Unwanted Protection Ch. 3

When morning came, I had a slight headache and funny taste in my mouth. I arched my back only to feel an arm draped over my stomach. I turned my head to see Thomas lying on his side next to me. I could feel his firm body pressed against mine. I rested my head on the pillow and remembered the events of last night.


"Ohh, fuck Thomas" I moaned as I felt his cock move inside of me. "Ahh, harder . . . please?"

"Harder? Okay baby, you asked for it" Thomas said increasing his pace. My ass felt on fire as his thick cock ravaged me. I grabbed his shoulders as his hips thrust faster. He grabbed my throat and kissed me. His tongue invaded my mouth while his cock simultaneously invaded my ass. I could feel Thomas in places I had never felt anything before. I moaned into his mouth while he soon followed. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. I could see lust, love, and euphoria in his eyes. He rammed himself into me and stopped. I groaned and began panting.

"Thomas, you're seriously sending me onto another level. Your dick is amazing and I don't want this to end," I said before kissing his neck.

"Fuck Taylor, you're such a hot piece of ass! Trust me-ahh-I feel the same. And anytime you want to hook up, find me. But right now, let's enjoy this" he said resuming thrusting his hips.


I smiled at Thomas and leaned in to kiss him. " I think I have to go home," I said. He shifted in the bed and agreed. He arose first and followed. It was humorous to gather our scattered clothes off Thomas' floor. I was pulling my shirt over my head when I began staring at Thomas; his defined muscles and smooth-hairless body. He was pulling his pants on when he noticed me. "What?" he asked with a laugh. I returned a smile and walked up to him.

"A guy has never made me feel the way you do, not even Eric," I said.

"Oh yeah? And just how do I make you feel?" he asked touching my lip with his thumb. I slightly licked his finger before biting his lip.

"You move something inside of me" I replied, looking into his eyes.

"Ha, I did most of that last night" he laughed, "I don't want us to just be fuck-buddies, I want us to be more"

"I agree, we need to talk about this but . . . I have to get home" I said.

"Don't worry babe, I understand," he said pulling me into a kiss.

We finished dressing and headed to his truck. When we arrived on my street he stopped a few houses away from mine. We exchanged phone numbers and kiss goodbye. I headed into the alley through a neighbors driveway, doing my best to be careful. Being a virgin to most things I wasn't sure how well I was sneaking into my house. Luckily the garage door was unlocked & I was able to slip in. I slept for 2 hours before Jake barged into my room.

"Where the hell were you? I spent an hour looking for you!" he shouted waking me from my slumber.

"I-uh spent the night at Thomas'," I stammered sitting up.

"Why were you with him in the first place?" he asked.

"I had a fight with Eric and Thomas invited me to hang out with him at his place. We started drinking again and I didn't want him to drive so I asked if I could stay the night and he agreed," I said trying no to sound like a horrible liar. Jake stared at me for a while, processing my story.

"Okay, I believe you. But that doesn't excuse the fact that you left without telling me. I was worried something happened to you," he said sitting at the edge of my bed.

"Sorry, I hope I didn't ruin your night . . ." I said scooting to sit next to him.

"It didn't turn out so bad. After an hour I went back and hoped you were okay. I came home around 1, mom & dad were asleep but I would've covered for you anyway." He said.

"Thanks, but I still feel bad. Let me make it up to you! Dinner tonight?" I asked hugging him.

"Yeah, sure" he replied standing up and heading for the door.

I grabbed my phone and notice I had some messages. A few from my friend Hailey, an update for Twitter, and 3 missed calls from Eric. I hadn't even really thought what I would tell Eric or what would become of us. I know the feelings I have for him are strong but I couldn't forget about Thomas. What happened last night changed me in more ways than one. I decided I to text Eric to meet me, I couldn't tell him over the phone.


Half an hour later I sat at a coffee shop waiting for Eric. When the waitress came by with our lattes Eric walked in. I looked up and half smiled.

"I got you a latte, if that's okay?" I said.

"Yeah, its fine." He said grabbing his cup, "Listen about last night, I'm sorry I turned into an asshole. I don't know why I acted like that."

"It's okay, I admit I should have slowed down a bit" I replied.

"So are we okay? I don't want things to be weird, I really like you . . . a lot," he said talking my hand.

"I-ugh" my heat sank, "Eric, there's something I need to tell you" my voice cracked a bit and my eyes watered.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Something happened last night, after you left . . ." I looked down.


I left the coffee shop in tears; I wiped my face as I walked down the street. How could I be so reckless last night? I hurt Eric and myself. The worst part about this entire situation was that I loved every part of being with Thomas. I know that sounded rude and wrong but I can't suppress how Thomas made me feel. For one of the first times in my boring life I felt amazing, I felt alive. He didn't just use me for his satisfaction, but worshipped me. I've never been treated in such a euphoric way, not even with Eric. Suddenly my phone vibrated with a text from Jake "Chinese? 20 mins?" Shit, I thought., I still had to meet Jake for dinner. I replied with a "yes" and started walking towards the restaurant.

I arrived before Jake and was seated at a booth. I ordered water when I heard my name being called. I turned to see Thomas walking towards me; I smiled and lit up inside.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked standing and hugging him.

"Oh nothing, just met up with my cousin from college, and you?" he asked.

"Cool, oh-um meeting someone" I said sitting down again.

"Eric? . . ." he said as his eyes wandered.

"No, Jake actually. And I-uh don't think Eric wants to see me right now" I said sipping from my glass.

"Why? Did you tell him?" he said sitting down looking worried.

"Yeah . . ." I replied looking down.

"You two weren't a thing were y'all?" he asked.

"Not exactly, but we basically were, I think" I said realizing I hadn't thought about it.

"Listen Taylor, I'm sorry for what happened between you and him, but I don't regret last night." He said putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Neither do I, it was amazing and I like you, but we can't just build a relationship on sex." I replied.

"I agree, that's why I want you to come on a date with me!" he said smiling.

"Really? I-"

"Hey guys what's up?" Jake said waling up to the table. "Are you staying Thomas?"

"Oh no, just wanted to say hi to Taylor, hope he didn't get into trouble about last night" he said turning to Jake.

"Nah, I get it, you were drunk and didn't want to drive. Speaking of driving, I heard you were driving to the away game" he said.

"Yeah, I was actually just talking to Taylor about him tagging along" he said turning towards me smiling.

"I didn't know you were going to the game Taylor, you usually go to away games," he said with a questioned look.

"Uh-yeah, I know it's a big game for you and the team & I want to be there for it" I replied.

"Great so I'll pick you up around 5, see you two tomorrow" Thomas said rising up. He waved goodbye and headed out the door.

Jake didn't ask much about the subject after Thomas left. We ordered and began eating when he started on the game once again. As he explained stats, scores, and records of both teams I realized I accepted Thomas offer on a date. I suddenly got nervous; this wasn't a regular date. I was going to spend nearly 6 hours with the guy who popped my cherry. He didn't just pop it; he covered it with his creamy baby batter. My brother had no clue about tomorrow's true intentions. I only hoped I had at least an idea.



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