As I dropped my shorts and let them fall to the floor then stepped out of them and lay on the bed. Carl smiled and began removing his clothes. Seconds later, he was nude also. I looked at him and took in the magnificent view of his muscular body.

"Any limitations as to what I can do?" he asked as he crawled onto the bed between my legs.

"If you go to far, or it's something I'm not enjoying, I'll stop you."

"Nice," was all he said before leaning down and licking my hard cock. After a moment, he began to gently suck my balls, massaging them with his tongue. He returned to my cock and sucked it a few moments before stopping.

Gently lifting my legs, he looked at me and said, "Don't worry. I'm not going to try and fuck you. Just relax and enjoy."

After telling me to hold my legs up for him, he grasped my ass cheeks and spread them. I watched as best as I could as he lowered his face. It disappeared and I suddenly felt his hot wet tongue began licking my hole. I moaned in pleasure at the fantastic erotic feeling. Soon, his hard tongue began pushing into me. I felt as if i was floating as he worked my ass with his very talented tongue.

After a few moments, he stopped and as I lowered my legs, he again swallowed my cock. I watched him and wondered what he was getting out of it. This time he didn't stop until I had climaxed into his mouth. He pulled off, looked at me, ad swallowed.

"Fuck, that was as good as the first one," he said as he came up and lay beside me, on his side facing me. He suddenly began playing with my nipples. I moaned softly and he smiled.

"Let me make them feel even better," he said. He sat up sightly and leaned over me and began very gently sucking them.

"Fuck! Now I understand why women like to have their babies breast feed," I stated. "I never dreamed a man's nipples were so sensitive."

After he worked both nipples, he looked at me and said, "I'm about to do something else and you might not get into it. If you don't, please stop me."

"I will."

With that, he leaned toward me and pressed his lips to mine. after a second or two, I felt them part and his tongue begin to separate my lips. I found it intriguing and parted my lips. Soon, our tongues were exploring each others mouth and I found that I was enjoying it. Never had I had a woman that kissed this well.

We cuddled a while and he went back to sucking me again. Once i was fully hard, he stopped and straddled my hips, smiling. Holding my cock upright, he lowered himself and I felt my cock tip press against his hole. He continued to lower himself and seconds later he had my entire cock up his ass.

"Oh, fuck yea," he said as he began to ride me, raising and lowering himself on my cock. It was awesome and it didn't take me long to climax deep into his cavernous hole.

After laying back next to me he said, "Thanks for inviting me to stay longer. It was a fantastic time."

"Well, it was all new to me but I have to be honest and say I totally enjoyed it."

"I'm glad. I'd be hurt if you hadn't."

"Carl, what time do you need to pull out tomorrow?" I asked.

"I load here in town and I'm supposed to be there at ten in the morning."

"I've never asked a man this before, but would you like to stay the night here with me?"

"Very much, for two reasons," he said. "First, I like you and feel comfortable with you and secondly this bed is a hell of a lot more comfortable that the thin pad in my sleeper."

"Then, I guess it's settled," I said.

"I guess it is, but why don't we go get a late night snack first, my treat," he said.


We dressed and went to the restaurant. After we had our pie and coffee, I told him "If you want to go check out the restroom, go ahead."

"No way when I've got the best thing here with me."

I smiled and soon we returned to the camper and were again nude in bed, kissing.

As we kissed, I lowered my hand and for the first time grasped another man's cock. I slowly stroked it as he moaned softly. "You don't have to do that," he said.

"I know, but I want to," I said. "Lay on your back."

He did and I sat up and continued slowly stroking his cock. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. Without any warning, I quickly leaned forward and swallowed his hard cock. As I did, he gasped.

I worked his cock with my mouth and as I did, I worked my way around and got between his legs.

As I sucked his cock, I lifted his legs like he had done mine. I went down and sucked his balls before taking a deep breath and running my tongue over and into his hole. He moaned loudly and rolled his head from side to side.

I returned to his cock and soon brought him to a climax. he warned me that he was close but I couldn't stop nor did I want to.

His cock suddenly exploded and filled my mouth with his thick creamy salty-sweet cream. I collected it all and savored the taste, then looked at him and swallowed.

Looking at me, he said, "Fuck, Mark, I damn sure wasn't expecting all that. What made you do it?"

"I was curious and saw how much you were enjoying it and figured it couldn't be all that bad. It was so fucking erotic, and somehow it just felt natural."

"Well, I damn sure enjoyed it."

"So did I," I replied. "I've gone this far so when you're up again, I want you to fuck me."

He warned me of the unbelievable pain I'd experience this first time. I said I didn't care.

An hour later, I was experiencing that pain. It was excruciating but I refused to let him stop. However, he was gentle and by the time he climaxed, I was enjoying it and when he did climaxed and I felt his load firing up my hole, it was an awesome feeling.

We soon were asleep cuddled together. We awoke around dawn and had our first sixty-nine. Then before he left, i had him fuck me again. this time the pain wasn't near as bad and I was totally into it.

We dressed and went for breakfast and as we ate and talked, I found out that he lived in a small town just twenty minutes away from my home. He worked out of the company terminal in my town. We exchanged e-mail addresses and cell numbers. We definitely wanted to see each other again.

"Maybe you can do me like you do your other friends and stay the night with me before you go home to your wife."

"You know I will," he replied.

After eating, he left and I went out to the general store and began looking at CB radios.

I knew that I wanted more male sex and remembered the note I had seen about offering sex on the radio.

I purchased an inexpensive radio, cigarette lighter adapter and a magnet mount antenna. With the help of one of the clerks, I soon had it working. The clerk had said that I needed to get a 'handle' and I decided on 'Traveler'.

I hit the road and began chatting with the drivers and found them to be really nice guys. They warned each other where cops were patrolling and save me and others from getting tickets.

That night, I stopped at another truck stop and went in for dinner. But before going to the restaurant, I checked out the restroom. It had a glory hole.

I took one stall and waited. A couple guys came in and went into the stall next to me but gave no indication that they wanted sex.

The way the restroom was set up, when someone came in, I could see them through the crack around my door as they passed going to the urinals or the stall.

Another came in and went to the stall next to me. As he passed, I could tell he was in his late twenties or early thirties and had an average build.

He dropped his pants and after a few moments began fondling his cock. I did the same with mine and soon he motioned for me to put mine through. I did and he sucked me off. After I pulled back, I motioned for him to put his through. He did and I eagerly sucked him dry.

I hadn't hesitated in sucking him or swallowing his load and knew then that I was probably gay.

After eating, I returned to the restroom and sucked off two more drivers, or at least I think that they were drivers.

Then, a day or so later, I saw a note in a restroom stall giving the name of a gay nudist resort. When I returned to the camper I looked it up on the Internet. It turned out that it was only about fifty miles away and off the main highway. I decided to give it a visit.

The next morning, after writing down directions, I headed out and found it. To my surprise, there was a large area for truck parking as well as camp sites for campers and a motel type lodge.

All guest were nude as were the employees, however the employees wore a name badge on a cord around their neck. I registered, parked the camper and stripped.

I must admit that i was nervous about walking out of the camper nude in public. But then when I was greeted by others nude men, I soon became comfortable with it.

I soon found out that sex was permitted anywhere and everywhere except in the pool. All around me, I would see guys kissing and making out or one sucking or fucking another. Condoms were everywhere for those that wanted them.

I spent several days there, having more sex than I had engaged experienced in the last year.

I continued my vacation and engaged in sex daily, both with truckers I met on the road over the CB and with locals at rest areas and truck stops.

Unfortunately, it was over all too soon and i had to return home.

When my boss saw me he laughed and said I looked more relaxed and at ease than i ever had before.

"It was a wonderful vacation," I told him.

I had been home just over a week when Carl called me saying that he would be in town on Friday.

"My wife thinks I've had truck problems and won't be home until Monday. I want you to spend the weekend with me at the Sunset Motel outside town."

"Tell me what time and I'll be there."

"Great. I've missed you. When I know an approximate time, I'll call you."

"I'll be waiting."

He called and gave me a time and I was there waiting when arrived. I had already got a room for us. After parking his truck behind the motel and out of sight, he came to the room and once he door was closed and locked, I kissed him passionately. Very quickly, we were nude and in bed having a hot wild sixty-nine.

Afterward, we talked and I told him about the resort. He said he had heard of it and just might have to stop by one night.

I confessed that after getting back, I had called a girl I dated and after we had dinner we went to her place and had sex.

"It was okay, but nothing special. I much prefer sex with a man. I know now that I'm totally gay."

"My wife and I have great sex,but like you, I find sex with another man much more satisfying."

"Definitely and there is no drama."

"Fucking A," he said.

Carl and I had sex every chance we had. I began going to a couple of the local gay bars and meeting guys, seeing some I knew but never dreamed that they were gay also.

About six months later, Carl said he had some news for me. When we met at the motel, he said he had been offered the position of shipping supervisor at the local terminal and it would be a nice increase in salary and the company would lease his truck from him.

"Damn, you'll be in town all the time?" I asked.


"How will we find time to get together?" I asked.

"It won't be a couple days at a time, but I can always work late several times a week."

"That would be awesome," I said.

A week later, we met and he said he was getting a divorce. I asked what happened.

"I've wanted out of the marriage for a few months now but didn't want to be the bad guy and maybe have to tell her I preferred men. Yesterday, I got off early and when I got home I found her in bed with one of her former class mates from high school. I told her she had twenty-four hours to clear out her things or I'd go to his wife and tell her what I saw."

She moved out and Carl and I were free o have sex any night we wanted.

The week his divorce was final, he came to my place and said he wanted to talk.

It was a very short conversation. He simply said he had fallen in love with me and asked if I would be his lover. I confessed that I had fallen in love with him also and that I'd be honored to be his lover.

To celebrate, I took the other two weeks of my vacation and he took his and we went to the gay nudist resort. It was awesome to watch him have sex with another guy knowing that he was mine and would be spending the night in my bed. He felt the same way.

Oh, we did invite single guys to join us and have a three way, but we never slept away from each other. Our life is awesome and totally complete.




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