Chapter 1 - A Small Price to Pay

Everything felt so hazy. As hard as I tried to concentrate to bring myself back to reality, it just made me lose my limited amount of focus. The last thing I remember was being in the car with my parents, and then I heard a loud crash. I knew that we had been in an accident, but I hadn't known how bad the damage was. I wanted to wake up, and find out that everything was okay, but I was scared that the worst had happened which is why I stopped trying to come back to consciousness. But either way, I still felt hopelessness and despair and it was all I could think about.

I instantly woke up from the dream that had haunted me so many nights. Then I wished it was a dream because the truth is, that dream was a memory: the night my parents died. Everything changed after that, I thought things were going to be okay but my life became a disaster. I had to move to a foster home since my parents had no siblings and their parents were dead, so there was no one to take care of me. I shared a room with another boy there, Adrian, and he forced me to have sex with him, I was only fourteen. I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy it because before that I already knew I was gay, but the sex felt so meaningless, and I know he didn't have feelings for me. After a eight months of that torture, I ran away because I felt so lonely and I wanted that to change. I was homeless as of right now, and I had just woken up on the cold, hard floor. I made sure to stay out of people's way and not get noticed. I'd been out of that house for one night, but I still felt the same way. I considered going back but I could only think of the cons when I entertained such thoughts. I ran my hand through my red hair and wondered what to do next. People were starting to walk out of the building I had hid behind since it was six in the morning and people probably had to go work or school. Everyone walked out without noticing me, except the one man that would change my life.

"Did you sleep outside all night?" I hear someone say. At first I don't think the man is talking to me, but I realize I'm the only one outside. I look up and I see a man, probably in his late twenties, wearing a suit. This man has blond hair that stands up, and he has a great body. I have to hold my breath from saying anything stupid.

I want to lie, but after stuttering, a yes comes out of my mouth.

"Where are your parents?" he says concerned.

"My parents are dead," I instantly say. I regret saying that, but I've always been a bad liar, and this man is so handsome I can't think straight, and I think men in suits are such a turn on.

He stays quiet before saying "I'm sorry about your parents, but where are you supposed to be?"

"My foster home, but please don't say anything about me. I hated it there and I don't want to go back."

He seems to consider what I'm saying and he asks me to join him for breakfast. I don't want to, but I am hungry and it didn't really sound like he was asking. We drive to a fast food restaurant and on the way I notice how he keeps looking at me, but it's probably out of pity. He only gets a coffee, and he pretty much watches me while I eat since we don't talk, but I hate it when people do that.

"What's your name?" he says before taking another sip of coffee.

I take another bite out of my egg biscuit and after swallowing it I say, "Timothy."

"My name's Darren."

My leg starts to shake when I get close to finishing my food. Darren is sitting right next to me and he puts his hand on my leg to stop it. "Don't worry," he says reassuringly, "I won't get you in trouble." I force myself to stop, and I expect him to move his hand but instead he strokes my leg, and when he brushes by my dick I take a deep breath. I worry that someone will catch us but we're in the corner, so no one can see us.

"Do you want to go somewhere more private," he whispers in my ear.

I wanted to scream yes, but a part of me felt obligated and I didn't like that. Besides I hardly knew this man. But no matter what I couldn't say no, and I had trouble talking so instead I kissed him. The kiss felt good and warm, the only other person I had ever kissed was Adrian but I always hated kissing him. I had to pull away before anyone could see us and he suggested we leave. We got in his car and a few minutes later we were at a motel.

"Just wait here while I get a room." I waited outside and I was starting to shiver because of the morning air, but in no time flat he was back, and we rushed into a room. We got there and began to make out, I had to stand on my toes because he was six feet and I was 5' 2". We made our way to the bed before he pulled away from my lips.

"How old are you?"

I instantly said, "Fifteen," and regretted it, but like I said when I try to lie, I end up blurting out the truth.

He stays still for a moment and finally says, "Fuck it," before he throws me on the bed. I grab his tie and pull him towards me. When we kiss this time it's slobbery, but it's passionate and sexual. He moves away from my lips and kisses my neck while sucking on it which makes me moan. After a few minutes of that, we roll over and now I'm on top of him. I unbutton his shirt and begin to kiss and lick his chest and stomach which has a great set of abs. Not even a minute passes before I make my way to his pants. I take them off but he tells me to leave his shoes on. He seems really eager so I tease him by licking the fabric of his boxers and smelling his dick. I keep doing this until I become desperate and I take off his boxers. I'm amazed by his 9 inch cock which is circumcised. I swirl my tongue around the head which makes him moan and I slowly work my way down. I switch between sucking his dick and licking his balls, but once I begin to deepthroat him, it's all he allows me to do. He grabs my hair and violently pushes my head up and down. My eyes become watery and I'm gagging so much that my saliva makes it easier to move his dick in and out of my mouth. He pulls his dick out of my mouth and says, "Let's try something else."

He takes all my clothes off (well he practically tears it off) except my shoes. He seemed surprised when he saw my six inch dick, but just because I'm short it doesn't mean my dick is. He forces me on my knees and kisses the back of my neck and slowly makes his way down my back until he reaches my ass. He begins to rim me and he licks at my hole so furiously that it feels great, and I moan loudly. This is the first time I have ever been rimmed, and it's a sensational feeling. He reaches over my body and puts his middle finger in my mouth which I willingly suck on. After lubing his finger up, he pulls it out of my mouth and slowly pushes it inside my hole. As the minutes pass by he puts another finger in, until there's four inside me.

"Are you ready," he whispers. I nod and he licks my ear. I turn over and see him spit on his dick which is still wet from when I sucked it. He licks my hole one last time, and he thrusts his dick inside me without a warning.

"Oh... fuck," is all I can manage to say. Instead of starting out slow, he really gets into it and begins to fuck the life out of me. We lean into each other to kiss which makes him fuck me harder and I moan into his mouth. It's not long before he says he's getting close. I'm the first one to cum and it lands all over my chest, and about ten seconds pass when he quickly pulls his dick out of me and shoots his load into my mouth. He licks the cum off of me and I keep his in my mouth, so when we're done we swap semen with a kiss. He lays down next to me and we spoon. We don't bother to cover ourselves or take off our shoes.

He leans in close to me and says, "Can I sleep inside you?"

I'm too tired so I just nod and he slips his dick inside me and kisses my neck. This and the shoe thing are some strange fetishes, but it's kind if hot so I don't object. He holds me and this is the first time that I sleep peacefully since the accident.

I wake up to an aching in my ass, but I realize that Darren is fucking me again. It only takes him five minutes to cum inside of me and I don't even bother to please myself. When he's done I turn over and give him a deep, passionate kiss.

"You said you had nowhere to live right?"

"Yeah," I say reluctantly.

"Can I make you a proposition?"

"What is it?" I say curiously.

"I practically own this room, and I really enjoyed doing this so I want you to live here. I won't tell anyone you're here and I'll protect and feed you."

I have to think about what he's saying because I need a place to stay, but there's a reason he'd rather fuck me in a motel than his own apartment, and I think I know what it is.

"Are you married?" I ask him.

"Yes," he says quietly.

I sigh. I never thought I'd be the guy to have an affair with a married man, and just the thought of it made me feel guilty. But guilt was a small price to pay for feeling wanted.

"As long as no one knows, I'll do it."

He smiles and kisses me lightly on the lips. "Great, but I have a few conditions. You can't leave this room at all unless I let you. Second: when we have sex you can only please me, you can touch yourself when I'm not here, but other than that you focus all your attention on me. And third: when it comes to sex you will do whatever I tell you without complaining." After each condition I nod, and I wasn't sure about the last one but I figured it couldn't be that bad. He smiled again and kissed me before saying he had to go work. He was a professor at the community college and he had already missed his first two classes.

He was at the door when he pulled me close to him and kissed me. I still had to stand on my toes but I didn't mind.

"I love you," he said before saying he'd be back in a few hours. I wanted to say that I love him too, but I wasn't quite ready for that. Since he was giving me a place to live I didn't care what he said. I laid down on the bed and I realized I could take off my shoes now, but I liked the idea of leaving them on. Darren left his boxers on the bed and they had a few cum stains. I brought them to my face and fell asleep smelling them.

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