The four of us headed out of the room and downstairs to make our way to the building where the meetings were being held. After introducing Barry to Greg and Drew Barry was pretty quiet....he hardly said two words during the 10-15 minute walk over to the Student Union. Greg and Drew talked non stop about the Berkeley campus and how much nicer it was than theirs. I told them I would kill to be down in San Diego but I did have to agree that Berkeley was a really cool spot.

My first official meeting as President of the Board went fairly smooth. Most of this session was getting people settled, making sure they all had their rooms and there were no problems.....introductions for the new members of the board and introductions of the people who were there to observe from the UC campuses (Greg, Drew and several others).

Once the meetings were over the guys asked Barry and I if we wanted to go grab some food and then maybe check out the bars after dinner...We had the option of using meal tickets provided by the association or going somewhere off campus on our own. We decided to use the tickets which would leave more cash for drinks....we were, after all, starving students so we headed to the dining hall in the dorm where we were staying. After we each went thru the buffet lines twice we finished up and headed to the room to get cleaned up and changed. I told the guys I was gonna take a quick shower and I headed to our room to get undressed and grab my towel. I asked Barry if he was going to shower (secretly hoping he would for some reason) and he said nah....he had done it just before the meeting....

I got down to the locker room and realized Greg and Drew both there in varying stages of undress. I dropped my towel and got under one of the shower heads...six to a wall on each of the two long I grabbed on on the end. Greg and Drew came in and I almost popped a bone right then and there.....I had noticed they were attractive...all american looking guys up in the room when we met....but here...naked in the shower.....I'm just not getting this...why all of a sudden am I paying so much attention to other guys.....and their dicks and their asses.....I mean I am a normal guy...I did the show and tell with buds when I was a kid....I played the Who can blow his load first game with the best of my buds.....but that was years what the fuck is going on......

Much as I tried to will it not too, my cock had a mind of his own and started that slow and steady rise.....even when I turned my back to the other two....junior kept up his movement towards my belly....and when Drew popped off and said..."Hey...nice ass"....though I turned 50 shades of red....My dick took the compliment and went to full mast.

"Hey's happens to all of us....see" (Drew must have seen the condition I was in...oh what....So I turned and looked and both Drew and Greg were rock hard....Greg had his head leaned back...eyes closed and was letting the water cascade down from his fore head...down his incredible chest....down the front of his abs....past his dick and down to the floor drain. He had the perfect amount of hair...more than any of the rest of us....blondish brown.....covering his pecs...then trailing down to a pretty bushy patch around his the water ran down it trickled through his bush and ran down off patches of hair underneath his balls........his thighs were pretty hairy and it got thinner as you went further down his legs.......and holy cow...when he did turn around....his hot, tight buns were covered......

Drew had no hair at all on his body with the exception of a blondish bush around his dick. He was more muscular than any of us...big arms....good sized forearms......i rock hard, large chest that clearly showed he lifted at least regularly.....the classic V-taper down to his waist....and thighs built for cycling and a hard bubble hair on his chest or belly or legs or ass....just the opposite of Greg. Both guys were about 6'2 which meant about an inch taller than me.....and I was guessing that they were both 6 ½ to 7 inches.....with Drew's being proportionately thick like the rest of his body....I wondered if he worked his dick out I chuckled to myself.

"Come on buddy...we are all guys here and any one of us would be lying if we didn't admit that we threw a boner in the community shower at some point in time - how can you not when you see some of the eye candy we've all seen?"

"I know dude...but it's a little embarrassing don't ya think"

"Hey....our cocks all have minds of their own....and I for one don't mind being looked at and I plan on being looked at a lot tonite" as Drew chuckled out loud at his own was clear that he was somewhat of an exhibitionist...I mean I would be too with a body like that....but I wondered what he was up to...or hoping for tonite.....

We all turned our showers off at the same time and toweled off. As the three of us walked back to the room we chatted about what we all wanted to do tonite.....and the common thread was that everyone seemed to want to get hammered.

Barry was dressed and waiting when we got back to the suite. He was in the living area on his phone...couldn't really tell who he was yapping to but he was pretty sounded as though it might be some sort of disagreement or the beginning of an argument so the three of us left him in the room and went our separate ways to change....As I was drying my legs off I had my ass exposed to the open door and Barry came in and whistled.......

"That's the second compliment my ass has had in the past 20 minutes...."

"Well...its a nice one better keep it covered or someone's gonna want to play with it"

I, at the time, thought that was an odd statement coming from Barry but I dismissed it and pulled my underwear up.....put my shirt on...pulled on some 501's and decided to go in my flip flops for the evening......

"How ya gonna dance in those flips"

"I didn't expect we'd be out dancing....I mean we don't have dates....I am assuming we are just gonna find some sports pub or dive bar"

"I'm pretty sure we are gonna end up dancing somewhere....probably find a bar in the gayborhood....or at least I will"....

I just stared at Barry with a blank look I am sure....he smiled....checked his hair in the mirror and asked if I was ready.....I was wondering if this day or night could get any weirder for me and then I was afraid of what the answer might be considering I was going out on the town...a new and anonymous town, with three incredibly good looking guys.....guys who all seemed ready for...something?.


Matt Lawrence

[email protected]


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