The moon light will filter into the room, letting forms take shape, movement perceived; the shadows will seem even darker, more mysterious. You'll lay there passive, unable to stop me. Blindfolded and hands tied to the head of the bed, you'll submit to me. Your naked body will feel the warmth of the air blowing over it, sense the exposure, the anticipation. I'll ease onto the bed with you, close, flesh toughing flesh, barely, just the lightest caress. You'll want more.

The sensation of fingers running over your chest, lightly, barely contacting, as they move along the contours of your body, over your nipples, exciting them slightly, then down over your stomach, the light touch ticklish, making you breathe deeply. You feel the light touch of several fingers run though your pubic hair, around your hips, over your cock, lightly, slowly, move over its length. One finger will circle the head, rub it's unique contours, feel it begin to respond.

The touching will continue, slowly, over your balls, lightly, tickling the hairs, barely touching the ridge of skin down the middle, then down your thighs, stroking the hairs, glancing the surface of your skin. Then the sensation of the caresses will move up, back over your cock, barely toughing it, over your stomach, circling your navel, probe a little into it; then up across your chest.

Your nipples will be erect as a finger moves in small circles around one then the other, stroking the darker skin, rubbing the erect center. I'll suddenly change my touch; I'll lightly pinch each nipple, a small squeeze, enough to mix the sensation, the blending of the ancient desires and fears; the pleasure and the pain. My touch will move, slowly, lightly upward along your neck over your earlobes, feeling your form, your presence. One finger will move over your lips feeling the difference of texture, the softness. Will you part them, seek penetration; desire some part of me in you?

I'll run my fingers over your head, feel the way the hair grows there, the shape of it, the sensation of touch so close to the mind you have to respond. I'll lean over and lightly press my lips to yours, gently, a simple kiss at first. I'll move to your chin, slide over your cheek over to your earlobe as you feel my tongue, wet, warm, move against it, take it in my mouth. Teeth will nip you, my tongue will survey your skin; my lips will caress you. As I nuzzle up to your neck I'll bring one hand to your chest. The touch will be firm, warm, the full hand on you as I move it over flesh, rubbing your erect nipples, feeling them slide across my palm and fingers as I rub over your skin, warming it, increasing your desire. I'll move downward, slowly, hand circling randomly over your stomach, across your hips, down your thighs as I move by your cock. You'll be frustrated, eager, wanting me to touch it, to take it in my hand. I'll give you what you want.

My hand will come back up, rubbing over your balls, move them around in their sac, tug on them slightly until I move up, over your hardening cock, as it expands, stretching out, and you'll feel my fingers encircle it, give it a slight squeeze as you feel the blood move to it, expand it, increasing your desire; your lust. My thumb will rub the head, feel the opening, stroke it. Then my hand will pull on your shaft, tug on it; begin to stroke it. How long will it take you to get hard? The warmth of my hand, the firm grip, the way it'll hold you and stroke you; it won't take long.

I'll bit down on a nipple, tug on it, twist my head slightly, twisting it painfully, with so much pleasure, so much sensation. You'll feel my lips move down, with more urgency, their touch more persistent; my tongue leaving trails of warmth, of wetness along your skin. My tongue will move over your cock, over the head, down the shaft and over your balls, feeling them move in their sac, shift to the manipulation it causes. Lips and tongue will travel back up your shaft, so hard, so eager, wanting, waiting, ready. You'll feel the head of your cock engulfed in warm wet pleasure, feel it stroked by my tongue, feel it slid into my mouth, the warmth consuming it. The movement up and down your shaft will stroke your desire, fill your needs. Your sensitive head will be on fire, hot, wet; slickened by my mouth and your need. You'll push up with your hips, wanting to get inside me more, to push your cock into me, work it through the warmth and the wetness of me; an ancient primitive need; wild and untamed.

You'll feel my body shift on the bed, slide between your legs, arms move under your thighs, and you'll know. Know I'm going to spread you open, expose you further. You'll feel my breath on your balls, on the skin below; then you'll feel my tongue touch you, lightly at first, over your balls, downward on the skin, moving to that place forbidden by so many, but you'll want it. Want me to touch you there; to probe you. You'll feel my tongue move over it, rub around it's opening, and you'll spread your legs wider, open yourself up more, urgent with your desire for me keep touching you there. I'll push against you with my tongue, feel the natural resistance, but you'll push back, wanting it breached, wanting me inside you, penetrate you there.

Then the feel of me against you will move, shift upward, letting your legs relax, lie back down. You'll relax from that initial high as you feel my tongue snake over your balls again, roughly this time, insistent. You'll feel each ball pulled into the heat of my mouth, tugged against their sac. You'll feel lips and tongue move up your cock, warming it, feeling its shape, its unique contours, the way the head caps it. You'll feel it engulfed again, completely, quickly, as sensations of touch, of suction, of heat wrap around it, move up and down it. You'll pump your hips into the warm wet slickness, faster and faster as your need builds. You'll want to go to the edge and I'll let you, let you shove your cock up into me, over and over, pumping it into me, until you are fatigued, heated, and your need close. But I won't let you cum; not yet. You'll lay there breathing hard; your cock feeling like it is throbbing, hot and hard, bouncing in the cooler air.

I'll move up over you, letting you feel my weight, the warmth of my body, as I slid over your thighs, over your cock. I'll move over it, press myself down on it, shift my hips, rub it; squeeze it between us, building you up again. Then you'll feel me hold it up, straight, rigid, waiting. You'll know and when you feel me touch down on the head of your cock you'll know it will be soon.

You feel me through the head of your cock, pressing down, insistent, as your cock will feel like it is being compressed. Then it'll happen, suddenly, with ease; your cock will penetrate me, slid through the tight ring of my opening, push up into the warm soft feel of me, deep inside, as I slid down on your cock. You'll feel my tight ring slide back up, then down; your cock engulfed in the heat of me. I'll move faster and faster, taking you deeply, all the way; at times I'll shift my hips, work in a different rhythm, have you hit places in me that makes me see stars, sends shivers up my spine.

I'll be stroking my own cock, furiously pounding down on it with a tight grip. All you'll know is how I move up and down your cock; a hard rough pace, slamming down on your hips. Soon you'll feel it; first the wet warm splatter on your chest and stomach, feel it run over your side as my tight ring spasms around your shaft as it moves up and down your cock, milking it for its load. You'll feel the new tightness and your cock will respond, swell up, flex hard and you'll fill me with your load, pump it out by pushing your hips up, slamming into me as I come down, working together to draw out all of your load; milk you dry.

Then it'll be over and my hot sweaty body will be laying over you as you try to catch your breath. You'll feel the cooling liquid run down your sides. You'll be sated...for now.



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