This story I relate to you is one of my most memorable experiences that happened during my third and fourth years of College.

I was setting in my new dorm room when there was a knock on the door. I got up to open it and reached for the handle and I felt it turn, I opened up and there before my eyes was Martin, or Marty at he liked to be call, Marty Holder.

Now Marty was a very different kind of guy, rather shy, withdrawn, and quite introverted, but he looked like he stepped right out of a Mens magazine tho.

When He came into our room, which by the way was a double as most dorm rooms were, He just sorta flopped down on the bed across from mine, and set there and stared at me like a sort of very handsome Zombie, at first thought I figured him for a druggie or something like that, just sorta spaced out and gone from reality, but time changed my thoughts about that, In fact I found him to be very kind and friendly once you got to know him.

I watched as he nervously twittered around the room, sorta lost acting, looking for places to put things, but he didn't act like he wanted to talk very much, so I just kept to myself.

After about three weeks of him sleeping in the same room and being around me, he started opening up and even began sharing his life to some extent, and the more he opened up to me, the more he told me.

After a while he was more friendly but very untrusting of anyone except me, for some reason he trusted me.

One night I had been asleep and I came to, and heard Marty breathing heavy, and sorta gasping for breath, I was just getting ready to raise up and turn the light on, and ask him if he was alright, when I realized he was Jerking off, I guess he thought I was asleep.

I just quitely layed there listening to his breathing and wimpering as he almost got vocal as he pumped his meat to a climax, which at that time I had never had the pleasure of seeing.

He always wore those thin flannel long sleeping pants with the tie in front, I did however, see his bare upper body and a quite awesome looking outline of his cock under those pants, his upper country body was awesome, very defined chest muscles and nice brushing of hair across his chest and that beautiful sexy treasure trail flowing down to his pubic hair, well at least into his pants. His abs looked like he had been doing settups since he was about ten years old, they were very defined and rippled, seeing his naked upper body sent shock waves of desire and lust thru my body. Many nights I went to bed and layed there with a very hard cock, due to his upper body and my sexual desired and needs being unfulfilled.

Marty never talked about anything much, then one day he asked me if I had a girlfriend, I told him no, He said something that caught my ear, 'Hey Ken, Why doesn't a good looking guy like you have a gal, Man, your very handsome and good looking,'

I looked up and I caught eye contact with Him.

I felt electricity going thru my body, and I almost started studdering, I wanted to kiss Marty so bad that I was hurting. But my better judgement took over and I decided that it wouldn't be wisdom to do that just now.

I went on to bed and then just layed there trying to get my composure.

I had reached down and slid my hand into my briefs and was working on my cock laying there with just the moonlight coming thru the window of the dorm room.

I was working up a good sensation when the light came on.

I watched Marty get up and come over to my bed and set on the bed beside me. I noticed a very large bulge in his pants and it was sticking out like a tree limb.

I still had my hands in my briefs around my cock, when I felt Marty's hand go down to my cock and he said, 'Ken, you mind if I give you a hand?' I was totally shocked at his statement, I took my hand out of my briefs and felt him grab my hardon thru the sheets he smiled and said,'Damn Ken, this feels awesome, Man Ken, you've got a nice cock there,' He looked into my eyes and then rubbed my chest a little and leaned over and kissed my lips, sending hot stimulating sensations thru my body like shock waves.

I was on fire, totally shocked with his actions, but I loved the feeling he was making in my body.

He stopped and pulled the covers back and the cover sheet, then he reached down and began to stroke my cock thru my briefs, licking his lips and biting on his lower lip. I reached around behind him and came around his body with my right hand and felt a very large cock, hard, throbbing and wet on the tip.

Marty leaned down and layed across my lap and began to chew on my briefs and sucking on the head, making me go weak in my body, god Marty was good.

'Oh Shit Mary, That feels a lot better than my hand felt,' 'It tastes fanatastic to me too Ken, Here,' and he slid my briefs off my feet, flipped them to the floor and he leaned down and engulfed my cock about half way, he was licking the head like an ice cream, sucking, and licking, sliding his lips down to the base, or at least as far as he could go, It was the most phenomional feeling I had ever had.

I could tell that Marty was no beginner at sucking cock and bringing a guy off, but because of his personality I had no Idea, but here he was with a thick uncut cock in his mouth, wow it was awesome, his lips were so smooth, and he put that special suction on it, not too much, but just the right amount of sucking pressure to bring maximum pleasure, I was in heaven, I felt his tongueing around the wet head of my cock and those awesome pleasureable feeling had completely taken over.

I was in another place when I began to feel that feeling that anounces to your body that the pleasure of pleasures was emminent. I felt that feeling at the base of my cock that let me know, I would be filling Marty's mouth soon, and then I felt my legs start to jerking back and forth as he began to massage my ball sack, and he sucked me off to completeion, god he was awesome.

I started shooting probably biggest load I ever shot, at least to that time, and he pulled off just enough to get a face full, then he put his mouth over it again and took that rest of my load into his mouth.

I grunted and cursed as It shot out, and he sucked and slurped as I filled his mouth full.

He smiled and licked the cum off his face and lips taking it all into his mouth, 'Ughmmmm, Damn that is sweet, you must eat a lot of fruit, thats what make cum sweet,' I said, 'No shit, man I didn't know that,'

'Yeah! fruits are natural sweetners and they make a guys cum tasty.'

I looked over at Marty and said, 'Well let me try some of yours then, I love sweet cum.'

Marty crawled up on the bed and I pulled his pants off, and out flopped this long thick cock, it looked like it must be a nine incher, but whether or not, it was big, very big.

I leaned over and I heard Marty gasp as I took his cock and began giving him the pleasure that he had just given me, I had him almost climbing the walls before that night was over sucking and playing with his cock and feeling just about the biggest balls I had ever touched.

I loved it, but finally he reached his peak with much sound and vocals, I was so pleased as I tasted his sweet cum as it filled my mouth, He was right, damn, Marty loved to eat fresh fruit, and he was right his cum had a very sweet taste to it.

And believe me I ate Martys sweet cum a lot that year, and of course he ate mine too.

I Will say that that was the most awesome of my college years. I still look back at the two years that Marty and I were room mates and it was with great affection too. What wonderful years those were.



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