My name is Gabrial, Im twenty now, I was born to a wonderful Father and Mother, and had a great life.

My father is himself, an Ex-Marine, and my mother was in the Air-Force, they met during their time in the service and got hitched and then I came along.

Well I grew up sort of a military kid, seeing military men constantly and as I grew up I began noticing men, all sorts of men, and I loved them and was attracted to them, especially military uniformed men, while we lived on base I use to go to the mens barracks every chance I got and would do my best to see the marines naked in the mens rooms or showers which I lucked out and got to do a lot, damn, I loved seeing naked guys.

Well as I grew older I started to have sleepovers with my buddies from the Local school, and as lots of young guys do, the mutual masturbation, and jerkoff sessions.

I remember this one kid, he was my age at the time, his name was Todd Bingham, skinny little sliver of a guy, with dark rimmed glasses, stood about six feet tall, so skinny that he looked like a single slat out of a venitian blind, I use to kid him about turning sideways and sticking out his tongue and it looked like the fly on a zipper.

Oh well, the first time Todd and I did anything with each other, I was spending the night at his Parents Apartment on Base, we crawled in bed and began to have that 'ever jerkoff before,' converstation, and began to do the deed together, and thats when, laying there in the dark I reached over and decided to stroke Todds cock for him.

He let me grab his cock, No! his Schlong, this kid had gone all into cock, 'HOLY FUCK' it was huge, mine felt like a little boy's peter next to Todd's, he said had measured it and it was ten inches long, and almost as thick as a pepsi can.

He wasn't fucking kidding it was amazing, and I loved to feel it. He was born while his Dad, a Major was overseas and they didn't circumcize little boys at the hospital where he was born

It was strange, but before that night was over, I had to have a taste of that awesome feeling, bone hard cock, Todd was enjoying it too, I slipped back that foreskin and took that thick cockhead into my mouth, and for the first time in my life, I felt a cock throbbing and flexing against my tongue.

Todd took the back of my head and gagged me as he pushed it downward shoving that huge cock deep into my throat, but for some reason I loved its thickness and taste.

I Sucked Todd off that night and tasted cum for the first time, but I knew it wouldn't be the last, no way, Todd and I did that a lot, he loved getting sucked off.

Todd and I began to do this on a weekly basis, untill that one fatefull night, I let him take my anal cherry, Shit it hurt like a mother, but I found out I could take it and began to rather enjoy it, actually I wanted it every time we got together, almost as much as Todd wanted to give it to me. I became a power bottom, whatever that means.

Well Todd's Father got transferred to a different base back overseas, we wept at the private and last time we were together, and we promised to write.

I still hear from him regularly and we plan to get together again as soon as possible.

Time went on and I grew older and I was eighteen when we had my fathers Step-brother who was a Marine Drill Sargent, came for a Family visit.

Now you must understand My Uncle Phil is one hell of a good looking Marine, he is one handsome guy, he's built like a brick shithouse, and I have always had the hots for him,

Uncle Phil is unmarried, thrity one, he was quite a bit younger than Dad. And I loved him a lot, and he seemed to like me as I grew up.

I was so excited and happy to see Uncle Phil, he was, as always, a picture of handsomeness.

He was stationed somewhere down south, and had this gorgeous bronze tan, and had a body that looked like a sculpture.

I took his bags and Dad told me he would be sleeping in my room with me, which I was very happy to hear, but then we don't have a spare bedroom.

Uncle Phil was that kinda guy that made you so happy to be with, or around, he was awesome.

We went out to supper at a nice restaurant that night and Uncle Phil kept picking on me and squeezing my shoulder, telling me how big and handsome I had gotten, making me blush, every time he touched me my cock would get harder than flint rock.

We went and did a little shopping at the local mall, about 10;30 We went back home and got ready to hit the sack, thats when I got to enjoy seeing Uncle Phil's awesome body, I stripped to my white briefs, which I usually wear to bed, I always hated pajamas.

Uncle Phil looked over and bragged at what a handsome looking young man I had become.

I watched as he carefully undressed hanging each item of clothing in its proper position ect.

He was the consumate Marine.

I watched as Uncle Phil smiled with his pearly white perfect teeth and stripped off his tee shirt, and there he stood in just his white split front boxers and his dog tags, his hair in the close cut military hair cut, his lightly hairy stomach and very nicely sculpted chest muscles and tight washboard trim waist, thick defined muscular arms, he was so fucking good looking I ached deep in the pit of my stomach, knowing he would be laying next to me in my full bed.

Uncle Phil turned off the lights and I felt him crawl into bed, afraid of what I might do, I wanted him so friggen bad it hurt.

Uncle Phil smiled and said, 'come here boy.'

I scooted next to him and he put his arm around my shoulder and I layed close to his warm muscular body, fuck man, his body was awesome.

I was laying on my side, with his arm behind my head, he was laying on his back.

In the light of the moon shining thu the window of my bedroom, I smiled at him, already sporting a boner myself.

I reached over an began to touch his chest and just playing with his hair, it was gorgeous, then rubbing on his chest muscles and feeling the body heat against my hand.

When I would rub his chest muscles he would look over at me and smile and tighten them out, thick and powerful, and then I touched his nipples and heard him sorta wimper.

His nipples were standing out tall and hard at this point.

I began to rub his abs, damn they were tight and hot, slick yet slightly hairy, with a treasure trail heading from his navel to his boxers.

I was as close to heaven as I would ever get, just getting to touch this awesome man's body.

Uncle Phil looked over and started asking me questions, about my school, and then it went to girl friends and from that to sex.

I wasn't sure if I should tell him the truth about my sexuality but the night would take care of that.

I kept rubbing around on Uncle Phil's body, chest and lower stomach.

I looked down and his boxers were about to split open from a very hefty looking cock, pushing upward, I slipped my hand down ward and rubbed against his swollen cock, 'Aw Fuck Gabe, Don't do that unless you plan to finish what you start.' he said.

'It's been almost two weeks since I last shot my load, and I'm almost to the point of rape.'

I was stunned with his words but pleased, 'you mean you would like me to continue if I want?' I asked

'Fuck yeah man, my cock don't care whether its a gal or a guy, it just needs some attention.' he said.

I reached into the opening of his boxers, and pulled out a good eight inch, quite thick uncut cock, 'Wow! Fuckin Nice,'

I said.

'Uncle Phil looked over at me Lustfully pleasant, 'Seems like you've done this sort of thing before Gabe.' he said.

I was gently stroking his awesome cock up and down when he stopped and pulled off his boxers, 'There that will make it easier for you,' he said.

I noticed a very thick black bush of hair surrounding his awesome thick veiny uncut cock.

it was awesome.

I could feel his legs tighten and relax and I would go down with my hand every so often and rub and massage his big hairy balls, 'Ah shit man, that feels so fucking good, kid, you have been practicing with somebody, I can tell.' he said.

I was haveing a great time but I wanted to taste it, it was leaking pre-cum and so hard it could have cut glass.

Pre-cum was running down the sides slicking up his shaft, I knew Uncle Phil was primed for a big explosion and I didn't want it to go to waste.

What really set it off was when I began to use my left hand to twist and squeeze his nipples and I raised up and took about three fourths of his cock into my mouth, Uncle Phil let out a huge moan, 'Awh Yeah,... fuck yeah kid, thats what I need,.... suck that cock,.... hell yeah kid,...... awh fuck.'

I was now taking his cock to the balls into my mouth, I felt his body began to tighten up and his breathing became heavy and raspy, his vocals were such a turnon and then I felt it, his cock began to doing that shooting cum dance in my mouth as he shot a huge load of cum down my throat, I didn't stop untill Uncle Phil made me quit because of his cocks sensitivity.

Uncle Phil had pulled completely upward on his hands as he unloaded his cum into my mouth.

His load could have gone into the Guiness book of World records as the biggest shot of cum in history, I didn't think it was gonna stop shooting out.

Finally Uncle Phil, just flopped back on the bed like he was dead and lay there.

'Oh shit kid, I know that wasn't your first time doing that, you were fucking awesome Gabe.'

'Where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that.' he said.

I was a little surprised when he lay me back down on my back and got between my legs and pulled my briefs off and threw them to the floor, raised my legs up and told me to hook my arms under my knees and raise my ass upward, I did, and he went straight for my ass hole with his wet hot tongue.

I had never felt such sensational feelings as getting my ass eaten out gave to me, God Damn, it was fucking awesome, and Uncle Phil knew where to touch and how, and Like me sucking, I knew he had done this before, but I was very glad he had.

Uncle Phil went after my asshole like a ravinous dog after red meat, it was fucking awesome.

I was about to cum from just getting his tongue sliding in and out of my asshole.

I was huffing and puffing and panting and my cock was leaking, holy shit was I in a state of total lust and heat.

Uncle Phil was wild as a friggen starving dog.

He stopped and took some saliva and some pre-cum from off my cock, slathered it on his cock which had become hard as bone again, and layed its tip against my asshole which was still wet from his tongue.

I felt the sting of being penetrated first time in a long while, then Uncle Phil smiled as he looked into my eyes and slid his eight inch cock to his balls in my asshole, I was all but going ballistic, what and awesome feeling I was having, a little pain but nothing I wouldn't overcome.

After his cock was balls deep in my asshole, Uncle Phil looked into my face and said, 'Gabe, your so beautiful and began to fuck me like a husband would fuck his virgin wife on their wedding night, I was in heaven, his cock felt awesome.

I was feeling something up inside me being rubbed with his cock as he gently and rythmically made powerful sexual love with me.

Uncle Phil's arms were hooked under my knees and my ass was pulled upward as his muscular ass and hips almost as if to music, slid his awesome cock in and out of me, I was in love.

As our climax built to a very high Crescendo,I Let out almost yell as my cock began belching out a thick white load of cum, and Uncle Phil was going in to a spastic spell as he drove his cock to the balls deep inside my body, held it there as his body began to jerk and he was kissing me and telling me how much he loved me and filling me with his second load of cum.

We both slept like babies that night and it was almost ten the next morning when my Dad woke us both up thank the lucky stars that we were both covered up because my Dad would have seen us naked together in bed if not.

Uncle Phil's stay was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced and I was sorry to see him have to leave, I had enjoyed his gorgeous body and that awesome cock every night he was there, and sometimes twice a night.

Uncle Phil did not leave unfullfilled in the area of getting his nuts drained.

I still at twenty hear from him and he always comes and stayes with me when he's on leave, I now have my own place and going to College, but Uncle Phil Is one hell of a 'Drill Instructor' and man can he drill.



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