and loop back toward the club. It was after midnight when he found himself back on 23rd Street, easing along slowly getting closer and closer to 2121. He saw people walking down the sidewalks that were deserted before and he drove by looking down the alley seeing groups of people standing in various spots in the alley. It was nearly two blocks further up the street before he found a parking space on a side street. He walked back toward the club, his pace increasing as he went with a sense of being drawn to it.

The alley still had three groups standing around talking amongst themselves. About half way down he saw the door, a blue light over it and concrete steps leading down to the landing. By the door was one large guy dressed in black leather, tattoo sleeves on both arms, checking IDs. Adrien showed his license and went through the old metal door into a small foyer area with a window opening in the wall where he had to check in and paying the admission price for entry. Hand stamped, he went through the door at the far end and found himself in a long corridor, the walls painted dark red and the lights the same red color. It was disorienting at first but as he made his way down the corridor the sound of music grew louder with each step. There was one turn near the end and Adrien came face to face with himself for it had a mirror on the wall in front of him, one that made each patron see themselves before entering.

He stopped  and looked at his reflection, his new boots making him feel taller, their thick soles seeming thicker than they were. He ran his hand through his hair messing it up a little then turned to the door and pushed through. Lights and music seemed to hit him, almost take his breath away. The lights moved around the dark room, their beams cutting into the dark corners and circling the areas were others were dancing.

He was the observer, the one who stayed in the dark corners, moving along the walls observing. He watched everyone dancing in the different areas, guys with girls or girls together or guys together or some who danced alone, moving freely around the floor. Adrien watched with a sense of jealously, wishing it were he out there. As he watched everyone he wondered why he didn’t join them, wondered why he didn’t push off the wall he was leaning against and move out into the light. Finishing his second drink, Adrien moved around the perimeter till he came to one of the bars where he slipped in between two guys.

Drink in hand Adrien worked his way to the opposite side of the space circling around the large concrete columns keeping behind most of the others. He saw another large guy checking stamps of three people who approached him. Lifting a chain from a railing the guy let the three people pass and Adrien saw them descend down stairs. It surprised Adrien, this additional stair down another level and he watched as the guy guarded the top turning away everyone else who approached. Only two more guys were allowed to pass while Adrien watched.

The music changed, got louder, the bass harder, Adrien could feel it in his chest and he moved around the room, working through the shadows till he could see the main dance floor. It was mostly guys this time, most dancing alone, or appeared to be. This time Adrien didn’t stop just kept walking as if in a trance till he felt the lights hitting him, felt the vibration of the music even more till he was among the others. He began to dance with them, to let go of his inhibitions. He closed his eyes and moved with the music. One song after the next played and Adrien suddenly felt freer than ever before.

Adrien felt a change in the air around him, felt the presence of another, close to him, and he opened his eyes to see Nicholas standing before him.

“Hey man, I see you made it” Nicholas said leaning over close so Adrien could hear him over the music.

“Yeah” Adrien replied stifling the urge to smile. Here was someone he knew, even if only for a brief time. Someone who acknowledged his presence making him feel a part of the crowd. Nicolas still had on the shorts from the store but now he wore a harness, the leather straps crossing his chest, each nipple prominent with their metal bar piercings. A new song came on and Nicholas smiled as he told Adrien he loved this one and he began to dance. Adrien watched him move, arms moving as he circled around. Then Adrien began to move with Nicholas, to dance in step, their rhythm, the way they moved very similar.

They danced till sweat trickled down Nicholas’ body and Adrien’s t-shirt was wet, just hanging from his body. The crowd seemed to slow, to move in a lethargic manner for it had grown late, very late. Nicholas came up beside Adrien putting a hand on the small of his back.

“Your shirt is soaked” Nicholas says in Adrien’s ear.

Adrien felt Nicholas take his shirt by the sides just above his jeans pulling upward till the tail was free.

“Raise your arms Adrien” Nicholas tells him, commanding in tone and Adrien raised his arms letting Nicholas lift it up over his head. He watched the wet shirt fly across the room landing on the floor near the wall lost in the shadows and Adrien knew he’d never find it again. He felt like his torso glowed in the harsh lights circling around the dance area. Nicholas’ hand touched him on the back and slid downward to his waist.

“You look better without it” Nicholas said as he guided Adrien out into the middle of the space. He nods his head up at the DJ booth and the music changes again. Adrien recognizes it, something he found online one time, an older song, industrial, heavy bass, vocals that rip the air. The rotating lights dim out and a strobe light comes on and everything seems to move in a robotic way, abrupt shifts in the way each person moved on the dance floor.

Nicholas appeared close then pulled back, a hand in front of him, a hand on his bare chest then holding him by the neck. Nicholas close, smiling at him.

“I have something for you” Nicholas said in Adrien’s ear.

Adrien heard Nicholas but still asked anyway; “What?”

Nicholas smiled as he held up the collar Adrien had been looking at earlier in the store. Adrien’s eyes widen, a moment of embarrassment but he looked around the room, all the others dressed with collars, wrist cuffs and more. His response seemed silly, made no sense since he had to admit he really wanted to wear it. He nodded slightly.

“Kneel” Nicholas demanded and Adrien eased down on his knees as others danced around them. The song changed and the lights came back up rotating their beams around the room. Adrien could see Nicholas’ shorts, the way they fit snug bulging in the crotch. He saw the way two zippers were positioned on either side of the bulging crotch and he knew pulling them down would reveal everything. Nicholas’ hands came down and positioned the collar at his neck pulling the loose ends to the back quickly securing it in place. It was snug, tight enough for Adrien to really feel it, the way it encircled his neck. Nicholas hooked a finger in the metal loop in the front and tugged upward. Adrien rose to his feet and looked Nicholas in the eyes. Nicholas put a hand on his chest and rubbed it across each nipple feeling the hard nubs rake across the palm. Nicholas, using both hands took each nipple giving them a twist then pinching down on them. Adrien shuddered at the pain, his jaw cinched tight trying not to cry out.

“Good” Nicholas said as he let go. Slipping his index finger into the front loop he led Adrien to the side of the room, over to a table. Adrien saw it, a leash lying on top and he stood still letting Nicholas hook it to the collar. Pulling firmly Nicholas brought Adrien up close to him, face to face.

“I know what you want. Will you submit?”


Nicholas led Adrien over to the stair that went down. As they approached Nicholas nodded to the guy guarding access and Adrien saw him nodded back. Adrien felt knots in his stomach, suddenly nervous, but even so he felt aroused, his cock painfully confined in his tight jeans. Down the steps, Adrien kept step with Nicholas descending down into the darkness. Down below he could see a dim light down a corridor and he followed Nicholas. With each step he heard more and more coming from where they were heading. Cries out, the smack against flesh, and the verbal commands, not quite intelligible.

They entered the room seeing how it opened up, groups of people in various areas each with some device; a cage, a cross, slings and simple ropes hanging down from pulleys. Everything Adrien recognized from late night online searches, devices he had watched scenes unfold. Nicholas didn’t stop walking when they entered and Adrien kept up, stumbling at times, but never letting Nicholas get more than four or five steps ahead of him. He saw a woman in a sling getting fucked, a man secured to the cross being flogged, his back and ass a bright glowing red and as they passed the cages he saw each one had someone within them, naked, some cuffed to the bars. Nicholas didn’t seem to notice any of the activities happening around them. Adrien followed him to a side door, solid metal, old and rusted, and as Nicholas opened it the hinges squeaked under the strain of its weight.

Adrien followed Nicholas into the room quickly realizing it was small, the entire perimeter in dark shadow for there was only one light hanging over the very middle of it. One circle of bright light and within it there was a steel hook mounted in the concrete floor. No other gear; no sling, cage or cross were sitting in the room. Nicholas pushed Adrien into the center of the light.

“Strip” Nicholas commanded.


Nicholas grabbed Adrien by the hair pulled his head back painfully.

“What did you say?”

Adrien was confused, unable to think, to concentrate but images flashed in his mind, those videos he had seen, the way the one submitted always responded to the other. He struggled to speak feeling Nicholas tug on his hair nearly pulling him off his feet.

“What do you say to me?” Nicholas demanded, his voice threatening.

“Sir….sir…I mean sir” Adrien pleaded as he began to fumble with his jeans suddenly desperate to get them undone. Nicolas released him as he pushed his jeans down to his knees suddenly realizing he had to get his boots off. Dropping down on the floor he quickly unlaced each one then tugged the tight boots from his feet. Socks then his jeans followed leaving him in his briefs.

“I said strip” Nicholas commanded once again and Nicholas rose to his feet and slipped the briefs down his legs till they fell around his ankles. In the bright light, Nicholas at its edge staring at him, he felt his nakedness and it aroused him, made his cock began to flex and expand. He stood still, waiting, as he saw Nicholas back into the dark shadows. When Nicholas came back into view he held leather cuffs.

Adrien quickly found himself on his elbows and knees, wrists cuffed together and secured to the hook in the floor. The bright light felt as if were heating his skin; he felt hot. Nicholas was off to the side hidden from his sight. He grew stiff, shifting around to try to find some comfortable position. He looked up in time to see Nicholas come from the darkness like a specter come to bring fear. Nicholas held a flogger, a large one, with a thick leather covered handle and a long thick mass of leather strips.  He turned his head down looking at the floor and waited.

Adrien felt the flogger drag along his back from his ass to his neck and back down, caressing his skin, stimulating in its touch. It came back into contact with his ass, moving up and over it, the strips touching him in a way that aroused him. He felt the way his cock hung thickly between his thighs, slowly elongating with every touch. The flogger moved up his back again, slowly, lightly over the skin. Then it pulled away from him and in his mind he begged for its return, wanted desperately to feel it again. He heard the smack before he felt it, the first strike across his ass. The skin tingled from it. Another strike followed quickly by a succession of strikes till his ass burned with the heat of each one and he struggled to hold still flinching with every blow.

Nicholas moved up his back, the strikes coming quickly as Nicholas slowly moved along his back. He felt the heat of his skin and knew he had to be glowing red. When Nicholas finally stopped he struggled to get his breath. Nicholas’ hand touched him on one ass cheek, rubbed it in circular motions and the sting of the flogging slowly ceased even though his skin still felt the heat of it. He felt his ass cheeks get roughly spread apart, felt Nicholas rake fingers down between them then rub his opening, stretch his cheeks wider apart and press a finger to it. He felt the way Nicholas penetrated his hole, roughly sinking one finger all the way into him, pumping it in and out. Then he felt two stretch him open their fucking motion rough, stimulating, arousing. He felt his cock rock with their movement growing thicker as it did so. The fingers pulled free and he sensed Nicholas’ movement. He looked up and saw Nicholas was at his head.

Adrien raised up to see how Nicholas was on his knees, the crotch of those leather shorts right in front of him. Nicholas pulled down both zippers, slowly, the front panel falling down as he did releasing his cock, the thick shaft rising up. It flexed in Adrien’s face, so close he could nearly touch it. He saw the slit was gapped open with a bead pooling in it. Nicholas moved closer.


Adrien let the cock slip between his lips and sink into his mouth. Nicholas was rough, pushing in till he gagged then pulling pack and shoving inward again, over and over and over till his chin dripped with his salvia and the wet slick shaft pumped easily through his lips. Nicholas grabbed him by the hair and fucked, thrusting into his mouth over and over. He closed his eyes concentrating on the feel of Nicholas in his mouth, the way the thick shaft moved across his tongue; the way it filled his mouth.

Adrien suddenly found his mouth empty and Nicholas no longer in front of him. He looked down along the floor and between his legs and he saw Nicholas move down behind him, felt the firm grasp of his hips then the firm push against his opening. The way Nicholas pushed firmly against him increased his arousal and he pushed back. Nicholas drove into him, all the way, till their bodies were pressed together. Adrien felt the pain of entry, the way Nicholas stretched him open and filled him. Jaw clinched tight to keep from crying out he kept his head down shuddering with the pain…the pleasure of Nicholas’ cock sunk in his hole.

Adrien felt Nicholas’ fingers dig into his hips griping him tighter as Nicholas began to fuck, to pull back and shove back in, working through the tight ring of his opening. Nicholas was rough, quickly getting into a rapid pace, fucking Adrien with all his might, his only thought release inside of Adrien’s hole. Adrien rocked with their sex as Nicholas fucked him, his own cock hard, flopping back and forth between his thighs.

“Take it…take it” Nicholas grunted as he slammed into Adrien with each ejaculation.

As quickly as it began it was over, Nicholas gone leaving Adrien secured to the floor. He felt it, the warm cum trickle down his thigh. The heavy metal door squeaked open, the light went out and the door slammed shut leaving Adrien in the dark. He eased over on his side, arms stretched out over his head and tried to get comfortable wondering how long Nicholas would leave him in the room.


The light came on waking Adrien from a restless sleep. He struggled to wake up, pulling and tugging with his arms forgetting where he was at and his arms were still fastened to the floor. Blinking his eyes trying to get them to focus he leaned up to see Nicholas standing at the edge of the light. How long he’d been asleep he had no idea. It could have been mere minutes or hours.

Nicholas came to him and unlocked the cuffs from the steel ring in the floor. Standing up Nicholas stepped back looking down at him.

“Your safe word is Boot. Now get up.”

Adrien staggered to his feet, his wrist still secured together and Nicholas held up a leash. Knowing what he was supposed to do he stood still letting Nicholas hook the leash to his collar. Nicholas said nothing but turned and started for the door forcing him to follow. The outer room was still busy, even more so than before for several people were standing around just watching each group. A guy in a cage, hands cuffed to the top and being fed cock through the bars, a woman in the next one watching intently, obviously aroused by what she sees, two women and a man hung from the chains in another corner, two being flogged and one being fucked, and at the slings all Adrien can see are the legs of the women and men in each one, a line of men moving on them one at a time. Nicholas moved toward one corner and Adrien looked past him seeing the cross standing bare, not even bystanders nearby.

Nicholas came up to the cross then stepped to the side motioning Adrien to take his position, to assume his role in this play. Adrien moved up close to the large wooden cross, the center of it up at his chest as he faced it.

“Turn around” Nicholas commanded and Adrien froze for a brief moment realizing he was to face what was to happen. When he turned he saw Nicholas holding a flogger in one hand and in the other he held several locks. Two guys came over to watch, one in jeans and harness holding a chain leash attached to the collar of the other, the only thing he was wearing. Adrien felt his own nakedness, standing in front of them wearing only the leather collar and wrist cuffs. He backed up till he felt the rough wood rub his back.

Nicholas secured his wrist to a leg of the upper cross members then he moved around behind and spun Adrien’s collar around securing a short chain to it keeping Adrien’s head pulled back. He came back around and ran a hand down Adrien’s chest, stomach, then over his half hard cock. Nicholas tugged on it and it expanded quickly showing Adrien’s aroused state. Nicholas let go and stepped away swinging the flogger back and forth feeling the weight of it in his hand. Adrien watched, unable to close his eyes. Three more people came over watching as Nicholas stepped forward and began to strike Adrien on the chest and stomach, softly at first increasing the sensation of touch for Adrien, then he swung hard, the leather strips striking with a smack. Again and again Nicholas swung the flogger till Adrien’s chest and stomach were turning red. Adrien began to flinch, to twist in his bonds, to cry out, but as Nicholas struck him his cock continued to expand, to thicken and elongate till it was rising up pointing toward Nicholas.

Nicholas smiled mischievously as he arced the flogger over his head and straight down on Adrien’s cock. Pushed down, it flipped back up violently smacking Adrien’s stomach. Nicholas struck again making Adrien cry out begging for him to stop. The next blow was across one thigh with the ends of the leather strips catching the sac hanging down between them. Adrien howled with the pain, begged Nicholas to stop but not once did he use the safe word.

Adrien twisted and turned, pleaded with Nicholas to stop as the flogger struck him over and over. Across the stomach, the chest, the thighs and occasionally right across his cock. The guys watching tugged on their cocks as they watched Adrien turn red, his skin glow with the heat of every blow. As much as he pleaded for Nicholas to stop his cock showed how aroused he became, it rising upward, flexing with its full hardness and eventually drooling from the gaping slit. Nicholas finally stopped and moved up to Adrien rubbing one hand down his chest and stomach feeling the heat of his skin. Nicholas quickly moved to Adrien’s cock, stroked it till the shaft glistened slickly. Adrien pump his cock through Nicholas’ hand unable to control himself. Letting go and stepping back Nicholas laughed. He looked over at the two guys who kept moving up closer and closer, the one in jeans and harness with his naked boy in a collar whose cock stood straight out, aroused by what he watched. The guy in jeans nodded toward Adrien and Nicholas nodded yes.

The boy in the collar was pushed up to Adrien, shoved to his knees and told to suck. Adrien closed his eyes trying to keep from releasing too quick. The boy sucked him with an urgency, burying Adrien all the way into his throat. He struggled not to pump his hips, to give in to the urge to fuck the boy’s mouth.

“Please…let me have it” the boy pleaded then sank his mouth back down Adrien’s cock.

Nicholas moved up next to Adrien watching the boy suck, the way Adrien’s cock was slick with the boy’s spit. He put his hand on the boy’s head and forced him to fuck his mouth on Adrien’s cock, a fast brutal pace as he leaned in close to Adrien.

“Give it to him” Nicholas whispered in Adrien’s ear.

A few seconds later Adrien cried out, his hips thrusting forward as he filled the boy’s mouth.

“That’s it…feed that whore your load” Nicholas whispered.

Spent, exhausted from everything, Adrien hung on the cross, alone, everyone else moved away, including Nicholas. He had his eyes closed therefore didn’t see Nicholas across the room making plans for the next use of his body. He felt the weariness of his body, the way every muscle seemed to have been exerted to the point of exhaustion. His cock hung limply, the slit still drooling out the last remnants of his load.

How long Adrien hung on the cross he didn’t know but a few of the others would come by, making comments, some reaching out to touch him, a hand on his chest or stomach, fingers fondling his cock. He opened his eyes to see across the room Nicholas at the slings watching one after the next getting fucked. He assumed Nicholas was just enjoying the displays and he eventually closed his eyes trying to find a way to rest.

There was movement in front of him, then a tug on his arm and Adrien opened his eyes seeing Nicholas releasing him from the cross.  Nicholas didn’t say much, just a command to step away, to hold still as the leash was fastened to his collar then to follow. Nicholas led him across the room, roughly pulling on the leash. Adrien felt every tug, the way the collar seemed to tighten up and this submission aroused him, made him feel some sense of being wanted, of belonging. He saw the looks, most a look of envy. Led to an empty sling Nicholas didn’t have to tell him what to do. He backed up to it and lay back. Working quickly, smoothly, Nicholas soon had his legs secured to each suspension chain. Moving up to his head Nicholas secured each wrist to the other two suspension chains, unzipped the two zippers of the leather shorts and fed him the thickening cock showing Nicholas’ aroused state. Adrien sucked with the urgency of a starving infant, drool soon trickling down the side of his mouth as Nicholas began to fuck, to drive cock deep into his mouth.

Adrien had never felt so naked, his body on full display down to the most private area revealed by his raised legs spread apart showing his hole. A place he once was almost afraid to touch himself for what it meant, this desire to feel penetrated. Now he didn’t care, felt his sexuality with this submission to Nicholas. He felt the dried cum on his inner thigh from Nicholas using his hole earlier. Every inch of his body had a sensitivity never experienced before. Nicholas put a hand on his chest rubbing it over each erect hard nipple then downward across his heaving stomach till he felt the manipulation of his cock, the fondling of its growing length then the rough tugging making it grow fully erect.

Adrien felt his heart pounding in his chest as his body seemed to grow hot, his skin glistening in the harsh overhead light. Nicholas pulled from his mouth and moved between his legs. He didn’t have to wait long, Nicholas didn’t tease him, didn’t manipulate him, instead moved up to his hole and pushed into him, slowly, all the way, sinking every thick inch of cock into his hole. Adrien stifled his desire to cry out as he felt Nicholas push into his ass till their bodies pressed together tightly.

Nicholas held each of Adrien’s legs and began to fuck, full movement bringing his cock nearly free of Adrien’s tight hole then shoving back in. Over and over Nicholas plunged into Adrien’s hole till their fuck fell into rhythm, Adrien opened to each thrust inward, eager to feel the fullness of each penetrating push inward while his own cock flopped back and forth across his abdomen, the leaking head leaving a trail in its wake. The leather sling rocked with their fuck, the whole frame squeaking as Nicholas grew more aggressive, slamming into Adrien, their bodies smacking together. Nicholas increased his pace till he was hammering Adrien’s hole.

Adrien saw the crowd around them watching, able to see Nicholas fucking his hole ruthlessly, every shove inward rocking the whole frame and sling. His own cock ached for release for Nicholas battered his insides in a way that aroused him, made him want their fuck never to stop. His cock flexed and drooled over his stomach. Nicholas soon moved frantically, his thrusts inward short jabbing movements and Adrien knew it would be over soon.

“Fuck” Nicholas cried out as he shoved inward all the way releasing his load. He jabbed with his hips with each subsequent ejaculation till he was spent. When he pulled out, his dripping cock growing flaccid, he leaned over and gently held up Adrien’s cock sinking it in his mouth. He moved on it only a few times, his lips tight along the shaft, before Adrien filled his mouth.


Adrien coasted up the drive to the apartment on his bike, hopped off and lifted it up so he could climb the stairs. Inside the apartment he put the bike on the ceiling hooks, flipped through the mail then looked at the time on his cell phone. ‘Need to hurry’ he thought as he raced into the bedroom. He stripped out of his clothes, putting the garments in the hamper and his shoes neatly in the closet. He raced into the bathroom and jumped into the shower were he bathed quickly but thoroughly. Dried off he went back into the bedroom and opened the top dresser drawer. He looked over the arrangement lying neatly across the bottom, the different collars and cock rings. The smooth black leathers and shiny metals of each one. He lifted out the simplest collar with its plain black leather band with three metal loops. The first one Nicholas had made him wear; his favorite. Then he considered the cock rings, debating whether to wear one. His fingers grazed over each one till they moved over a thick metal one. It was a half inch thick and nearly that thick around its circumference of the impossibly small opening. He lifted it up, felt the heft of it in his palm.  He traced the seam that cut through the ring showing it was two pieces. Looking up in the mirror he saw the smile he couldn’t control. He saw his nakedness with the black collar around his neck, the way it contrasted so with his fair skin. He worked the screw loose with a hex key the positioned each half around his cock and sac, tugging on them to tighten them up, to reduce their thickness at their base as he put the halves together and secured them.  The tightness was perfect and he felt his cock begin to grow already. He couldn’t control it, not when he was so aroused with the weight of the cock ring around his cock and balls. He tried to control his thoughts, the images of the way Nicholas used him so often, time and time again, having him submit in ways he still had trouble admitting.

He felt the metal grow warm against his skin as his cock grew half hard and rose up off of his sac. He knew fully erect it would grow an angry red, the blood engorging it till it ached for release, something Nicholas would not allow for a long time. Lying on the bed he struggled not to touch himself as he waited for the hour Nicholas would arrive home. He wondered what Nicholas would want this time; would it be for him to drop to his knees and suck or would he get pushed over the back of the sofa, his own cock rubbing the rough fabric along the back as Nicholas used his hole. He couldn’t focus on one scenario without quickly considering another. His cock rose up bobbing up and down. He was already so aroused he feared he would come too soon for Nicholas. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else, anything, but he felt his nakedness, the way the cool conditioned air blew across his skin. Nicholas never allowed him to wear clothes in their apartment, not even when Nicholas’ friends from the store or club came by. He was always on full display showing his various states of arousal, always wanting to please Nicholas. Once alone he did, every time, any way Nicholas demanded of him. It was what he wanted. It was what he needed.

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