Friday had finally arrived and I was starting my four day Fourth of July holiday.  The fourth was on Tuesday but my company had decided to close on Monday also.

I began my trip home, fighting the rush hour traffic. I had stopped at one of the many red lights and glanced over at the driver to my right.  I froze!  I am turned on by guys with either shaved heads or short neatly trimmed beards.  This guy had both!  And from the oversized tank top that he wore I could see that his chest was covered with a light coating of dark hair which turned me on even more.

after noticing the name of his company, Action Remodeling, on his truck door, I again looked into his face and without realizing what I was doing I began to sensually lick my lips, wanting whatever he had between his legs deep in my throat.

I glanced up at his face and saw him smiling and finally realized what I was doing.  The light turned green and we continued down the street. My lane was moving faster and I got ahead of him, wondering if he could be had.  Then, at another light, I felt another vehicle bump mine.

'Great', I thought.  What a perfect way to start my weekend.  As I got out to check the damage, I saw my hot stud climbing out of his truck. 

"Let's pull over to that parking lot to exchange information," he said.

My heart raced as I agreed, and noticed a slight bulge in his shorts.

Once in the lot, even though there was absolutely no damage at all to either vehicle, he insisted on exchanging information.  We did and I found out his name was Luke and that he was twenty nine. Afterward, he insisted that I visit him the following afternoon for a beer as his apology for the incident.  It didn't take me long to agree.

Midafternoon Saturday, I headed to his place, only to find that it was on the outskirts of town  and hidden out of sight back in a grove of trees.  He had said to come comfortable and I wore only a mesh tank top and a pair of shorts, commando.  I approached the door and saw a note that read, 'Mark, come around to the back.  I'm out by the pool. Luke.'

I headed around the side and through the gate and found him cleaning his grill.

"I hope that you don't mind, but I took it upon myself to plan on dinner for us later this evening," he said. "If you already have plans, I understand."

Seeing what he had on, there was no way I was going to turn down his invitation.  There before me, in all his muscular glory, stood the Greek god I had met the day before, wearing nothing but a small pale thong.

"No plans at all," I replied.  "All I had planned was a quiet restful weekend," I lied.

"Great," he replied. "Make yourself t home and feel free to use the pool."

"I would, but I didn't know to bring my trunks."

"Hey, it's just the two of us here so feel free to go nude.  That's what I usually do.  When I'm home, I'm usually nude."

"I stay that way most of the time also but I don't have the opportunity to do it outdoors."

"Well then, if you have no objections, I'm going to get comfortable and you are welcome to join me and see what true freedom is like."

With that, he hooked his thumbs in the waist of his thong and steadily slid it down.  Once low enough he let it drop to the ground and stepped out of hit as he looked in my direction and smiled.

Without a second thought, I smiled and said, "I'm sure we have both been around other men nude before, so I accept your invitation."  With that, I quickly removed my tank top then my shorts.

Seeing me commando, he smiled and said, "Something else we have in common.  I'm always commando. I don't even own underwear."

"I only have a couple of pair for formal occasions," I replied.

As we sipped our beer, we became more comfortable with each other before he finally brought up the events of the day before.

"When we were stopped at the light yesterday, I noticed you running your tongue around your lips.  Was there an offer behind that action?"

Caught off guard, I replied, "Maybe.  Would you take offense if I said there was?"   I waited for his reply.

"Not at all," he replied with a smile, beautiful white teeth showing through his dark beard.  "Were you indicating that you would like to suck me?"

I looked at his crotch and saw his cock steadily rising.  "As a matter of fact that is exactly what I was indicating."

"Mark, It's all yours," he said, spreading his legs in his chair.

I got up and walked over to him and knelt between his wide spread muscular legs. His cock twitched and bounced and I immediately grasped it and swallowed.

After a soft moan, he softly said, "I need that.  It feels awesome."

He gently ran his fingers through my hair before saying, "Mark, there is something you ought to know."

Pausing and removing his rock hard awesome cock from my mouth I asked, "What's that?"

After returning his entire cock to my mouth and throat, he said, "there are two things that I do not do.  I do not suck cock and I do not get fucked.  Because I do not do those two things, I do not consider myself gay.  However, I love having a guy suck me.Only a man can suck a cock properly.  I have no problem kissing and making out with another man or jerking him off. I enjoy sleeping with another man and cuddling.  So if you would like to stay the night, I'd enjoy having you."

I continued sucking  his long beautiful cock and soon felt it swell, signaling that his climax was near.  Suddenly, the eruption began and my mouth was filled with his huge delicious load.  After collecting every drop I swallowed the biggest majority before testing him.

He said he had no problem kissing another man.  I wondered if he was willing to kiss after the guy had sucked him off.  I began to raise up and lean in toward his face. Slowly, he began to lower his face to mine and within seconds, our lips met and parted and our tongues began to explore each others mouth with me feeding him the remainder of his delicious load.

After several moments of tongue sucking, we parted and he looked into my face as I said, "I'd love to stay the night with you."

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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