Chapter 4.1: The Big Bad Wolf

Our perfectly peaceful white picket fence neighborhood has been shaken up by a series of robberies by unknown assailants. The last couple of nights a gang of four members had broken into thirteen homes, but stole nothing. The authorities were almost convinced that the crimes were being committed for the sake of committing them and I could totally understand that. There are some people out there who get off on the weirdest shit, and breaking into homes isn’t even the weirdest of them all.

I turn the TV off, bored with the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and go up to my room, briefly stopping in front of Jason’s to hear if he’s inside, but there’s only silence, not even his loud snoring, to which I’ve unknowingly grown so accustomed to. He hasn’t been home in more than a week and I’m starting to worry. I’m sure he’s fine and is probably crashing at Jeff’s or (God forbid) Amy’s, but I would feel so much better if he were here instead. With me. But I guess he needs his space to figure things out for himself.

With a sigh I enter my room. In one fluid motion I jump on the bed and cover myself in my star-spangled covers. But the Sandman appears to not want to visit me tonight, since my eyes refuse to close and sleep eludes me. After trying for more than an hour to get some shut-eye, I decide that it’s a lost battle and throw the covers off me. I need something to drink. A glass of milk, maybe.

I descend the stairs and go into the kitchen, when all of a sudden, I’m standing face to face with a masked figure. We stand there glaring at each other in the dark for at least a whole minute, before either of us moves. The intruder steps towards me, intent on doing God knows what and all I can do is stand there, frozen in fear. Years and years of self-defense classes go out the window now that I’m staring one of Death’s agents in the face.

The masked man takes another step towards me and I swear that I can feel his eyes raking over my half naked body. I am wearing my blue sleeping shorts and I suddenly feel very vulnerable and exposed. What are the chances of a possibly homosexual robber breaking into the house I live in? But it’s evident that he’s looking me up and down. My suspicions are further confirmed when he reaches down and grabs hold of the rapidly swelling bulge in his jeans.

Oh shit, this is it. This is where I get raped by a masked stranger.

The man is breathing heavily and my eyes drift to the hand squeezing his now very obvious erection and I must admit that it turns me on, if even a little. I involuntarily bite my lip, blood slowly engorging my now not so flaccid dick.

This situation is totally whack! This man could slit my throat at any moment and here I am making scandalous gestures, inviting him to ravish me in any which way he wanted. My eyes have adjusted to the dark and I can vaguely make out his muscular frame. Hmm, just my luck, a hot convict. That turns me on even more! I take a step towards him, then another and another, until I am standing right in front of him. I reach out to the hand squeezing his bulge and cover it with my own. His free hand goes around my waist and pulls close to him, my naked upper body pressed against his clothed chest, and our erections mashed together.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he sighs as he grinds up against me, his voice muffled by the black ski mask.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I snicker.

He pushes me against counter and heaves me up unto it. I immediately wrap my legs around his waist and pull him close to me. What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I really about to get hot and heavy with a guy whose intention was to rob me and my family blind? Yes, I am! I am deprived. I am depressed. I am in need of a man’s touch. And Jason’s to blame for that. I mean, who says “I love you” to a person after fucking their brains out, only to not talk to and avoid said person for more than a week? Jason, that’s who.

“Can I kiss you?” he asks, which I find very strange. He has me in a very vulnerable position and he is asking for permission to kiss me, instead of demanding or simply doing it?

Instead of answering I roll up his ski mask to just below his nostrils, exposing his lips. I notice that his skin tone is darker than mine. Is he black? The thought sends another surge of excitement to my rock hard cock and without hesitation I mash my lips into his and feel his stubble tickle my chin and cheeks. My hand goes to the back of his head and is greeted by a set of thick curls. Okay, maybe he isn’t entirely black. Mixed raced maybe? Oh, I’ve always wanted to fuck a hybrid!

The stranger suddenly breaks the kiss, reaches into his back pocket and takes out a phone. The glare of the screen blinds me for a few seconds and illuminates his lips. I want nothing more than to kiss him again, but before I can do so, he moves away from between my legs.

“Shit,” he says, shoving the phone back into his pocket and rolling the mask back down over his beautiful lips. “I’ve gotta go.” I say and do nothing as he turns around. “I hope to see you again,” he says before disappearing out of the kitchen.

I just sit there on the kitchen counter in the dark, the sound of silence deafening and my heart racing. Then the frustration sets in. “Fuck!” I scream, not caring if I wake anyone up, which I do, because a minute later the kitchen lights flicker on and David walks in.

“What was that all about?” he asks gruffly. “Everything okay?” Is that a vague trace of concern I detect in his voice? Nah, it’s probably my imagination. David doesn’t do concern.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” I explain matter-of-factly, “someone broke into the house, but other than that, all is well.”

His eyes go wide. “What?”

“Yeah, but they didn’t steal anything.”

David then nods, somehow understanding something that I don’t even understand, and leaves the kitchen to check the locks on the doors and windows around the house. He enters the kitchen again. “Go to bed, Elijah,” he mutters and leaves.

I hop off the counter only to realize that I haven’t had my drink yet. “I need to go out,” I say out loud as I pour myself a glass of milk. And I’m right. I have to go out and have some fun. Get my mind off Jason and whatever the fuck just happened. I check the clock above the stove. 03:00 AM. Hmm, maybe Patricia is still up. Of course she is, the bitch is a fucking night owl.

“Sup, slut,” I text.

“Nothin’ much, skank,” she replies almost instantly.

“Today’s Saturday.”

“Yeah? What do you have in mind? :)”

“Need to let off some steam. If you know what I mean…”

“Oh, I know exactly what you mean.”

“Rally the girls.”

“Even Monique?”

Especially Monique.”

“Got it, doll. ;)”

“Catch you later, bitch. :*”

“Later, ho. :*”

I chuckle as I put my phone down on the counter and empty the glass in one breath. Patricia is one of the few people at the Academy that I don’t want to push in front of a moving car. I guess you could say that she’s my best friend. Together with Ladyboy Samuel, who we just hang around with because he’s a hoot, and Johanna, who was Mr. Darren’s niece, we made quite the team.

Oh, the adventures we’ve had just the three of us, with the occasional cameo appearance by Monique, who was the wall flower type, the quiet one who blew all of us away when she started to dance and sing. Everybody noticed her than. But she was an introvert and never really mingled with anybody, which is why Patricia always makes an effort to include her in some of our escapades.

With a belly full of milk and plans for later tonight, I dive into bed and almost instantly fall asleep, dreaming of things and stuff and people.

“Ooh la la, Elijah,” my mother chirps, “where the party at? Whoot, whoot!” She makes a “raise the roof gesture” and gracefully dances towards me. I take her into my arms, saying, “Never ever do or say that again,” and we waltz around the living room to David’s amusement/annoyance. He has an amused look on one half of his face, but the other half seems to be annoyed at me and my mother as we move back and forth in front of the TV screen. He’s probably counting his lucky stars; seeing my mother dance is a rare sight and shows people a glimpse of the amazing dancer she once was and probably still is if she would just get over the fact that her career-ending injury will never properly heal and that she could get back up on that saddle, even if only for fun.

I twirl her away from me and gracefully bow at her, which she answers with a curtsy, holding an imaginary dress between the index finger and thumb of both her hands.

“Always a pleasure, milady,” I drawl in an exaggerated British accent.

“The pleasure is all mine, milord,” she drawls in reply, her voice high and throaty.

“Haha,” I mock laugh.

“Hoho,” she answers.

And then we both burst out laughing and I swear that David has the tiniest hint of smile on his handsome face. My mom flops down next to him and kisses him on the cheek, then lays her head on his shoulder. It’s literally the sweetest thing ever and I can’t help but smile. My parents make a cute couple and I’m thankful to David for making my mother so happy. I can safely say that she’s over my father’s death and where that should make me sad and angry, it makes me so very happy. Because if mom is happy, then so am I.

“To answer your question,” I say as I flop down next to my mother and lay my head on her shoulder, “I’m going out with the girls. It’s been a busy week and I need some distractions.”

“Oh, honey, everything okay at the Academy?” I hear the concern in her voice.

“Everything’s fine at school, mom, I’ve just got a lot on my mind. Guess I’m a  little tense with the recent break-ins in the neighborhood.”

“Oh, yes, we’ve been lucky so far.”

I am again thankful for David. If he had told my mom that I had come face to face with one of the robbers, she would have a cow. “Yeah, we have. But I think it was just a bunch of weirdos who get a kick out of breaking into people’s homes.”

“That’s what Yvonne said the other day. Well, don’t let us keep you. Go and have fun.” She pats me on my thigh.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” I kiss her on the cheek and get up off the couch. “How do I look?” I ask and stand in front of my parents with my hands on my hips, blocking the TV, much to David’s annoyance.

“Oh my, darling,” my mom shrieks. “If you were a few years older, not my son, and a heterosexual, I’d be all over you in an instant.”

“Eew. Mom.”

“Yes, Kimmy, eew,” David agrees with me. The wonders have not yet left this world!

“Oh, I’m sorry,” my mom sighs, but I can tell that she’s not. “You’ll have the boys and girls fawning over you!”

“David?” I tease with a knowing smirk.

He stares daggers at me, but there’s a glint of amusement in his eyes. “Yeah, sure, whatever,” he grunts. “Now move out of the way. I’m trying to watch something.”

“As you wish, milord, milady,” I say again in my British voice and bow deeply. “I shall take my leave now. À toute à l'heure!” With that I take my leave to add the finishing touches to my appearance. As I look at myself in the full-length mirror in the hall, I can see what my mom had meant. I look fucking hot. I’m wearing a red tight fitting shirt and blue jeans that hugged my thighs and ass snugly. On my feet I have a pair of high tops; I’m not a fan of the dying hype, but they look so damn good on my feet. My face is what really stands out though. I’m not one for make-up, but tonight I feel like applying some eyeliner that really makes the blue of my eyes pop.

“I’d totally fuck me,” I say softly.

“What was that?” my mother calls from the living room.

“Nothing, mother!” I call back.

Beep, beep!

That’s probably Patricia and the girls. I tell my parents that I’m leaving and am greeted by Patricia and Johanna’s shrieks of appreciation as I walk up to the car, sure to give them a little show, while they egg me on by chanting, “Go ‘Lijah! Go ‘Lijah!”

“Oh my God, you fucking homo,” Johanna shouts over the chanting, “you look fucking hot! Whooo!” She’s wearing a red dress with black stripes, which shows off the curves of her voluptuous body.

“Okay, okay, okay, enough of that,” Samuel finally interjects, checking himself in the rearview mirror. “You look hot and we all wanna fuck you, but we have a club to attend to, so get in the fucking car, so we can fucking leave.” As always Samuel is dressed to impress; he’s sure to turn more than a few heads when we get to the club with his blonde hair and pale flawless skin.

“Yeah, Sammy,” I laugh and roll my eyes, “no need to be jealous. You’re still the prettiest one of us all.” And I kiss him on the cheek as I sit in the seat behind him. That seems to satisfy him because he has that look of triumph on his face.

“I know, darling,” he says with a sly smile, “I know.”

“Where’s Monique?” I ask to no one in particular.

“We’re picking her up now,” Patricia says. “I’m still surprised she agreed to come with us. Take a turn here, Sam. I guess she likes hanging with us.” Patricia is by far the most casual dressed of us all, wearing a green top and yellow jeans with a pair of sneakers on her feet.

“Uhm, yeah, she likes hanging with us,” Samuel says, while rolling his eyes. “We’re fucking awesome. And sexy.”

“Yeah, that’s probably it,” I joke. “Or maybe she has the hots for you and wants to be close to you every chance she gets.”

Samuel scoffs. “As if! She should be so lucky.”

“We’re here. Give the horn a little tap.”

Samuel presses down hard on the horn and the sound blares throughout the neighborhood. All of us in the car cover our ears instantly, until he removes his hands from the center pad of the steering wheel and innocently bats his eyes at the three of us.

“What the actual fu—” Patricia starts, but at that moment the front door of the house bursts open and Monique comes stumbling out, looking bewildered and holding a baseball bat, ready to beat the living crap out of anyone who dared approach her. She’s wearing a white top that exposes her flat stomach and white pants, with a pair of white designer heels on her feet. Her standing there dressed like that holding a baseball bat, reminds of a scene in Kill Bill; the only thing that’s missing is blood all over her outfit and pieces of brain dripping from the bat.

“Relax, darling,” Samuel calls out to her, “it’s just us!”

Monique seems to just now notice us and a smile creeps up her face. “One second!” she disappears into the house and returns seconds later with a white purse in the bat’s place. This is a totally different person I’m seeing right now, compared to the mousy introverted powerhouse that I’m used to seeing at the Academy.

“Oh my God, girl,” Samuel squeals as Monique enters the car, “you look fucking fierce!”

“So fucking fierce,” Johanna adds.

“The fiercest!” Patricia whoops.

“Thanks, guys,” Monique giggles and blushes.

“Next stop?” Samuel asks.

“Club Banger Nation!” all of us, including Monique, shout in unison and Samuel speeds off.

What’s Club Banger Nation, you ask? Only the newest, hottest, sexiest club in town. It caters to all sexes, orientations, and races. Everyone in search for a good time, no matter what walk of life you’re from, will surely find it here. The building used to be a butter factory, which was shut down a million years ago, and was bought up a few years by a group of young entrepreneurs, who wanted to open a club dedicated to today’s generation.

The cue was the longest I’ve ever seen. The grand opening was a few months ago, but the club was still very popular, packed full of writhing, horny bodies every single night of the week. If it wasn’t attended by the locals, it was the foreigners who went in to party for sure. It’s only my second time here and I can vividly remember the first time.

Samuel nudges me. “Look who it is,” he whispers, loud enough so all of us can hear. He nods to the bouncer at the door, but I don’t recognize him. Neither do the rest. “Ugh, you guys are useless,” he groans, rolling his eyes. “That’s Alejandro!”

“Who?” Monique squeaks.

“Alejandro? My ex-lover?” He looks at all of us one by one.

“Oh!” Johanna exclaims. “Alejandro!”

“Yes, Alejandro!” Patricia joins in.

“I remember Alejandro well,” Monique squeaks again, catching on quick to what the others are doing, mischief dancing in her pretty eyes.

“Wasn’t Alejandro the one that made you cum hands-free?” I say, trying my hardest to hold in my laughter, but that’s when the dam breaks and the others and I burst out laughing.

Samuel’s eyes shoot daggers at us. He abruptly turns around and prances over to the bouncer, shaking his hips as he does so. He taps the large Hispanic man on the shoulder and they have a casual conversation. The man does seem to recognize Samuel, since his face lights up into a smile and he doesn’t seem to mind Samuel’s hands as they roam all over his muscular frame. Samuel then points at us and the man named Alejandro looks over and waves; we wave back. Then he turns back to Samuel and they continue their conversation, Samuel shamelessly flirting with the hulking man. I see Alejandro nod and then Samuel calls, “Let’s go, bitches, we’re going in!” “See you later, papi,” I hear him purr as me and the girls join him at the front of the cue.

“Later, Alejandro,” Johanna and Patricia screech in their best imitation of snobby school girls and Monique mutters a silent “thank you”.

“Later, mamacitas,” he smiles, and winks at me.

“Don’t let Sammy see that or he’ll have my head,” I joke.

“I’ll be giving him my head later tonight, so don’t worry,” he chuckles, and winks at me again.

Alejandro is totally not my type, too much muscle, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed either. I wink back at him and enter the club where I’m immediately blinded by flashes of multi-colored strobe lights and deafened by the thumping bass of techno beats. I feel it in my chest and in my groin and I fucking love it! This is it! This is what I need! I lose track of the girls almost instantly, but I don’t worry. I’ll find them later tonight, probably with their tongues down a random stranger’s throat. Oh, how I love these sluts.

I wriggle my way through the see of gyrating bodies to the bar and order a drink. I always limit the amount of drinks I have in a club to one or two and let the rest be bought for me. And tonight is going to be no exception, especially with the way I look. I’m hot and I know it. And some guys really get off on that, the confidence. I just stand at the bar sipping my drink, listening to the music, and letting it guide my movements. It’s not long before I feel a presence next to me. Expecting to see a hot stud wanting to buy me drink, I find Patricia instead, shortly followed by Johanna, Monique and Samuel.

“We though we lost you, you skank,” she shouts over the music, but I can still barely hear her.

“I though lost you, you filthy whores,” I shout back and we all start laughing. They all order a drink and I’m surprised to see Monique drinking alcohol. And by the way she’s drinking, it’s definitely not her first time. Today is full of surprises and revelations.

I find myself sighing with relief when the DJ decides to play a slow R&B jam. “Oh my God, I can hear,” I exclaim.

“See any cute guys?” Johanna asks.

“I’ve seen plenty, but I’m saving myself for later,” Samuel quips.

“Ooh, Alejandro,” Patricia moans.

“Yes, Alejandro,” Johanna joins in.

“Mmm, Papi,” Monique squeals, shocking all of us. It’s quiet for a moment, but then we all burst out laughing and order a second drink.

“Looks who’s coming out of her shell,” I laugh, nudging Monique.

“I needed this,” she says. “Thank you for inviting me.”

“Hey, what are friends for?”

“Well, friends are for fucking, then regretting that you fucked them, and then continue being friends with them only to mention the fact that the two of you fucked in casual conversation, while you’re out having fun in the best club in town.” Samuel says this in one breath and draws another silence from the rest of us. “Sorry not sorry,” he announces and downs the rest of his drink.

“That was oddly specific,” Monique whispers loud enough for us to hear.

“It was,” I say with a knowing grin. It was my junior year at the Academy when I met Samuel. He was a bit too flamboyant for my taste, but I saw underneath his sarcastic remarks and cold bitch demeanor and we became friends. Then, one night when we stayed late after dance class, he came unto me. I didn’t reject him, because I was horny as hell and I fucked him in one of the shower stalls. It went exactly as he mentioned it just then: we fucked, we regretted it, and we continued being friends. No one knows about what happened, not even Patricia and Johanna.

“Anyway,” Samuel says as the slow track comes to an end, “I’m off to go dance with people who do want to fuck me. Later, bitches!” And with that he disappears into the sea of bodies that is whipped into a frenzy by the next song. The thumping starts again and Patricia motions that she’s going on the dancefloor. I nod and she drags Johanna with her, leaving me alone with Monique. Oh, did I not tell you that Patricia and Johanna are totally fucking? Yeah, they are, but they refuse to make things official because of reasons. But I have a feeling that it will happen soon; they would make a cute couple. I turn to Monique with a smile, but she’s distracted by the tongue of a hot blonde that’s snaking its way down her throat. Her hands are on his muscular neck and his are on her hips.

“I’ll leave you kids to it,” I shout and to my surprise Monique gives me a thumbs up. I laugh and decide it’s time for me to show these amateurs how to move like fucking Jagger. I’m quickly swept up by the beat of the song and it describes exactly what I feel the moment I start moving my hips.

When we hit the floor, it’s like the whole world disappears,” the woman sings and that’s what happens when I start dancing: the world fucking disappears. “Just the DJ, you, and me,” she continues. The only thing missing in this case was this you-person she mentions, but it’s not long before he shows up. I feel his hands on my hips and he pulls me against him. I reach up and entangle my fingers in his thick curls, resting my head on his shoulder, and grinding my ass against his crotch, which is beginning to swell with excitement. He’s a real gentleman, only ever so slightly humping his erection into my ass, not manhandling me like I’ve seen guys to do girls.

I shiver when I feel his lips on my neck and my grip on his curls tightens. The song ends and the DJ spins the newest Ariana single, a sultry and sexy tune about female empowerment that awakens something inside me. I grind my body against his to the slow beat and he answers my movements with thrusts of his own. I want to see who this guy is, so I spin myself around, immediately throwing my arms around his neck and pressing up against him, and that’s when I stare into the most lust-filled eyes, accentuated by the strobe lights, which obscure the color of his skin. But they can’t hide the most luscious set of lips attached to this sexy man.

My hands travel up his neck into his curls and he bites his lip seductively, successfully sending another shiver up my spine. Without further hesitation I pull his face to mine and our lips lock in probably one of the most intense kisses of my entire fucking life. They seem vaguely familiar, but I can’t really place where I’ve kissed them before. We lose ourselves in a blur of lips, tongues and teeth for the remainder of the song, until somebody bumps into us, disrupting the sexually charged moment. The person who interrupted disappears in the sea of frenzied bodies, so I can’t physically assault them.

The guy leans in and screams, “Do you want to get out of here?” over the sound of the loud music, and I nod almost immediately. I hold up my finger signaling him to wait a minute and fish my phone out of my pocket to text Patricia.

“I’m out, bitch,” I text, “keep an eye on Monique. She’s at the bar.” I hit send and look over to the bar to see if Monique is indeed still there. She is. Still kissing up a storm, but not with the same guy. Haha. The filthy slut.

I then turn to the hot stranger, who had patiently waited while I texted Patricia, and mouth, “Let’s go,” to him. He takes my hand and leads me out of the club. The hallway leading to the exit is cluttered with couples and groups in various stages of undress going at each other like a pack of hungry wolves. I shiver with disgust. Group sex in public places scares the living shit out of me.

The stranger must have seen me pull a face, because he ask me what’s wrong. It’s a lot easier to hear him now that the music is dulled and muffled by the distance we put between us and it. I shake my head and tell him that everything’s fine. The wall is lined with some type fluorescent wallpaper in different shades of red, pink and blue, so other than the fact that I can tell that he’s hot as all hell, I’m not able to say with certainty what his ethnicity is. He nods and smiles at me and leads out of the hallway and out the door.

The cold night air hits my exposed skin and I’m glad that I hadn’t gotten wasted. The sudden exposure would have felled me for sure and the girls would have had to drag me home. I take a deep breath and exhale, then I turn to the stranger and the sight of him just takes my breath away. He has light brown skin with a set of thick curls on his head; his eyes are a pale blue; a white t-shirt hugs his muscular torso tightly, which accentuates his defined pecs and six pack abs; the blue jeans he’s wearing are snuggly hugging his muscular thighs and (I assume) bubble butt.

But what really grabs my attention is the erection that’s snaking its way down his right thigh, pressing against the thick fabric of his jeans. The poor thing must be gasping for air and I want nothing more than to put it out of its misery and free it from its denim confines, and suck it into my warm mouth, but sadly I’m not one for public sex. My eyes drift back up his body until they rest on the smile plastered on his beautiful face.

“You like what you see?” he asks in a deep, yet soothing voice.

“Uhm, yes?” I say with a laugh and move closer to him, until our bodies are pressed close together. “Do you like what you see?” I whisper, while I run my hands along the side of his face. He has a light stubble, which that only adds to his sexiness.

As an answer his hands travel from my shoulder blades to my ass. He slaps the fleshy mounds one by one, then grabs hold of them. “What do you think?” he growls with an almost wolf-like grin and I let out a small gasp. I feel like Little Red Riding Hood being seduced by the Big Bad Wolf.

“I think we’re going to have little to no sleep tonight,” I answer with a slight shiver. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

He kisses me, then takes my hand and leads me away from Club Banger Nation. I look back and see Alejandro observing us with a knowing grin. He waves at me and I wave back with a smile.

“I live only a few blocks from here,” the stranger says and I can swear that I’ve heard his voice somewhere before. It’s really starting to bother me that I’m getting the feeling that I know this guy. And then it hits me!

“Wait,” I say.

“What’s up? Having second thoughts?” he asks with a grin.

“Hell no. I just want to check something.” And without warning I push him up against the nearest wall and attack his lips with mine. He’s a bit taken aback at first, but soon gets into the rhythm of it and kisses me back. I groan into his mouth and grind up against him hard, all ten fingers tangled in his thick curls. I feel his cock twitch and he groans, “Shit,” which convinces me. I push myself off him and point an accusatory finger at him.

“You were in my house last night!”

His eyes go wide for a fraction of a second, but then a smile spreads across his face and I can’t help but swoon internally at how fucking gorgeous he is. “Yes. Yes, I was,” he says, still smiling.


“That’s a hard question to answer.”

“I should turn you in.”

“But you won’t. Besides, I didn’t steal anything.”

“You’re wrong. You stole one thing… my heart.” And I leap into his strong arms and he hugs me tightly and whispers sweet nothings in my ear. He confesses his love to me and asks me to move in with him. Three months into our relationship he proposes and I say yes. My parents can’t believe it, they’re so happy for me.

That’s how things would go if we starred in a corny soap opera. But this is real fucking life, not a telenovela and I’m a bit pissed, yet so very turned on. “No, you didn’t steal anything,” I say, “but that doesn’t excuse you breaking into my home and having your way with me.”

“In my defense, you were the one who made the first move,” he chuckles.

“Ugh! You have an answer for everything, don’t you?” I exclaim, suddenly very frustrated.

“Not everything, but most things, yes.” The grin on his face is so fucking cocky that I want nothing more than to punch his fucking lights out, but then I feel fit of laughter bubbling up.

I try to force it down, but it’s stronger, and the dam burst and I’m laughing out loud, holding my aching stomach and trying to catch my breath. The stranger has a puzzled, but amused look on his face and raises an eyebrow.

“You okay?” he asks with a small chuckle.

I don’t answer, but lunge at him and pin him against the wall again. “I’m fucking great,” I whisper and nibble on his earlobe, which makes him groan, and I snake my tongue into his ear, which makes him jump. “Now take me back to your place, so we can fuck until the morning light.”

His Big Bad Wolf persona returns and he grins at me, a mixture of excitement, amusement, and lust twinkling in his pale blue eyes. “You don’t have to me tell twice,” he growls and takes my hand again. “I’m Nicholas, by the way,” he says after we had walked in silence for a few minutes.


“That’s a beautiful name.”

“I’d rather be called Sir Maxwell of Faggenworth, but my mom insisted on Elijah. I had no say in the matter whatsoever.”

He chuckles. “You’re cute and funny. I like that.”

Even though I’ve heard that line many times before, I still blush. “Yeah?”


We walk the rest of the way in silence, until he pulls out a set key and opens the door to a building that seems very much abandoned. “Is this where you reveal to me that you’re a psycho killer, and butcher me to death only to afterwards have your way with my lifeless corpse?” I ask, only half joking.

“No, not tonight, babe,” he chuckles. “I want to fuck that tight ass of yours while you’re alive first. We’ll see about the murder and necrophilia later.” He winks at me and what he said sends a shiver down my spine and blood rushing to my cock. “Come on in.” I step into a dark hallway and he leads me by the hand up a flight of stairs. We enter another hallway, he pulls out his keys again and opens the first door. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

I enter his apartment and get a slight painter vibe from it. I say that because there were dozens of paintings hanging on or leaning against all the walls; blank canvasses, paint brushes, and buckets and tubes of paint are strewn throughout the place. I’m in awe, but he doesn’t give me the chance to take in my surroundings. I hear the door slam shut behind me and the lock click, the I feel his rock hard pecs, abs, and cock against my backside. He runs his hands from my neck to my chest to my stomach along my sides and cups the bulge in my pants.

“Hmm, someone’s eager to get the party started,” he whispers in my ear.

His breath tickles and I giggle. “I’ve been wanting to get this party started the moment we left the club.”

“Well then, let’s get to it,” he growls and before I know it, we’re both naked and on his bed with him between my legs, his veiny 9-incher rapidly pounding my ass. We groan and moan in each other’s mouths, his tongue is lodged in my throat and my hands explore his beautiful body. He keeps fucking me in this position until his thrusts become irregular and I know that he’s about to cum. He rips his lips away from and lets out an almost animalistic growl and slams his dick in me a couple more times, before he explodes into the condom and collapses on top of me.

“Fuck,” he pants and rolls off me. “You haven’t cum yet,” he remarks as he carefully removes the used condom and his hefty dick flops against his thigh. He throws the condom somewhere beside the bed.

“No, I was close, but no worries. I was promised a night of non-stop fucking and I doubt that the Big Bad Wolf is done with this ass.” I roll over onto my stomach and smack my ass.

“Big Bad Wolf?” he asks.

“Never mind,” I say with a chuckle. I notice that he is rock hard again. “It looks like you’re ready to go again.”

“You know it,” he growls at me and rolls a fresh condom down his erection. “Hop on, cowboy!”

“Yeehaw!” I whoop and straddle his lap, slowly guiding his cock into my still gaping hole. I ride him slowly at first, but then he urges me to pick up the pace by smacking and jiggling my ass to which I comply. I start riding him like both our lives depend on it, until that familiar howl escapes his lips again and I know that he has cum once again.

“Fucking hell, Elijah,” he moans as he fills yet another condom.

I lean down and kiss him. “I should have warned you before you brought me into your home. I’m damn near insatiable…”

“Oh really?” he chuckles raising an eyebrow. “On your knees.”

I roll of him and position myself on all fours. I feel him shift behind me and look back; he’s rolling yet another fresh condom over his impressive boner, lubes it up a bit, and slides it back into my waiting hole

My eyes roll to the back of my head and I moan, “Fuck,” as I realize that he was the insatiable one. “You’re a fucking beast, Nick!”

“Oh, baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” he chuckles and grabs hold of my hips. “Brace yourself,” he warns.

“What—” And then he starts pounding me viciously, almost ferociously. It takes a few seconds for my body and mind to comprehend what’s happening, but when they do, I let out a long drawn scream/moan/groan. My eyes roll even further to the back of my head and I desperately claw at the bedsheets as my body is overwhelmed by the raw sexual energy. My body, my ass, and my cock are tingling all over and I fear that I’m going to pass out. But something tells me that he won’t stop once I do; he’s going to continue fucking my unconscious body until he climaxes for the third time.

“Oh my God, Nick,” I manage to gasp.

“You like that, baby?” he asks, never missing a fucking beat.

“I f-f-f-fucking lo-o-o-ove i-i-i-it,” I moan.

Nicholas suddenly grabs hold of the back of my neck and forces my head down into the pillows, so that my upper body is pressed against the mattress with my ass in the air. He stops briefly to get into position, then he starts pounding me again. The new position grants him deeper access and he fucks me like a fucking jackhammer for a full I don’t know how many minutes. It feels like a fucking eternity and his cock continuously and mercilessly slams into my prostate, flooding my already pleasure wrecked body with even more pleasure.

“Nick,” I whimper, “oh, Nick… Niiiiiiiiick… Fuck me, Nick… Fuck meeeeeee…” I damn near wail his name as the orgasm overtakes me and my cock, which has been flopping aimlessly against my stomach, explodes. The orgasm is so intense and I feel rope after rope after rope of cum shoot from the tip of my penis. The sensations in my dick and ass gang up on my feeble brain and knock me out cold before I even know what happens.

The next thing I know I’m being awakened by the sound of pots and pans coming from the kitchen. It takes a while for me to figure out where I am, then it all comes back to me. Club Banger Nation. Nicholas. The intense fuck. The blackout. I laugh at myself for losing consciousness and hop out of the bed. My body feels surprisingly well-rested; I half expect my legs to be jelly from last night, but they aren’t. My ass does feel a bit sore though, but that’s easily remedied.

“How do you like your coffee?” Nicholas asks when I enter the kitchen and sit down at the table. He’s completely naked with an apron draped around his neck, covering his front, but exposing his muscular ass. He moves from the stove to the table and places eggs and bacon and toast on two plates, then moves to the counter where he intends to pour coffee into two mugs.

“I don’t do coffee,” I tell him.

“Ah, I see, more of a tea person, huh?”

“Nope. Not even. It’s either juice, water, or milk for me.”

Nicholas turns to me and smiles. I expect him to make corny joke like, “I’ve got all the milk you need right here,” while he grabs his crotch, but he doesn’t. “As you wish,” he says instead and walks over to the fridge to retrieve a carton of milk and a bottle of orange juice. “Don’t have any water, so take your pick.”

“Juice, please.”

“Coming up,” he says, while handing me the bottle and a glass. “Dig in,” he announces and sits down.

We eat our breakfast in silence. I’m fascinated by his handsome face and the way his mouth rotates when he chews, licking the grease off his lips every now and then. I want to lunge at him and kiss him, but my growling stomach withholds me from doing so.

 “So when can I see you again?” I ask after we’re both finished and he gathers the dishes to wash them. His magnificent ass on display for me, making my mouth water. Only after he’s done with the dishes does he turn to face me.

“I would love that,” he says with a sad smile, “because you’re hot as hell and a real animal in the sack, but I think you have some unresolved issues with Jason.”

I’m taken aback and do a double take before saying, “How do you know about Jason?”

“Well, you screamed his name last night when you came like a fucking hurricane.”

Fuck, so it was Jason’s name that I called out, not Nicholas’! “Shit, I’m sorry…”

“Hey, don’t apologize. It’s cool. I’m glad you did. God knows what hell I would’ve gone through if we’d started dating and I found out later on that you’re in love with someone else and not me. It would’ve killed me.”

I don’t know what to say to that. “I’m sorry,” I want to say again, but the words catch in my throat. I say nothing instead.

He puts his hand on my cheek and strokes my cheekbone with his thumb. “Jason’s a lucky guy. I hope you and him both know that.” Then he leans in and kisses me. His kiss tastes like coffee and toast, like breakfast. “I’m sure he’ll come around.”

I bite my lip. “I hope so.”

“He will,” Nicholas says with a warm smile. There is no trace of the Big Bad Wolf from last night. The beast that had fucked my brains out the night before was nowhere to be seen and I no longer felt like Little Red Riding Hood. “He just needs time to figure shit out. What spooked him anyway?”

“He told me he loved me after he fucked me.”



“That’s rough.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Give him time. People rarely don’t mean those three little words.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Trust me.”

“Says the guy who broke into my home yesterday.”

“Touché.” Nicholas chuckles. “You’re a tough one, Elijah.”


“Yeah. Even if this Jason fella never speaks to you again, you’ll survive. I get that survivor vibe from you.”

“Well, yeah. To be gay in a world where your very being is frowned upon requires some form strength, whether it’s physical or emotional.”

“Hmm, cute, great in bed, and smart.”

“I fainted.”

“But your ass didn’t, now did it?”

I am momentarily stunned. “You…” My lips curl into a smile. “You continued fucking me after I passed out…?”

He shrugs nonchalantly, but his eyes have a playful twinkle in them. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“Do you usually take advantage of people while they’re unconscious?” I ask.

“Sometimes. Especially when they’re as flexible as you.” He winks at me.

I burst out laughing. “You’re a fucking beast, Nick.”

“I’ve been called worse,” he says and shrugs.

“Do you have energy in you for one more round?”

“I always have energy for a hot fucker like you.” He grins and the wolf is back. The realization sends a shiver down my spine and when he bends me over the table and fucks me so hard I’m afraid that he’s going to break it (and me) in two, I make a mental note to give Club Banger Nation a five star rating on Yelp.

Note from the author: It took longer than I expected to finally get around to posting the new chapter. I wanted to catch up on reading other stories on here, so yeah. So very, very sorry for the long wait. I promise that the next chapter will be up before you can say The Ballad of Jason and Elijah. :)

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