"Did I tell you I was getting married?"

"Excuse me?" I answered in a shocked voice. I felt the shocked tone was justified, because Luke told me this as I had my feet pointed at the raftered ceiling of the summer house at Rose Landing on the James River and was at the edge of ejaculation with his cock somewhere close to my intestines.

A real jack-off killer that was.

"Yes, oufff," Luke repeated. He was pumping me hard now, but it was going to be a no go as far as I was concerned after that little bombshell he dropped. "Yep, Claire and I are tying the knot on August 22nd."

Bombshell number two. I gave up on the fuck and pushed him off me. He rolled to my side on the chaise lounge, but he didn't leave me. He still held me in his embrace. I looked over at him and frowned. He had a sly little grin on his face. Oh how that silly little grin of his irritated me.

"You're joking, of course," I said.

"I'm not, of course," he replied. He sighed. "Claire makes me come."

"I make you come," I declared, not all that quietly.

"Claire makes me come in the normal way," he answered. He was having fun with this, I could tell.

"Come is come," I retorted. "None of it is normal. In fact, it's all pretty silly if you really think about it-God's little joke on mankind. Take a look at the act sometimes."

"There are no mirrors out here in the summerhouse, and you won't let me make love to you in the house. Besides that, you're changing the subject."

"Am not," I answered.

"Are too," he retorted. Still that silly grin.

"What has Claire got that I haven't got?" I cried out, even sicker of that grin. "Besides a real cunt, of course. Speaking of which, do you have any sort of idea of how much of a cunt Claire can be when she's on her high horse?"

"That's what she called me the other day," Luke said, and then he gave me a little laugh. "Her high horse. Horse hung. You know."

"Yesssss, yes, I know what you meant," I hissed between my teeth. Not much I could say about that, though. Luke indeed was horse hung. But he was my horse, dammit.

I tried silence. His hand was gliding over my body, though, pinching this protrusion, exploring that crevice. I felt like coming again.

"Claire's rich," he said, picking up the thread even if I was going to pretend it didn't exist.

So much for feeling the seed rising again.

"I'm rich," I whispered.

"Claire's got a great house on the James."

"This is a great house on the James," I said. "And I own it lock, stock, and barrel-have done so for three hundred years."

"Ah, but Claire's house is named Jameston Hall. And Claire is a Jameston."

"I am a Jameston," I yelled out in frustration. This teasing was getting tiresome, and I was running out of snappy rejoinders. I wanted to be fucked to satisfaction. I was sorry I had ever introduced Luke to my niece, Claire. If I hadn't thought that cocking me was enough for him to have no interest in that little maneater, I never would have let them meet.

"You have Philip Williams," he said, once more in a whisper, a pointed whisper, tossed out with some venom.

There it was then, at last. I had Philip. I wouldn't let Luke fuck me in the house, but I had Philip sleeping in my bed.

"You've never liked Philip," I said.

"No, no I haven't. He has shifty eyes."

"He's a Williams. That's a family trait. The Williamses are proud of it-and have every right to be. They were here when the Jamestons arrived on these shores."

"Only by about a month . . . and that in the early eighteenth century. Isn't it time to put First Families of Virginia snobbery to bed?"

"Oh fuck the FFV stuff. That's the real issue here, isn't it, Luke? It's about who puts me to bed, isn't it?" I asked. I sat up on the chaise and looked down at him. "And stop doing that if you aren't going to fuck me properly." He was fondling my cock with his hand. "You are upset because I won't say I'll kick Philip out of my bed and take you in."

"Yep, bingo, finally got it," Luke said, and then he couldn't speak further for a while because his mouth was busy on my cock. I laid back and groaned and ground my pelvis into his face. Very close to ejaculating once more.

"What's Philip got that I don't? I mean, are you saying he has even an inch on me?"

Killed that ejaculation again. He had pulled off me at the strategic moment and was looking down into my face, silly grin back in place.

"It would be awkward," I said. "All Richmond would talk. A Jameston giving the gate to a Williams? They'd be scandalized. There are unspoken rules."

"They aren't scandalized already because you are both men?"

"No. Strangely not. Maybe because there were few woman here back in the beginning. More likely because we are both FFV; there's no end to the perversity the South will put up with in their FFV. It's almost equal in its genteel way to the tabloid empires of Los Angeles and our movie stars. Oh, hell, why are we even talking about this, Luke? Are you going to make me come or not?"

"I could make you come on the altar during the wedding service . . . on August 22nd . . . the day I marry your niece, Claire."

"Never happen," I muttered. "Claire isn't the marrying kind. She'd cuckold you on alternate Wednesdays."

"Philip isn't faithful to you. He cuckolds you every Wednesday."

"I'm unfaithful to him too . . . with you." I'd had enough. I reached out for his cock with one hand and pulled him over me with my other arm and opened my legs as he went up on his knees and maneuvered between them again.

My channel devoured his cock, and I was moving my hips. My young, virile lover groaned and began churning inside me in earnest. My moans and the rhythm of my hip movement on his buried cock was making him pant and murmur the praises of my lovemaking, and we were lost in the fuck once more. I felt my seed rising, rising, rising.

"I wonder how many carats Claire will expect in the ring," he said, his voice hoarse and sounding fairly distant, as his face was buried in the hollow of my neck.

Too lately said, though, because I was already flowing, in three orgasmic jerks. And then so was he.

A victory for me-even if a hollow one.

* * * *

"I don't see why we have to go to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner at all." We were driving west from the river, toward St. Paul's Episcopal church in Richmond's old-money west end. "I mean, I'm only the uncle of the bride."

I glanced over at Philip, looking ever so sleek in his tailored, three-piece suit behind the wheel of his Jaguar convertible. I think I was aroused by Philip more when he was clothed than naked. Luke had a point about that. Although he was quite trim and handsome, Philip didn't have a cock to yodel home about. Still, what did I have to complain about? I had two very presentable, young lovers. Well, at least until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.

"Oh, didn't I tell you?" Philip said. And then he sniffed, his nose pointed heavenward. I hated when he did that. The Williamses had no chins to speak of.

"Tell me what?" I asked, knowing I probably shouldn't have.

"I'm best man. I can't believe I didn't remember to tell you that. Came as a big surprise to me, too. I didn't even know Luke liked me-certainly not enough to ask me to be his best man. Of course we're going to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I'm part of the wedding party."

"Wonderful," I managed to say through clinched teeth. I withdrew into my corner of the car and seethed for the rest of the trip down Grace Street.

* * * *

"We having fun yet?"

I just glowered at Luke. We were at the rehearsal dinner, given at the koi pond-surrounded Japanese tea house after hours at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond's northern suburbs. The rehearsal had been quite fun; I'd stayed in the car. Philip was so full of himself he didn't even ask why. Now, hoping to stop Luke from gloating, I looked around for the bride-to be.

"Don't worry; she isn't in sight," Luke said. "So, we're free to speak in our own happy way."

"Good," I retorted. "Because Claire specialized in man speak. She'll know what we mean when we only know we like the sound of the words."

"Punch?" He had two glasses of reddish-looking fluid in his hand.

"Not yet, but I'm building up to it," I retorted. "Do you want to have it here with all these expensive rice paper screens around, or out in the parking lot?"

"Tut, tut, old man. Or would it be premature to call you uncle?"

"Is she wearing white tomorrow just as she's wearing white this evening?" I asked.

"But of course, dear uncle."

"Her idea?"

"Naturally, my dear funny uncle."

"Stop that. Pretty ballsy of her. I always said that some Jameston cousin needs to check his pants, because Claire's got a missing set of the family jewels. I suppose she has you in white tomorrow too."

"Why yes, now that you mention it, she does." Luke was giving me that silly little grin of his.

"Got you belled already, doesn't she?"

"Come, let's take a walk in the garden, uncle. There's a section of the garden I think will absolutely delight you."

They were fucking under a corridor of arbors, smothered in roses, in the center, naturally, of the rose garden. Claire had the small of her back on the top of a bench and her legs over Philip's shoulders, and Philip was already in high pump, groaning and grunting for Claire more intensely than ever he had for me.

On the walk back to the garden entrance, I spoke. "You arranged this, didn't you?"

"And if I did, it worked a charm, didn't it?" Luke said. "And, if you don't mind, I'll stop calling you uncle now."

"Perhaps it is I who should be saying uncle," I said.

"Sometimes show is so much more effective in a story than tell, don't you think?" Luke said. And there was that silly little grin of his again. "I say, I have just remembered that I have a suite at the Jefferson Hotel that is going to be awfully lonely the next couple of nights. Shall we? Do you think you can make it that far?"

"It depends," I said. "How hidden away is your car in the parking lot?"

As we walked out of the gardens, I put my hand on Luke's arm and made him turn toward me. "It was always you, you know?"

"Yes, I knew that, even when you didn't." he answered in a whisper. And there was that silly grin of his once more. It hit me at this moment that the grin was my second most favorite part of him.



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