Im a older young man of thirty nine, just getting ready to go into the area of middle aged, I have had a good life, though as with most people there have been tragedy, as well as triumphs and saddnesses to live thru.

I want to relate this story to you of meeting this young guy, named Tony.

First off I must tell you I am of course a gay man, and every time I went to WaL-Mart here in town, he was there stocking shelves, he was so cute, a very well built smaller dude, nicly muscled in accordance with his body size, trim waisted, and short hair, I was instantly attracted to him.

I made fairly close buddies with him, he would see me and make a point to come over and greet me and say hi, like he knew me in a personal way.

One afternoon I had been setting in the kitchen and realized I was out of several things and needed to make a run to the Store, since the Wal-Mart is a supercenter there in my town, I decided I would go there.

I drove there, and as soon as I got inside the store I noticed Tony stocking shelves, I walked up behind him and said 'Hello there you little doll,' not thinking what I was saying, He turned around and saw it was me and blushed, smiled and said, 'I'll bet you say that to all the young guys,' and then laughed, My response was, 'Not really, only the ones I really like.'

I was the one blushing now, I realized I was beginning to sound gay, at least to me it did, and I didn't want to ruin my friendship with Tony, he was one hell of a cute kid.

I changed the subject and said, 'Well Tony, what you got planned for the week end, anything special, you and the girlfriend going out and get it on or something?'

'Girlfriend, who the hell's got a girlfriend?' he said.

'Really, no shit! I thought a good looking young stud like you would have females hanging on you like moss on a damp rock.

'Are you kidding me, not harldy, I have never been one to be like that,' he said.

'Well Do you have any plans for the weekend, or maybe at least Friday night, If not would you let me invite you to a movie and pizza or something I get tired of setting at home alone all the time, I would love to have your company.'

He smiled and said, 'Wow! are you asking me out on a date,' he said with a giggle. 'Well not exactly a date, just and outting with us two guys, it will be My treat.' I responded with a grin.

'Well Sure, I'd love to, beats setting at home in front of the computer or t.v. doing nothing and being bored.'

I felt like a kid in a candy shop with his responce, actually like a school boy, not really thinking that it would end up with us doing doing something sexual with Tony, just a good time out enjoying each other's company.

It was about ten to six when I saw Tony as he pulled up in front of my place that Friday night at about six, in his old clunker pickup truck, I giggled.

I stepped out on the porch and as Tony got out of the pickup, I yelled, 'You found it alright I take it.'

'Yeah I got turned around at the entrance to the sub-division, but I finally got my bearings and found your place.'

Tony came into my place and looked around 'Nice he said, Really nice,' 'Thanks its home but its gets lonly here sometimes as nice as it is, wish I had someone to share it with.'

We sat at the table later chatting and eating a delivered Pizza and drinking a couple cokes.

Tony looked up and said,'Can I ask you a question, Why did you decide to become my friend, you didn't know me from Adam, I was just curious about that.' he asked.

'Well to be honest Tony your a dead ringer for my best friend a few years back, His name was Andrew and your so much like him in every way, your speech, your personality, your cute looks, it almost like he was hear now again, please don't be upset with me feeling like I do, he was my first, and I loved him very much,' then I realized what I had just said.

'Your First, I don't understand what you mean,' Tony said.

'Well sorry, but hear goes, back when I was younger I had met Andrew in school, his father was a minister at a local church, so I got invited to church with him and I went, since mom and Dad didn't go they didn't care where I went so I went. I got very close to Andrew and we even had sleepovers and thats when the most awesome thing I had ever had happen, happened to me. I was laying in bed with Andrew in my bed beside me and I guess he thought I was asleep, but anyway, he reached over and started playing with my cock, and rubbing my nuts, It felt so awesome and exciting, I didn't want that feeling to end so I just let him play with my boner, it was the most amazing sensation and feeling I had ever felt, then I layed there enjoying it when he began to fish it out of my briefs, there it was totally exposed, and he stroked it several times, I wanted to scream with pleasure as he stroked my cock, but then he did something I had never evern thought of, he leaned over across me and took it into my mouth, it was ten times better feeling than his stroking and I just layed there with my toes curling tightly and my hands gripping the bed sheets as I felt the cum shot building up, then it happened, I wanted to tell Andrew I was getting ready to shoot it, but it was too late, I let out a gasp and moan and my cock started shooting into his mouth like a cannon, I don't remember ever shooting so much cum, and that started a regular relationship that happened untill he was killed in the first Gulf War, he was murdered by another American soldier who he owed $100.00 too.

I was heart broken and devistated, I thought I would die when I went to his funeral, and I cried for months, staying by myself in almost seclusion.'

Tony looked mesmerized at the story I was telling him, 'Holy Shit, Man, I remind you of this guy?' he said.

'Sorry Tony, but you look enough like him to be his little brother, and I was attracted to you.'

'Well Ken, I have never done anything with a guy before but I did have sex with a girl before and all she did was complain about the size of my dick, she evidently needed more than I was able to give her, she made me feel like and inferior peice of shit, Im not very big down there, you know? in the cock department, but what I've got makes me happy, but I will say Man,your story gave me a boner just hearing about getting sucked, I have wondered what it felt like, I aint never had a suck job before.'

I looked over straight into his light blue eyes and said. 'Tony your one gorgeous young man, If you'd like I would love to show you what making love to a guy feels like, would you like that?'

A big smile went from ear to ear and Tony just whispered, 'OH Yeah man, that would be awesome,'

I took Tony by the hand and led him to my bedroom, and there on the bed I began to undress this gorgeous little doll, I aske him his age and he said '21' I would have guess 17 but I have never been good at guessing ages.

I pulled his pullover shirt off and his gorgeous tightly muscles young chest was awesome looking, sixpack abs, nicley hairy chest, he was awesome, perfectly layed out size wise, he was a small verion of a body builder, not as heavly muscles, he had wrestles bantam weight in high school.

I pulled off his nike's and then his socks, as he stared at me with this little smile and then I slid off his trousers, and there was this awesome pair of white abercrombie briefs nicly stuffed. This kid was gorgeous, why the fuck some cute young gal hadn't snatched him up was beyond me, but I was glad.

I leaned over and began by licking up the side of his neck and nibbling on his ears to which he just gasp and moaned 'Oh Fuck that feels so good.' he said.

I leaned down and took his nipples in my mouth and gently nibbled on each as he squirmed with delight, and I licked my way down to the bulge in his breifs. Tony spread his legs wider to allow me more access and I was almost aching to get to the good stuff.

I nibbled and chewed his quickly hardening cock, it felt like a peice of steel in his briefs and after feeling his thrusting upwards against my mouth, I reached up and I grabbed the elastic of his briefs on each side and I slipped his briefs off, I heard his very hard cock slap his lower stomach and it was so hard it layed up against his belly, it was a gorgeous young not huge cock, kinda dark skinned, veiny, the head was swollen and very outlined, but it was like the rest of him, perfect, his nuts were thick and round and almost a perfectly matched pair, every thing about Tony was gorgeous.

To my delight Tony was one of a special breed of young men that still had their foreskin, which I have a fetish for, I was in gay heaven.

I took hold of his shaft as I sucked and licked on his nuts while trying to hold this kid down, as he was pulling handfulls of hair on my head, and moaning unintelligable things to me.

I had let his nuts go and raised his legs up and did one of my favorite things, I dove face first into his asshole with my tongue, Tonys body had a beautiful aroma, have freshly showered that eveing it was absolutely clean and tasted delicious.

I almost had to hold him down to keep him from flying away as I ate that gorgeous little hairy ass with great fervor, it was one of the sweetest asses I have ever eaten and I love to eat ass. Tony was loving getting his ass eaten, 'I had not idea that would feel like that.' Tony said as he gaspe in totally abondandon Lust.

Then I let his body down and just slid my wet tongue up over his ball sack and up the shaft of his adoreable little six incher, it was phenomenal, I hadn't tasted a sweeter cock since Andrew was alive and I wanted Tony's cum with a passion.

I was doing the very best at sucking that I knew, I wanted this to be a memorable blowjob for Tony, one he would never have to say, 'I aint never had a good blowjob,' from. I was licking on the tip, swirling my tongue around the flared out head, taking it back and forth to his cute full pubic bush, I was in outter space, loveing it all.

I had sucked Tony's cock for almost ten minutes when I felt his cock getting harder, if that was possible, I thought it would crack, I heard his voice as he gritted his teeth, and grunted out the words, 'I'm Fucking Cumming, OH FUCK,' and cum Tony did, it filled my mouth so full, it began running out of the sides and down my cheek, I was swallowing the sweetest cum I had had in a long time and I didn't want to miss a drop, damn it was awesome.

I just kept his throbbing cock in my mouth and kept gently sucking his cock to make sure all of it got taken in my mouth, every drop was drained from his body that evening.

I waited for his reaction, 'HOLY FUCK MAN, WOW' was Tony's reasponse, 'That was the most awesome thing I have ever felt.'

I smiled, 'hey man there's more than that to the gay thing, YOur spending the night with me alright, call your mom, were not done yet.'

'No shit man, What the fuck could top that?' he said with a funny grin, we layed there and watch as his adoreable six inch cock finally deflated and Tony went in and rinsed off in the shower, we got ready and watched a movie that night then went to bed, it was almost midnight.

I felt his awesome body against mine as we lay ther and I thougth I would jerk off next to him, and not put anything on him since he was new to the game.

I began to stroke off and Tony said, 'Hey man, can I do that for you, and he reached over and took my cock, Holy Fuck man, your big,'

'Well maybe by your standards but seven inches isn't that big.'

'Well it is to me, damn man, it feels like a fence post, Wow.'

It felt so good to feel another persons hand on my cock, but about five minutes into the jerkoff Tony smiled at me and leaned over and took the head of my cock in his mouth, 'I figured if you could take my cock and load into your mouth and you seemed to enjoy it so much, I thought I would see what I'm missing.'

I just let him have it, I had to warn him about the teeth thing a couple times but he was a quick study, and I was about to cum in his mouth, I told him, and he braced for it, I thought I would die, as My cock started spasming in his mouth filling it full of cum, Tony gagged a couple times and said 'Wew that was different, cook and tasty but different,' but I was surprised as Tony licked every drip of cum from the head of my throbbing cock, it was a wonderful night.

I had several things in store Tony but that will come in a later chapter all I can say was that Tony is one wonderful kid and he calls several times a week to get together and we always seem to leave each other satisfied.

Well we got the Pizza that first night but never made it to the Movie.



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