Sorry for the delay...From Part 1....

After returning his entire cock to my mouth and throat, he said, "there are two things that I do not do.  I do not suck cock and I do not get fucked.  Because I do not do those two things, I do not consider myself gay.  However, I love having a guy suck me. Only a man can suck a cock properly.  I have no problem kissing and making out with another man or jerking him off. I enjoy sleeping with another man and cuddling.  So if you would like to stay the night, I'd enjoy having you."

I continued sucking  his long beautiful cock and soon felt it swell, signaling that his climax was near.  Suddenly, the eruption began and my mouth was filled with his huge delicious load.  After collecting every drop I swallowed the biggest majority before testing him.

He said he had no problem kissing another man.  I wondered if he was willing to kiss after the guy had sucked him off.  I began to raise up and lean in toward his face. Slowly, he began to lower his face to mine and within seconds, our lips met and parted and our tongues began to explore each others mouth with me feeding him the remainder of his delicious load.

After several moments of tongue sucking, we parted and he looked into my face as I said, "I'd love to stay the night with you."

Now for Part 2........

I was curious as to how far I could make him go sexually.  We kissed passionately while he gently stroked my cock to a roaring climax, eventually smearing my huge load all over my stomach and chest.

During the evening I sucked him several more times and felt his awesome cock explode in my ass.  It was after midnight when he fucked me for the last time that night and as his cock exploded in my ass, I exclaimed how great it felt and told him that he had no idea what pleasure he was missing.

"Well, I know one thing that's definite.  Never have I been to bed with a guy as sexy and hot as you are."

"Thanks for the compliment," I replied.

Luke smiled and said, "It's just the honest truth," then leaned in and kissed me.

How could a man that kissed another man so passionately not be gay, I wondered.  I decided that he just hadn't yet admitted  it to himself.

I ended up spending the entire weekend with him and it was the best weekend I had experienced in years.  I was even happier when he invited me back for the following weekend.

"Just come straight here after you get off work," he said.

"Will do," was my immediate reply.

I couldn't wait for the next weekend to arrive. When it did, I practically flew to Luke's place. He answered the door totally nude and once I was inside, he grabbed me and kissed me passionately as I began stripping.

His cock quickly stiffened and it was my pleasure to drop to my knees and suck him dry. After swallowing his huge load, I stood and heard him say, "Man, you are the best I've ever had suck my cock."

"Well, yours is one of the best cocks I've ever sucked," I replied.

Later that evening after a few glasses of wine before dinner, we lay on the thick plush carpet in his den and kissed.  I flipped around into a sixty-nine and began sucking his cock slowly and lovingly. I was determined to see how far I could go with him.

Ever so gradually, I began easing my cock closer and closer to his face. I eventually felt the tip of my cock touch his cheek. After a quick glance, I saw that the tip of my cock was only about a quarter of an inch from his mouth.  As it brushed his face, it deposited copious amounts of clear thick pre-cum.

I continued to slowly suck and caress his rock hard cock when I suddenly felt it. I suddenly gasped as hit hot wet lips closed around my hard throbbing cock.  He soon began to energetically suck my cock and I soon did the same to him.  Within just a few moments, I reached my climax and began firing of volley after volley of thick white cream into his mouth and down his throat.  As I did, his cock began exploding in my mouth.  I eagerly swallowed and as I did, with my cock still in his mouth, I felt him swallow mine.

As we set up. he suddenly kissed me hungrily and eagerly for a long moment.

Once we parted I looked him in the face and asked, "What made you decide to suck me?"

"One was curiosity," he began. "You really seemed to enjoy it  and I wondered what it was like. Second, I have never ever met another man that I felt so close to and cared about."

Smiling, I looked at him and said, "Well, what did you think about sucking your first cock?"

"When you started to climax, I seriously thought about pulling off, but that first small taste wasn't that bad so I decided to take it all.  I liked the taste  and decided to go all the way and swallow."

"Well, I damn sure enjoyed it," I replied.

He kissed me again and said softly, "It won't be the last time."

Later after dinner, he slipped to the floor between my legs and began sucking me.  This time I had a clear view of him hungrily devouring my rock hard cock.  He was doing a fantastic job and before long I fed him his reward.  I watched as he collected every drop and swirl it around his mouth before swallowing.  "Delicious," he said with a smile.

Later he fucked me, then before going to bed we had another sixty-nine.

Saturday we started the day with a sixty-nine  before having our morning coffee.  Then as we sat by his pool, both totally nude, he looked at me and said, "Mark, I never ever thought I'd say this to another guy, but I want you to fuck me."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. "I've talked to others, and know that the first few time will hurt like hell to start, but I don't care.  I want you to be the first."

I agreed, and soon we were in his king bed and I was applying lube to both my cock and his ass.

As I did, he looked at me and said, "I want to be on my back so I can watch your face as you take my cherry."

"Sounds good to me," I replied

I slowly began my entry and as he head of my cock popped into his virgin hole, he let out a low scream.  I could see the pain in his face, but before I could ask, he told me not to stop and to fuck him to completion.

I began pumping my cock in and out of his ass and before long he looked at me and said, "Man, don't stop.  That feels awesome.  I want to feel you shoot up my hole."

He soon got his wish as my cock exploded like it never had before. Once drained, I pulled out and we kissed passionately.  "I know one thing for sure," he said, looking me in the face.

"What's that?" I asked.

"That's damn sure not the last time you are going to fuck me.  I want you again and often."

"My pleasure," I replied.

Looking at me he smiled slightly and said, "I don't guess I can no longer say that I don't consider myself gay.  What you have introduced me to is the best sex I have ever had. "

We sucked and fucked the rest of the weekend, and for several weekends after that I would invite a different buddy of mine to join us for a three way on one night of the weekend.  Luke would suck them and let them fuck him without hesitation.

After several months, he asked me if I had ever had a lover.  I replied that I had and that it ended when I got home from a business trip and found him in bed with two of our best friends.

"Would you consider getting into another relationship?

"With the right person, I would," I replied.

"Well, is there any chance that I'm the right person?" he asked.

"I think that would work out real good," I replied with a big smile.

That week, I moved my things in with Luke and we began our future as a couple.  We play together with others but not separately.  We will soon be celebrating out tenth anniversary and we are more in love now that when we started. 

Luke laughs when I remind him about what he used to say about not being gay.

THE END........................................ COMING SOON... "It Happened on the Farm".



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