My boss, had this funny habit of asking me special favors pertaining to the job hat I did on the docks of a major Manufacturing Company here in Toledo.

I was a fork lift operator and it was my job to unload the incoming trucks that delivered materials and supplies or whatever they were delivering.

As it happened Mr. Muschany called me into his office about three that Friday afternoon and asked me to do him a big favor.

There was a truck load of Materials for the Machinist line that was badly needed to continue the work they were doing, and it was being delivered that next day, Saturday Morning, it was a special delivery, and someone needed to be here to accept, and sign for it, and then unload it from the Semi it would be coming in on. Well that's where I came in, I was the only lift driver that was available to be here on Saturday, the plant was closed as was in most instances the docks, it was very seldom that anyone was there on a Saturday.

I agreed, but I knew also I would be getting time and a half wages for the work.

I got there at the usual time and had made a pot of coffee in the truckers lounge there on the big Docks platform, I was totally alone, the whole plant was deserted except for the occasional security guard that made their rounds about every three hours or so. Since we manufactured refrigeration parts, we were not in the classified governmental class so there was nothing of national security produced in our plant, so there was not need for really tight security.

Well I had just sat down and poured me a cup of coffee, offered a cup to Jason the security Guard, and we had drank about a cup and a half when Jason told me he had to get on with his rounds and would see me again in about three hours.

I watched as he walked out of sight down the isle of the plant.

I heard the bell ring, meaning that a Truck had arrived and pulled into one of the unloading slips.

I opened the door and there was this Semi, just coming to a halt against the dock, I stood there next to my Fork lift and watched as the driver got out and walked up the steps and entered the door beside the dock area. I Walked over to meet him and introduced myself as Ken, the fork truck driver that would unload his trailor.

I was almost surprised to see how young this driver was, he was about twenty five at the most, six-one, nicly built, and wore his hat turned around backwards, he was cute as a button as the old saying goes, and as warm and freindly and down home feeling as fried chicken and just as tasty looking, he wore cut off denim jeans and a pullover shirt with the sleeves cut out, he was really a hot looking guy.

I shook his hand and he told me his name was Chad Harrington, he had been on the road for three days doing his best to get this load of materials here before first shift Monday, and he had finally made it.

I went over the delivery slip and bills of lading, with him and we found everything to be in order and accounted for on the truck.

I offered him a cup of coffee or soda in the lounge, which he gladly took me up on.

After resting a few minutes and having a cup of 'Joe' (Coffee), I got up and began to unload the truck, Chad stood out and marked everything off the delivery slip as we unloaded to make sure it was all there and so we'd have a marked slip to turn in to the office for the purpose of showing it had been delivered and unloaded in the plant, which was standard procedure.

After we finished Chad looked at me and said, 'Well I guess I had better take off and find truck stop or some place to grab a shower and get me a motel room, I need to scrub my sweaty ass.'

I just laughed at Chad and told him that we had a shower room in the locker here at the Trucker's lounge available for the truckers and dock workers, I even had a few extra clean towels in my locker too.

'Hey man that sounds awesome, I would love it, I wouldn't have to pay for it at a Truck Stop somewhere down the road.'

Chad walked to the cab of his truck and grabbed his bag and said, 'Show me the way,' Which I gladly did.

I was really getting turned on by Chad and his awesome Country boy charm and looks, he was really quite good looking, Damn I was beginng to have thoughts about things I was wanting to do with Chad.

Chad and I walked into the lounge area an into the Men's locker room, when Chad just blatently ask me if I was planned to join him taking a shower.

I said,'Sure man, I need one too, might as well,' I responded, which I was totally glad for him asking.

Well once in the shower area, we began to get more open in our chat with each other, and we sat on the dressing bench, still drinking our coffee and just setting there in our underwear Chad and I got very open with our talk.

I asked Chad if he was married, 'Fuck no man, I had my fill of that shit, My ex, I found out, was fucking my best friend and I had been told that he, as you say, 'Had it in for me, so to speak, on many occassions, well truthfully every time I was on a haul and out of town driving, I also found out that she was pregnant and I was really happy, but when the little boy was born, there was something amiss and I had a DNA test and had the boy tested and, You guessed it, it was my ex buddy's kid, not mine.'

I bid her and Rodger a sweet 'Fuck you both,' wished them well and exited the situation and the town we lived in.'

'Wow man that's shitty,' I said.

'Yeah man, that's life sometimes, I swore off the woman after that, and now I have found other outlets to get my nuts off with.' he said.

'We finally stripped our underwear off and stepped into the showers, and began to lather up, I was in a fantasy world as I looked over Chad's beautiful body,he was gorgeous, not an ounce of fat anywhere on his body, his balls looked like a small horses as well as his country boy uncut meat, it was a good six inches soft and thick as a cucumber,with a foreskin that was just covering about half of his cock head, it looked awesome, damn why in the fuck would some woman not be happy with that gorgeous meat.

I guess Chad noticed me staring at his cock and he reached down and rubbed his balls and jerked that gorgeous foreskin back and forth a few times, and just seeing that made my cock start to rise, I looked up at Chad and he was staring a straight line toward my eyes, I couldn't help myself when I realized my cock was swollen stiff as a steel rod, and standing up at a upward angle, it always stood almost straight up when it got hard.

I was almost aching to touch it but I felt it not a good thing to do with Chad standing beside me.

Chad, just nonchalantly spoke up and said, 'Hey man, you know what I do when I get like that, well I have found that stopping at a truck stop or rest area along the hiway there is a sort of truckers way of getting relief from those boners.'

I was shocked at his statement, and I noticed his cock was almost standing straight out hard and thick. 'Yeah what's that?' I asked really not ever having talked to a trucker about his sex life and drive before.

Well Man, it's like this, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do, they have these holes in the bathroom stall walls and you can get a quick blowjob thru one of those holes or if you have a mind to suck a few cock's yourself.

Chad came over beside me and said, 'Turn around Ken,' I turned around and he began to rub on my back which felt so wonderful, then it got more personal, Chad reached under my arms and began to rub my stomach and I felt his hard cock go between my legs under my ass, and he began to slide it back and forth, feeling his cock head rubbing and massaging the underside of my nutsack was making me crazy with lust, it felt so hot, so erotic, so sensual, and I felt those balls of mine begin to rise into the nutsack tighter as he proceeded and he began licking my ears from behind, Jesus man, he was making me almost faint from the arousal I was feeling.

I felt his hands go up to my nipples and start twisting them with a sensual gentleness and I was about to explode as Chad whispered, I would love to make love with you Ken in my ear, we began to intertwine ourselves into an act of love and sexual passion.

I turned around and My lips met Chad's lip with a burning heat, and a kiss that turned into almost steam. Mother fucker could this guy kiss, I felt his hot wet tongue enter my mouth and I almost went weak in his knees, as his hand reached down and took my swollen cock and began to slide his hand back and forth around and up and down sliding and swirling as he went, my pre-cum making it easy with natural lube, My cock felt like it was on fire as Chad just Smiled and looked into my dream like eyes, 'Your fucking beautiful,' he said. I just closed them and wimpered as he took me to the stars with his knowing how to pleasure a man.

I wanted to do something so I pulled away from Chad dropped to my knees there in the warm cascading water and He leaned back against the wall and I slid my mouth over the exposed head of that awesome cock of Chad's, and as he let out a squeel of pleasure, I began doing what I do best, I took that almost nine inch cock of Chad's to the balls, deep into my throat, and I reached up under his ass and slid a wet finger into his man hole as he let out another loud groan and began to gyrate his hips to my movements, God it was the most intense moment of my life, knowing that at any time the Security Guard could walk in on us.

I didn't care at that point, Chad was all that was on my mind and in my mouth.

I had sucked Chads cock for almost ten minutes and I heard him saying thing's I couldn't understand, it was as if he was speaking a foreign language as he took my head and held it tight and shoved his cock as deep into my throat as he could and I felt it jerking in my mouth and throat as he unloaded a huge load of cum into and down my throat, I loved this moment as I brought Chad to a complete and total climax.

Chad returned the pleasure to me and I unloaded my seed into his mouth before completeing our showers.

Chad told me as we dried off that he had a three day layover and needed a place to park the truck and wait, before he was scheduled to pick up another load.

I gave him permission to park the truck on our truck lot beside the building and told him he could come spend his days with me at my apartment, to which he jumped at that opportunity.

We spend three wonderful days together and that first night was awesome, Chad was all over me in bed, he was boned up and ready by eleven and I felt his heat as he took me again, but his time, I wanted him to make love to me, and make love he did.

I was broken over like a shotgun, we were face to face, and I heard Chad groan, 'AW FUCK!' as his thick uncut cock slid into my manhole, and I felt the full extent of his sexual prowess. Chad

had buried his cock to the balls and just held it there as he leaned over and kissed my lips very passionately.

'Hey Ken this is a hundred times more satisfying to me that pussy, and it feels so much tighter, hotter, and just all round more satisfying.'

It didn't take long until I was enjoying this as much as Chad was, we fucked like mad for almost an hour when He let out this loud Grunt, and just said one statement, 'OH HOLY FUCK!' then he just started a long growl and shoved his cock so far up inside me I thought the top of my head would come off, and it seemed he unloaded about a half gallon of cum into my bowels.

That was all it took for me, and without even touching my cock I started a natural response of having my prostate massaged by his thick, hard cock, and I began to unload a big load of cum too.

That night was the most phenomenal night of my life.

Chad left the following Monday after the Saturday we had met, but he left me not only with fantastic memories of a great time and great sex we had shared, but also his cell phone and address, we plan to have a reunion and a repeat as soon as we can get together again, Chad really knew how to drive his big rig and god did he ever know how to park it, and I'm not talking about his truck either.



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