This is the first installment of a story I began today.....Kind of goes way back to the beginning for me and it's probably too long already... (ha). If you have read any of my other stuff you probably know I kind of write by the proverbial seat of my pants...and am never really sure where it's gonna your thoughts and comments are always appreciated! Hope you enjoy!

I was born and raised in Michigan and had the good fortune of growing up right on Lake Michigan near the Indiana border. We had a great house with some land that backed up to the lake with a long set of stairs going down to the beach. I spent all of my summers on that beach. Took my first drag of a cigarette there, took my first (of many) drinks there, My first time skinny dipping, had my first sexual encounter there and developed my first crush there. All in all, other than the fact that my parents moved across the country days after I had graduated from high school, I had a great child hood and many great memories from my high school years. It was a very small town, a sort of tourist stop between Chicago and Detroit. A town where everyone knew everyone....a town where the local cop was your best friends dad....a town that revered you if you were a jock...and a town where you knew the difference between the visitors and the "townies".

I was not a happy camper when the folks decided they were going to the west fact I was down right pissed off. They sprung it on me in December of my Senior year just as we were getting college applications in.....plans made...ya know....And at first they said they were moving after the first of the year...well there was no way in hell I was giving up the last semester of my senior year to head out west. Ultimately things worked out in the sense that they didn't leave until June so I was able to graduate and have a couple of great blow out parties with my pals down on the beach before we moved.

I ultimately enrolled in a 2 year community college in California near where my folks had settled. I got into it and became very active on campus. Though I was majoring in Human Services I became very interested in politics.

Over the course of the two and a half years I was enrolled there I became very active in local student politics and went so far as to become President of the State Community College Student Government Association. That afforded me the chance to travel all over the state meeting college students, talking about issues, talking about things at their campuses and, once a month, going to Berkeley for state wide meetings. Twice each year the association held student-only conventions alternating between the northern portion of the state and the south state. It was during this time that I began to wonder about some strange feelings I was having in terms of an attraction to guys. I was exposed to large numbers of students my age and often times would catch myself checking the guys out as opposed to the girls.

It was also during this time that I became very close friends with a guy named Barry. He was the Student Association President for a college in a neighboring district relatively close to where I lived. When there were state wide meetings and conventions we usually traveled together and most times roomed together. Barry was a former high school Lacrosse player and member of his schools swim team. He still swam everyday but not competitively. He was about 6'3, weighed about 180 lbs....light brown hair, green eyes......he was sort of beefy but not bulky if that makes sense. As is the case with most swimmers he was pretty smooth...not necessarily shaved but not a lot of hair. His chest was very well defined...awesome pecs....had a nice stomach with abs that were pretty visible. He had a very fine line of light hair that traveled down between his pecs southward to his waistband. Very little hair on his arms and his 7 day scruff was the equivalent to an overnight for me in terms of his beard.

The very first time I saw him in any stage of undress was when we first roomed together...the first out of town convention for the statewide association. The location was about a 3 hour drive from my house and it was easy to pick him up along the way. He lived in student housing on his campus so I arrived at his dorm.....called him from the call box out front and he told me to come on up. I went up to his third floor and the hallway was buzzing with activity as it was fairly early in the morning...guys walking to and from the showers in various stages of undress....guys walking down the hall with backpacks obviously on their way to class or the library....a normal setting for any campus housing....

I got to Barry's room and the door was wide open, as was the case with almost all the doors on this floor, and I went right in....he had a double room but was in there by himself. His back was turned to the door and he was putting things in a duffel bag on his bed. His hair was wet and he was dressed in only a wet...back wet.....just an awesome sight from my vantage point. I said "Hey" and he whipped around...almost like I had startled him

" scared the shit out of me"

"Sorry bud.....the door was open so I just figured I would come on in"

"No problem...guess I was just in my own world tuning everything out.....sorry about this" as he pointed to his towel and duffel bag... "I didn't hear my alarm...or I turned it off or some shit so I am running a little late"

"No big you want me to go down to the coffee stand and grab some coffee while you get dressed"

"No dude.....stay here.....I will be dressed in a flash and we will be out of here"

"K" ....

So I went over to the other bed and sat down and as I did he whipped off the towel and walked over towards his closet....hanging the towel up on a hook...he leaned over to one of the lower drawers and I got an incredible view of this guys ass.....

I wasn't really sure why I was staring...but I couldn't take my eyes off of it......just a little dusting of light hair on two firm cheeks.......and the further he bent...the more I could see....the back side of his balls...also with little hair......he grabbed a black pair of boxers and as he lifted his left leg to put them on I got a glimpse of his dick....seemed to be fairly normal in size....but it looked like it was a bit hard.....I could tell he was cut....I guessed he had about 6 inches of meat. As he was pulling his boxers up he turned in my direction.....yapping away and apologizing for being late he pulled the shorts up to his waist the head of his dick stuck above the band for just a second.....I still was not at all sure why I was staring......awkward for me...but Barry didn't seem to mind at his shorts up...pulled his 501's on, buttoned em up...threw a polo shirt on, stepped into his flip flops...grabbed his bag and said lets hit it....and we were off.......

We got in my Jetta convertible, put the top down, and hit the road. The ride was uneventful with just one stop to grab a soda and take a piss. When we got back on the road Barry grabbed his duffel and pulled a bottle out. He grabbed my soda cup and poured some rum in it and then added some to his cup. I was a little freaked but I thought...what the hell.....we are only an hour or so away....

For the next hour and a half Barry kept refilling our drinks so by the time we got to the UC campus we were pretty buzzed. I, by no means, considered myself a light-weight...especially considering we were drinking rum....but I had to admit there was a bit of a buzz.....kind of took the edge off as most of the ride I couldn't really concentrate on anything other than that earlier view of Barry's ass this morning....not sure why that kept popping in my head...but it did....and the more I thought about it the more of a rise I got in my own I think the rum helped a bit....

The Association had made arrangements for all conference attendees to stay in one of the empty dorms near the center of campus. It's a fairly large campus inter mingled within the town so there is lots to do and lots to see. Not to mention that it's only minutes by train from San Francisco. This was going to be a busy, yet fun four day adventure for all of us. The association was ushering in a new governing board (I was president) and there was a lot of excitement in the air among the participants. This group had the opportunity to effect some significant changes in the state legislature in regards to legislation that was going to have a long term effect on students...not just community college students...but those that attended the state university system and the large group of private universities in the state.

We got up to our spot and it was pretty cool. We were sharing what they called a suite. There was a common area with a couch...a couple of chairs...a TV, stereo, microwave and small refrigerator. Then there was 2 on either side of the common area and the bedroom housed 2 there basically were 4 to a "suite". Down the hall was a very large shower and locker room. There was a small community kitchen near the shower room and a very large common area at the other end, complete with couches, TV's, a small library....soda machines and things like that. Pretty cool set up and way better than the normal twin bunk bed set up with 2 desks that most dorms have.

It was about noon time and Barry said he wanted to grab a bite to eat and take a nap.....I had to laugh at that!! We didn't have anything scheduled until an executive committee meeting and then a dinner with the full board so didn't have to be any where until 4pm.....Our busy days were going to be tomorrow and the next day (Friday & Saturday) as we were pretty well scheduled with meetings from 7 am until 3 and again from 6pm until 9.

"Lets go grab some lunch...then you take your nap and while you are doing that I will go wander around...come back and get you and we will go to the 4 o'clock...."

"That sounds cool...what do you want for lunch"

"I spotted a little deli just in the next block...lets just grab a sandwich"

"Works for me"

We walked up to the deli and grabbed a bite. We chit chatted about nothing in particular and it was clear that both of us were still kind of buzzed...did a lot of silly laughing and watched the people wander by....when we were done I walked with Barry back to the dorm and he went up...I wandered a few blocks in each direction just checking the campus out....watching people.....reading the telephone college towns you find the most interesting flyers and notices tacked to them....One flyer in particular caught my eye....well it was what was on the flyer that caught my eye...a color photo of a beefy, muscular guy wrapped in a short towel inviting you, well, inviting join him at a place called The Steamworks. The flyer indicated that the place had day memberships as well as monthly memberships, private rooms, showers, hot tubs, a swimming pool....a "recreation" room and a dungeon....hmmmm.....I was intrigued....and again, not sure why....this picture of a guy in a towel....reminded me this morning of Barry....what the fuck was going on?? I very discreetly grabbed the flyer and folded it up and put it in my pocket.....

I looked at my watch and realized it was time to head back to the room...roust Barry and get moving over to the committee meeting. I got to the room and put my key in and walked into the common area....I realized that the second bedroom door was open and I peeked in...saw some luggage but no people....then turned and went to our room. When I walked in I was greeted by a sleeping Barry...laying on his back in his black the head and part of the shaft of his dick was sticking up through the opening in the front. He was soundly sleeping with one arm over his eyes....I just stood there and watched for a minute....staring....looking at his chest and those pecs.....the hair under his arms and that hot little trail of hair going down past his belly....and then I couldn't help but stare at his look normal...a mushroom head...pretty thick....I wondered what he was dreaming about...I mean most guys wake up with the normal piss hard on....but I am not sure I've ever had one taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon.....who knows....I walked around the foot of the bed over to the side and I felt myself reaching out.....i had this intense desire just to touch hand and arm shook as I reached down to touch the lower part of his shin...again...little or almost no hair on his legs....and I very carefully and gingerly ran my two fingers up the front of his leg.....past his knee...onto his thigh.....reaching the bottom seam of his boxers. I lifted my hand and was just about to run it up his stomach and chest when he stirred....kind of half coughed/sneezed.....his arm came down and that hand started rubbing his crotch. He kept rubbing for what seemed like an eternity, though it really was only a few minutes...and I stood there transfixed....watching this guy who I had recently become friends with egg himself on to a full blown hard on. I wondered how long he would continue and how long it would take him to blow.

I was in this weird vortex of space.....he was hard....i was totally hard.....he was rubbing.....I was now rubbing....and I couldn't stop staring.....what the hell was going one point I thought I saw his right eye open a bit underneath his arm....but I couldn't be sure......I was totally now transfixed on staring at his cock...I noticed a small drop of precum just starting to ooze out of the slit....and I watched it as it drizzled out and down....meeting his hand creating a small amount of lube for his continued I was gonna blow if I kept watching this and rubbing my own crotch.....I had the urge to unzip my I did....and I reached in without even thinking....rubbing my wetness through my briefs......and then I heard this was a key......shit.....shit....and then voices...and I looked towards the door and realized it was still open....someone was coming in the main door to the suite...shit shit I moved towards the door I zipped up....hearing two male voices....laughing...sounded like they were pushing each other around....being guys.....

I moved to stand in the doorway so any view of Barry would be blocked...I had no fucking clue how to fix this...I assumed these were our roommates.....but I didn't want this to be their first impression of us.....I kinda wanted to laugh out loud....and I was in my freaked out as I was, at the end of the day, kind of comical.

I popped into the entrance to the common room and said hey to the I did I tried to pull the door a little bit closed....I mean I didn't know Barry ALL that well but what guy wants to be watched while he is dreaming and jacking off...especially by strangers....I clearly didn't consider myself a stranger..ha ha.

"Hey you doing? My name is Greg....and this is my buddy Andrew...or Drew"

"Howdy....I'm you guys going....?"

"Good, Good" and both guys moved over towards me to shake hands..which I did

We yapped for a few minutes. I learned they worth both here from UC San Diego as University reps for our conference. They were somewhat impressed that they were rooming with the association president...although I assured them it wasn't all that.....They asked if there was anyone else rooming with us and I told them that Barry was here....he was napping but would be up in a few...told them he was from the same area as I was and he was on our board......Everybody realized we were getting close to the 4 pm meeting time so they went in their room to change and I went into wake Barry Up.....

When I got in the room I made sure to shut the door just in case he was on things. I wasn't really sure how to approach waking him up....I mean....if he was still all worked up I might just have to sit there and stare more....I walked in and after shutting the door I turned towards him and realized he was awake....he kind of had a weird grin on his face but played it off like he was sleepy.....I noticed the front of his boxers were wet....pretty obviously wet.....but that was the only evidence of the previous situation....he kind of shifted and sat up....feet on the floor....and said

"I had the weirdest...most intense dream.....took me a while to figure out if I was dreaming or this stuff was really happening.....I think Im still buzzed...."

"Come on dude...the roomies are here at it's almost time to go....maybe you down and rinse off first"

"I did kind of get all sweaty while I was sleeping...yea...maybe I will do that....wait for me though"

"OK...but hurry up....el Presidente can't be late to his first official meeting" and with that Barry got up...but was clearly keeping his hands in front of him...he grabbed a towel and a pair of boxers and headed out..


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