From Part 1................

After they passed, I stood for a moment then faintly heard the boy say, "Uncle Jim, do you think he was the sound we heard and that he saw us?"

"Well, if he was, it's too late to worry about it now. Just act normal when we get back to camp."

I returned to my camp and replayed in my head what I had seen.  Each time I did, my cock got rock hard.  I wondered what it would be like to get sucked by another man.  I had heard that only a man could properly suck another man's cock.  I wanted to find out if it was true.


Part 2........

The next day, I went to the spot on the trail where I had seen Josh and his Uncle Jim.  Finding a place to hide, I slipped off my nylon shorts and settled in for as long as necessary. and hour and a half passed before I heard them approaching.   I held my position, watching them kiss passionately before removing the few clothes that they wore. Their hands immediately went to each others cocks an began fondling the rising cocks.

After a moment, Josh retrieved the blanket that they had hidden and spread it out in the clearing. Lovingly, they lowered their bodies to the blanket and were soon wrapped in each others arms passionately kissing and caressing each others body.

Soon, they stopped and as Josh turned his body into a sixty-nine position he said, "Uncle Jim, I can't wait to taste your load."

"Josh, I love your loads also both down my throat and up my ass," Jim replied.

"I know you do," Josh said, "and this afternoon when we come back, I've decided I want you to be the first to fuck my ass."

"Damn, man, I've been waiting for those words.  I can't wait to pop your cherry and take your virginity."

They immediately began sucking each others cocks as I slowly stroked my own.  I had decided to wait until later to get my first blow job.  I wanted to see them fuck.

Hungrily, they sucked each other's cocks and upon climaxing, they both swallowed each others cum.  I was nearing my own climax but decided to hold back until I returned to my cabin.

Josh and his uncle soon began dressing and as they returned their blanket to it's hiding place, Jim spoke up and said, "To keep the rest of the family from getting suspicious about us leaving together, this afternoon about two or so, you head out and after a while I'll follow."

"Got it," Josh replied.  "I can't wait to feel your cock in my ass."

I stayed hidden until they were gone then strolled back to my cabin, thinking about what I had seen and looking down and seeing my own hard cock straining to be free of my shorts. Upon arrival at the cabin, I wet in and quickly stripped off my shorts and lay on the bed.  It was now time to have my own climax.

I began slowly stroking my cock and as my climax drew closer, I raised my legs back over my head and aimed my cock toward my open mouth.  I wanted to see what cum tasted like.  I was in fairly good shape and limber, so the tip of my cock was just a couple of inches from my mouth.  I opened wide and seconds later, my cock exploded, sending the majority of my load into my mouth and the rest on my face.

Once I was drained, I swirled what had gone into my mouth around savoring the flavor.  I knew immediately that I liked the taste.  I immediately swallowed and went to the bathroom and as I looked into the mirror, I scraped the remainder of the load into my mouth and devoured it.  I knew then that I'd probably no longer be using a rag to collect my loads or shooting them down the shower drain.  I now had two questions....First, what was it like to get sucked by a guy and second, what was it like to suck a cock and get the reward straight from the source?  This was proving to be a very interesting vacation.

That afternoon just before two, I returned to my hiding place. Moments later I heard the brush rustle and saw Josh enter the clearing and casually strip after spreading out the blanket.  Ten minutes later, Jim arrived and as they kissed, Jim stripped off his few clothes.

Looking at Josh, he said, "Fuck me then I'll fuck you."

Jim lay on his back and pulled his knees to his chest, giving Josh a clear route to his hole.  Josh leaned forward and to my shocked amazement, began licking and probing Jim's hole with his tongue. Jim moaned softly before Josh began applying lube to his cock and Jim's hole. In one slow steady move, Josh had his cock completely buried in Jim's ass.  Josh began to piston in and out as he leaned forward and kissed Jim.  Josh gradually picked up speed and soon climaxed deep into Jim's bowels.

They traded places and Jim began licking and probing Josh's hole with his tongue. Josh moaned deliriously.  After Jim had lubed his own cock, he began to lube Josh's hole nd said, "Remember what I told you.  It's going to hurt like hell at first, but if you relax it will ease u and start to feel good."

 "I'm ready," Josh said, before Jim added, "And make damn sure you don't yell out.  The last thing we need if for someone to catch us."

I watched, my rock hard cock in my hand, as Jim slowly entered Josh's hole. I could tell when the head of Jim's cock entered by the way Josh gritted his teeth and grabbed the blanket. Jim paused a moment then ever so slowly began to ease his cock deeper into Josh.  After a moment he smiled and leaned forward and kissed Josh lovingly.  When they parted, he said, "Baby, you got it all."

"Your entire cock in in my ass?"

"Yep, now I'm going to fuck your ass."

Jim began to piston in and out of Josh as Josh began to moan softly and say how good it was feeling.  Moments later, Jim climaxed, filling Josh with his load.

"Uncle Jim, I loved it.  I wish we could have sex like this every day," Josh said.

"Just be patient, Jos.  When you leave for college and  move in with me, we can do what ever you want every day.  I'm so glad you suggested to your dad that you live with me instead of the dorm. We just need to make sure no one finds out what's going on."

They kissed and as they began to dress, I stepped out of my hiding place, wearing only my hiking boots, with my hard cock pointing the way.

The both froze before Jim asked, "Who the fuck are you?"

"Just a guy that has been watching you two have sex for the last two days. From what I've heard, the members of your family have no idea about what you are doing together, especially Josh's dad."

"What do you want, mister?" Josh asked.

"For me to keep my silence, it will cost you," I said.

"How much?" Jim asked bluntly.

"Well, nothing financially. It's just that I'm curious about what it's like to get sucked by a guy and one or both of you will have to suck me off."

Jim took a deep breath and said, "Is that all?  You just want a blow job.?"

"That's all," I replied.

Josh spoke up and said, "He had a beautiful cock so let's both suck him."  

They stepped up to me and both knelt and as one sucked my cock the other licked and gently sucked my balls. They alternated back and forth and eventually Josh got my load. As I filled his mouth, Jim quickly said, "Share it with me." I watched as they kissed and shared my load. 

"Men, that was awesome.  I guess that it is true that only a man can suck a cock the right way.  You have my silence."

"Buddy, what's your name?" Jim asked.   "We will be glad to suck you again sometime."

"My name is Mark, and if  want it again, I'll leave a note here with the time for the following day."

I turned and left the clearing and as I put on my shorts, I hears Josh say that  would love to suck me again while Jim fucked him.

Later that afternoon, I again jerked off into my own mouth. I was wanting more and more to have a hard cock in my mouth.  I admitted to myself that my past sex with women had left me totally unsatisfied, even though I had climaxed. The blow job  had received had left me totally relaxed and at ease.  It was better than any cunt I had fucked. I wasn't sure if I should consider myself gay or bi, but  knew that I would take a blow job from a guy before any cunt that might be offered.

That evening as I sat by the campfire after dinner, I began to stroke my cock.  I was rock hard and slowly stroking, when I heard, "How's your vacation going Mark?"

I jumped to see Brad, the ranger, standing nearby smiling. 

"Uh, great," I replied, trying to hide my rock hard cock.

"Hey man, like I've said before, I see it all out here, but as long as it's private I couldn't care less what people do.  Besides that, If it feels good then do it. And to be totally honest, I do the same thing sometimes when I'm out on patrol. I find it exciting to do it outdoors.

I just smiled and could feel my face turning red.  I did notice though, that the bulge in his snug uniform pants was bigger that I had ever noticed before.

"Well, I was just checking to make sure everything was going okay.  I'm off the next two days but I'll be seeing you."

I wondered if he meant that he would be seeing me on his days off since he confessed to jerking off outdoors, and just why did he mention that specifically?

The next morning after eating breakfast I went skinny dipping in the portion of the lake by my cabin.  I was relaxing on the small amount of beach when I heard, "May I join you?  I recognized Brad's voice. 

"Sure," I replied as I turned around to see him standing there shirtless and in the process of removing his shorts. An instant later he was as naked as I was. A moment later he was sitting right next to me half way into the water  His body was even more muscular that I had thought and his cock was long and seemed to be slowly rising.

Almost instantly, my own cock began to stiffen.  He looked over and smiled and I saw his cock speed up it's stiffening.  Moments later we both sat their with out cocks pointing up into the air.

He looked over at me and said, "See, it happens to all of us," and he began to casually stroke his own hard cock.  As I started to do the same, he smiled. After a few moments of silence, he casually reached over and asked, "May I have the honor of doing that for you?"

"Sure, if you want to," I replied.  Brad reached over and gently grasped my hard cock as if it was an every day event.  His big muscular hand felt great on my hard cock and after a moment I casually reached over and grasped his cock.  Now for the first time in my life, I was holding another man's cock in my hand and it was so fucking erotic. 

I began to picture Jim and Josh sucking each other and kissing and wanted to do the same to Brad, but wondered what his reaction would be.  I soon found out.

TO BE CONTINUED........................



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