It was a stormy night in the late part of August, I was returning home from a relatives funeral out in Topeka, Kansas, I was comming into Kansas City, I had decided to get a bite to eat at a local fast food place and I stopped and got out and went in.

I noticed a young lad about maybe nineteen, or twenty, and I was kinda attracted to him, he had dark mysterious eyes, almost Indian black hair, his complection looked not Olive but rather tanned really well and he was drop dead gorgeous,not a muscle man but very nicely built, his white teeth almost glowed, and his face was like, almost picture perfect, he was carrying a back pack and looked like a hiker.

Well I got a bite to eat and when I looked up he had gone, I finished and got into my van, It is a conversion van with a sleeper, which I had used for campouts and such. It was the thing to have then.

I went over to the Wal-Mart up the street from the fast food restaurant and picked up a few things and stopped and filled up with gas and headed on down the road, I had killed about an hour and a half, just kinda shook the road dust off, I had about 200 miles yet to go to get home and I started down hiway 70 east toward St.Louis and was listing to the radio about the weather up ahead and the threat of rain on the trip was a strong possibility, While I was driving I started listening to music on the radio, I guess it was about dusk when I noticed Him, it was that young dude from the restaurant, Hitchhiking down the hiway, I felt sorta sorry for the dude and slowed down and pulled over to let him in. He shook my hand and said Hey man, I saw you in the Hamburger joint a while back didn't I? I said yea, He said that's cool dude, I said yea it is.

we talked about all sorts of things and he said man I have to take a crap, he said up ahead is a rest stop, do you mind pulling over, I said no man I need to piss anyway, he said awesome dude, I ask him how old he was He said twenty, I said cool he said Oh yea, my name is Rock Orlenwood, I said glad to meet you Rock, My name is Beryl, he said thats an unusual name, I said yea it was my grandfathers name, Most of my friends back in school just called me Barry, I said either is fine.

I pulled into the rest area and I noticed that Rock ran into the mens room and went into a stall, to take a dump. There were three stalls, I noticed the one in the middle was occupied ane he took the one on the end, I was around the divider on the urinal side and I heard this funny noise. It was late in the evening and not to many people were comming into the rest area and I stepped around the corner and heard a slurpping sound and the guy in the middle stall was standing up with his hands up over the top of the stall wall and making a grunting sound, It sounded like a slurpping sound and I heard a whisper, he said Hey man do you swallow, and I heard a reply, Yes let me have your cum, and I realized Rock was sucking this dude off in the cubicle, fuck I just stood there and started getting turned on as He sucked and slurped and brought this dude to a most vocal climax he was grunting and saying yea, man, oh fuck thats it suck it, oh shit suck it man, And then I heard him grunt and almost made the stall wall fall as he jammed his cock as far as he could thru the wall for Rock to finish it off, and just went 'UGHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Fuck oh Fuck, and then it went quiet My cock was about to split open man, I just leaned against the wall waiting and then the thought mixed with the feeling I'm fucking next. The guy got up and pulled up his trousers and came out with a very satisfied look on his face, and He just smiled at me and I went into the cubicle, Now Rock didnt know I was the one that had come into the cubicle and I didn't make my self known I just undid my trousers and let them fall and stood there with my thick seven inch uncut cock sticking straight out, so he could see it, and then I set down on the commode, He leaned down and whispered put it thru, I stood up and the hole was big enough for my cock and my nuts and he started gently massaging my nuts and he whispered beautiful man, just beautiful and then he sucked a little on them and it felt so friggen awesome, I was beginning to float away into oblivion, I had been so fucking long since I had had a feeling like this, and Rock was doing one hell of a job, the sucking on my nuts was enhanced by his rubbing with his other hand of my cock he was sort of gently pinching the foreskin sliding it sort of back and forth without taking it completely back, He said fucking awesome man, I said I know, He said man I'm gonna make you come, I oh yea man Please do it and then he slid my foreskin back and I felt his hot breat as he come closer to the head with his mouth, I felt the awesome, hot mouth as he took my cock into his wet, hot, marvelous feeling mouth and he began taking me to the hilt and putting pressure on the base with his lips and holding the pressure against the shaft as he slid his lips back up to the head licking and swirling his tongue around and then back down and Fuck, man I thought I had had good blowjobs before but this guy was fenominal at it, so hot, so fucking intense, so sensual and he was just slowly bringing me to 'nirvana' Damn man he was awesome at this and after about four or five minutes of this I started to feel that feeling in the groin as the climax was becoming iminent, I was feeling the intensity of that sensation as he brought me to ecstacy, never before had I had such an awesome blowjob, and I started wimpering, grunting and saying Oh shit, man, Oh shit, Fuck me! and I jammed my cock thru the wall as hard as I could and he just took it all in and swallowed as I shot volley after volley of hot, milky white thick, ropey cum down his throat and he just sucked and swallowed like a starving orphan, I was totally spent and exhausted.

I finished up, got dressed again and left the bathroom and went to the van and set back to get my breath, In about a few minutes I saw Rock comming out and he had a tissue and was wiping his mouth and hands off, and got into the Van, I just smiled a big smile and said man that must have been one hell of a shit, what took so long, He said man I really had to go bad, I said with a big grin, Yea sure.

I pulled back out on the hiway and got about ten or so miles down the hiway, and I thought I had better tell Rock the truth, I said Rock, He said yea, I need to confess something to you. he said well whatever it is man, Its cool with me, I said No, It's nothing wrong, I just want to thank you, He said for what man? I said back there in the rest area, He said yea, I said I know what you were doing in the john so long, he said what? I said Man I was the second Guy you sucked off, he just looked blank and straight ahead and looked like I had slapped him, and then he said you arn't mad, I said fuck no man, I haven't had a good blowjob for ages, He just smiled and said anytime you want one man, just contact me, He said are you, you know, Gay? I said, now what do you think? You just gave me an awesome blowjob and your asking me if I'm gay, he said I give blowjobs to married men who dont go out with other guys and they don't claim to be gay, I looked at him and said well Rock, this will answer your question and I pulled down onto a dirt rural country road, and said Rock I want you to fuck me, He just looked stunned and said O.K. man, Really? I said yes, I haven't done it for a while but yes, Rock said awesome man.

I pulled into a sorta drive spot down this country road heading into a field, and reached into the glove box in the Van and pulled out a tube of lube, and we crawled into the back, I let down the bed and started stripping, smileing and thinking this will be payback for the headjob, and I got up on the bed, started lubing my asshole up and said take it kinda easy man, its been a while, he said Oh hell yes, and he started stripping and, Oh Fuckin Christ, Rock had A 'ROCK' on him He told me it was eleven inches hard and about the size of a pepsi can in girth, Fuck me, It was the biggest cock I had ever seen, What was I thinking? and he said I'll be gentle, and he was, Till he got it started in. and then I felt the pain, Oh Fuck I felt like someone had run a telephone pole up my ass, and Rock started pumping it in and out, I kept thinking soon, Please soon, and then the feeling started getting a little better, and I started feeling his cock touching that spot inside me and before very long I was saying give me all of it you fucking stud, I want it and Rock started Pounding and slamming and Jamming his huge cock into my ass and I was starting to love it,I was taking that huge cock to the hilt and could feel his nuts slapping my ass, Fuck me man, I was feeling a new feeling and a new pleasure I had never had, so fully filled and stretched ,and God it was awesome, I finally started to feel the heat and the fullness and I felt his cock go more rigid, His breathing was getting harder and it was like his body was starting to get more tense, and I knew his time had come, I started pushing up back against him saying Oh yea baby give me your load, and about a minute later He did, I felt like he had opened a fire hydrant on in my intestines, cum started leaking around his cock and dripping down my legs and dripping onto the bed, and I know he went rigid and said Oh man, that was awesome, He had dumped a bucket load of hot sticky cum into me, I was stroking my cock while this was happening and I started bucking and blasting a load up underneath me onto the bed and all over the place, fuck it was wild.

We just layed over and stayed there in the Van all night and slept like two little babies, and the next morning we got up got cleaned off, fully rested and headed down the road, I found out Rock Lived in a small rural town about twenty miles from me, and we began to commute back and forth haveing sex, mostly in my van, thats where we first did it, and we both seem to love it, I Had the pleasure of Fucking Rock last night and His cum also tastes pretty fucking good, I had Wondered when he first stuck that monster cock into my asshole, What was I thinking? I don't think I can handle this, but I was wrong, We totally enjoy each other now and we get together as often as we can.



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