Chapter 3 - Punishments

Staying at the motel had been getting boring and I didn't know what to do. It had been three weeks since I first met Darren and even though I was getting tired of his place, I never got tired of him. Despite only being together just for the sex, we actually got to know each other and I fell in love with him even more. On Saturdays he had a teaching job in another county, so those were the only nights we spent together. During the week we only fucked before he got into work, after he got out, or anytime he had in between. I still had my feelings of guilt because he had his wife, but when I was with him, I didn't seem to care about anyone else.. I never complained about the life Darren had given me, but one thing I didn't like was being confined to this room. I just wanted to go outside for once.

Darren arrived at 6:30 in the morning like always. There was no time to talk so I quickly got into the clothes he bought me, and when I laid down he began to rim me. I was on my back and I could barely see him sticking his tongue inside me, he began pushing his face deeper into me, and I buried my fingers into the mattress. We seemed to do the same things all the time, but he always found a way to keep things fresh. He kissed my hole before flipping me over, and then he spat on his dick and rubbed his hand around it. When his cock was finally lubed up, he began to fuck me doggy style. The first few days that we fucked he hadn't been slow, but he was gentle and as time passed by he got even quicker; it wasn't violent but he constantly slowed down so that he wouldn't cum so quickly. Our breathing got louder when I began to feel his dick tensing up, and before I knew it, my ass had been filled with his semen. When he pulled out of me, I was expecting him to start putting his clothes on but he moved to my ass and began to lick his cum out of my hole. The feeling was new, but it was hot. I closed my eyes and bit my lips from the sensational feeling and told him to keep going. Once he got every drop of cum out of me, he came up to my face and spat the cum he gathered up, on my face. I wanted to cup all of it up into my hands, but he told me not to move until he was out the door. I closed my eyes, and a minute later I felt Darren's lips press against mine and then I heard the door slam. I instantly pushed his cum inside my mouth and I savored every last drop of it while I jacked off.

When I finally relieved myself, I began to walk around the room. I had to wait three hours before Darren got out of his morning classes and we could have lunch together. I asked myself if I should go outside just for a bit, and I pushed myself to do it before I could change my mind. I put some clothes on to go take a walk around the park that was next to the motel. It felt strange walking out because I felt warm air instead of the cold air I had already been used to. Walking in nature had been a pleasant change but as I walked I realized how difficult it was to hide my hardness. I had been used to just taking care of it whenever I was horny, and I couldn't exactly do that in public. I tried to push away my sexual thoughts, but all I could think about was Darren fucking me. I realized this was something I couldn't handle and I rushed back to the motel room. When I walked into the motel room I was not expecting to see Darren.

As soon as I walked in, he looked up and said, "Where were you?"

"I... uh..." I didn't know how to answer him, "I just got tired of being stuck in here so I went for a walk."

"Who were you with?" he demanded.

"No one, I swear Darren."

"Why are you so hard?" he said, pointing at my dick.


"Take your clothes off." I did as I was told and I only left my jockstrap and boots on. "Now bend over. I told you not to leave this room and you did so anyway, you need to be punished for that." Before I could object, I felt a sharp pain on my ass, Darren was spanking me. I began to moan from the pain, but after I lost count tears began to form in my eyes, I couldn't handle the pain, but it was so hot I wanted him to keep going. When he was finally done I was sobbing, and he sat me on his lap and held me.

"I'm sorry babe, but if anyone recognized you they'd take you away from me, and I don't know how I'd be able to handle that," he said in my ear. I understood why he was mad, but I didn't know how to react to his actions. I hated whenever Adrian punished me, but I seemed to like it when Darren did it.

"I've been a bad boy."

"Very bad..." he said as he laid me down, "I have to go, the reason I came back was I forgot my phone, but don't leave again."

I nodded and he spanked me harder than he had all the other times before leaving. My ass was so sore I couldn't move and I found it easier to fall asleep. I dreamt of Darren and he was spanking me like before, but I was begging him to go faster and spank me harder. He did so, and I was lost in a state of lust; instead of feeling pain, I felt pleasure and I just couldn't get enough. I know he spanked me as a punishment, but it was just so sexual.

After that experience, things became awkward between me and Darren. The sex wasn't as passionate but that was mainly my fault. I didn't know what to do with my feelings and it felt strange telling him about it. After a few days I realized that I wanted him to be aggressive with me and not hold back. Darren was already rough, but I wanted him to hurt me. I knew what to do, but I wanted to wait until Saturday night when we were both out of town so that we could have all night. Every day I was less passionate with our sex, and the anticipation I was building up in him would soon pay off.

On Saturday, I waited in the hotel room we stayed in while in the other county and as soon as he walked in I pulled him in for a kiss. It seemed to take him by surprise since we hadn't been that lustful in a while. He kicked the door to close it and we both fell onto the bed. I grunted and groaned which encouraged him to take off his clothes. He ripped his shirt off and a few of the buttons fell off and then he ripped his muscle shirt in half. I took his pants and red briefs off and we went back to making out. Our bodies got closer together and I could feel the warmth of his body. He began to suck on my neck; I could feel a bruise being formed and I dragged my nails across his back. I got on top of him and began to bite his neck as he clutched my hair. I bit him lightly all over his body and when I got to his cock, I swallowed it. This part wasn't very exciting since I had always taken every inch of his cock into my mouth but it was important to lube up his cock for later. I got on my knees and told Darren to spank me. He did so and I was brought back to the memory of when he first spanked me which thrilled me. I didn't want it to end but I was ready for the next part. I forced him on his back and hovered over him, I lowered myself onto his cock slowly and I was scared because this wasn't something we had done before but to push away those fears I threw myself on his dick. His dick explored a new part of my ass because he had never put every inch in my hole, and even though it was a bit painful at first I began to enjoy it. I began to ride him by furiously pushing myself up and down his dick, and I could hear him moan out of pleasure. The more time that passed, the more pleasure I felt and I was really beginning to enjoy riding him. He began to breathe loudly so I could tell he was coming close and I picked up my speed. He constantly repeated the word yes, and then he grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me down just as he began to ejaculate. It was amazing how much cum came out of him and it just sent me into overdrive. I had gotten so tired that when I pulled myself off of Darren I landed on him, and he held me tightly. He kissed me softly and caressed my hair and cheek.

"I thought you were mad at me," he said.

"Why would you think that?"

"Well after I spanked you, you seemed to get really uninterested whenever we had sex."

"When you spanked me, I actually really enjoyed it but I was confused by what I wanted. Then I realized I wanted us to have rough sex."

He kissed the hickey he had formed earlier and said, "I wish you had realized this sooner."

"I did, I was just building up for this moment."

"You're a fucking tease, you know that?"

I kissed him and said, "But you love it."

"You're not going to want to do this every time, right?" he says because as fun and exciting as this was, it's tiring.

"Relax, I got this out of my system, but I would like to do this again or we could just watch it," I say before I get up and walk over to my laptop which had recorded us. I closed the laptop, and when I looked at Darren he smiled at me. I got back into the bed and we began to make out. I could feel his cock growing hard again, but my ass wasn't ready for another go yet.

"We should take a shower," Darren said. We walked to the bathroom hand in hand, but instead of a shower, we took a bath. I sat on top of him and he kissed my neck and back. The hot water and Darren's lips relaxed me, and I closed my eyes.

While we were in the bath, I started thinking about the motel room, and I asked Darren why he owned it in the first place. I find out that him and his used the motel room to hook up with guys. They did that for a few months until his friend found someone, but he let Darren keep the room.

"Are you mad?" he said after telling me the story.

"No," I said, and it was true. It's not like he cheated on me and it made me feel better to know that despite all those people he slept with, he picked me to keep. After our bath, we dried ourselves off and went back to bed completely naked. We watched the video of the two of us, and it made us horny again. We made our and grinder against each other, but since we weren't ready to have sex again we jacked off. This was the first time I was able to jack off with him next to me and I treasured it by looking at his body and cock every second until I finally cummed.

After that experience Darren didn't force me to wear the jockstrap anymore and I was free to please myself when we had sex, but I still wore the boots. We would occasionally still have rough sex, but we still had fun when we didn't. Right now I couldn't be any happier that I left the room that day.



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