From Part 2.......

He confronted Pam and told her what he wanted.  She begged him not to go to her dad.  he said either she could or he would.  Her dad turned her down when she refused to tell him why she needed so much money.  Josh stepped in and soon had what he requested, assuring the senator that the photos would not be released if he stated safe.

Josh moved in with me and after the first week, after we had eaten dinner, he said, "You remember back when I said I had something to tell you and you showed me that video?"

"Yes, I do but I had forgotten about it.  What did you have on your mind?"


(Note...A cherished reader informed me that near the end of part 2, I began calling Josh Jim.  Re-read the last seven or so paragraphs and change the name Jim to Josh.  My apologies!)

Part 3...............................

I looked into Josh's eyes and as I did, he said, "After you showed me that video, I had other things on my mind.  What I was wanting to tell you is that I was starting to have feelings for you.  I really care about you, but now that I'm single again, I want to play the field, but remember, you have a special place in my heart."

"I totally understand and just know that I care for you also.  You need to now find yourself.  I'll be here if you want or need me."

"Can we still make love?" he asked.

"Any time you want, and you are free to bring home any man you want to share your bed with you."

He gave me a kiss and thanked me for understanding.  Josh and Brad continued patrolling together and having sex together on slow nights.  Jim, Clay and I also continued our undercover work. 

Then one Saturday night, as Jim and Clay listened in the car as normal, I was put out as a decoy.  It was close to midnight when a jet black 'vet convertible pulled up next t me.  As he stopped, I got a look at the hot young stud behind the wheel.  He was handsome as hell, with the chiseled features of a Greek statue.  His hair was jet black and he wore a neatly trimmed thin black beard and stach.  His tight low cut tank top revealed a light dusting of jet black hair on his muscular chest, and his short tight shorts revealed hairy muscular legs as well as a nice bulge.

I stepped closer and said, "Nice ride."

I noticed that his eyes continued to stare at my crotch.  "Thanks," he replied.  "You want to take a ride and maybe we can become close friends."

I knew what he meant and said "Sure."

I eased into the passenger seat and as we pulled away from the curb I heard Jim in my earpiece saying, "Mark, we just ran the plates on that 'vet. I thought it looked familiar and it turns out that the guy your with is the mayor's son.  Be cautious."

I immediately wondered what the mayor would say if he knew his son was out picking up tricks at midnight. 

I'm Mark," I said as we sped down the street.

"I'm Lucas but everyone calls me Luke," he said as his right hand slid off the floor shift and fell onto my thigh.  He asked how old I was and I told him I was twenty-five.  He told me that he was eighteen.  after a moment, he asked if I would like to drive and see what it was like.  I said yes and he quickly pulled to the curb. 

After trading places, I pulled out onto the deserted street and sped away.  Moments later Luke had placed his left hand over onto my thigh and asked if I was enjoying myself.  I knew Jim and Clay could hear our conversation and I replied with, "Fuck yea I am but there are other ways I like to enjoy myself."

I glanced over at him to see his reaction and saw him smile broadly.  As he did his land quickly grasped my hard cock and asked, "Like getting that tool sucked dry?"

"For starters, I said.

"What you charge?" he asked

"Well, it depends on who I'm with and how much they turn me on.  You ever paid a guy before?"

"Almost once," he replied.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"It was a few weeks ago," he began.  "I was over in Upland at the college where I'll be attending in the fall and found a young guy on a corner.  I picked him up and when we started to play I had his fee in hand and when I asked how old he was  he said sixteen and I told him no way and to get out.  He grabbed the money from my hand and ran off."

"Your ass would have been grass if you had been caught with an underage boy."

"Don't I know it," he replied.

I pulled into a dark alley and after stopping, I asked, "Do you really enjoy sucking cock?"

"Hell yea," he replied.  "I love sucking cock and eating cum. I've been sucking several guys I went to school with through high school, sometime four to six at a time," he said then asked, "Do you make much cash on the street?"

"Enough,, why?"

"Well, I have been told by another student that there are lots of older men in Upland that will pay nicely for an evening of sex with a young college student."

"That would be nice if you can meet one then let him refer you to others so you can avoid the street and risk of arrest." 

"Good idea," he replied.  "Now, how much will you charge me to suck your cock?"

"I'll make you a deal.  You can blow me for free if you let me blow you."

"You got a deal," he replied.  We immediately got out of the car and began stripping. His cock was awesome and hard as stone.  I looked at him and asked, "How would you like to suck two more cocks tonight?"

"I'd love it," he replied.

"I know a couple of guys I think you would enjoy blowing.  They both feed nice loads. I can call them and they will meet us here."

"Do it," he said  and after I retrieved my cell phone and made the call to Jim and Clay, he hungrily began tongue kissing me.  After a few moments, the kiss ended  and he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock.  It was obvious that he was an experienced cock sucker.

A few minutes later, I fed him my load and he milked me dry before swallowing my entire load.  After another kiss, I went to my knees and began sucking his hard cock. He moaned softly as he gently held my head and just before he climaxed, Jim and Clay pulled up.  They exited their car and walked up to us just and began stripping also. 

Luke leaned toward them for a kiss and as they began a three way tongue kiss, Luke fed me his huge hot teen load. Eagerly and hungrily I devoured the thick sweet cream.

They exchanged first names and after another hot kiss, Luke dropped to his knees and began sucking the two cops.  I quickly acquired another boner and gently lifted Luke's ass so that it was at cock height.  He knew what was about to transpire.

I began rimming his hole and left it wet with spit.  I stood and began my insertion into his hot hole.  he paused sucking the two cocks just long enough to say, "Oh, fuck yea!  Drill me."  He then returned to sucking Jim and Clay.

I fucked his ass slowly at first then as my second climax approached, I fucked faster and harder.  Suddenly, Jim fed Luke a huge load and after swallowing he took Clay's load.  At that time, I made a hefty deposit in his ass.

A  second later, as the four of us stood naked about to retrieve our clothes, Luke smiled and said, "This has been the best evening I have had in ages.  I hope we can get together again."

"Give me your phone number and I will make sure it happens," I told him.  Once he was dressed he quickly wrote down his cell number and handed it to me.  After telling him that I would ride back with Jim and Clay, Luke said he was anxious for another meeting and left.

As we watched him drive away, Clay laughed and said, "I wonder what the fuck his dad would do or say if he knew what his son was up to?"

"Good question," I replied.

Three weeks later on our night off, I invited Luke to spend the night with us and he accepted.  No one got any sleep that night. Luke was open and willing to do absolutely anything as long as it pertained to sex.

Several months passed, during which the three of us made a few trips to Upland and got a motel room and invited Luke to join us.

Josh's patrol partner, Brad, fell in love with his ex-brother-in-law and they began their life together, after Brad's sister caught them in bed together.  Jim's wife filed for divorce saying she couldn't take the stress of being a cop's wife.  Almost immediately Jim and Clay became lovers and moved in together. 

Josh had continued to live with me but had brought home several men he had met for sex.  then one Saturday evening, he stepped up top me in the kitchen facing me.  After wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him, he looked into my eyes.

Looked straight into my face , he said softly, "Mark, I've decided what I want and that is you.  I love you with all my heart. Will you accept me as your lover?"

"You better damn well know I will.  I've loved you for months."

Jim, Clay, Brad and his lover, and Josh and I frequently dine together and every couple of months get together and swap partners during the weekend.  On some of those weekend we invite Luke, the mayor's son, to join us.  When he does, first off he wants us all sitting side by side naked so he can get on his knees and go from cock to cock sucking them dry. 

Jim, Clay, and I still do our undercover work and Josh and Brad are still patrol partners.  everything is the same both work wise and sexually.  There is no jealousy.....just love!

THE END......................



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