Thursday, November 4th. The big game is tomorrow. I am contemplating whether I should go or not, and trying to come up with an excuse to blow Courtney off. Maybe I could go with her and we be friends. But surely she would get the wrong idea. I really wouldn't mind seeing Justin and the other hot football players in their uniforms...

Aside from the early morning, half-asleep thoughts, I woke up feeling refreshed, and better than ever. I figure it is time to embrace reality, maybe I am gay, or at the very least, bi-curious. Maybe it can be a good thing. All I know is, there is only one true way to find out 100% what one's sexuality is, and that is just to try it. But at the same time, I am a virgin and I would like my first time to be with someone special. Although it was crazy, Justin kept coming back to mind, even though I knew that was impossible. He's definitely straight.

I actually woke up on time to catch the bus, as I slept like a rock after the orgasm I had last night. I still texted Justin to see if he could give me a ride to school. I just really wanted to see him as early as possible. I wouldn't mind another one of those hugs. He obliged, and was in my driveway right away. Maybe he was eager to see me too.

"Hey!" Justin excitedly said as I entered the passenger seat. He was wearing an adorable red polo today that made his arms look like the size of my head, and some tight, khaki jeans that loosened just slightly as they approached his ankles. His bulge today looked as beautiful as ever, as you could easily make out along his left thigh where his soft dick was being hugged tightly by the fabric. I also noticed he had new sneakers as well. His hair was styled perfectly, and he smelt like he had bought new cologne as well. My pants started rising at the sight of him immediately. My mouth started watering. Before I knew it, I had been staring at him awkwardly for about 15 seconds and hadn't responded yet. I quickly snapped out of it.

"Hey, how are you?" I sheepishly said, hoping he didn't catch me drooling even though it was painfully obvious. "Why are you all dressed up today?"

"Well I met this girl and wanted to impress her. I'm hoping she wants to hang out after our game tomorrow night."

"Wait. I thought we were hanging out?" I asked, slightly jealous at the fact that he was prepared to cancel our plans for some cheap ass.

"Well, you're going with Courtney right? We can double date." He said was a smile. It wasn't my ideal situation, but I nodded in agreement, just because I wanted to be around him at whatever cost.

We rode with the music blasting and the windows down on our way to school on a beautiful, warmer-than-normal November morning. Justin was singing terribly, but hearing him over the speakers just made me smile uncontrollably, as I couldn't stop thinking about how adorable he was being at that moment.

We arrived at school with time to relax in the dining hall and grab a small breakfast with some friends. When we entered, we headed over to sit with Justin's teammates, which wasn't a problem with me, but certainly out of routine from what I had become accustomed to. Justin had never even mentioned the idea of introducing me to his friends, I'm not a football player or a jock of any kind, but I quietly followed without hesitation.

They started high five-ing and laughing and carrying on loudly as I quietly and slowly took a seat beside Justin, on the outside of the group. They didn't even notice I was there, until about 5 minutes in, when Justin started to introduce me.

"Guys, this is my best friend Emmett. Emmett, this is Marc, Brandon, Brent, and Joseph. You can call him Joey," he announced as he pointed in the direction of each person as he said their name. They all seemed like great guys, I smiled and shook hands with each.

Marc had been Justin's friend the longest. He had longer, flowing black hair, sharp jawline and brown eyes like mine, and was of Italian decent. He was pretty stocky, but built and carried his weight well. He looked like he could bench me with one hand, in his sleep. He was a lineman on the team. He fit every single meat headed football player stereotype you could possibly think of. Always had girls around his arm or in his pants, somewhat popular and good looking, and a bit of a bully. He was pretty loud and obnoxious, chewed with his mouth open which was disgusting, and loved sarcastic comebacks and racy jokes. One thing I couldn't stop noticing about him though was the ass he was sitting on. Wow. I had never seen a more perfect, round, bubbly ass than what he had. I bet it jiggled to the touch. I made sure to keep my eye on it whenever he moved as best I could, without looking obvious.

Brandon was pure eye candy. He looked like a model. Typical pretty boy, with a comb-over in his hair and the infamous part on the side, complete with pierced ears... Both of them. His eyes were green, faded green that really gave him this sensitive guy look. His arms and build were smaller, but he was lean and had literally no body fat. His cheek bones, broad shoulders, and small hands were all perfect. Definitely not the strongest, as he was a receiver so he needed to be lean and fast like me, but every inch of him was perfection. He had a nice ass too, as I couldn't take my eyes off of it when we left the table to get a drink. I notice that he had shaved legs, which didn't take away from his beauty, but it definitely was a new one for me to see a guy shave his legs. He was very very sweet, and very smart. He focused more on classes than getting laid, but he really struck me as an old fashioned, hopeless romantic. Brandon was the definition of a pretty boy, but his sexuality was undetectable. I was curious in that perspective to know more about him, and if anyone else suspected him to be anything but straight.

I had actually recognized Joseph from PE class. Joseph was much the same build as Marc, thick and stocky but very attractive and strong. He had nearly platinum blonde hair, it almost didn't look natural. He had bright blue eyes, just as bright as his hair. He had very interesting facial and personality traits. He didn't speak much, or do much of anything, probably because he was shy and had never met me before. He had braces I did notice, and a scar on the back of his head from what I assumed to be an injury not related to football. It was a long, deep gash from the back of his ear leading up to the crown, and it was clearly fresh and probably had a lot of stitches at one point. I had seen Joseph naked before, and while he doesn't have that model look stomach, he was a good looking guy with an average dick that was on the fatter side and huge balls. His timid personality was a nice draw.

Then there was Brent. Oh, Brent. All star quarterback, a new girl every week, and everything you could ever want. 6'4 in height, black hair with a buzz cut, and a small nose but more pointed at the end. I could see parts of his tattoo on his right arm, on the inside. Shear perfection. His lips outlined his face marvelously. They were small but plump and his teeth were white as clouds. He was very tan, and was 1/4 Cuban. Wow. His voice melted me in just one word. I ad never believed in love at first sight but damn... His hands were big, but very clean and soft looking. His biceps... Oh my god, his biceps. They weren't any bigger than Justin's but so much more defined. You could watch every single muscle in him twist and turn with every move. His neck was perfectly thick, and the veins in his forearms rose up like small mountains. He had very long legs, his butt wasn't as plump but fit him perfectly. His pecs and abs under that button up dress shirt looked like he had just come from a hollister shoot. His eyes were blueish grey. He was sitting directly across from me and I just could not stop staring. He stood up only one time, stretched his thick arms above his head and exposed his lower stomach. I had never seen a more sculpted v line in person than Brandon. His happy trail had grown so neatly up to his belly button that it almost looked groomed. He was wearing baggy cargo shorts so I couldn't make much out below the belt but when you top out at almost six and a half feet, how can you not be packing some serious baggage down there. Brandon made eye contact with me but one time, but with his stare and that slight grin. I almost ran to the bathroom that second to rub one out.

But I had noticed Brent around school one or two times before, not really taking into account his physical attributes. That's because when everyone notices Brent, is due to the fact that he is a complete jock and a bully. He has a reputation in school as one not to be messed with, and always makes sure the freshman know who is in charge. Brent is a complete asshole, and after admiring him for so long, I immediately recognized him from my sophomore year for tripping me down the stairs on more than one occasion. After the memories of this guy came back, I slowly started finding him less attractive by the minute, even though there was no denying that was far from the truth. I wanted to loathe him, but I could not stop staring.

After not really contributing to the conversation much because I was too busy admiring all the men around me, mostly Justin , Brent and Brandon, our morning free time quickly ended. I didn't want to go to class. I wanted to sit there all day and just stare at Justin's friends. We got up and left the table, while Brent and I made eye contact one last time. But this time it was not a smile I was greeted with, but a menacing gaze. My first reaction was thinking maybe he had noticed me oozing over all the guys at the table and more specifically him, or maybe he had the same eye opening moment as me and flashed back to 10th grade. I was not sure which, but I quickly looked away and made my way to my locker. I was gathering my things and preparing for my first class when my locker quickly and loudly slammed in front of me. I gasped and looked to my left to see Brent standing there, breathing heavily.

I was pretty confused, but more nervous than anything and my face was already hot from embarrassment and worry. I turned slowly to him and didn't say anything.

"Don't think I didn't see you back there, kid. And don't think for a second I don't remember who you are." He growled at me as my nerves built up more and more.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I managed to mumble as my voice cracked.

"I saw you staring a hole through me, more than once. You want to know what I think? I think you want me. I think you're a fucking faggot. Remember when I made your life miserable two years ago? I will not hesitate to do it again. And I'll start by telling poor Justin that this flaming queen was pretty much undressing us all at the table this morning. Stay away from me or you'll regret it."

I didn't have the chance to say anything before he knocked my belongings out of my hands and walked away, laughing maniacally. I was so fucking pissed that I couldn't contain my anger. But I was also really worried. What if he tells Justin that he thought I was checking him out this morning? What if he tells anyone? Gossip spreads like wildfire around here and I'll be outed quicker than I can blink. I didn't know what to do or feel in that moment. As I gathered myself from the shock I had just endured, I heard the bell ring to get to class. I bent over to grab my things from the floor, when Brent and Marc passed by again.

"Look at him bending over and sticking his ass out. He's practically begging for it!" Brent yelled as loud as he could, and Marc cackling uncontrollably. Fuck, I had really gotten myself into a mess. I wanted to wipe that smirk off both of their faces, but I was too upset at this point. He had already ran to Marc and told him everything, who's to say he wont tell everyone in school just as quickly? At this rate, Justin would think the same of me by lunch. I had woke up happy and energized and ready to kick today's ass, and before my first class even started I was ready to go home and cry. Here I am trying to pick my shit up off the floor and people are staring and whispering about what Brent just said, all the while I'm fighting back tears fearing the worst for my friendship with Justin. Just a day after taking that first step to maybe someday be able to love myself for who I am, my wandering eyes get the best of me and I am terrified all over again.

That's when the real event of the day happened. The new kid....

I looked up just quick enough to notice someone walking alone that I had never seen around here before. This guy reminded me so much of Brent right off the bat, in the manner that he was mind-numbingly beautiful. I immediately felt my tongue flop out like a dog panting for water.

There this guy was in the hallway. Short sandy blonde hair with blonde highlights, cut into a fade and styled but still looking as soft as air, about 6'3, very broad chested and shoulders, too. He had his ears pierced as well, small diamond studs on both sides, and they looked stunning. He was very pale, with a hint of pink in his cheeks. Perfectly clear white skin. Shimmering blue eyes like Joseph, but more metallic and piercing to the glance. The absolute most beautiful eyes I had ever connected with. Toned pink lips perched out ever so slightly under his small, pointed nose and highly defined cheek bones and eye brows perfectly symmetrical. His Adam's apple was predominantly noticeable in his neck, and the cozy sweater he had on hugged every inch of his body. The guy was clearly ripped, more than Justin, more than Brent. His arms were huge, but fit his proportions well. his hands were big, and fingers were shorter. His waist was small, really bringing out how wide his shoulders were, and slimming perfectly down to his bubbly ass that looked just as firm as it did soft. He was wearing skinny jeans that hugged his entire bottom half nicely, and sharp vans shoes. But what really caught my attention about his legs was not his huge, toned calves, built for running hours on end, and not his gorgeous ass that shifted with every step he took towards me, but the bulge in the front. Now, I had seen Justin naked plenty of times to know he was packing, as it was 5-6 inches soft and what I assumed to be 8-9 hard. But this bulge definitely gave what I seen in Justin's pants this morning some serious competition. Justin's bulge is thick, and I always imagined it being even thicker hard although I have no proof of that, but what this guy had in there took the cake. It was longer, too, and was coiled up like a snake in his pants. I wanted so badly to know what would have rolled out had I unzipped that zipper and took a peek. All this daydreaming about the human race's perfect traits all put into one body made me cringe with delight. But what I didn't realize was that he was headed towards me....

When I noticed not only was he walking in my direction, but that I was his destination, I started sweating profusely. He bent over and slightly moaned as he bent down, and started helping me pick my things up off the floor. He looked at me and smiled as he grabbed the first item and said hello.

"Hi, need some help?" He asked as he was already helping anyway.

I didn't answer one way or the other, but I responded, "Thank you."

"Don't mention it. My name is Noah."

Noah. What a beautiful name for a beautiful specimen. I loved it already. His deep, booming voice and seemingly sweet first impression gave him a slight edge over Brent, as he was a douche bag if there ever was one. I had hoped the vibes I was picking up rang to be true.

We grabbed my things when all of a sudden I see Noah reaching his hand out to help me up. Those big strong hands, with stubby fingers and nails cut to the skin. I admired everything about them just for a second before reaching out and grabbing it. His grip was much stronger than I had anticipated, and he pulled me up from the floor with little to no help from my shaking legs. The guy was insanely strong.

"Thanks," I nervously said again, hearing the cracking in my voice. "I'm Emmett."

"Nice to meet you Emmett," he said with a beautiful smile, exposing his perfect teeth. "Quick question. Do you know where this room is?" He pointed to a printed copy of the schedule he had received from the main office. I leaned in to take a look and... Oh no. He was in Mr. Peters' English class, with me. My heart dropped into my stomach as I became more and more nervous with every breath I took.

"That's also my first class. It's right up the stairs here." I said, without making direct eye contact worried that I would faint and have him have to pick me back up again.

"Great! Mind if we walk together?"

"Not at all," I answered as I turned my back and started walking to class. The bell to get in our seats had rang a good three minutes ago, if we didn't get into the room soon, we would have to get a tardy slip. I had already received one just this week so the last thing I needed was another. I started up the stairs as Noah was skipping every other step to catch me, I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye and watching his legs power up the steps. I was sweating so badly I was worried that I may sweat through the shirt I was wearing. I was walking to class with whom was easily the hottest guy at out school now. I just have to make sure I behave.

As we enter class, I hurriedly grab my normal seat as Noah makes his way to the teacher's desk, presumably explaining that he would be in this class from this point on. He then proceeded to take the only empty seat in the classroom, right beside me.





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