I was probably the last guy in my year to have sex with Carla. At 18, she was addicted to sex and would offer herself to any guy who wanted to screw her. I, of course was very naïve and though I heard the stories about her, I somehow figured they were just stories, even when some of the detail was exactly that – detailed!

Most of the girls kept a distance from her which didn't seem to bother Carla. She preferred the company of the boys anyway. I had heard that she did oral sex, swallowed cum, would take on two guys at once and had even had sex with a guy and his girlfriend. It was rumoured that she also had older guys which she picked up at the shopping centre on Saturdays. Anyway, though I relished in the stories, I had convinced myself they were just teenage wishful thinking. Carla had showed little interest in me and to be honest, I was too scared to show any interest in her apart from a shy “hello.”

We were all around the 18 year old mark. Carla had mousey dark brown hair, cut short and was a medium build. She was cute rather than stunning but she was not fat in any way. Her tits were already quite well developed and she took great delight in unbuttoning the top buttons of her white school blouse to show the fabric of her bra and the top of her milky tits. Her grey school skirt was a little too short for the regulations but she seemed to get away with it, and her maroon blazer was just a little too tight which made her tits look all the bigger.

Me, well I also had regulation school blazer and grey trousers, white shirt and school tie. I was cursed with very red hair and freckles, I was constantly called “cute” by all the mums and even at 18 and quite well built. I still had a childish face and had just started to shave. I didn't like my looks and felt very introverted, rarely playing sports as I would have to strip in the showers and others would see my bright red pubic hair. I was also quite big down there which embarrassed me as it was out of proportion to both my body size and ball size. It would get hard with just a passing thought about sex and I quite enjoyed looking at girls and boys though I knew I couldn't be gay as gays only liked boys. Steven Johnstone at school was a poof. You could just tell and all the guys took the piss out of him as he was quite slim, blonde and girly. Sometimes people called me “poof” too because I was so shy and wouldn't take my clothes off in front of others. They would chant “Rick Turner's a pansy.” They didn't do it for long though so they must have known.

I couldn't be one because I liked girls more than boys.

One warm Spring afternoon, I was walking home my usual way. Dad ran a small haulage business and Mum was his secretary so and I usually had the house to myself until around 6.30 pm. I was happily heading home. I had been quite horny that day and was looking forward to stripping off and pulling out the Penthouse magazines I had hidden for a nice slow wank.

“Hi Ricky,” I heard from behind. It was Carla who quickly caught up with me.

“You looked a little hot and bothered in class today,” she continued. “Were you a bit itchy down there,” she said, her head nodding straight at my crotch. “It's just you were rubbing it a bit and I noticed.”

I went absolutely scarlet.

“Hey lots of boys like to rub down there,” she said, “Even I do.”

“Rub yourself?” I said incredulously.

“Of course, silly! I get a bit horny some afternoons and I rub myself down there to keep myself happy. Have you never done that for a girl?”

I flushed again and shook my head.

She completely changed the subject and asked where I lived and who was at home which I answered. Then she said she could come and help me with my homework if I wanted. I agreed.

We got into the house and up to my room where Carla took off her jacket and lay on the bed, her ever loose top buttons attracting my eyes. I took my jacket off and loosened my tie, getting my homework out. She patted the bed beside her and I sat down.

“You're really cute you know,” she said as I blushed again. “I love your hair colour.”

I couldn't believe anyone would love my hair colour as I didn't. She leaned across and kissed my cheek. I turned to look at her and she kissed my mouth. It wasn't much of a kiss, more like lip contact and nose contact at the same time. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me, her lips opened and this time she made sure it was a real kiss. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and really kissed me. She was sitting across my middle, holding both of my arms back and pinning me down as she kissed. My cock sprung up behind the fabric of my trousers and pushed in between her legs. I was so embarrassed and hoped she couldn't feel it. Of course she did and wiggled her bum down on to it.

“You seem like a healthy boy,” she said.

Her blouse was unbuttoned and removed so she was sitting in just her bra. She unclasped her skirt and took it off so it was then bra and pants. She started to unbutton my shirt to reveal my pale skin and freckled shoulders. I felt sure she would stop once she saw how white I was. She kissed my nipples and my cock spring up again then she unclipped her bra and pulled it off to reveal a magnificent pair of tits with lovely brown and large nipples. She climbed off me and pulled off her panties. Her dark patch of pubic hair was quite small, trim and shaved in a “V” shape. She unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them off leaving me in my white jockeys and a very obvious erection.

“Wow, you ARE big,” she said. “I thought it looked big in class today which is why I followed you.”

“You followed me,” I spluttered.

“The other boys are just boys Ricky, and you look like a man.”

She pulled the front of my briefs down and my cock sprung out. I hadn't measured it then but I now know it was 9 inches long and quite thick. I was also not circumcised so the red head peeked through the foreskin which was also red. My foreskin was quite generous and very red and before I could say anything, Carla's mouth was on it. I couldn't have been too clean as I hadn't washed it since morning but that didn't deter her. She sucked like it was a lollipop and I was almost immediately ready to cum. I told her and she stopped, leaving my cock standing upright. She was kneeling on the floor between my legs and I was lying back on the bed with my legs dangling over the side. She stood up and I caught another glimpse of her pubic “V”, and my cock sprung up even more. She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a condom. I realised what I was about to do!

She opened the wrapper and rolled the rubber over my cock. The sensation of her hands and the tight rubber almost made me cum and I had to stop her again. My cock lay there on its own, pulsing to my heartbeat and she climbed back on to me and slowly lowered herself on to my cock.

“I have to be careful,” she said, “you are the biggest I have ever taken.”

She had me fooled as my cock just slipped straight into her and the warmth that enveloped it was absolutely wonderful. She started to rub the front of herself and I could see a little knob of skin as she did so. Her body plunged up and down on me and thankfully as I was slipping up and down so easily the urge to cum had slightly subsided though it was never far away. She suddenly gasped and I thought I had hurt her but she began to his the words “yes, yes,” as her pace picked up. I erupted in seconds with the orgasm forcing it's was up from my balls almost painfully and exploding out of the tip of my cock. She expertly slowed until there was no more cum to leak out of me, then she pulled herself off. I looked down at my wilting cock and the sac at the end of the condom seemed to have enough cum in it for two people. She pulled it off, held it up and said, “Impressive!”

At that moment, I was in love.

Carla continued in her way with guys at school but every week or so I would hear her call, “Ricky” and know I was going to get to fuck her. She taught me a lot. In fact she was my only sex education. She told me what to do and when to do it. She told me when to cum and when to hold on. She even taught me how to fuck her in the arse. She taught me about hygiene and took great delight in making me lick her out until she came. Others must have known as there were some comments from the other guys at school about “Carla's lapdog,” but I didn't care.

One Saturday night when my parent's were at a wedding, she told me she would be around and arrived about 7.00pm. We stripped and were about to have sex when she asked me to lick her out. I went down as told and was surprised to find a strange taste and liquid running out of her. She told me she had been fucked by a married man she knew, just 30 minutes before coming round and that was his cum. I started to pull away but she told me I had to lick it all. She had the noisiest orgasm I had ever heard from her as I licked on her cunt. The taste was actually turning me on and the thought that some older guy's big cock had been in there just before I had stuck my tongue in, brought me to a swift climax too.

Our relationship lasted right to the end of school and we started going out together properly when I had my first job at 18. I was an apprentice electrician and Carla was training to be a hairdresser. She had cut down on the other guys but still took control of our lovemaking. We married way too early at 19 and managed to secure a rented council house in the town.

The lovemaking continued to be controlled by Carla. I loved not having to make the decisions. We had sex in the snow, naked in a field, sex in a multi-storey car park, and she made me go out one night with both of us wearing our long winter overcoats and nothing underneath then got me to fuck her in a shop doorway in the town centre with people walking past. We even had sex in the back garden with the neighbours having a barbeque just over the high fence. She loved the unusual and once when we were watching the neighbours Alsatian dog, she tied me to the bed and brought the dog in to lick my cock and balls. It disgusted me and yet I came with great force because Carla was doing it.

We were 20 when Carla asked me if I was still excited by the thought of her with other guys. I had to confess I was. The reason, she said was that she loved me but needed more cock. I also confessed that I wasn't too sure about her going out at night with other guys on her own in case people talked.

“Oh no,” she said, “You're going to be involved at all stages!”

Perhaps I should have seen this marked change in our life coming and my complete attitude to sex too. Here I was, a young moderately heterosexual 21 year old male, pretty good looking (if you don't mind red mop tops) and well blessed in the tools department, letting some female dictate where my sex life was going. You might even be reading this and thinking I was a bit of a wimp. The trouble I had was my very hard cock was telling me I really wanted whatever it was she was planning. I was finding being told what I was going to do, highly erotic and it was patently obvious that Carla loved forcing me to do whatever her filthy mind had planned for me.

“Trouble is Rick,” she would say, “I don't like the hunks with hairy chests, I prefer them to be a little softer and more subservient and you fit that bill.”

Our summer holidays were coming up and we hadn't planned to go anywhere, just to do a bit of redecoration in the flat and take the odd day trip. We finished work on the Friday and on Saturday afternoon she suggested we take a walk uptown. She looked a little butch for my liking in jeans, loose t-shirt and boots. Her hair was short anyway but the way she had it tied back she looked almost like she had a short back and sides. Well we walked down to the park in the town centre and after strolling for a while, sat on a bench.

“You see those toilets over there?” she said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I went into the ladies last week and the gents seemed very busy so I strolled in and saw the cubicles had small holes between them. Gay guys go in there to get sucked off.”

“Who by?” I asked innocently.

“Other guys, you pillock,” she retorted.

I hadn't the faintest idea where this was heading.

“I spoke to Morgan (a mutual gay friend in his late teens) and he told me the park can be quite busy with gays sometimes. You and I are going in there once it looks quiet and we are both going into a cubicle where we will wait until a guy puts his cock through then I'm going to suck it off,” said Carla.

“But they're gay!” I said.

“So, they don't know that I'm a woman do they?”

“But you can't put your cock back through so they'll know,” I replied.

“Exactly,” she said, “that's where you come in.”

My cock was rising and I didn't know why. Was I excited that I would actually see Carla sucking cock, excited that she was sucking gay guys who didn't know it was a woman, or was it that my cock was going to be sucked by a guy in front of Carla. Whatever it was, I was up for it.

The park had slightly quietened and she suggested I go in, check it was quiet and summon her from the door. I did. She slipped in beside me and we entered the cubicle. It was a large modern toilet with laminated wooden walls and was tiled from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the wall, someone had neatly drilled a smooth round hole about 4-5 inches across. There was another smaller hole higher up, I presume for people to look through to get some idea what the person at the other side was like. Carla said she was going to stand at the side of the toilet bowl with her back to the cubicle next door and I should drop my pants and sit on the toilet. My cock would not go down and I had to press it down between my legs. She confessed that her heart was pumping like mad with anticipation. The door also had a small hole which looked out to the entrance and with careful planning you could assess your future next door neighbour and, I presumed, eliminate the old age pensioners.

There were steps on the path and I stood up to look. A guy in his early thirties came in. He was quite attractive with a bit of stubble, short sleeved shirt, jeans and tattoos on both arms. He looked a bit rough for Carla mind you. He stood for a while, then tried our door. When he realised it was locked he went in next door and quickly dropped his pants. Carla had been looking through the little hole in the wall so saw him enter before she plugged it up. I sat and he sat. I wasn't sure what the protocol was, or even if the guy was gay. I bent forward and looked and could see the head of an erect cock rising between his legs. A finger appeared at the larger hole and tapped. I wasn't sure why so I did it back. He stood up and I thought he was leaving when suddenly a stiff cock came into the cubicle. It was about 6 inches long, foreskin peeled gently back and a nice dark pink head with just a drop of clear liquid on it. I wasn't used to seeing men with stiff cocks but Carla quickly jumped forward and dropped down to take it all in her mouth. I could hear him groan as she sucked. I stood back to watch and stroked my own cock them bent forward to put my fingers between Carla's legs and stroke her wet, open cunt as she sucked. This was really good! The trouble was it didn't last long. The guy shot his load in Carla's mouth within about 3 minutes and she took her mouth off just as the last spurt hit her cheeks. He quickly zipped up and left. I could see that this was very much quickie sex.

Carla hungrily swallowed his cum and smiled at me. “That was great!”

We didn't wait long for the next visitor. He was an Asian guy of about 28. He was very attractive and slim and I whispered this to Carla as he entered and I sat down again. Once more, the finger tapped and I tapped back. This time he tapped again. Carla prodded me to put my cock through. I hesitantly stood up and pushed my nine inches through the hole. I felt cold fingers grip it and stroke it gently up and down. Carla was caressing my balls from behind. A warmth enveloped me and I realised I was being sucked by a guy for the first time. The pressure was great, gripping my whole cock and sliding up and down. I felt a rush of cum and had to quickly withdraw.

Seven inches of very dark cock entered our cubicle. He had foreskin and his cock was surprisingly thick. Before Carla could say anything I knelt down and sucked him. I wasn't too good at it but enjoyed the flavours of his meat. Carla tapped me on the shoulder and took my place. She had done more of this than I had and it sounded so as well. I heard him groan at the other side. She sucked for a few minutes before his cock disappeared. A minute later, it returned with a condom over it. He wanted to fuck me! I shook my head to Carla so she turned around, gripped his cock with her fingers and gently pushed it against her upturned cunt lips. I thought he might have guessed this was no male hole but he didn't seem to notice. He started to hump her, his cock visible pushing in and out. Once more, he didn't last long and I heard his orgasm. As his cock pulled back, I saw the sac at the end with a full load of fresh cum.

When he left, the toilet was once again quiet. I was a little nervous so Carla suggested we have sex here and now. We did. I was perhaps nervous but was also horny and so was she. Carla leaned against the wall and allowed me to enter her. I fucked her while sucking her beautiful tits and then, as I kissed her, I imagined the cocks she had been sucking just a few moments earlier, and that was enough for me. My cock stiffened and pumped its warm load into her. She managed to orgasm with me, my hand across her mouth to prevent one of her usually noisy orgasms!

Once we got home, we didn't really discuss the events of the day. This was Carla's way. We returned to normal life and to normal sex life for a week or two. She led the agenda and I did as I was told. I loved her and wanted what made her horny. I got off seeing Carla getting off!

One Friday night, one week later, Carla was out with a couple of girls from her office and Morgan, the young gay guy. I suppose you could say it was a girl's night out. I stayed at home watching television and a DVD. I cracked a few cans of beer and enjoyed my own company. I figured she would be home about midnight so changed into a t-shirt and baggy shorts and sat barefooted on the floor enjoying the movie and allowed the buzz of the alcohol to do its job. I was feeling quite horny. Booze always did that. It lowered my inhibitions and allowed my mind to relax. I had been stroking my cock but decided not to wank off in case she came in and wanted sex as she sometimes did if there were some guys chatting her up.

About 11.30, I heard the door and some voices and in came Carla, not fully drunk but certainly not sober either. She had two of her female colleagues, Lorna and Diane and also Morgan in tow. All were merry and very giggly and the flopped on to the sofa while Carla opened a bottle of wine for them.

“Had a good night darling,” she enquired once she returned from the kitchen?

“Really great thanks. Very restful and peaceful,” I replied.

“So did we,” she continued, “some gorgeous guys in the bar chatted us up and even Morgan nearly got his hole.”

I was slightly embarrassed by her tone but the others were laughing. I wondered at that moment if perhaps they had been smoking a little something as she looked decidedly wicked as she lay. Her legs were apart and I could see her panties. There was no point in telling her either as Carla could not be told. I kept quiet.

“I told these three that none of the guys could hold a candle to you darling,” she said. “None had big cocks, cos I felt them all. Your have the biggest one I have seen haven't you?”

All three sets of eyes dropped to my crotch area and I blushed.

“Nine fucking inches,” she rambled, “and my God I can feel it going in: makes me all wet just to think about it.”

I felt my cock give an involuntary jerk upwards and I had no idea why. I think talking about my personal parts to friends was doing it. She crawled across beside me and sat on the floor, both of us with our backs to the sofa. She put her hands between my legs and squeezed my cock.

“You've got a semi,” she said! “You have to see this girls, it's a beauty.”

I thought it best to make a hasty retreat to the toilet and stood up to do so. Carla had other ideas and pulled down my shorts as I stood up. My semi hard cock sprung up on release and in full view of the others. Carla leapt on to her knees in front of me and swallowed my cock to a rapturous applause from the three member audience. I was about to pull away but thought better as I knew Carla didn't like not getting what she wanted and at this moment I didn't know what she wanted (besides I was, as always when Carla took control, horny as fuck).

She pulled my shorts right down and asked me to step out of them then invited the girls across so have a suck. Both Lorna and Diane needed no further invitation and came across putting a mouth on either side to lick my very stiff dick. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Morgan looking both embarrassed and also rubbing the front of his cotton trousers. I wasn't sure whether the spectacle of three girls sucking cock, or the view of my nine inches and what it could do to his hole, were getting him interested. I looked down at the two eager faces still sucking my cock and thought how pretty both girls look. Diane was a mousey brown petite girl with two pert breasts which were all but visible from my standing position, looking down her front. I took the opportunity to fondle them and she didn't object (she really couldn't with her mouth wrapped around my dick). Lorna had long blonde streaked hair which constantly had to be brushed form her face and her tits, though not as exposed in her top, were big buggers. I copped a feel at them too!

Carla had her finger in my hole and was pushing discreetly in and out, as she knew what that did to me. I ejaculated almost immediately. I actually had little warning and the jet of cum scared the shit out of the girls. It shot clean across the room, missing both of them and landed fair and square on Morgan's face. The girls didn't escape the later shots though and as they covered my cock to catch the remains I noted Morgan take his finger to the cum on his face and collect it into his mouth as he winked at me.

I was allowed to go to the toilet and when I returned the conversation was as if nothing had happened. As they left, about 20 minutes later, the girls both thanked me for a “nice” evening and as he left, Morgan whispered, “If ever you want to put that thing somewhere new, just call me.”

“What did you do that for,” I asked Carla after they left?

“People see you as the lanky redhaired geek and I just wanted them to know what hidden attributes you have. It also turned me on to see them getting hot over you,” she said.

Carla was in serious randy mood, I could tell. She scared and excited me at the same time. Twice in as many weeks, we had involved other people in our sex and that also scared and excited me. I felt a bit weird having exposed myself in front of her friends but was equally excited that they had been turned on by me.

Our two week break was coming to an end and Carla suggested going to a barn dance being held locally in aid of charity. The dance was at the end of a gala or “fair” week in the town and many of the people at the dance had been enjoying the good weather at a fairground on the local green complete with beer tents. She dressed in a really silly skirt which was chequered and puffed out with a nylon underskirt. She had a white pinafore on top and had extended a false pigtail down her back. The effect was completed by some freckles dabbed on her nose and cheeks with mascara and a straw hat. I had a check shirt and grown dungarees and a matching straw hat. I didn't need to paint in my freckles as my red hair and natural skin colour made me look authentic enough. The dance was held in a farmer's barn on the town outskirts and had been set up with bales of hay and bright lighting. A makeshift bar was selling beer and there was a great little fiddle band playing country music. The atmosphere was fabulous!

Well we danced and drank for about 2 hours and sometime after 10.30pm I had to rest. Carla was still going strong and grabbed a hold of a big six footed young lad who looked to be in his late teens. One thing for sure, he had been drinking seriously and was having trouble keeping up with Carla. I went for a drink and started chatting to some guys at the bar. It was about fifteen minutes later that I turned to look for Carla and found her sitting between the tall kid and his much smaller and darker mate. I was fascinated watching these two younger boys flirting with her. They were interested in her underskirt which flared up giving the dress a puffy look. I saw the smaller one's hand rub on her leg and my cock started to rise. Carla looked over and saw me. She winked, then stood, taking a guy in each arm and headed out of the barn. I followed discreetly behind.

She giggled as she walked around the rear of the large barn into the shadows. I could hear giggling in the distance as other couples seemed to have headed to the other barn which stored the hay bales. It was a warm and balmy night with still some light enabling me to see her in the distance. Once behind the barn, she leaned back against the wall with a guy on each side and the taller guy leaned over and kissed her. The little wiry guy had his hand up her skirt in a flash and was fumbling with her pants while working on his zip.

I heard her say, “I should have told my husband where I was going, he would have loved to see you guys in action.”

“He doesn't mind,” the taller one said incredulously?

“No, not at all, in fact he has a nine inch cock and still likes seeing other guys do me,” she replied.

“Nine inches must be a fucking monster,” said the little one.

“Oh it is,” she said.

The tall one had her left tit out and was sucking her nipple, the little one was on his knees, her panties down and his head up her skirt, I presume licking her. I wanted to wait until the lads were undressed before approaching (plus I was really enjoying watching from the dark). Within seconds Carla's skirt was down and at her ankles and she stood in just a blouse top. The little guy dropped his jeans and was fumbling with a cock which was rigid and looked to be about 5 inches. The taller one also dropped his jeans and boxers and had about 6.5 inches in his hand. Carla bent and started sucking both cocks in turn. The groans were loud. One of her little specialities was to take the two wet cocks of these heterosexual pals and rub the heads together. It almost brought them off immediately. It amazed me how straight guys are excited when forced to have some male to male contact however slight.

“Ah here you are Carla. Hello boys, how's things?” I stepped forward.

“…..oh we were just…em…she asked us to….oh…she wasn't feeling well and….” This was the tall lad talking.

“Guys she's horny and you're helping her. She's too much for me on my own anyway so get going.”

The dropping cocks rose up and the guys continued. I watched and after about 3-4 minutes, the younger one suddenly said, “Do you really have a nine inch cock?”

“You bet,” I said.

“Wow, bet it looks amazing,” was the reply.

“You want to see I suppose,” I said.

That's when he realised he was asking a married man to take his cock out and show it to him. He spluttered but I started to unclip my dungarees and all eyes were on me.

“Jeesus Christ,” he said as my organ sprung into view.

Carla dropped to her knees and started to suck me while the boys stood wanking. Carla took the young guy's hand and put it around my cock. It felt really good. She then started to suck his little cock too. The big guy stood behind her, his erection pressing into her bum. I took a condom out of my pocket (I always had to be prepared with Carla) and handed it to the tall blonde teenager. He pulled it over his cock and started to enter Carla from the rear. She had to steer him to her cunt but he suddenly slipped straight in and was fucking as only an inexperienced teenager can. I put my hand through her legs to feel the cock pump in and out of her. I was kissing Carla as this happened when I suddenly felt a warmth on my cock. The little guy, who looked to be about 17, was sucking my cock. He was impressed. His action was good, a little inexperienced but good. Carla raised an eyebrow as he sucked away and I would feel the tension as the tall guy behind her headed for a fast climax.

The thought of Carla being sucked by an 18 year old was enough for me and I completely forgot where my cock was. I started to cum. The young lad was not immediately aware as the first spurts filled his mouth but he soon realised and took his mouth off my cock. It was too late as three strong jets of cum hit him straight in the face. I looked down and his cock was spurting without even being touched. The 18 year old had filled Carla and only she seemed not to have cum. While his cock was still in her I fingered her clitoris while kissing her. Her impending climax was almost drowned by the younger guy on his knees gagging cum and coughing. She still managed a muted climax as the tall lad's cock lost the last of its blood and slipped out of her cunt.

I helped the little lad up and apologised for the mess. He seemed amazed at what had happened though his mate seemed quite oblivious to the fact that his pal had just sucked an older guy off. Carla managed to procure some tissues and we all mopped up and went back to the dance. Two hours later, Carla and I were in bed having the most amazing sex together. These events had a habit of pushing us to new heights.

It was about three weeks later that the next “event” happened. A young girl called Nikki from Carla's office was getting married and all the girls in the section Carla worked in were planning a “hen” party a week before the event. Carla was organising and there were 10 girls plus poor Morgan who seemed to be one of the girls anyway and it was to be held in one of the girl's flats. At the last minute something prevented the flat from being available (some disagreement with the non-attending flat mates) so Carla offered our flat. She was trying to organise a male stripper when someone (who I later found out was Morgan) suggested that after my session a few weeks prior, I could do it for free!

Carla, of course, was immediately turned on by the possibility of once more exposing and humiliating her husband and I, as always, protested. Carla suggested I just get a little thing to cover myself at the end and then I didn't have to go the full hog anyway. She pointed out that the only people at the party who knew me were Morgan and the two girls from last time, Lorna and Diane so I could remain more or less incognito.

“You could wear some overalls and look all workman-like and it would be quite saucy. I want you to do it ….please” she said!

I couldn't refuse her even though I was very apprehensive and also slightly turned on that Carla was going to be turned on again. I hoped for a good session with a drunken Carla after they left.

“O.K.,” I said, “but I'm going to have to be quite pissed too!”

They crown were due back from their meal and drinks at around 10.00pm and I was to stay in my room until about 10.30pm before bursting in to the lounge. I heard them return. I think a blind man would have heard them return by the noise they made. It took almost 20 minutes before all the girls had attended to their toilet visits. I was standing in a thong, white athletic briefs, t-shirt, white shorts, and buttoned dungarees in medium brown. I had a few dark smudges on my face to make me look like a mechanic and was wearing white socks and trainers. I had a prop of a monkey wrench and carried an inflated inner tube as I thought it would make a good prop too.

The noise had settled to a mild cacophony. Carla popped in to see me and offered many compliments about how sexy I looked. She would put on suitable “strip” music as soon as I rang the front bell and Lorna opened the door (Lorna being the only other one in on it). I slipped out and waited (hoping none of the neighbours would walk upstairs and catch me).

10.30 arrived and I rang the bell. Lorna opened and I heard the strains of “The Stripper” in the distance as I entered the hallway. Lorna mouthed a “wow” as I ran past her and opened the lounge door. After the initial shock, I received rapturous applause and cat-calls from the ten and a half women (I include Morgan in this). Off I went.

I kept everything in place for the whole of “The Stripper” and only when the second number, which I knew but couldn't place, came on did I start on my overall studs. I leaned forward and let some of the girls pop a few. I went up to Morgan just as it got to my crotch area, and got him to pop the one just at my bulge. I received wild applause as he fumbled with the stud. The rubbing started my cock going. I dropped the top half of my overalls and after a few more gyrations, pulled of my t-shirt to reveal my pale, freckled skin with little red chest hairs. I sat on the inner tube and persuaded one of the girls, a pretty, blonde 18 year old, to pull off my trainers and socks. I then stood and let a late twenty something tackle the last stud and pull down my overalls. I kicked them off and stood in my white shorts.

The shorts were removed by Carla who leaned in front of me, stroking my bulge and putting her mouth over where the head of my cock was. My cock was now fully erect. She whipped them down revealing my white briefs and very stiff cock. The group gasped. I was now in my element. The girls were completely gone and one of them, a dark haired girl of about 21 or 22 actually had both her tits out of her top. I walked over and lifted her to her feet before fondling her tits and sucking each one in turn. She squeezed the front of my briefs, looking around for encouragement which came from everyone including Carla. I was busy pulling the side of my briefs down with my thumb and forefinger when they were suddenly whipped to the floor by someone behind to even more laughter and applause.

My cock was almost showing at the side of the thong and only the tight elastic was saving me from exposure. I kept kissing the girls tits when another stood up and pulled her t-shirt over her head shouting “Me too.”

I obliged and before I knew where I was at least six of them were topless. Hands were rubbing my cock and this was the point where I was to leave. The music finished and I raised my hand to take a bow. I started to leave when Carla shouted, “Darling I think they need to see more, don't you?”

They were on me like a pack of wolves and my thong lasted about 30 seconds. I lay naked on the floor with hands everywhere and a very hard cock. I tried to stand up and ended up across the floor on top of Morgan. He was initially shocked but took the opportunity to grip my cock firmly. I rolled over with my back to him and crawled to all fours with women all over my head. I felt a finger enter my hole and looked to see Morgan behind pressing his finger into me. He knew about my soft spot and my cock reacted accordingly. He winked but I was quickly pulled over on to my back while the girls took turns at sucking my cock. The whole session lasted about 10 minutes and got no further than feeling and sucking before they showed more interest in getting back to their drinks.

I ran out and Carla followed. We had made no plan for afterwards but I suggested I go out for a drink once I was dressed to let them finish up, and come back after midnight. She agreed and went back to join the girls.

I quickly showered and was just coming out of the shower when Morgan walked into the room. “You are one size of a guy Ricky. Some day you should let me show you a few more tricks.”

I laughed embarrassingly and pulled up my briefs. He walked across and squeezed the front. “I could take all of that if you want to.”

I laughed embarrassingly and mumbled something about needing to give the girls space as I left him standing in the hallway, a lustful look in his eye. As I walked down to the pub I gave serious thought to the proposition I had just been given but realised I couldn't do anything behind Carla's back and certainly not with a guy. Guys didn't really turn me on. Well maybe a little when we had that session in the toilets but that was really because I was turned on by Carla, not the guys.

By the time I had returned it was after midnight and the party was down to the hardy few, just Carla, Lorna and Morgan.

“Anyone for coffee,” I asked?

“Sure,” came the voices in unison and as I made it, Carla came to join me, standing behind and wrapping her arms around me.

“God I was so turned on by you tonight,” she said. “Bet you're horny as hell.”

“Looks like I got everyone going,” I said, “Even your friend Morgan wanted me to fuck him.”

“You're joking,” she said. “Little camp Morgan wanted your big dick in his little bottie,” she camply said to me. “Now I would just LOVE to see that!”

Now it was my turn. “Now YOU'RE joking,” I said. I couldn't stick my cock in guy's bum!”

“Not even if Carla begged you,” she said with a little girl wimpy voice?

I was starting to get hard again and she felt me and commented. When Carla strarted to coerce me this way and I really didn't want to do it, I somehow got more turned on than if I did. Basically I loved being forced to do kinky things to please her. She squeezed my cock one more time and grabbing two coffee mugs, heading into the lounge. I followed meekly behind.

As we made idle chat and drank, I looked at Morgan. He was slightly built, short blondish hair, fair skin without a blemish and dressed in light cotton jeans with a dark t-shirt. He had a well shaped if light shaped body and his cotton jeans, clearly showed the outline of his balls as he sat opposite on the floor. He was not actually effeminate but his whole demeanour had a lady-like poise.

“…..so I'll see you at work on Monday then.” My mind snapped into the room as Lorna stood up, came over and kissed me briefly on the lips and headed out of the door.

Carla came back in with an opened bottle of wine in her hand and three glasses. “Now why don't we have a post mortem on what we all got from tonight,” she said.

“Well Morgan, you have now seen my husband's cock in all its glory, twice. What do you make of it, as a man's man,” she asked?

“I have to confess,” He said, “There's three things I really like and that's red hair, big cocks and tall guys. Need I say more?”

“So you want my big straight husband to stick his big hard cock in your bum,” She asked?

Morgan visibly flushed as did I.

“Where does that leave me though, since you don't fancy women?”

Morgan just looked sheepish and shrugged his shoulders.

“Look it's late, why don't you stay over. Go and have a shower in the main bathroom. Ricky and I have a little shagging to do tonight as he's so horny after these women played with him so we'll have a quick shower in our own bathroom.” This was Carla talking as though she had just completely changed the subject.

Morgan just stood up as she showed him the spare bedroom and the main bathroom. She came through and took my hand to say, “Let's shower and shag!”

We showered together and when we came out to dry, I could still hear Morgan in the main bathroom. Carla dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock.

“Carla,” I said, “The bedroom door's still open.”

“I know,” she said, between slurps.

The hall light was off and the spare bedroom was further up the hall so Morgan would have to pass our door to get to his room. I saw the light flash in the hall as the bathroom door opened and then darkness. As she sucked, I could just make out his shape in the hall as he passed. I thought that was it. This was straight sex and he was definitely gay. Carla was really going for it. Both stark naked, she was swallowing almost all my cock while cupping my balls and making all sorts of gasping and cooing sounds. She was really getting off at the thought of being listened to. I saw the shadowy movement at the door and realised that Morgan had come back to watch. I presumed it was my cock that was the centre of his attraction and my dick leapt again.

“Oh you're cock is so big. I love feeling it slip inside me and that feeling when you tense and cum in my cunt. I'm so lucky to have all this meat to myself. I would love someone else to know what it's like to be fucked by you.” She rambled on and I realised this was for Morgan's sake.

“Morgan, if you're there, we would love you to come in and watch,” she said.

There was an immediate silence followed by movement and Morgan slowly entered the room. He was wearing white and rather brief underwear with an erection clearly visible but partially covered by his hand. He stood by the door and started to mumble some kind of apology which was overtaken by Carla's invitation for him to come over. He did!

She stood up and said, “You take over!”

He looked at her then knelt in front of me to take my cock in his mouth. I always thought that gays knew how to suck cock but this little 18 year old was a bit uninspiring as he took the head in his mouth and gently pulled back the foreskin. His light sucking started to gather momentum, however and he really started to get going. His hands cupped my balls and his finger wondered between my legs getting really close to my sensitive rosebud. Within 5 minutes he had me flat on the bed and sat astride licking my balls and sucking my cock, the tip of his finger gently entering my hole about half an inch, no more.

Carla stood frigging herself and asked Morgan to take his briefs off. He did. His body looked like that of a 15 year old with little hair except for his pubic patch. The thought that this little flower could ever take my 9 inches was laughable. He rolled over offering his body to me. His cock was very pale and delicate and stood rigid but was no more than perhaps 5 inches. His ball sacs were hanging loosely between his legs and I was about to turn and do something to reciprocate the pleasure I had just had when Carla walked over and put her mouth over his cock. He looked shocked and I was worried he would go limp with a woman attached to his dick. I quickly jumped up and kissed him. He grabbed my head like a hungry animal and kissed me with a passion that suggested his feeling for me were not just sexual. His tongue was in my mouth exploring every corner and his lips were all over mine.

Carla lifted his legs and let her tongue explore down between his buttocks. He moaned. She started to rim him. I then knelt over him and offered my cock again. He took it greedily in his mouth. This was just amazing. His slight femininity and Carla's involvement was really turning me on. I kept working between kissing him and licking his tits (which really got him going) and then would kneel up and offer my cock. He was obsessed by its size, slurping and swallowing almost all of it until he gagged. Carla rolled him over on his front and lifted him up on to his knees so that his arse was offered, doggie fashion, and went at his hole again. I kept my cock firmly in his mouth as I realised that any momentary lapse in my involvement might break the moment. Carla was rimming him deeply while her hands were between his legs stroking his hard cock.

Carla stood up and went to a bedside drawer where she came out with a dildo, condoms and lubricating jelly. She lubricated the 7 inch dildo and started to enter Morgan. After an initial shock, the dildo slid easily into his tight looking hole and the pink lips swallowed it easily. She beckoned me and I replaced her at his arse, pushing the dildo in and out while Carla kept stroking his cock. It was obvious she realised she was going to have to keep away from his face area or the spell would be broken. I handed the dildo back to her and stretched a condom over my cock. My first proper male fuck!

I lubricated the condom and took over stroking the dildo in and out then gently eased it out and before his hole returned to shape I started to push my cock into him I was broader than the dildo so it took some effort but apart from a sharp intake of breath he said nothing. It took about 2 minutes before the whole cock was inside him and I had his hips in both hands to fuck him. The sensation was unbelievable. The grip on my cock was so tight as I hammered his arse.

This session was not going to last long. I told Carla so and she slid under my legs, then Morgan's legs, to grip his cock in her mouth. She started to suck while fingering herself and I fucked. The build up was quick and I felt my cum bubble then fire with a force that was painful as it squeezed through his sphincter and into the sac in the condom. I heard a squeal of delight from Carla and saw the cum trickle out of her mouth as Morgan filled her. He seemed a copious cummer and she was struggling to contain the thin white fluid as she orgasmed at her own hand.

We all collapsed and Morgan nervously laughed at the prospect of being sucked off by a woman and fucked by a straight guy. We all realised that I could only fuck him because Carla was there and he could only let her suck him off because I was there. It was a threesome of convenience! He left for his room quite quickly and after he went, I found my cock was ready to fuck Carla. Her kiss tasted of Morgan's cum which I found very arousing and led to a pretty heavy session afterwards.

The subject was only briefly mentioned in the morning but seemed to do little to dent Carla's platonic relationship with Morgan. He certainly didn't boast about it and we decided not to either. The relationship returned to its original state afterwards, which was probably just as well.

Carla went back to her subdued self for around 3 weeks. She continued to provide our sex with little twists. She dildoed me one time while I was fucking her and even had me wearing her see through panties while I fucked her another time. What Carla wanted, she tended to get and the more I gave in, the more she turned me on. Sometimes after a quiet period sexually, I could almost hear her brain working as she struggled to find even more erotic things to do with me and for me.

We had not been clubbing for quite some time but a week off work had us planning a late night out one Saturday about 4 weeks after the Morgan incident. We had a pizza, a few drinks in a pre-clubbers bar (buy one drink get another free until 9.00pm) and by 10.30, we were ready to roll. It was a newish club and the noise hit us as we entered. I always felt disorientated in these places with the flashing lights, loud music, smoke effects and general heat so after a few dances, I went and sat up on a cocktail stool and one of the drinking stations around the place. Carla was asked to dance by a guy who looked about 18 (but obviously was older) and she winked at me as she accepted. He was extremely gauche and we giggled to each other behind his back as he clumsily danced with her.

After a couple of dances, she excused herself from him and was heading back to me when a tall Afro-Caribbean guy asked her to dance. I saw him talk briefly and then he nodded into a corner where another similar guy was sitting. He raised his pint glass in acknowledgment to them and then she started to dance. This guy was cool. When I say Afro-Caribbean, they were both pretty sophisticated looking. Light shirts, smart cotton trousers and expensive shoes, these guys weren't some street trash looking for trouble but more like two young successful businessmen on a night out. I would give their ages at mid to late twenties, perhaps early thirties, which put them a few years older than myself, or Carla. I was never jealous of Carla with other men as I knew she would never do something on her own so I just enjoyed watching her dance with this guy. Even when he pulled her close and kissed her, I enjoyed watching. I saw her hand momentarily brush the front of his pants and though the lighting was disorienting, I was sure I saw a bulge. Erotic though this was I could not see how this was going anywhere with me standing like a wallflower.

She brought the guy across. “Rick, this is Gerard,” she said. “Rick is my brother, well not quite, he's my step brother and we're real close, aren't we honey,” she continued giving me a kiss on the lips.

I saw the guys eyebrows lift and I suppose so did mine. So now I was her dirty step brother not her husband! We made some small talk then he beckoned his friend across. The friend was smoking and it didn't look like Marlborough! He was introduced as Ben. Ben was taller (about 6 feet) than Gerard and certainly stunning to look at. His skin was smooth, his teeth dazzlingly white and his colour a little darker than his friend. The thought of black cock entering Carla made my cock jump.

She said, “I was just saying to Gerry here that Rick is my step brother so we're not really related as such. He keeps me on the boil when I need some help and he has the equipment to do it.”

I blushed as both men's eyes strayed to look at the front of my trousers, then quickly darted back up.

“Do you fancy a drink elsewhere lads. I love the attention that being with three hunks gives me,” she said.

Carla always felt she could walk on water and quickly led us out of the club to a small cocktail bar a couple of hundred yards down the street. Over a few drinks, we chatted amiably. The guys were British but originally from Nigeria. They came as children and had grown up in England. They had a business in buying redeveloping and selling property at a profit.

“So do you play around other than with your brother here,” Gerard asked.

“I play around with the help of my step brother,” she responded.

Gerard was about to say something when Carla stood up and said,” Fancy a Bacardi at our place?”

“Come back to mine,” said Gerard.

Twenty minutes later, all four of us were in a small penthouse apartment with great view over the city, slouching on cream leather sofas and with a brandy apiece. Carla sat with Gerard and I sat on a chair opposite then and alongside Ben. The guys were smoking joints and obviously mellowing. I watched as they kept adjusting their trouser fronts. My cock was so hard it was embarrassingly stretching down my leg and was obvious to anyone who cared to look.

“So what do you guys do with each other,” Ben asked us?

“Wanna see,” responded Carla?

“Cool,” said Ben.

She walked over, lifted me by the hand to a standing position and unbuttoned my trousers. They dropped to my ankles leaving me standing in white CK's. She knelt in front of me and started to lick my cock through the pants. My cock size was evident to the guys. She whipped them down and my cock sprung up from my patch of bright red pubic hair. She enveloped it in one go.

“Wow you guys can perform,” said Ben.

He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I couldn't see its size clearly but the black meat looked great against the white pants and standing their putting on a show for these straight black guys really had me going. Now Carla was stripping and within seconds she was wearing nothing but a small pair of black briefs. Her firm breasts were sticking upwards and I gently rubbed her nipples. Behind her, the guys were stripping until they too were down to small white “Homme” briefs. Their manhood was apparent and I was surprised that Ben, the taller guy, had about 6 inches of uncut cock but a great deal of girth, while it was the smaller Gerard who matched me in size. I had always thought that black guys would be circumcised somehow, but these guys both had quite generous foreskins. I suppose they would be from the Christian part of Nigeria.

They walked forward and offered their meat to Carla who happily took one in each hand and started to slurp in rotation. These guys had great bodies against my thin, tall frame and my fair skin looked almost feminine compared to them. They had her down on the sofa and were licking a tit each while I watched. Ben murmured how much he loved white soft skin and her flimsy panties. In a flash she whipped them off and threw them to me saying, “Even he looks good in them.”

Ben slowly turned to look at me as I stood stupidly in front of them saying “Put them on like the lady says then?”

He had cottoned on to our relationship pretty quickly. As Gerard had her legs splayed open in the air and was tonguing her clit, I sheepishly pulled on the sheer black panties and stood. Ben stood up and said to his friend, “A pussy boy, I think – eh?”

Gerard cackled as Carla howled an orgasm just with his tongue. Ben threw me on the sofa and started to squeeze my small tits, then suck them. This was all new to me but it was weird lying next to Carla being seduced alongside her. Ben pushed his cock in my mouth and the thick monster hurt as it went in, catching the back of my throat as he hammered it in. Carla was receiving the same treatment form Gerard and loving it. She had been doing it longer than I had! Ben, I noted, had not touched my cock.

He tapped Gerard on the shoulder and said, “My turn for some pussy now. You have the pussy boy.”

Gerard slid across and stuck his smaller, but fat cock in my mouth and said “Suck it or I'll fuck you till you bleed.”

He gripped my red hair and rammed his cock in my mouth. Carla lay flat out, her legs apart, watching Ben stretching a standard condom over most of his cock's length. I had to see this. I forced myself free from Gerard and knelt down to watch the entry. He was lubricating himself copiously and I noted Gerard doing the same after putting a condom on his cock, obviously to fuck her afterwards. I knelt doggie fashion and watched the brute slowly slide into Carla's canal. The view of the black flesh sliding all the way to hilt had my cock aching to fuck her afterwards. I was very horny and very engrossed. If I hadn't been then Gerard's cock ramming into my arse would not have been so easy. He pulled the panties aside and I yelped as his cock slid about four inches in without warning and as I tried to jump free, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled back to slide all the way in. The pain was excruciating. Thank goodness he was lubricated. It took a few tears and ten or eleven thrusts before the pain slightly subsided and his rhythm had some semblance of pleasure.

Carla had no such problem as Ben fucked her mercilessly. She clawed his back howling, “Yes, yes, yes!”

My cock had managed to climb back up to size as Gerard fucked my virgin hole and at last he put his hand round and as he felt my now slippery hole, he caressed my balls. He tapped Ben on the shoulder and Ben pulled out to let him fuck Carla. I quickly pointed out that Gerard may have managed six inches but 8.5 was out of the question. Ben threw me on to my back, lifted my legs, poured gel all over his condom and started to push into me. I must have looked stupid with a pair of black ladies panties half way down my legs as a man prepared to enter me. My howls would have brought the house down but I was amazed my cock was still hard. Well he didn't get all the cock in, only about five or six inches, and the sound of Carla screaming an orgasm brought Ben off inside me. I felt each thrust as he came in my hole. Gerard them shot his wad into Carla and collapsed back. They crashed on the floor, backs against the sofa, their condoms hanging on to their cocks and the sacs full of cum. It was an awesome site.

I started to wank myself. “No you don't,” said Ben as he started to stroke his cock again. “You fuck her now!”

I didn't need a second telling and raised Carla into a comfortable position on the floor which a cushion behind her back. I licked her cunt tenderly imagining the cocks in her and tasting the rubber from the condom mixed with her own sweet juices. I gently flitted my tongue around her clitoris while fingering her wet opening. I took my time.

Out of the corner of my eye, the guys were on the chairs, wanking their meat, slowly retuning to erection. I took my cock in hand, still wearing Carla's panties, and started to fuck her. Slowly at first, I built to a steady pace, pushing the whole length of my big cock into her then withdrawing and pushing again. I kissed her, I licked her tits, I devoured her, I loved her. It did not take me long to start my build up. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the guys standing up and coming our way but I didn't care. As I started to pump my seed straight into Carla, I felt a warm sensation across my face and realised the two guys were cumming for a second time straight in my face, dripping on to Carla's tits. I hammered my cum as far into her as I could until I had nothing left.

“You kids are really something,” the guys said. “Come round anytime.”

Well we showered and left and didn't go back. Erotic it was but a little too violent on my arse for a repeat performance in the near future.

It was when Carla missed her period a little later that I realised perhaps our sex life might be put on hold for a few months. Thankfully, the baby was white or we might have had some explaining to do. Still as soon as we can get a babysitter we hope to take a little trip up town to see what is happening.



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