Police Chief Oscar Killion is now on his tenth year as the Chief for the town of Gilford  Texas and was their best Chief they ever had. He clean up all the town thugs, biker gangs, drugs and gambling house all throughout his territory. 

Most people were of afraid of him since he stood well over 6'5 with a huge frame of a man that people do not want to get him upset or piss off. He was a widower and now has two grown children that live on different sides of the country and always made sure they come home with their families at Christmas and Easter.

He build a huge log home up on the hill side over looking the town of Gilford and made darn sure that it was very well protected like a military compound. Daryl Johnson was the high school bully and was the best quarterback in the state.  He was a tragic romantic real pretty type of a man and just turn the age of 19 and was heading off on a football scholarship from SMU.

It was the third time this month that Chief Killion pull him over for speeding in his new Mazda sports car that his rich Uncle Bill bought for him on his 18 birthday. " Okay Daryl you know the routine my friend "  This time his punishment was to go up to the Chief Log home and chop wood for this weekend home coming in which this time he hopes that he learn his lesson.

He was shortly after 1 pm with the sun beating down on his hot quarterback body that Daryl was over coming from heat stroke and Chief killion had to take him side to cool his body down. He felt much better a couple of hours later as Oscar went over to get a bathing suit for him so he can cool his body down in the in ground pool.

Chief Oscar was a lifeguard and won few awards back in his hay days growing up in Jackson,Mississippi. Daryl was somewhat shock  when Oscar walk out a short time later wearing a red and blue color USA Olympic swim team speedo that had his badges sown on the side of his swimsuit. Daryl felt very strange and got real turn on seeing him standing on the diving board.

Daryl was then told to leave because Chief Oscar had a friend coming over for dinner that evening. ' I guess you have learn your lesson this time " He look and smile and got back into his car and drove off down the dirt road smiling that nothing ever happen.

The time was now after 6 pm when Dave Mill show up on his porch ringing the door bell to come in. Dave was another interesting person who grew up bulling people all over the town of Gilford, Before he went on to get his Education Degree and History. He was just over 5'11 with a med size shape body and live a very straight lifestyle.

They were now into the second bottle of red wine before they went into the pool for a swim and where planning to take the RV out for a ride. Dave started to play wrestling in the pool with Oscar and both of them are deeply enjoying their soft cocks get hard as they rub themselves all over one another.

" Holy shit Oscar you feel good ? "

" I have the same feeling here Dave "

" How about we take this insides ? "

" That well be great Oscar "

It only took less then a few minutes that they were both back in the Chief bedroom with Oscar fucking the shit out of Dave smooth bubble butt hole. Oscar had a good nine inch thick piece of meat and enjoy fucking a man hole from time to time. 

" Fuck Oscar you sure know how to fuck "

" I know you would like my dick "

" Please cum now Oscar my ass is getting real sore ? "

Chief Oscar had a huge orgasm has his cock spur out a huge load of white cum all over Daryl   smooth checks. The time was like around 11 pm that Daryl got dress and went on his way back home.

Chief Oscar was now patrolling on his Rv and started to head on down a dirt trail and notice that he saw another RV hiding away close to the river. He then climb off the Rv and went for a short walk and notice some man in his early 20's sun bathing below the riverbank. 

He then slowly snook up to the person laying their and scare the shit out of it. " Please don't worry, I am the town police chief just out patrolling and doing my job " Kyle was still shock and nervous before he reply back and told him he just taking a break down here.

" You come down here a lot Kyle ? "

" Yes Chief "

" I need some ID from you ? "

He quickly ran a check onto him and notice that he had a warrant out in another county as Kyle try to explain about the situation, Chief then smile as he realize it was all over a small $10 shop lifting charge laid against him last spring. 

" Don't worry Kyle , I will get this clear up with Judge Vickers when I get back into town "

" Thank you Chief is their anything I can do for you ? "

" Yes paid your finds and go to your court dates "

" Can I ask you something Chief ? "

" What is that Kyle "

" I always had a thing for a large man like yourself  and getting it on with them "

" Meaning you like to suck my cock and let me fuck your ass "

" Yes Sir "

" How about I go over to the huge maple tree and stand against it so you can show me what a true cock sucker is truly about. "  Kyle then got up and walk peacefully over to were  Chief Oscar was standing and began to open up his huge belt buckle and pull his fly down. Chief then pull his dick through his underwear piss hole and order Kyle to suck his massive 9 inch thick hairy cock.

Kyle really knew how to suck cock as he took the Cheif dick down his throat without any problems at all. Chief finally shot off his load off all over the ground as Kyle stood back with amazement as it flew all out of him all over the place.

They both took a little break before Chief Oscar then order Kyle to bend over the tree stump. Chief than began to eat out Kyle small clean shaven hole before he makes a real man out of him. The fuck lasted well over 10 minutes during in which Chief Oscar shot off two times all inside of Kyle butt . They both then got dress and clean up with a towel that Kyle had brought with him and got back on their RV together and head back down the dirt trail.

It somewhat got all over the town that Chief Oscar might be Bi sexual when Bill Holt decided to take him on for the next election that was coming up real soon. Chief Oscar lost the election by only 124 votes and decided to leave the small town of Gilford.  He then landed himself a very good job over in Austin as a private investigator.

It only took less then 6 months that the town got back it its old ways with the drugs and biker gangs starting to take over. As for Chief Holt he was real crook who got payoff by the thugs some many times.  Judge Vickers wrote Oscar a letter what the town is now going through and wated him to come back home to once again clean it all up.

He laugh as he wrote the towns pepole a very intersting letter about his new life and partner i and was very happy that he will be the new Police Chief down in the Florida Keys next month. As for Chief Holt he is now being in jail waiting on 15 coruption charges laid by the States Feds.

The End




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