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Chapter 8: What You Mean to Me

OVERTURE: Fanfare of a Thousand Confessions

The room is filled with silence.

David and I look at each other, then at mom and Jason, then at each other again. Suddenly the reality of what was just said seems to set in for the both of us, and we jump up at the same time, his eyes fixed on Jason and mine fixed on my mom.

“You’re what?!” we shout in unison and I swear to God that David’s about to faint.

Mom doesn’t seem to be fazed by our outburst, but Jason, however, has a look of utter horror on his face. Like a deer caught in the headlights, not knowing whether to run for its life or remain in the same position until it’s overrun by the 18-wheeler. He looks to me for help, but I’m too focused on my mom to notice, and he makes a mistake by looking at his dad.

Jason cowers at the invisible fists that are flying towards his face and tears start streaming down his cheeks. This is when I finally look at him and sit back down to console him, wrapping my arms around his trembling shoulders and stroking his hair.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Jason,” I whisper.

“David, care to join me in the kitchen?” my mother asks, while getting up off the couch. She has a smile on her face and winks at me, but I can only glare daggers at her. “I’ll fix it this time,” she says to me and kisses Jason and I on the cheek. “David. Kitchen. Now.”

David is reluctant at first, but follows mom into the kitchen.

“Well,” I say more to myself than anyone else, “I guess it could’ve gone worse.”

Jason wipes the tears from his face. “Oh God, this is it,” he sobs, “he’s going to kick my ass and then he’s going to kick me out.”

“Oh, hush, you,” I scold. “You know that mom will never let that happen.”

“I know, but…”

“No buts.”

“Okay,” he sniffles and smiles at me. “Jesus, I’m such a fag.”

“Embrace it, sweetie, embrace it,” I say with a laugh.

Jason leans in to kiss me, but I remind him that our parents are in the kitchen. “I don’t care,” he says and kisses me. And it feels so good.

ACT 1: Putting the Bitch Down

Two weeks earlier…

“This is strange,” Elijah says as he opens the door. All the lights on the inside of the house are off and it’s eerily quiet. He steps through the threshold and walks into the kitchen. I follow him, carrying the box inside. The lights in the kitchen are the only ones that appear to be on.

“I think nobody’s home,” I say and set the box down on the counter. Appa pops his head out to take in his surroundings again. I scratch him behind his ears. “Who’s a good boy? I coo and ruffle his soft fur. “Appa’s a good boy!”

“You named him Appa?” Elijah asks.


“Without consulting me? So selfish.”

I look at him, but then I see the smile on his face and I know that he’s joking. I smile back. “Yeah. I was afraid you’d object.”

“You were right.” He walks up to me. “Appa is a ridiculous name, but in honor of that flying cow in that horrible kid’s show you forced upon me…” He presses his body up against mine. “I’ll allow it,” he whispers in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

“First of all,” I start, my arousal being pushed aside by my incessant need to correct anybody who dares misspeak about the things I hold dearest to my heart, “Appa is a sky bison.” I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him closer to me. “And second of all…” I kiss him on the nose. “How dare you? Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing TV show that caters to people of all ages.”

“Hmm, I love it when you talk dirty,” Elijah chuckles, nuzzles my neck and takes a deep breath. “My God, you smell good.” Then he plants kisses from my neck to my jawbone and then my lips. “Mom and dad aren’t home…”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know… Maybe something involving you, me… and a bed…?”

My hands caress his neck and I feel the scars from Amy’s attack. “The wound’s healing nicely.”

“Yeah, thanks to your kisses.” He kisses me. “I’m so happy you dumped that soul-sucking banshee.”

My eyes go wide and I say nothing, which gives me away immediately.

“Wait.” Elijah disentangles himself from, while he takes a few steps back. “You did break up with Amy Dawson, right?”

Shit. I’d totally forgotten about Amy and how she’s still officially my girlfriend. My first instinct is to lie to him, but I don’t want him to find out at a later date that I hadn’t broken up with Amy before I started dating him. That could ruin everything. I have to be honest, so I take a deep breath and say, “No.”

“Well, why not?”

“I don’t know. I thought storming out of her house after attempting to have sex with her and blurting out that I’d fucked you was enough to convince her that it’s over and…”

Elijah stares daggers at me. No, swords, he stares fucking swords at me. That same fire from when he fought with Amy is in his eyes right now and it terrifies me. And here I was thinking that he would never have to use that look on me. It’s not a pleasant feeling. Like, at all. He takes a step towards me. “You fucked Amy Dawson after you fucked me?” He’s being unreasonable. I was in a bad place and needed to figure shit out for myself. I want to tell him all this, but in a way he is right. And I don’t want to throw gasoline on the fire.

“Yes,” I say softly.

Elijah closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, then he sighs. “It’s fine.”


“It’s totally fine.”

I’m confused. His facial expression tells me that it’s anything but fine. I also see something else. Guilt? “Wait… Did you…? Did you fuck somebody?”

“Maybe,” he says and shrugs, his face turning red.

“Was he any good?”

“I passed out halfway through round three.”

“That’s a tough one to beat.”


It’s so adorable to see him blush that I just can’t get angry. So what if he fucked somebody? It’s not like I was around to satisfy his needs. And I also hadn’t given him any indication that I was willing to come back, so I totally understand. I smile and close the gap between us again. I kiss his forehead. “I love you,” I say softly and kiss his forehead again. Then I pull him into a hug. “And I’m so sorry for ever hurting. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry that I’ve been such an asshead. I’m sorry that I didn’t break up with Amy and I’m sorry I had sex with Jeff…” That last part is out before I even know it and I start to apologize, but Elijah interrupts me.

“It’s about damn time,” he snickers. “I was wondering when you guys were going to get it on. Any chance of a ménage à trois?” He looks up at with the most innocent smile on his face.

“Not a chance,” I laugh. “He’s only just told me and I don’t want to spook him. Besides, I don’t think I could actually have sex with him. He’s like my brother.”

“And what am I?”

“You’re my boyfriend.”

That seems to shock him. I’m afraid that I fucked up and begin to apologize, but Elijah interrupts me again. “Shhh… Hush your pretty mouth…” And he kisses me. “So I’m your boyfriend?”

“If you want to be.”

He smiles. “I’d love that. But first…”

“Let us take a selfie?” I joke.

“Let’s leave the couples’ selfies for after you’ve kicked Amy Dawson to the curb.”

He’s right. I have to officially break things off with Amy Dawson. The thought of confronting her terrifies me like nothing else. I’ll have to tell her why. And if I tell her why, she’ll have the ammo necessary to destroy me. What if she tells people? I’m not ready for everybody to know yet. Especially not my parents. But then again, I did kind of blurt out that I’d fucked Elijah, so maybe the news has already hit the internet or worse: the public.

“Do you want me to come with you?”


“I can see that you’re scared shitless…”

“I’m not scared…”

“Yeah, and I’m not hopelessly in love with you. I’m coming with you. I’ll be your rock. And you’ll be my water or some shit.” He rests his head on my chest and I wrap my arms around him. “And if she tries to make a scene I’ll take the bitch down myself. I have no qualms about hitting a woman.”

“You’re crazy.”

“You have no idea.”

“And I love you.”

“Yeah, you do. I’m amazing.” He holds out his hand for me and I take it. It’s so warm. It feels nice. It feels like a perfect fit to mine. Like two puzzle pieces that have been apart for a long time, but have now finally found each other. I could get used to this. He’s so beautiful. I want to ditch the whole “Dump Amy” crusade and carry him upstairs to make sweet love to his perfect body. But this is something that I have to do, so I let him lead me out the door and into the car. I’m about to put the key in the ignition when I realize that we left Appa on the counter in the kitchen, so I run back inside to retrieve the poor thing.

“Is this gonna be a thing?” Elijah asks after I return. “Are we gonna have to carry the dog with us everywhere we go?”

“Well, yes…”

“You’re lucky you’re so damn hot, because I did not sign up for raising a damn dog.”

“Come on, baby, you know I’m worth it,” I say with a pleading smile.

“And you’re so damned cute when you beg,” he says and punches me in the shoulder. “Now let’s go dump this piece of trash.”

*          *          *

Here we are. The lion’s den. The devil’s lair. The belly of the beast. Funny how I’d walked into this very same house not more than twenty-four hours ago, only this time it wasn’t to take my mind off my sexual frustrations, but to accept them and take the final step in making peace with them. All in one fell swoop. Fuck, I’m so nervous. It helps a lot that Elijah is here with me. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if he weren’t. He nudges me and nods to the doorbell and I hesitantly reach out to press the button, but my hand just sort of hovers a few inches in front of it and stays there for a few seconds. Or minutes. I don’t know, my perception of time had abandoned me the moment we stepped out of the car.

The piercing ring of the doorbell brings me back to reality and I look at Elijah, who has an annoyed look on his face. “Really? Must I do everything around here?” He glares at me, but all I can think is how much I love him, how thankful I am that he’s in my life and how we’re going to spend the rest of our days with each other. I sigh like a lovesick schoolgirl with a goofy grin on my face. Elijah’s annoyed expression softens and he smiles back at me, taking hold of my hand and squeezing it tight.

The door opens and we instinctively let go. Before us stands Amy Dawson looking like she’d been in a fight with none other than Rhonda Rousey and had the living shit beat out of her. Not that she’s bruised or anything, but the smudged mascara and lipstick fused with her rat’s nest hairdo don’t do her any favors.

She’s still beautiful, no doubt, but to see her not in her daily flawless form is astonishing to say the least. Her eyes are puffy, her nose is at least three different shades of red and in one hand she’s holding a giant bag of Cheese Puffs, which she’s dives into with the other to stuff the cheesy snack into her mouth. The sight is unsavory and I’m a bit worried, but that’s going to have to wait. We’re not here for Amy’s well-being. Oh, shit, I can only imagine how much worse she’ll get once I officially break up with her.

I look to Elijah for help, but his facial expression tells me that he’s only here for moral support and nothing else. The look on his face is almost one of complete unashamed satisfaction, the only thing missing being a huge grin from ear to ear, although he can’t seem to hold back the smallest of smiles.

Sighing, I turn back to face Amy and catch her just as she pulls her pinky out of her nose and starts rummaging in the bag of Puffs with that same hand. Oh, shit, I’ve broken her and I’m about to beat the proverbial dead horse that is her rapidly unhinging sanity. I take another deep breath, which I’ve been doing this entire day, and decide to speak.


She stares at me with eyes that don’t seem to see and shoves another handful of Cheese Puffs into her hungry mouth. She chews for what feels like an eternity, swallows and says, “Jason.”

“Can we come in…?”


“Uhm, okay. Fair enough.”

“What do you want, Jason?”

“I’m here to tell you that I’m in love with Elijah.”

The words just sort of hang between us for a while and then they finally seem to reach Amy and a look of comprehension spreads across her face. The hand holding the bag of junk food goes limp, spilling the snacks all over the floor, and her other hand, fingers encrusted with a thick layer of cheese, comes flying to my face so quick that I can’t possibly react in time. The clawed cheese-encrusted hand swipes at me, but stops mere inches away from my eyes. Elijah has grabbed hold of Amy’s wrist, that look of raw untamed fire in his eyes and I know that this fight is not mine.

“Get your hands off my boyfriend, you bitch,” Elijah snarls and without hesitation he kicks Amy in the stomach, which sends her flying into the hallway. Amy, however, seems to possess cat-like reflexes and quickly recovers. Elijah steps into the house and looks over his shoulder. “I don’t want you to see this,” he says to me and closes the door behind him, so that all I can hear is the sound of landing punches and the swishing of air as nimble legs slice through it, trying to deliver an impressive kick; the sound of breaking glass and the clanging of pots and pans; the occasional angry meowing of a cat caught in the crossfires; and the unrelenting grunts of my current lover and ex-girlfriend going at it like a bunch adrenaline-charged hippos. At least, that’s how I wish it would’ve happened.

After blurting out that I’m in love with Elijah, Amy just nods solemnly and continues stuffing her expressionless face. I know that I hurt her, but I didn’t know that it would have this effect on her. “Amy?”

Finally, she shows signs that she understands what I’ve just told her and she sighs. “You probably expect me to claw your faces off and screech my throat raw, but I’m not going to. I’m too tired.” She looks at Elijah. “You win, lover boy,” she says to him, a look of clear defeat on her face. “Who am I to stand in the way of two people in love? Yes, I’m probably going to hate you for the longest time, probably forever, but I’ll get over it eventually.” She smiles wearily. “Besides, you two make a cute couple.”

“Uhm, thank you?” Elijah say, looking very puzzled.

Amy turns to Jason. “And you… You’ve hurt me. A lot. I know that I’m a nightmare, but nobody deserves to feel the way I feel right now. I know you’ve been struggling with these emotions for quite some time now and…”

“You knew? You knew I could be gay and you didn’t say anything?”

“It wasn’t my place to tell you how you should feel, so I just left it for what it was and hope that it was a fleeting thing, a phase, but it wasn’t.” She sighs again. “It’s okay. I mean, it still hurts like hell, but it’ll pass. I’ll be fine. Best of luck, guys.” She steps back and shuts the door.

Elijah and I are stunned. He seems more stunned than me and that’s saying something. We look at each other, then back at where Amy was standing not so long ago. I feel his fingers interlacing with mine again and I look at him. He has the biggest smile on his face and tears glisten in his beautiful brown eyes.

“I can…” The words catch in his throat and I take him in my arms, allowing him to let the tears flow freely. “I can finally have you all to myself…” He looks up at me. “You’re mine.”

“Yes, I’m yours. Completely.”

Sounds a bit mushy, I know, but it feels amazing. Like yet another weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I suddenly feel like I’m free. The burden of having to hide my true feelings isn’t weighing me down anymore and I feel as light as a feather. Like I could take flight at any moment.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Elijah asks as we walk back to the car.

“What does?”

“This. Us.”

“It does. It feels so, I don’t know, natural. Like it was meant to be from the very beginning.”

“Okay, Romeo, let’s not get carried away,” he chuckles and walks over to passenger’s side of the car. “Now let’s get the hell out of here before Amy Dawson changes her mind and comes looking for that epic catfight you imagined we’d have.”


“I know you better than you think, Jason Westman.”

*          *          *

We crash into my room and onto my bed.

I don’t know what animalistic surge took over us, but the moment we entered the house and realized that our parents still weren’t home, we were on each other like Venom on Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson.

Elijah’s legs are wrapped around my waist, hooked behind my lower back, and his lips are hungrily kissing mine. I could stay like this forever: Elijah and I in each other’s arms, bodies pressed close together, lips locked, and no one to disturb us. Downstairs I can hear Appa yip-yipping away, but he’s going to have to wait. I have other priorities tonight. The animal inside of me is hungry and even though I came two times already today, I’m sure my balls have a healthy dose of fresh creamy cum ready for Elijah’s willing hole.

Our clothes are off before we know what’s happening and I make it a top priority to explore every inch of Elijah’s beautiful body with my lips, teeth, and tongue. I start with his lips and travel down his neck to his shoulders, travel back up to pay special attention to his Adam’s apple. When he lets out a deep groan I take that as encouragement to continue my exploration of his body. I lick my way back down to his chest, bathing both mounds in my saliva and tasting the deliciousness of his flaming hot skin. I gently circle one nipple then the other with my tongue, sucking and biting and licking both of them, giving both the same amount of attention. Elijah moans and I feel his hands on my head and his fingers tangling themselves in my hair, pushing me further down his body.

His abs are tense and prominent and each of them gets a healthy coating of spit all over them. I lick my way from the top of the ridge between his abs all the way down to his belly button where I dip my tongue in. He yelps and the grip on my blonde locks tightens and I know that he wants me to linger. I happily oblige and lap at his belly button hungrily, loving the taste of it and the way he squirms and moans and quivers at the pleasure of my ravishing tongue.

I hear him say something under his breath. “What was that?” I ask.

“Lower,” he breathes and lets go of my hair.

I give his belly button one last flick of my tongue and move on to the main prize. Elijah’s 8-inch cock is as hard as I’ve ever seen it and is dripping pre-cum like crazy. I grab hold of it at the base and lick it from bottom to top, scooping the pre-cum up in the process. Then I pop the head into my hungry mouth and swirl my tongue all around it, which causes Elijah to moan and writhe in pleasure. I’m not a master cocksucker yet, so this time I don’t attempt to deepthroat him. I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Instead I steadily bob my head up and down, while jerking him off and managing to get at least half of his juicy dick in my mouth. One day, I promise myself, I’ll swallow this cock without gagging and that’s the day I’m going to really blow his mind.

“Jason,” Elijah moans, “Jason, your mouth… Oh my God, your mouth…”

I look up at him and am in awe by the view. His tensed up abs. His heaving chest. His cute blushing face. Fuck, he’s so fucking beautiful! And it feels amazing to know that I’m the cause for the way his body is reacting right now. With my free hand I travel up his abs and softly kneed one of his pecs, then the other. I take on nipple between my thumb and index finger and tweak it ever so gently, which seems to send a jolt of electricity to his cock, since I feel it pulse noticeably against my tongue. The feeling sends even more blood rushing to my hard as a rock cock and I feel the tiniest spurts of pre-cum eject from the slit. I groan around Elijah’s hot cock and he moans along with me.

After a few more minutes of pleasuring his sex I slip it out of my mouth and lick it few times up and down, before descending on his unsuspecting balls. I take turns sucking them into my mouth, getting them nice and wet, then I suck them both in and pull at them hard, while doing my best to prod them with the tip of my tongue, which is not an easy task, especially with a mouthful of Elijah’s testicles. He arches his back and grabs hold of the headboard of the bed and lets out a long drawn out moan that echoes throughout the room. Thank God that no one else is home!

He’s had enough of this torture. And I have more of his body to explore. I release his balls from the velvety confines of my mouth and lift his legs and push them back, exposing his perfect pink pucker. It twitches in anticipation and my mouth starts to water. It’s so beautiful and pink and perfect. Then I do something that shocks even me: I push my nose up against it and take a deep long whiff. Holy fuck! His scent is so fucking intoxicating! My head is swimming and my eyes roll to the back of my head as the euphoria sets in. I exhale shakily and mutter, “Fuck,” before taking another whiff.

“Jason, wat are you doing?” Elijah moans. “That feels so fucking good…”

I come up for air. “Fuck, I know this is weird, but your hole smells fucking awesome, Elijah. So fucking good.”

“Fuck, that’s hot…”

“It smells like sex…” I give his hole a flick of my tongue. “And it tastes like sex too.” And then I dive in. I attack his twitching pucker with lips, teeth, and tongue like it’s the last hole I’ll ever eat and it tastes fucking amazing! I never want to stop eating his delicious ass. I want this to go on forever and ever. I tongue-fuck him as deep as I can and get an even more intoxicating taste of his ass that brings out the beast in me and I munch down on his hole with a newfound hunger that causes moans of intense pleasure to erupt from  Elijah’s beautiful mouth. I bite each of ass cheeks hard enough so that he’s right on the edge of uncontrollable pleasure and pain and spank them both for good measure. I spank them hard several times, wanting my handprint to remain there for at least a few days.

Spitting on his hole, I insert my index finger in search of the little bundle of muscle located just below his balls. Ah, there it is. I rub it gently with the tip of my finger and watch as Elijah’s body reacts to the stimulation. His cock makes a lurching jump and a fresh drop of pre-cum bubbles up from the slit and dribbles down the shaft. My tongue is quick and decisive and laps up the clear liquid. My cock feels left out, so I give it a few jerks to let it know that I haven’t forgotten its existence. It seems happy with the attention, gives a satisfied lurch and burps out a little pre-cum.

“Jason,” Elijah moans, “Jason, please fuck me…”

I want to continue worshipping his body, but I’d be lying if I say that I don’t want to speed things up and get straight to the fun part. I don’t have to worry about loosening him up any more than he already is, since I experienced firsthand that his ass is very adaptable. I lick, kiss, and bite my way back up his body, until my lips brush against his and he opens his mouth to share the most passionate kiss I’ve ever shared with anyone. It’s not driven by hunger or lust for each other, but very, I don’t know, smooth and sensual, with both of us taking the time to explore each other’s oral cavity.

Elijah’s hands go to the side of my head and his legs wrap around my waist, urging me to grind our hard cocks together. I move my hips to the rhythm of the guidance of his legs without breaking the kiss. It feels so good. His body pressed close to mine. My cock rubbing up against his. Our lips locked and tongues lashing at each other. It’s the best feeling in the whole world! With my elbows resting on either side of his head, my hands cover his and remain in that position for what seems like an eternity, kissing up a storm and dry humping.

“Make love to me, Jason,” Elijah’s breathes into my mouth, “make love to me, please.” His voice is thick with longing and it surprises me that he didn’t just say, “Fuck me,” like a few moments ago. “Make love to me, Jason,” he repeats, almost pleading.  “Please…”

That’s when I break the kiss, lift his legs up and rest them on my shoulders. I grab hold of my 10-inch fuck stick and guide it to Elijah’s waiting hole. I push the head against the tight sphincter and it gives way almost instantly, swallowing about two inches of my cock. Elijah gasps at the intrusion, but doesn’t stop me. He looks at me and doesn’t break eye contact when I gently thrust the remaining eight into him, until my balls are comfortably resting on his red cheeks. His ass envelops me in its velvety walls and seem to caress the entire length of my cock.

“Oh, fuck…” I sigh as the warmth spreads from cock to the rest of my body.

“Make love to me, Jason,” Elijah moans softly.

I smile down at him and start moving my hips, while sucking and biting on his toes. His hands are on my stomach and chest as I gently fuck him. No, as I make love to him. I feel us becoming one with every thrust of my hips and every moan that escapes his lips. Our bodies, our souls seem to meld together as we share this act of love with one and other and I must admit that it’s far more intense than the first time I fucked him. I feel things I’ve never felt before and my body is in a state of ecstasy not from this world.

Elijah then grabs hold of my neck and pulls himself up to me, so we can kiss. “On your back,” he whispers in my ear and I do so without hesitation or pulling out. With his legs on either side of my body, Elijah steadies himself on my chest and starts riding me ever so slowly. He gyrates his hips sensually back and forth, which blows my fucking mind. Then he plants his heels in the mattress and lifts up off my dick only to slowly impale himself again, squeezing the life out of my poor Willy. I don’t know what hits me, but it drives me fucking insane. He sees this and a satisfied grin spreads across his face.

“You like?” he asks.

“Fuck yes,” I gasp. “Keep doing what you’re doing and you might just make cum instantly.”

“Now, we don’t want that, do we?” And he starts riding me again, rolling his hips back and forth with my impressive 10-incher lobbing around inside him and making the both of us moan loudly. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back. Again, he doesn’t fail to see this and leans in for a kiss.

“Fuck me,” he whispers in my ear and I fucking lose it. I push him off, dislodging my dick from his ass, and flip him over on all fours. I position myself behind him, grab him by the hips and slam my cock in his gaping hole without guidance. He lets out a choked out gasp, but pushes back against my dick, which assures me that he’s totally okay with.

I bend over and whisper, “Hold on to something,” in his ear. Then I start pounding him with such vigor that it stuns even me. At first no sound escapes from his open mouth, but after a few more powerful thrusts the moans explode from his lips. He desperately buries his face in the pillow, but they do very little to stifle the cries of intense pleasure. I spank his sexy bubble butt as I fuck him mercilessly, which only seems to make him want more and more. I reach forward and grab a handful of his hair and jerk his head out of the pillow, so that now he’s supporting himself on his hands and knees with his back arched, which gives me deeper access into his already ravaged intestines. One hand on his hips and the other gripping his hair I switch into overdrive and start assaulting Elijah’s ass like a fucking jackhammer.

Our moans are now so loud that I’m sure the neighbors can hear us, but I don’t care. Let them hear us. Let them hear me fuck Elijah’s brains out. Let them hear all of it. I don’t fucking care! I half expect them to come knocking on the front door to tell us to keep it down.

“Jason,” Elijah gasps, “Jason, oh my God, Jason…”

“You like that dick, baby?”

“Yes, I fucking love it!”

“You like it when I fuck you hard like this?”

“Yes, Jason, yes! I fucking love it when you fuck me hard!”

His voice has an almost pleading tone to it and it turns me on even more. It energizes me and gives me the energy boost to go even harder and deeper. And he fucking loses it. With a long drawn out moan/groan/scream I feel his sphincter clamp down on my dick and I know that he’s spraying the sheets with cum. The tightness of his ass in combination with my vigorous shafting creates a friction that’s too much for me and takes me over the edge.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” I scream as the orgasm overtakes me. I slam my dick in one last time and shoot spurt after spurt after spurt of cum deep in Elijah’s ass. I shoot at least I don’t know how many times inside of him, before the climax subsides and the only sound to be heard is our labored breathing. I don’t want to pull out just yet, but my dick has other ideas; it’s already softening, which tells me how spent it really is after three mind-blowing orgasms in one day. Elijah’s body is trembling and I see that he’s struggling to support himself, so I pull him up to me, my semi-hard dick still buried inside of him, and wrap my arms around his trembling body.

“I love you, Elijah,” I whisper as I kiss his neck. “I fucking love you.”

He reaches back to stroke my hair. “I love you, too, Jason… Now let’s get these sheets off before this mess stains the mattress.”

I snicker and release him from my embrace. My now almost flaccid cock slips out of Elijah’s gaping hole, immediately followed by a steady stream of watered down cum. The sight of my baby makers streaming down his legs and onto the mattress almost gets me hard again. Almost. But my cock is spent and the fatigue is setting in.

“Ah, shit,” Elijah curses, “I can’t hold it in. Your monster cock stretched my hole beyond its limits.” He looks at me over his shoulder with a sly grin as the flow of cum simmers down to a mere trickle. He jumps off the bed and hops to the bathroom, leaving me to remove the cum-stained sheets. I bundle them up and aim at the laundry basket in the corner of my room.

I hear the water running in the bathroom and walk over to join Elijah. I take a moment to admire the vision before me: he’s standing with his back to me, the spray of hot water cascading over his beautifully toned body. From his head to his shoulders, his back, his magnificent ass, and finally down his legs, deliciously toned from years and years of dancing. I am in awe of him. Elijah is beautiful. I don’t say that enough. And not just his body, but as a person as well. Sure, he has his flaws, but who doesn’t? To me he’s the living embodiment of perfection.

I step into the bathroom as he grabs a bar of Irish Spring. “Allow me,” I say and take the bar from him. Then I slowly begin to soap him up, starting with his shoulders and neck, then his arms and back. I skip his bubble butt and, squatting down, I start washing his legs, making sure to get rid of the remaining streaks of drying cum. His ass is in my face and I get the irresistible urge to bite it… and I do. With a startled yelp Elijah jumps up and I can barely contain my laughter.

“Sorry,” I laugh, “I couldn’t resist.”

“Yeah, whatever, finish bathing me, slave,” he jokes.

“Yes, master,” I say in my most submissive voice and start washing his ass. First the cheeks, then I slide one finger into his chute to clean it out thoroughly.

“Fuck,” Elijah moans, “it’s so fucking tender.” His legs start trembling and he steadies himself against the tiled wall. “Fuck, it feels so good…”

I take this as an invitation and bury my face between his ass cheeks and let my tongue do the rest of the work. I get a taste of my sperm mixed with Elijah’s ass juices and it’s the most intoxicating blend of flavor I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. It tastes like raw, untamed, animalistic sex and I fucking love it. I have to share this with him, so I suck as much of the mixture into my mouth, stand up and turn Elijah towards me, then I kiss him. A hot wet sloppy kiss with lots of tongue and spit. He moans as my tongue snakes into his mouth and he gets a taste of the flavor of pure sex. We make out hungrily for a few minutes, until we hear the front door open downstairs.

“Is that a dog?!” It would appear that dad has spotted Appa.

“Oh, it’s adorable!” I hear Kimmy squeal.

“Mom and dad are home,” I say, breaking the kiss.

“Yeah, but I don’t want you to leave,” he says.

“If you don’t want me to, I won’t.” And that’s when I notice that we’re both rock hard again!

“I’ve always wanted you to fuck me in the shower,” he says softly.

“Well, now’s your chance,” I say with a smile. “Turn around…”

Without protest, Elijah does what I ask, sticks out his ass and wiggles it for me. I grab hold of his hips and slide into him effortlessly. Balls deep without any resistance. He whimpers something unintelligible, but I take that as a good sign and start moving my hips, slowly making love to the man of my dreams. I wrap my arms around his torso and pull him close to me, so that our bodies seem to melt together under the spray of hot water. I kiss his neck and gently nibble on one of his earlobes.

“I love you,” I whisper for the thousandth time.

“I love you too, Jason,” Elijah breathes and rests his head on my shoulder, letting the pleasure take him to new heights.

I make love to him for almost twenty minutes, before he asks me to make him cum. My hands slide down his abs, I grab hold of his dick and start stroking him to the rhythm of my slow and steady thrusts. I want to time this perfectly. I want us to cum together as one single entity, not two separate beings. I can tell that he’s loving this; he keeps letting out these soft choked out whimpers, not being able to moan out loud for fear of our parents downstairs hearing us.

“I’m gonna cum, Jason,” Elijah gasps softly.

“Yeah, me too,” I whispers in his ear. “Do you think you could cum without waking up half the neighborhood…?”

He manages to snicker, but even that is dripping with the pleasure that I’m giving him. “You seem to be laboring under the delusion that I’m going to… cum quietly…”

I withdraw and slam into him quick, drawing a startled yelp from his luscious lips, after which I resume the slow and steady pace, while still stroking him. “Hmmm, quoting Dumbledore… So fucking hot… You make me proud…”

“You… mother… fucker…” Elijah breathes. “Make me cum, you bastard. Make me cum!”

With a chuckle I pick up the pace a little bit and when he warns me that he’s going to cum, I place one hand over his mouth, while continuing to stroke him with the other, and bite down on his neck to stifle my own moans as we both reach our climax. Elijah sprays the tiled walls with ropes of thick cum and I flood his insides for the second time tonight. He’s almost screaming in my hand and I bite his neck so hard that I’m afraid I’m about to draw blood. Finally, our orgasms subside and I remove my hand from Elijah’s mouth.

“Oh my God,” he whispers shakily. “Oh my fucking Jesus… That was intense… I can’t anymore… Holy shit, I’m done… You wore me out…” And he snickers.

“You’re welcome,” I say and lick the spot on his neck where I’ve left my teeth marks.

“Did you mark me?”

“Yeah, you’re mine now.”

Elijah turns around, yanking my semi-erection from his ravished hole, takes my face in his hands and kisses me. “I’m yours for as long as you want me.”

“So forever?”

“You can’t know that for sure.”

“I do.”

“You’re such a hopeless romantic.”

“I know.”

“And I love you for it.”

“I love you, too…”

We finish washing the scent of sex from our tired bodies and towel each other off. Inch by beautiful inch I dry Elijah’s body and am again in awe by the beauty of it. “You’re fucking beautiful,” I say with a sigh.

“You say that a lot.”

“Because it’s true.”

“I’m going to brush my teeth.”

And as he goes back into the bathroom I take fresh sheets from the closet and make the bed. I’m just finishing up when Elijah wraps his arms around me and buries his face between my shoulder blades. Then he kicks my legs from under me and we tumble onto the bed. He starts giggling like an overexcited three-year old and we wrestle for a bit, until we both collapse, weary from our love-making. Surprisingly, we’re not hard, which is a good thing, I guess. I don’t know if I could muster up enough energy to cum for the fifth time in one day. And I doubt Elijah’s ass could take another beating. He rests his head on my heaving chest and I stroke his damp hair, while he’s holding my free hand, our fingers interlaced. It’s funny. A few weeks ago I’d convinced myself that I was neither gay nor bisexual, yet here I was high on love for another guy.




“What about fisting?”

“Ever tried it?”


“Do you want t—”


“Why not?”

“Jason, tell me this… Would you want a fist up your ass?”


“End of discussion.”

I snicker. “Such dominance. I love it.”

“At least buy me dinner first, before asking such crude questions.”

I hear the drowsiness in his voice and I’m suddenly aware of how tired I am. It’s been a long day filled with a sexual release. I yawn. “Okay.”

“Okay what…?”

“I’ll take you out to dinner.”

“Like a date?”



I hear nothing more from him, so I assume that he’s fallen asleep. I yawn again and Morpheus takes me to his realm of dreams and nightmares. He’s merciful tonight, allowing to shape my own dream; a dream where Elijah and I are together in each other’s arms, floating in space with planets and stars swirling all around us. No one else is there. Just the two of us. But that’s more than enough. That’s all we need.



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