I'm not sure when the change in my attitude to Vikki began. I'm also not sure what set it off but I have an idea about that.

She was 18 and I was 26 when we married. Her parents weren't behind us 100% because of her age and I had actually met her two years previously but because of the obviousness of our age difference I kept my hands off her until she was 18. I had a good job in the aeronautics business in the U.K. and my many friends were all married and all in the same business. As my friends were all either my age or older, I was considered a lucky man having a “teen vixen” as a wife. When I met her, she was in school uniform and I had offered her a lift home after a swimming lesson where she was with a young female friend of my neighbour. How I kept my hands off her for a year I don't know by I succeeded.

I was very possessive of her in the early days, especially when younger guys fancied her as I felt a bit on the old side, even at 26, but eventually it kind of turned me on to see her being ogled by older and younger alike. Eventually I found myself wanking when I was alone with the thought of her being fucked by other men, though when I came, I suddenly felt guilty. By this time we had been married two years and had a great sex life. Vikki fucked like a rabbit and rarely mentioned anyone else but me. She liked to pander to my little interests and I loved having her in her school uniform (I suppose trying to make up for the sex I didn't have when she was underage). Her body was still slim and her build slight. She was a natural ash blonde and kept her hair short. Her tits were small but firm and stuck out very firmly when she was aroused. Her vagina was also small and perfect with slight lips sticking out. She had a little difficulty taking my 8 inch cock at first but now craved it. The foreskin would peel back as I forced it into her and now I could push in right up to my balls.

Many a night as I fucked her, I thought of her being fucked by strangers and even by some of our male friends. I had had many comments from mates at work about how lucky I was to be screwing a “schoolgirl” and I would titillate them by telling them that I actually did screw her in uniform. Though they joked it off as though they were not interested, all of them would ask me later what she actually liked to do. Considering all my male friends were married, it was obvious, that my sex life was better than theirs.

Vikki drank very little, and always liked to be in control of her actions. “Michael,” She said a year after we married, “I managed to get drunk once after a school dance and you wouldn't like to see me drunk.” “I make a fool of myself.”

“What kind of fool,” I asked.

“That's just it, I was such a fool I don't remember and had to rely on my friends to tell me.” “I did things I would never have done sober, like going up to one of the prefects and kissing him, showing everyone my new bra and telling private things to all my friends.” “I was so humiliated!”

“I would never let you make a fool of yourself,” I told her, “So don't ever worry about that.”

The subject was dropped and that was that.

So here we were, her 20 and me 28 and we were invited to Graeme and Kath's house warming party. They were both in their early 30's and Graeme worked with me. It was a warm late summer evening and their new house was indeed beautiful. We had a buffet and the patio doors opened on to a large secluded garden with little paths and shrubs everywhere. Dim lights were sprinkled around the garden giving a fairy-tale look to the place. I noticed Vikki drinking soft drinks, even though we had agreed to taxi home. I left her to mix with the large group and as the evening chilled most of us moved indoors. It was then that I noticed her behaviour was slightly erratic. I looked at the drink bottle beside her and realised she was drinking alchopops – those alcoholic drinks that tasted like soft drinks. She wasn't making a fool of herself, just being a little different.

When I saw her, she was in a group of two women and one man whom I recognised as a Graeme's younger brother David. He was about 17. I thought nothing more of it and was pleased she had relaxed. It was about 30 minutes later that I realised she was not in the room and I went to look for her as it was getting late. I couldn't find her so assumed she has gone into the garden. I slipped out of the kitchen door but it was quite dark with only the “fairy lights” taking the edge off the darkness. The cool air was pleasant and the garden refreshing and quiet after the bustle of the house so I walked a round the area. That's when I heard giggling – Vikki giggling!

The blood rushed to my head and I realised it was not only my head it had rushed to. I had been drinking quite a lot and that always made me horny. I quietly slipped off the path into the bushes and crept slowly up to the little area out of sight of the house. Vikki was sitting on a bench with David beside her. He was talking to her and she was talking back. It was his hand that amazed me. He was stroking her right breast as they spoke and she was saying nothing at all. He then leaned over and kissed her and she responded. My cock was pounding and I quickly released it as I watched. David freed her breast quite easily and I saw his hand slip up her dress. From the look on his face, he found his goal and was obviously fingering her. She was smiling. He stood up and slipped his trousers down. Vikki reached forward and released his cock from his briefs. It was about 6 inches long and his balls hung low beneath it. Vikki swallowed his cock in one swoop. I was wanking myself like mad.

“Keep it up, I'm going to cum soon,” David said.

I then suddenly heard voices from the house coming down the garden. I pulled up my pants, stepped out to the path and started to shout for Vikki. By the time I slowly got round to where they were, both were walking back up to me. David was quite clear eyed but Vikki's bra strap was still off her shoulder and she was very blearly eyed.

“Ah there you are, “I said. “Time to go home dear” “Thanks for looking after her David, you should pop round some time and visit us and we can crack open a few cans.”

“Yeh, that would be great,” He responded.

“You would like to see David again, wouldn't you Vikki?”

“Yessss,” She mumbled.

We called a cab and got home about 20 minutes later. Vikki talked away but she was quite odd. I decided to try an experiment. When we got home, I suggested we walk in the woods behind our house. She consented. On the way, I asked if she liked David's cock in her mouth. She said she had, but not really as if she knew what I was talking about. When I got her to a quiet spot, I leaned her against a tree, lifted her dress and put my finger into her. She was sopping wet. I took out my cock and entered her there and then in the dark. She didn't say a word as I fucked her like a madman. She even came as I emptied my balls into her. I straightened her up and walked back to the house, helped her to get ready for bed and we both fell asleep.

The following morning she awoke before me and called me to breakfast. I went downstairs and asked how she was. “Never better” She responded, “Why?”

“Nothing,” I said, “It's just with you having a few drinks last night.”

“I know, isn't it amazing, I was able to drink and it had absolutely no affect on me,” She said. “It must be the sugar in these things as I had a great night.”

I mentioned David to her and she just passed on as though she could hardly remember who he was. She certainly didn't remember the fuck in the woods. I told her a totally different story about our return home. I said the taxi had dropped us off a few streets away and we had had a romantic stroll home. She was happy with the story and took it on board as though she remembered the whole event.

When Vikki had gone off to visit a neighbour I took stock of the evening and wondered if this amnesia was an effect of the alcohol. If it was, there were some possibilities here. I was going to have to do some more tests on Vikki to be sure. It took another couple of wanks before those possibilities could be erased from my mind.

It was four weeks later and mid November when we were invited to another party, this time at Gerry's house. Gerry was a draughtsman at the unit and was 33. His wife, Laura, was a year older than him. It was a fancy dress party and a couple of nights before it, Vikki and I were trying to work out what we would go as. The idea hit me immediately – schoolgirl!!

I decided to go as a workman complete with hard hat and overalls. It surprised me but Vikki loved the idea. I had another idea too but was not sure if it would work.

I decided to drive as Gerry lived about 20 miles away. I wore nothing under the overalls but some briefs and a vest. Vikki looked fabulous as the schoolgirl and though she was going to go the whole hog and wear her old knickers, I made her change to a sexier pair (as I said the school knickers might give out a wrong message to any old perverts there).

We had a drink before going and I made sure Vikki's was strong. She was a great hit at the party with the men. Some wives looked a little disturbed by her convincing performance but once she was into the Bacardi Breezers she was in full flight. Graeme pulled me aside and commented how lucky I was.

“You going to give her one in uniform tonight,” He asked.

“Of course I am,” I replied.

“If she wasn't your wife, I would give her one too,” He said, then apologised.

“If she was up for it, I would let you,” I answered.

He was drunk but realised the full implication of what I was saying.

“Just me,” He said?

“And the rest of them,” I replied and walked away.

He walked behind me, “You mean gang bang her?”

“But she probably won't,” I responded.

“No, she probably won't,” He repeated forlornly.

Vikki was giggling with a group of young people in the corner and more than one of the young guys lifted her short school skirt to see her knickers. She seemed completely oblivious. One young guy dressed as a footballer and was very drunk was lifting it more than others and she was “mock smacking” his hand. When I saw her heading upstairs to the toilet, I noticed this young lad of about 20 follow her. I followed him. Outside the toilet, he caught up and started to kiss her. She limply let him and when he pushed her into a small bedroom she went. I followed swiftly (in case she was in trouble) and when I got to the door the hall and room were is semi darkness. I opened the door to stop the action and quickly stepped in pushing it behind me. So drunk were they that they didn't even see me come in.

I stood in the dark corner and watched as he fumbled with her knickers and pulled them to her feet. He dropped his shorts and briefs and a nice stiff cock sprung out. He was about 7 inches long. He pulled his shorts off and sat astride her face to stick his cock in her mouth and she sucked it. He was inexperienced and desperate for a fuck, I could see. He knelt between her legs and started to lick her out. She moaned. He then stood up to fuck and I saw he was going to do it without a condom. I couldn't let that happen. I opened the door and pretended to have just come in to the room.

The lad looked round and instead of jumping off, just said, “Nice eh – want a go at her?”

Something went in my head. “OK,” I replied and started to pull off my overalls. I stripped naked and walked over. “Sit at her head,” I said.

I entered Vikki in one go. The thought of fucking her in front of a young man was erotic to say the least. I was leaning over and fucking and the young guy's cock was dangling on Vikki's face as he tried to get her to suck him.

“I need to shoot,” He said. “Can't you get her to suck?”

Without a thought, I put my mouth over his cock and with one free hand, I gripped his 7 inches and sucked like mad. As though this were the most natural thing in the world, he started to hump my mouth.

I was cumming and cumming hard into Vikki as I felt my mouth fill. This guy knew how to cum and though I had never done nor had any desire to swallow cum, I really didn't have a choice. I started to gag a little but almost all of it went down my throat.

“Wow, that was great.” “I'll give you my number if you ever want to give head again,” He said.

As he left, he did!

I dressed myself and then straightened Vikki's clothes. She stood up as though she was fine and I took her to the toilet. She sat there and pissed and then as though this was the most normal thing, washed herself, pulled up her briefs and walked back downstairs with me. She carried on as normal, chatting away. I could see she was drunk though and let her have a couple more before deciding we should leave. I did not want others knowing what she was like when drunk.

On the drive home, she dropped off to sleep in the car. About 9 miles from our house, I remembered a “lovers' lane,” and also the rumours that it was used as a dogging site. My cock sprung up again. I drove into the parking/picnic area and could see a number of cars pulled back off the parking area and partly hidden in the bushes. I could also vaguely make out human shapes in my headlights. I drove way over to the far side of the picnic site and reversed the car into a small area with bushes on either side and behind. I wound down both our windows and unbuttoned Vikki's blouse and unclipped her bar. I pulled up her skirt and took off her briefs then slightly reclined the seat. I unclipped my overalls and took out my cock then started to finger her. She was wet – very wet. I suppose some of my cum from earlier was seeping back down. I made sure the light inside the car was in the off position if I had to open a door. I pushed her seat right back and got on the floor to start licking her out. I could taste a dilution of my own cum.

I heard movement and looked up to see a guy in his thirties standing at the window wanking. I smiled and kept going. I am not sure if he was the advance party but within about 5 minutes there were four guys a around us. The oldest was about 50ish and the other two were late thirties but none were that bad looking. I also saw a younger guy about my age standing back but fully dressed. I got out my door and walked round with my cock out. I opened Vikki's door and swung her round so her legs were outside the car while she was lying on the seat. I knelt down and went back to licking her out. She was moaning softly. I then stood up and nodded to one of the thirty-somethings and he took my place while I watched and wanked. In ten minutes, all four had been down on her. I beckoned the younger guy and he came over. He stood beside me while the four guys were over her like lions at the kill.

“Does having your girlfriend seduced turn you on,” He said.

I pointed at my stiff eight inches and said, “What do you think?”

He looked at me and dropped to his knees, taking my cock in his mouth.

“Jeez,” Was about all I could say as he sucked me expertly. He took his own cock out and started to stroke it and he sucked. No one else even noticed us.

“I would love you to fuck her,” I said

“No point,” He replied, “I'm gay.”

“Still love you to fuck her though,” I said again.

“What about fucking you,” He said.

“Not tonight but if I can get you to fuck her, you can fuck me,” I said.

“Will she be out cold when I do it.” He asked?


“Then you're on.”

I came!

He sucked every drop as I filled his mouth and I saw a jet of spunk shoot out his dick as he did so.

He stood up and gave me his mobile number and I promised to telephone.

I turned my attention back to Vikki and warned the guys I had cum and would be going soon. It didn't take long for four loads of cum to spray on her tits and crotch.

To the chorus of multiple “thanks,” I covered her and put her back in her seat before driving her home. Thankfully our garage is integral and I was able to drive straight in. I put the lights on and the sight of her lying there with cum running over her was stunning to say the least. I mopped her with some kitchen towel, dressed her as best I could, and helped her upstairs to bed. She actually helped me along the way but seemed to be oblivious to what was happening even though she was awake.

I must tell the truth and say that I wanked for the third time before I went to sleep. My heart was pounding. It suddenly dawned on me, the opportunities that lay ahead for me with a wife who reacted in this way to alcohol but didn't even know it. Tomorrow would prove whether this was going to work for me or not.

Well tomorrow came and once more Vikki was cheery and once again thought that the drinks had not had any effect. What I couldn't understand is what she thought had happened in the space and time when I was having fun with her. Did her mind not wonder why she didn't have enough memory to fill the evening? In talking to her, it seemed that she just thought that the few hours at the party until she became drunk, were the entire evening. If I filled in a few little episodes for the rest of the evening, then she was happy that she had been awake and aware the whole night and just happened to drop off to sleep on the journey home.I was now thinking of choreographing events more so that I could plan the fun I wanted with Vikki rather than let things take their course. The main problem was the excuse to have her drinking as she really still only drank on special events such as parties etc. More and more, I was fantasising over what I wanted. I had this great urge to have the gay guy fuck her but it was developing into the idea of the other two lads as well. One was obviously bisexual though the other was straight. I thought about getting the guys drunk and horny, Vikki drunk and horny and we sober to see what I could get out of one gay, one bi and one straight guy all in one room with me and my naked wife!

My other fantasy was to let the guys at work have her, especially Winston and Clint, who were two guys of Caribbean descent and the thought of their two dicks up her appealed. Of course I had no way of knowing if any of my mates would be happy to have sex in a gang-bang situation. Certainly we had all seen each other naked lots of times after the gym or other sports activities but never hard and horny. Again, I wondered if a serious drinking session might loosen their inhibitions. Planning would again be important.

Christmas was coming and we were busy. It was certainly an ideal time for parties but everyone was occupied with partners. I called the gay guy and he was up for it any time. When I mentioned the other guys he was even more up for it. The young lad at the party whom I sucked off also seemed keen but as he had a girlfriend only had about three nights free in December. Graeme's brother, David, was the straight guy and I wondered if he was going to be possible to have along. I called him to say that a couple of my friends were coming round one night to watch the football on our big screen and Vikki had suggested he come too as she was hoping to stay in and watch (she had a passing interest but I hadn't actually asked her). He seemed quite keen but I realised he would not be thinking of getting into Vikki's pants with me and two other guys around. I had seen him drunk though and hoped I could get him involved with a few beers inside him. Now all I had to think about was Vikki!

I told her about the match and she said she would go and visit an aunt who lived about 30 miles away to give us “lads” the house to ourselves! I agreed but suggested that since she was being so good, we should go out for a pre-Christmas lunch as I was off for a couple of days. The idea was for me to help her with shopping and then we would have lunch. She loved the idea and we took a taxi into town.

Of course, I booked a rather nice restaurant which blew her mind away and we had a bottle of wine. She was quite tipsy at the end and I managed to talk her into a liqueur. When she said she would have to stop or she would never get to aunties, I suggested we just keep going and I cancel the lads coming round. She loved the idea and we retired to a pub nearby. I moved her on to the alcopops! She was in fine spirit. I was careful and moved from vodka and tonic to tonic. By the time I managed to get her home it was about 6.00pm and she was well gone. I fed her a few more and she tried to remind me to cancel the lads, then just said “What the heck – they can come to the party too!” She was well past anywhere I had ever seen her before when it came to drink.

I laid her on the bed and she fell promptly asleep. I managed to strip her and get some of her school clothes on. I left the bra off but put on her white blouse, little white briefs, white socks and grey short skirt. I had just got organised when the first guy arrived. It was Steve, the gay guy. He was in on the whole idea so I briefed him where we were at and he let me feel his trouser front. His cock was stiff. He had never fucked a woman in his life but was very turned on at the idea of these straight guys fucking with their stiff cocks in hand while he watched.

Next came the guy I had sucked off. His name was Ian and he was a very good looking young guy. He looked very embarrassed but I explained that we were all hoping to get a shag at the woman from the party and also told him that Steve was bisexual and loved giving blow jobs. That perked him up and I left the two of them chatting. They knew that David was the only one who didn't know what was going on.

David was 15 minutes late but showed up. The t.v. was playing in the background and I got going with the can of beer. David was a very good looking English public school boy-type. The straw blonde hair was slightly unkempt and his clothes had a slightly untidy but quality look about them. He looked like I imagined Hugh Grant might as a teenager. He took to the beer like a duck to water and within 30 minutes was talking animatedly. It took an hour before all the guys were well oiled. The football was almost forgotten while the conversation was turned to sex. I had already told the two later guys that Vikki had been out for lunch and instead of going out, had passed out and was sound asleep. I also made a point of ensuring they knew that she went out like a light. David, having gotten his fingers up her before, was very interested. I suppose being the youngest and horniest. When the time came and he needed the toilet, I took him past our bedroom door where Vikki was lying sprawled on the bed. I explained that we had started having sex but she had fallen asleep. I then went back to the lounge.

I explained to Ian that the girl he saw me fuck at the party was not a slut he had met but my wife and she was in the same condition on the bed.

“You don't mind guys having her,” He said incredulously?

“I love it,” I replied!

“You going to do her again,” He asked?

“I hope we all are,” I said.

We all quietly went through to the hall and in the dark, I could see that David had gone into the bedroom. He was lying beside Vikki with his fingers in her pants, finger fucking her. She was quietly whimpering. Lying with his legs at an angle, his erection was clearly noticeable in his pants. It's funny, I had never considered myself gay or even bi, but in the circumstances of guys with Vikki, I suddenly had a great interest in guys' cocks.

Three of us watching fascination as David continued to play with her. He was oblivious to our presence. I walked into the room and he jumped up and spluterred an apology. I pushed him back as all the guys came in and announced that we were all going to have fun with Vikki. David was astounded! As the youngest member, it was obvious that he wasn't up to speed with group sex in any format!! I took the lead and started to strip, quietly hushing the guys. She might be out of it and drunk but she wasn't unconscious and I think the sight of four guys naked around her might have sobered her up pretty quickly if she awoke.

David stood as one by one everyone stripped, even Steve. I noticed Steve's cock was slightly drooping with apprehension, I presumed. Ian was not having such a problem. His cut cock was sticking straight up and stood out around 6.5 or 7 inches. I told him he could go first. He knelt between her legs and started to lick her. She obliged by opening them wide exposing her slit to all. David was rubbing his cock through his pants and the erection was noticeable. Steve arse was open to us and it his rosebud faced all three of us as he slurped noisily at Vikki. David had dropped his trousers and underwear and was now sporting a healthy 7 inch uncut cock with large balls sagging beneath. I mentally noted that I wouldn't mind sucking him after he had fucked her and decided to promote him to first fuck.

“You first David, but don't cum too quickly,” I said.

I handed him a condom and delighted watching him pull in on to his cock. Steve was by now, rigid. We all stood back as David got between her legs.

“Take it slow, David, I don't want her awake,” I said.

I loved that moment when the cock pushed at her slit, there was a little resistance and it started to slide in. He started to fuck slowly. Her legs were raised so we could all see the actual entry. I dived down and on the pretence of licking Vikki, started to lick David's cock as it slid in and out of Vikki. He was kissing her tits and running his tongue round her nipples. She continued to whimper and I heard little mews coming from her.

“I'm near,” He said.

“Pull out then,” I replied.

He did. “Now you Steve,” I said.

He pulled the condom on and I stepped forward to help. I saw a surprised look on David's face but ignored him. Steve started to enter her and as he started to fuck, I did the same again and licked his cock as he fucked her. She was wet, very wet. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ian pull on a condom and rub some hand cream on it. As I pulled back, he climbed on top of Steve and started to enter him. I leaned forward for a better look. I had never seen two guys have anal sex before. Steve took the cock as easily as Vikki was taking Steve's.

I heard Ian say, “Does that make it easier?”

“Oh yes,” Said Steve.

Meanwhile, David's cock was like iron and his eyes like stalks. This was all too much for him.

“Well David,” I said, “If you can't beat them…..join them.”

I dropped to my knees, took off his condom and stuck my mouth over his cock and started to suck.

“Hey,” He started to say, but his cock was saying something else. It reared up like a stallion and popped out of my mouth, slapping me on the face. I gripped it and stuck my mouth over the tip and started to use my newly found cock sucking skills. My finger found is hole and I gently pushed about half and inch into him. That was it. He started to pump in a way that only teenage boys can. The first went in my mouth but this rigid cock had a mind of its own and it broke free spraying a fine jet on my face and hair before I could recapture it and put it back in it's pen. There were around 11 or 12 spurts and my face was awash with boy cream. Ian withdrew and turned to me, taking off his condom and sticking his cock straight in my mouth. I was rewarded with even more cum before I had time to swallow the first. As he came, I watched as Steve was humping Vikki like a veteran. She lay passively and let him.

The two who had cum looked a little sheepish and Ian said they would go out and have another drink to let us guys finish her off.

When they had left, I pulled Steve off and decided to let him fuck me as I fucked her. He gently lubricated my hole and sucked my cock. It was wonderful and to be doing this in front of my wife was so erotic I could hardly contain myself. I had no idea if I could do this but I had prepared my hole earlier in the day by cleaning as best I could and using Vikki's dildo to open myself. I climbed on to her and entered her with my big cock and as I started to hump her, I felt Steve's warm flesh against my hole. It really hurt as he started to push the head into me and he had to pull back a couple of times. Suddenly there was a “plop” at the head entered and a searing sharp pain. It then began to subside slowly and Steve started to gently ease in and out.

I lay dormant and let Steve's thrusts push me into Vikki. I don't know how long he fucked for, probably 15 minutes or so but he told me he was close. I asked him to stop.

“Can you cum on her slit.” I asked?

He pulled out and took the condom off. With almost perfect timing (and missing the spectacle of me being fucked, the two others wandered back in wearing just underwear. We stopped for a moment as I explained what I wanted Steve to do.

Ian said he could manage another shot and so did David.

I pulled Vikki's legs open obscenely and her red gash looked twice its usual size. Steve went first and wanked between her legs. I held her open as he came and his cum shot into her entrance. The cum was creamy white and copious and the site of it shooting in these quantities on to the red gash between Vikki's thighs had me going. David came forward next and added his, still generous ball-contents to Steve's load. His cum was thinner and ran quickly down between her legs. As he pulled back, Ian came forward and shot immediately. Thick dollops splattered straight into her cunt.

“Sorry guys,” I said, “I've just got to do this.”

I knelt on top and plunged my cock into Vikki taking all the cum in with me. I doubt I managed more than three thrusts before I emptied my balls into her. The climax came from the soles of my feet and it took me all I could, to stay quiet. I arched my back and humped into her about 6 times till there was nothing more to cum.

Once more, the guilt and the worry of how we would all look swept over me as we all gathered clothes and left to the lounge. I excused the guys and went back in with a damp towel to clean up as best I could and to cover Vikki. Other than a whimper or two, she had hardly moved during the whole 45 minute session. I covered her and returned to the lounge where we all shared some beers.

“Well guys, that was something else,” I said. “I trust I can expect your discretion about this – even you David!”

“Can we do it again,” He asked?

“Oh I have a feeling we will be doing it again,” I replied.

I slept like a log and next morning, Vikki was up like the lark and twittering around fixing breakfast. “Sorry I fell asleep,” She said. “I was just so tired after the long day.” “Did the guys come round?”

“I cancelled all but Ian, a friend from work,” I lied. “We had a bit too much beer though and he left early.”

“Oh good, I wouldn't like them to think I was unsociable.” “I like to get to know your friends,” She said.

“I know you do,” I quietly chuckled. “We managed a nice night on our own though – didn't we?”

“Yes we did and I'm still a little raw,” She replied.

I left any further incidents as guilt was bothering me and I was edgy that someone would say something. It was into April before I felt the cravings again. It was set off quite innocently by Winston, one of the two black guys at work. He told me that while he and Clint had been on holiday in Majorca in Spain, they had taken a stunning young girl back to their hotel room. She had been drunk and the pair of them had fucked her. He said she had screamed for more at the sight of their big black cocks.

“Women are so easy when they're drunk,” He said innocently.

“Don't you mind performing in front of Clint,” I asked?

“Hell no,” He said. “It kinda turns me on being watched anyway – sex is sex and if there is a cunt there, we'll fuck it – don't care whose it is!”

I could feel the stirrings between my legs as the prospects were there of two black guys fucking her.

The lunch-time thing had worked quite well but I couldn't get her to repeat it. My birthday was coming up and in the space of two days, Vikki suggested we go out for a meal and Clint and Graeme from work suggested I go out for a drink with them. I had a few days off and suggested that Vikki and I dine earlier than usual and then meet the guys for a drink afterwards. She surprisingly agreed – since it was MY day!

We dressed and headed for a really nice upmarket inn for dinner and booked the table for 7.00pm. I ensured she had a couple before we went and we had a bottle of wine and a top up glass of wine when that was finished. We got to the pub to meet the lads at about 10.00 pm.

“I'm going to move on to the 'breezers'” She said, giving her nickname for the alcopops. “Otherwise I might get drunk.”

I readily agreed and Vikki became the life and soul of the group. She was enjoying all the attention from the three lads. Graeme was the only guy who still had a wife as the other two were separated from theirs. I noticed a bit of leg touching from Winston to Vikki as she sat between him and Graeme and she did not refuse. When she went to the toilet, Winston pulled me aside.

“See even straight-laced married women relax when they're drunk, He said. “Does she never crave a bit of black cock cos she is a stunner.”

“If she does, she has never said anything to me and funnily enough it would turn me on,” I said with the slip of my tongue.

“If you can get her in the mood then, I'm your man,” He replied.

As Vikki stumbled back across the bar, it was almost 11.30pm so I suggested we retire to our house to let her have some rest.

“No,” She retorted, “ I'm jusht fine.” She promptly fell asleep on Winston's shoulder.

We had another drink and as we were talking about football, women and sex, I saw Clint's hand all the way up her skirt under the table. He thought I couldn't see. Graeme was watching him and I saw him rubbing his trousers.

I nudged Winston and whispered, “I think your friend is trying to beat you to first base.”

He laughed and said, “Aren't you annoyed?” “If she was mine I wouldn't let anyone near her.”

The drink had loosened my tongue. “Trouble is Winston, when she's like this, I want everyone to fuck her – it turns me on.”

“Let's head to your place for that drink,” He suddenly said.

We half lifted and half walked Vikki out of the door. She talked to us as we hailed a taxi. Graeme said he had to go home. This was a pity. I had sucked his brother off and Graeme was a stunning older version of him and I had a craving to suck him too. This called for desperate measures.

I went up to Graeme and whispered, “Winston says he can get his cock in any girl if she's drunk but he won't get this one if her husband stops him.” “Mind you, if her husbands drunk too, who knows!”

“Maybe one drink,” came the reply.

Vikki went straight for her shower to “waken herself up.” When she returned, well covered in her dressing gown, I managed two more drinks into her before she passed out on the couch beside Graeme and I.

“Is she a sound sleeper,” Graeme asked after about 15 minutes?

“Watch,” I said.

I put my hand under her dressing gown and while covered. Made it obvious I was fingering her. She whimpered and uttered a “Yes.”

She opened her legs to allow better access as I fingered her without exposing anything.

“She knows it's you though,” Said Clint.

“Be my guest,” I said.

He shot across beside her and put his hand up to join mine. We jointly started to finger her as she whimpered some more. I pulled my hand away. Graeme leaned across and asked if this was ok.

“You bet,” I said.

He took her tit out and started to suck it as Winston knelt between her legs and opened the front of her gown to expose her naked body to all of them as she lay on the couch. Winston started licking her and she really liked that. Whimpering, she half opened her eyes and though she could see, she was not registering anything. We lifted her on to the rug and stripped her. Clint and Winston stripped down to their Calvin Kleins and their large cocks were obvious. I was really going to enjoy this. Graeme just opened his fly and took his cock out. His uncut cock was only about 6 inches which when he eventually saw mine at 8 and Winston and Clint at something resembling 9 or 10 inches of uncut black meat, he must have felt inadequate. I opened my wallet and threw some condoms on the floor.

“Just in case,” I said.

Their eyes lit up!

Clint climbed up to Vikki's face and tried to get her to suck him. Her mouth opened but just slumped shut. He tried again but I was getting worried he would waken her.

“I need my cock sucked bitch,” He said.

“Don't Clint or you'll waken her,” I begged.

“I need sucked,” He repeated.

I didn't need a second chance.

“Here, I'll take her place if it's so important.”

I knelt in front of him and took the head of his big black cock into my mouth. The blue/black skin folded back as he forced it into my mouth and he started to face fuck me. His big balls slapped my chin and he held the back of my head.

“C'mon you white faggot,” He said, “Eat my black meat while we fuck your wife.”

Winston was stretching a condom over his monster and positioning himself over Vikki. He started to enter her. Her legs opened of their own accord as she unconsciously welcomed the black pole into her. Graeme stood up for a better look and was just alongside Clint when I quickly pulled off and swallowed Graeme's cock. He jerked back a little the just pushed it into my mouth and started to talk like Clint and both of them whipped my face with their cocks and called me “faggot.”

“Please guys, I want you all to fuck her and let me watch,” I pleaded.

Winston was banging her relentlessly and she was responding with her hands round his back.

Clint then said he was next and Winston readily pulled out of her as he took his place between her legs. As though it were natural, He stood up and stuck his cock, complete with rubber, into my mouth. It tasted of Vikki.

Graeme was back on the floor sucking her tits. When Clint had been at it for about 10 minutes, he slid out and let Graeme get his way. It must have felt pretty loose but he was enjoying it. I, by now, had two black cocks in my hand and mouth and was sucking like a full-time faggot. Their cocks tasted of man. A mix of musk, pee, female juices and sweat mixed with copious quantities of pre-cum.

Graeme was cumming in her. I could hear him as he grunted, filling his rubber as he fucked. The two black guys abandoned me and took place between her legs with Clint first. He stuck his weapon back in and got going. Winston kept nursing his erection as he watched. It didn't take Clint long and he arched his back as he filled her. He pulled out and the condom full of cum dangled of the end of his cock. Winston with a great sense of urgency went straight in. Vikki grunted as he entered and he humped her. Once more her hands went round his back as he fucked. Winston took all of three minutes as we all watch him.

“That was great,” He said as he pulled out and dropped his condom into the bin with the rest.

The guys, as they tend to do after a slightly awkward sex session, dressed quickly and after reassurances once again of absolute discretion, they were gone. I walked through and looked at Vikki's ravaged body and didn't feel guilty. I realised why – I hadn't cum.

I took the condoms out of the bin and sniffed the aroma of three guys who had made this stuff while fucking my wife. I dipped my tongue in each and then put my cock into Vikki as, one by one, I emptied the contents between us and pushed the fresh seed into her as I fucked. I came with force and collapsed back spent with the cum dripping on to the rug,

It took about 30 minutes to clear up the evidence and to clean up Vikki. I helped her to bed and slept soundly yet again. In the morning, I was gently chastised again for being too rough when I had fucked her.

“So she remembered being fucked?”

“You felt so big last night Michael and you fucked me in so many ways,” She said. “I loved it.”

“Glad to be of service darling,” I said.

“We must do it like that again some time,” She said.

“Oh yes – we must,” I replied, “We must.!”



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