From Part 1.......

We decided to make one more run. I noticed Jim and Clay talking privately over in a corner.  When we got to the car to leave the station, Jim got behind the wheel and Jim sat in the back seat with me.

"Mark," Jim began, "Clay and I want you to know that we couldn't have hand picked a better partner. We're going to make a great team."

 As he talked, he placed his right hand on my thigh and ever so slowly began sliding it toward my crotch.  Needless to say my cock began to stiffen.


Part 2........................

Jim's actions had me confused .  I had believed that he and Clay were both basically straight and only got the blow jobs as a job benefit.  Now I wondered if that was true.

Jim continued easing his hand closer to my rock hard cock.  I began to wonder if he was testing me to see if I was gay and would blow the two of them. 

"Mark," Jim continued, "you are going to have to 'play the game', so to speak, to make our team work effectively.  Are you willing to do that?"

"Sure, but what does it entail?" I asked.

He just smiled and gently placed his hand on my hard cock and leaned in for a kiss.  As our lips met, he immediately offered his tongue.  I accepted slowly, not wanting to be obvious that I was definitely into it.  Then as we kissed, he reached over and grasped my hand and placed it on his own hard bulge.

Suddenly, from the front seat, I heard Clay say, "Go for it, guys, but remember I get a turn also."

Suddenly, Jim eased me down onto the back seat on my back and after unzipping my jeans, he extracted my cock.  Without any hesitation at all, he leaned forward and swallowed my cock.  As he slowly sucked my hard tool, he unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out.  Once it was free of it's restraints, he eased into a sixty-nine position.  I couldn't resist any longer and immediately swallowed his cock in it's entirety. Both Clay and I heard him, moan loudly.  Suddenly, the car turned to the right and after a moment stopped.

Clay got out and after a moment came to us and said, "It's open."

As Jim and I eased out of the car, I realized that we were in a dark alley behind some old warehouses.  We followed Clay into the warehouse  through an open door on the dock.  Inside was a sheetless king size mattress on the floor.  Jim and Clay both began removing their jeans.  Seconds later I did the same.

Jim and I lay on the mattress and as we kissed, Clay began alternating between our cocks.  I wondered if I was dreaming.  While watching them both get sucked before, I had wanted to suck them myself, and now I was going to get the chance.

After a while, Clay stopped sucking us and lay next to me and started giving me a hot deep throat tongue kiss as Jim began alternating between our cocks.  Jim concentrated more on my cock and soon brought me to a roaring wild climax.  Once he ha milked me dry, I watched as he brought his mouth over Clay's open mouth and let my huge load drip into the opening.  Then Jim kissed Clay and they worked my load back and forth between them before each swallowed part of it.

I so wanted their load and I immediately began sucking one then the other. As I sucked one, I stroked the other.  As I slowly brought both to a climax, they watched and kissed.  Jim Climaxed first and I after collecting his entire load in my mouth, I held it and immediately began sucking Clay.  Soon he climaxed also and added his load of delicious cum to Jim's.

I sat up and looked at them as I swirled their loads around in my mouth.  Then, with  slight smile on my face, I hungrily swallowed both loads.  They smiled back with Clay saying, "Welcome to the CSC club."

"May I asked what CSC stands for?" I replied.

"Cock Sucking Cop," Jim replied.

"Are we the only members? I asked.

"No," Jim said, adding, "There area couple of uniform patrol officers that are members."

"They suck cock also?" I asked.

"Oh, yea. And like Jim and I, do more." Clay said,.

"And what would that more be," I asked.

"Well, let me ask you this.  Do you enjoy getting fucked?" asked Jim.

"Hell yea," I stated.

"So do they as well as Jim and I.  You are going to fit in just fine."

"Will I get to meet them?" I asked.

"Definitely," Clay replied.

All during our chat, we were slowly putting our clothes back on.

As we left the  deserted warehouse, Clay put the padlock back on the door.  As we approached the car, he handed me a key and said, "If you ever need a place, you can come here."

"That makes me want to ask a question," I said as we got back into the car.  "Shoot," Jim replied.

"Does your wife have any idea what you do at work?"

"She knows that I work undercover in sex crimes, but nothing else.  She thinks Clay and I work arresting the female prostitutes.  Being married, I need a place to bring guys I meet."

We went back on patrol and did bust a john trying to get me to go to his motel room.  He had accepted my answer when I told him that I was only fifteen. I had met at his motel room and as he let me in, Jim and Clay followed and entered just as he was closing the door.  He admitted that he wanted sex with me and tried to bribe us with cash. It turned out that he was the president and CEO of a well known finance company in the state.

After our shift ended, Clay said that he would see if the other two officers could join us for dinner at his place since it was our weekend of.

The weekend arrived and Jim and I arrived at Clay's house early.  Looking at Jim, I asked, "What excuse did you use to get out of the house?"

"The old 'gonna watch  ball game' story." he replied

About half an hour later the doorbell rang and Clay answered it.  He let the two officers in and a he introduced us I froze. "Guys, meet our new partner, Mark.  Mark, this is Brad and the redhead is Josh."

Josh and I locked our eyes and Jim noticed.  "Do you two know each other?" he asked.

"Although we have never been introduced, we have seen each other numerous times at our apartment pool," Josh said.  And I have to admit that I was curious about him because of the way he kept looking me over."

I laughed and said, "For some reason, red heads have always turned me on and I was drooling over your red hairy chest."

Everyone laughed and Josh stepped up to me and gave me a hot wet tongue kiss before saying, "Nice to finally meet you, and since we al know that we are here for more than dinner, check it out all you want."  With that he immediately whipped his tee shirt off over his head, exposing his thick red hairy chest. I reached up and began rubbing my fingers through he hair before eventually diving in and sucking his right nipple.

Clay smiled and said, "Later guys, but I don't see any reason we can't all get comfortable."

Within seconds, we were all totally naked with a beer in our hand.  Josh's red pubic bush kept my attention totally.  We soon ate dinner before returning to the den where Josh sat next to me on the sofa and began making out with me.  It wasn't long before Josh directed my mouth to his hard seven and a half inch cock.  After easing of the sofa and onto my hands and knees between his legs, I began sucking his beautiful cock burying my nose in his red bush.  After a moment, I felt a hot wet tongue began working m hole and paused just long enough to see Jim eating my ass.  A second later he began easing his cock into me. 

Jim and Josh both climaxed seconds apart and I was in heaven having two married cocks feed me their cum.  We looked over to see Brad and Clay in a sixty-nine and both climaxing.  I was the only one that hadn't busted a nut but Josh as quick to remedy that situation.  after having me return to the sofa next to him he got on the floor between my legs and gave me one of the best blow jobs I had had in years.  Only Jim and Clay were better.

By the time the evening ended, I had made the four guys line up and gang bang my ass. Josh was first followed by Clay then Jim ad finally Brad.  Once Brad had filled me with his load, Josh buried his face in my ass and sucked all he could from my hole then kissed me and shared it.

As the evening ended, I gave Josh my apartment number and said, "Whenever you can get away from your wife, come on over. I don't mind quickies."

"Neither do I," he replied.

He did begin popping in from time to time for a quick sixty-nine or mutual fuck. Then one day he came over and said, "The wife and I are having problems and she's going to her mothers for a couple of weeks.  Would you like a bed partner for a while?"

"Hell yes.  When is she leaving?"

"Today.  I'm taking her to the airport at three."

"I'm looking forward to having you here and not have to rush through sex."

"Same here," he said before giving me a hot tongue kiss.

Josh had been sharing my bed for a couple of days when I saw something that I thought he should know.  I was on my way to the station to start my shift with Clay and Jim when I saw Pam, Josh's wife kissing a guy that I knew to be a state cop. I whipped out my cell phone and began videoing the scene.  it was just before dark and as she kissed him her right hand went to his crotch and began rubbing it.  Then after the kiss, she licked her lips as she continued to rub his obvious boner. The then disappeared into the posh hotel.

I showed the video to Clay and Jim and asked them if they thought I should tell Josh.  They both agreed that he needed to know.  After our shift, I returned to my apartment to find Josh already there, and nude as usual.  He said that after I got comfortable, he had something to discuss with me.  "And I have something to show you," I replied.

Once I was nude, I returned to the living room to find him on the sofa waiting.  "Mark," he began, "I've been thinking about something and have made a decision."

He paused and as he did I spoke up.  "Before you continue, I have something you should see."  I started the video I had recorded and handed him my phone.  When it was over, he said, "Mother Fuck!  The bitch acts like she's wanting to blow him, yet she tells me oral is gross.  That just made my decision easier."

He then told me that he was considering divorcing  Pam and asked if he could move in with me until he found a place of his own.  I told him that he could stay as long as he wanted.  He hired a private detective that he knew well and had had sex with.  He gathered loads of evidence including hot XXX photos.  All the while Josh and Brad continued on patrol, waiting for the right time for Josh to act.

The undercover work that Jim, Clay and I did continued, with us having sex with some and arresting others. During one slow period, Jim suggested that we go to the warehouse, saying he was horny and needed to get fucked.

Once in the warehouse we removed our pants and Jim got on his hands and knees and sucked Clay as I fucked his ass.  After I had filled his hole with my load, he shocked both Clay and I when he said, "Now fist fuck me."

"What?" I asked. 

He repeated his request and I looked at Clay.  "Hell, man, if he wants it do it."

As I began easing my hand into his well lubed hole, Clay asked, "When did you get into this shit?"

"I've been using a rubber fist and my own fist for about a month and decided I wanted the real thing," he replied. 

I went in slowly and was soon in up to my wrist. "Go deeper," he instructed.  I did and once I was midway to my elbow he told me to work it in and out.  I did and soon his cock exploded shooting more cum that I had ever seen come out of one cock all over his chest.  After slowly removing my fist, clay and I began licking him clean.  "That was fucking awesome," he said.

The detective finally told Jim that he had more than enough evidence and turned everything over to Jim. he went through it at my place and some photos showed Pam servicing multiple guys at the same time both orally  and anally as well as getting fucked in her cunt, servicing three at a time.

"Man, I've got her right where I want her," he said.  I asked what he meant.

"Her dad is  a state senator, and very conservative. I'm sure he will pay plenty to keep these from being made public."

"You know you could be arrested for blackmail, don't you?"

"Yes but I don't think he would go that far.  There will be a second set that will be released to the public if I'm arrested."

He confronted Pam and told her what he wanted.  She begged him not to go to her dad.  he said either she could or he would.  Her dad turned her down when she refused to tell him why she needed so much money.  Jim stepped in and soon had what he requested, assuring the senator that the photos would not be released if he stated safe.

Jim moved in with me and after the first week, after we had eaten dinner, he said, "You remember back when I said I had something to tell you and you showed me that video?"

"Yes, I do but I had forgotten about it.  What did you have on your mind?"

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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