Unwanted Protection

Jake's POV

Taylor's the youngest in our family and takes after our mom; at 17 he's 5'7 with light brown hair and eyes. I however am the middle child and take after our dad, I'm 18 and 6'3 & have dark brown hair and eyes. Our sister Sarah is the oldest, she's 23 & lives in Chicago with her boyfriend. I've always been protective of Taylor, and when he came out a few years ago I've looked out for him even more. My parents always tell us to love each other; which we do, but there's something about Taylor that makes me want to protect him from everything.

Rugby practice ran short today, which was shit. Coach Morrison knows with the four new players we need all the practice, yet he decides to end it an hour early. Already a little mad about practice I decided to head home and blow off some steam; probably hang out with Taylor. I got into my mustang and headed to home. I was a few houses away when I noticed a red truck in the driveway; I knew it belonged to Eric Simms, a fellow senior. He and Taylor had some project for their Photography class and he had been coming over since last week. He usually didn't come over till around 6 but here he was, at 5. I parked and headed inside where I was surprised to not to find them. I checked the backyard and the kitchen but they weren't around. I assumed they decided to head to Taylor's room so I headed upstairs. I quickly noticed the door closed, which was odd. I was already ticked off about practice and didn't want any more problems. I opened the door to find Eric on top of Taylor, they were kissing and Taylor had his legs wrapped around Eric's waist.

Taylor's POV

It started last Thursday when Mrs. Robins assigned the last project of the year. We were allowed to pick our partners and to my surprise Eric Simms picked me. I'm only a junior and to have this senior willingly pick was a bit exciting. He was 18 and stood 6'1, he has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. We had always noticed each other but never really talked, but that would change. We decided on working at my house and he came over a little close to 6. That first day we worked and laughed, and it was perfect. The next day everything changed, it was almost 9 when he had to leave. Not wanting to be rude I walked him to the door. We said our goodbyes and before I could close the door he kissed my cheek, shocked I began blushing. We then spent the entire weekend texting, I told him I wanted to kiss him back and Monday I would if he let me. He told me it was a perfect idea but he'd have to go early to avoid Jake. When Monday came, we worked for 20 minutes and then took a break; I decided to make my move. I had only kissed a few guys and was worried I'd suck but the way he kissed back said I was doing fine. Each day he came over an hour early and we began becoming more daring. By Wednesday we were in my bed making out. He was atop of me, his muscular body holding me tight. His hands had slipped under me when we heard a voice yell "What the hell?!" we turned to see Jake standing at my door.

"Jake, what are you doing home?" I asked pushing Eric off me.

"Never mind that" he walked towards the bed and threw Eric off, "The fuck are you doing to my little brother?"

"Jake! Stop don't hurt him," I cried as I grabbed his arm before he swung at Eric.

"Leave! NOW!!" He screamed at Eric. He quickly grabbed his stuff and headed to the door.

"I'll see you later, Taylor" Eric said before hurryingly walking out.

"Jake why did you do that?" I cried.

"What were you doing with him?" he asked almost yelling.

"W-we were just kissing, nothing happened," I said

" I saw your legs Taylor, he could have hurt you," he said pacing.

"What are you talking about? Eric wouldn't hurt me," I said.

"Are you sure? You know he only had one thing on his mind; getting into your pants!" he screamed.

"Eric's not like that" I protested.

"You barely know him and he's already on top of you" he yelled.

"You don't know anything Jake!" I yelled back

"I know guys like him, they're all the same, they just want to bang you then leave you," he said.

"FUCK YOU JAKE!!" I screamed, I turned and began to cry. How could Jake say something so ugly?

"Taylor?" he was shocked, he tried to touch my shoulder but I jerked forward.

"JUST LEAVE" I screamed, I lay down and sobbed harder, a while later I heard my door close but I didn't look up. I know it sounds dramatic but I hated the world; I hated Jake.

I woke around 7:30, my eyes stung from the constant crying and rubbing I had done before I fell asleep. By now my parents would be home; Jake probably ratted me out. I grabbed my phone and saw 2 missed calls from Eric and 4 messages.

"Are you okay?"/ "Did Jake hurt you??"/ "I'm sorry, this is my fault..."/ "Taylor?"

I replied quickly not wanting to give off the wrong impression.

"I'm fine, no we just argued, it's no one's fault, and I hope this doesn't change things between us!"

"Glad to hear, and it won't, but I guess we can't do the project at your house... How about meeting at the town library?" he replied.

"True and sounds great!!! Tomorrow at 5??

"It's a date?!?! See you then"

I couldn't wait for tomorrow, Eric wasn't like my other boyfriends; I didn't have to be with him for him to make me feel great, inside and out. The feeling was short lived; I knew I'd have to leave my room at some point, so I headed downstairs. I found my family eating dinner, but when I walked in, things got awkward when my dad told me to sit. "Fuck me" I thought.

"What were you doing with that boy?" he said starring at me, practically into my soul. I looked at Jake who wasn't looking up; a fire burned inside me and I didn't care about anything at the moment.

"Which one?" I said mockingly, I stood up and grabbed a water bottle.

"You know damn well which one! That boy that's been here these past days" I dad snapped back.

I glared at him then to Jake, "what do you think I did?"

"I know you were acting like a little slut in your bed" he said, "what were you thinking?"

"You know what dad, I guess I was acting like a slut, my legs were around his waist and his tongue was down my throat. But this isn't the first time one of your kids has done things with another person. Jake's been sleeping with girls in his room since he was 15, yet you've never yelled at him but the one time I make-out with a guy it's like World War Fucking 3 in this house." I got up and left, I even slammed my door to spite them. I started my speakers and let my music drown out the world.

Jake's POV

I couldn't believe it; first Taylor's rolling in bed with a guy then explodes on me about it. This kid is something else. I decided to go for a run, I didn't want to head to the gym and deal with other people who could annoy me. I came back and hour later to find my parents home, I had been contemplating on whether to tell them or not, but I decided to in case Taylor did anything stupid. I walked into the kitchen and told my parents, big mistake.

"What the hell was he thinking?" my dad screamed.

"John, calm down. We need to deal with this the right way" I mom insisted.

"I'll handle it at dinner, but trust me this won't go lightly" my dad said.

When dinner rolled around Taylor still wasn't awake, but a few minutes after we started eating he walked down. Long story short it was a disaster. Dad yelled, he yelled then stormed off. I kind of wished I hadn't said anything. The rest of dinner mom and dad talked about whether dad was too mean and what Taylor said about the girls I've taken to my room. I guess I deserved him throwing me under the bus like that but I knew he was still pissed at me. Afterwards I tried to talk to him but he kept his door locked and music loud.

When I woke up it was almost 8:00 am, I usually gave Taylor a ride to school but when I went downstairs mom said he already left with a friend. I guess I'd have to talk to him at school.

Taylor's POV

I was so glad that my friend Jess could pick me up, with my parents resenting me, and my brother ruining my life I was not going to stay and wait for him. We made it to school where I was able to avoid him.

It was almost 8th period when Eric texted me saying he'd give me a ride to the library if I wanted. I accepted with joy. I found him at his truck after school

"Hey Taylor, ready?" he asked as I neared his truck.

"Yeah" I relied before we hopped in and left.

The library was one the only in the town, moderately sized and modern. We began working at a table and took turns fetching and returning books. After half an hour we decided to take a break.

"So how're things back home?" Eric asked.

"Good, if you count my brother freaking out over nothing and my parents fueling the awkward-hate fire, then yeah things are good," I said smirking.

"So us kissing is nothing?" he asked looking down.

"Oh, no! I meant it wasn't anything bad, trust me, I enjoyed every second of it, maybe too much." I said reassuring him.

"Good, I enjoyed it too" he said looking up and smiling. "So I guess I've ruined the only chance at being good with your parents and brother?" he added.

"I don't care what they think, plus Jake's not so innocent. He's slept around countless times while the worst I've done is make out with you!" I said.

" Is that all you've done with a guy?" he asked.

"Yeah, I once grinded on a guy while dancing at a party but only because he made the first move" I replied.

"Dang, I think I'm a little jealous" he said laughing.

"Don't worry, I want to do more... if that's okay?" I asked him. He scooted his chair closer to mine and kissed my cheek, "What ever you want" was all he said.


I let out a moan as Eric's body pressed against mine, our mouths locked and hands roaming each other's body. I lifted my legs and he began to lightly grind his crotch on my taint. I could feel his growing member through his jeans; he groaned as the fabric began to constrict his dick. He removed his mouth from mine and began to kiss my neck. I moaned in ecstasy as I could feel his love bites on my neck. One of his hands slipped into my pants and began rubbing my ass. I suddenly felt his finger poke at my entrance and I began to writhe in ecstasy. "Get ready, I'm going to open you up," he said before shoving another finger in.

I suddenly woke up in a sweat, I was in bed and looked at the clock that read 4'42 a.m. I threw my blanket off and saw I not only had a hot fantasy but a wet dream. I got up and changed my underwear and lay back down. 'Great I thought" I'm now having fantasy and wet dreams.



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