Cody was on Highway 74, the four lane freeway an easy drive across western North Carolina with its sparse traffic during the middle of the afternoon. Cody was heading to Asheville from Charlotte to pick up Logan and then the two of them were heading north up to Linville Gorge Wilderness to backpack for three days. Cody hadn't been to the Wilderness site and Logan had been trying for the last three years to get several of the guys together to hike its narrow trails along the steep sloped walls and camp along the river or up on one of the rocky outcroppings that overlooked the river meandering along the bottom.

Logan had moved to Asheville three years ago and since then his social media sites became filled with images of his backpacking trips and his hiking or mountain biking of local trails surrounding the city. The other guys talked about making the trip to Asheville and going out with Logan and when the conversation got serious, concrete plans made, the other three guys had one reason or another to drop out. The five of them had gone through college together and now that they were living in different areas it caused them to rely on social media sites and phone calls to keep in contact and this backpacking trip was to be reunion of sorts. Ryan lived in Boston and between his job and his wife now pregnant caused him to be the first to drop out. David, in Raleigh and Jason, down in Atlanta, each had big projects start up at work causing them to be unable to take the time off. This left Cody as the only one able to make the trip.

He arrived in Asheville mid-afternoon and found Logan ready to go, his backpack sitting by the door and his boots on. It was only a little over sixty miles to the Wilderness from Asheville but the mountain roads, twisting and curving through the valleys caused them to arrive late in the afternoon but Logan told Cody they had time to get to a good site to set up camp and soon they were heading down the trail. Logan had repeated the plans, parking at the northern entrance to the trails and then when they hike up out of the gorge three days later they would come up to the old dirt road near the ridge which they could easily hike back to the car. At nearly twelve miles the gorge hiking was going to be tough, and after three days Cody knew this so-called easy hike along the road wasn't anything to look forward to either, especially carrying a thirty pound backpack.

It was early May and with school still in there were few people on the trail, Cody and Logan passing only four others hiking north. The trail was narrow, a foot at most for much of the hike and they concentrated on each step as they moved down into gorge and then parallel with the river. They talked about what each one had been doing, their jobs, the bands they had seen, and what the other guys had been doing and how Ryan was the only one married and settled down. This brought their conversation to that awkward moment, both realizing neither had said much about their own social life. Cody knew he had been so focused on work, and letting his social time be consumed by gatherings of the friends he had made in Charlotte he had dated very little since moving to the city four years ago. What he was waiting for he didn't know and at times he wondered about his lack of interest in settling down and how the girls he had met were for the most part one night hook ups; just sex and nothing more.

Cody looked at his friend, Logan, and considered how he was quiet on his own personal life, who he may be dating, if he was dating at the time and what his goals were for his life, and somehow, this mutual avoidance of the issue, this living in the moment made it all seem like no big deal. He also noticed how his friend had changed since moving to Asheville, the long sideburns, the goatee and the tattoos on his upper arms. Even the way he dressed seemed different even though they both were wearing shorts, short sleeve shirts and hiking boots, Logan looked like he wore his clothes all the time, maybe even slept in them, and the wrist bands, the necklace hanging around his neck and the earrings in both ears gave him this bohemian look. 'Maybe it's Asheville' he thought as he drove along the narrow two lane road to Linville Gorge, the city known for being much more progressive than the rest of the state.

They hiked at a good pace with Cody following Logan's lead. They had about two hours of daylight left and knew it would get dark fast once the sun went down with them descending down into the gorge. The initial section was through the trees and there was no vistas allowing views down the gorge so they stayed focused on making it to the first site for setting up camp. Logan talked about the park, the way it was below the waterfall which was situated within the Blue Ridge Parkway property and how the river started on Grandfather Mountain, and as Logan told what he knew, Cody would ask about the surrounding area and other places to visit. They grew quiet for a stretch, the two of them hiking at a pace that was comfortable for both of them. It was beginning to grow dark, with the sun below the ridgeline, when Logan asked Cody is he was seeing anyone. Cody admitted he wasn't seeing anyone serious and how he just didn't feel the need to settle down. Logan was silent for a moment then in a low voice, almost too low for Cody to hear he replied.

" neither."

They arrived at a small clearing where Logan stopped and began to remove his backpack, telling Cody this was it. Logan pulled out the tent he brought for this trip, his two man tent, and handed it to Cody to erect in the one level place that afforded a decent site. Logan reset some rock around a shallow hole past hikers used for a fire pit and began to gather some dead limbs to make a fire. Within thirty minutes the tent was up, fire going and the steaks they had frozen and wrapped in aluminum foil were on the fire. Cody had been surprised at how small the tent was when he got it erected, jokingly asking Logan if he had brought the wrong one.

"I know, it is small, but the backpacking tents are made as small as possible to cut weight and size, but don't worry there is room in it for us and our gear."

They sat around the fire after their dinner, lying back side by side against a rock outcropping, the fire burning low barely illuminating them within the pitch black darkness. Cody felt a little weird it being just Logan and him and their conversation was broken by long silences. Fatigue and drowsiness finally made them get into the tent and with their gear at their feet and the smallness of the tent they were laying side by side and with the warmth of the night, it not yet cooled down they were on top of their sleeping bags.

"The guys should have made the trip too" Cody stated after lying silent for a while, both of them on their backs looking up through the screen of the top at the stars filling the sky.

"Yeah, it would have been a little livelier with them here" Logan responded, then after a pause added "but this is nice too."

It had been a long day and slowly, Logan, then Cody, drifted off to sleep.

They woke right after sunrise and after a quick breakfast and some very bad coffee they packed up and headed down the trail. The sun shone brightly, the sky perfectly clear during the morning, making the temperatures rise fast and with their exertions made for a hot sweaty hike. They made good time, even with one wrong turn Logan quickly realized and several places they had to climb over tree trunks where they grew out of the steep wall of the gorge and arced up. Their conversation was more casual, recollections of college together, how their jobs were going, and Logan telling of other hikes in the mountains which were interspersed with long periods of silence as they made their way along the narrow rough trial.

They stopped for lunch on a rock outcropping that enabled them to look down the gorge; then they made their way further down the trail. It was mid-afternoon when Logan commented on the buildup of clouds in the sky and how they could not be on the river if it rained, so they made plans to stop somewhere and set up camp early if it looked like it was going to rain. They were fifty or so feet above the river when a cool wind began blowing up the gorge and Logan told Cody they better set up camp and get prepared for an afternoon storm. It didn't take long to get the tent set up and staked down tightly and Logan put the fly over the top while he had Cody dig a trench around the tent on the uphill side to divert any water shedding over the ground. The air cooled further and the wind increased and they knew it wouldn't be long.

"Hey, let's go wash off in the river before it starts. I feel grubby as hell" Logan said as he put their gear in the tent.

"Sure. I could use it too."

They removed their boots and shirts and made their way down to the river and after checking to see that no one was around took off their shorts. Cody had planned on leaving his boxers on and let them get wet but when he saw Logan strip completely he hesitated only for a moment and followed suit.

He'd seen Logan naked plenty of times back in college having shared a dorm room with him, but it was different now and he found himself stealing glances at Logan's body, looking at how he had filled out, no longer skinny, but still lean with nice muscle definition and he looked at the tattoos on his arms and the one on his chest and he found himself looking at Logan's cock, the way it hung over his balls and he found himself thinking how attractive Logan was with this rough outdoorsman look. He eased into the water, following Logan and the shock of how cold the water was made him cry out.

"Fuck, this is cold as shit" Cody uttered as he eased over the rocky bottom out to a place it was deep enough to dive into the water.

"Yeah, the initial contact is rough, but ya just have to dive in and let it take your breath away, then it feels good."

Cody didn't notice how Logan had been looking at him, hadn't thought about his own physical stature now that he had a regular gym routine and rode his bike all the time, even to work when he was able. He knew he had put on twenty pounds since college and most of it was muscle and his five ten frame showed every pound. He didn't realize how much he had changed since their college days, but Logan had noticed, had stole glance after glance, letting his eyes roam over Cody's body admiring how Cody had filled out.

They swam around for a few minutes until the sharp crack of a lightning strike nearby reverberated down the gorge followed the deep rumble of thunder.

"Shit" Cody exclaimed.

"Come on, let's get to the tent" Logan said as he headed toward the river bank. They moved as fast as they could in their bare feet on the rough ground but rain caught them and soon poured down in heavy large drops.

"Get in" Logan said as he held the tent open letting Cody climb in and sat down on his sleeping bag as water ran down his body. Logan climbed in and looked over at Cody, his hair matted to his head and water still running down in rivulets.

"We can use one of our shirts to dry off some and then we can just lie on top of our sleeping bags until we're completely dry" Logan suggested, since neither had a towel, a luxury they did not pack.

Soon they were lying on their backs listening to the rain beat down on the fly of the tent, their wet shirts hanging within from a couple of hooks. They had remained naked, both still damp and the tightness of the tent made Cody very aware of Logan's body and every time he moved, shifted just a little he bumped into Logan, foot bumping foot, leg brushing against leg and arm pressing against arm. He tried not to consider the possible sexual situation, this nearness of two bodies, naked, warm and virile. He lay there thinking back to college, the first few times he had seen Logan naked, his tall skinny body, and how he had thoughts, gave consideration to what it might be like if the two of them had done it, but Logan seemed introverted about sex, had for a few months avoided talking about it until Cody finally found a way to avoid those thoughts, which included hooking up with girls as much as possible. He had known Logan had struggled to date girls, seemed shy around them, but one night, at a party and all of them drunk Ryan and he had gotten girl to make the moves on Logan. It had seemed to make Logan more relaxed around them and in their dorm room he was not as shy about being naked in front of Cody. Cody knew it had been a strange time, those first few months, but over the next three years there was no longer any tension.

But now, after being away from each other for three years, lying naked in the small tent Cody let those thoughts return, vivid, frightening, almost afraid Logan could hear them in his mind and he rolled over on his side facing away from Logan. The rain's staccato sound on the tent soon lulled Cody, then Logan to sleep.


It was pitch black dark, the rain stopped with only the occasional drip from the tree branches hitting the tent and Cody woke with a start realizing instantly it was much cooler and Logan was snuggled up behind him, his body spooned up to his back. Logan eased an arm over Cody, brought his hand down and took one of Cody's hands and held it gently as he shifted his body, moved his hips up to Cody's ass tighter and Cody realized he felt Logan's cock, the hard shaft pressing against him and he flinched.

"I'm cold" Logan whispered in his ear as he moved his head up next to Cody's and hugged their bodies together. "You feel good" he whispered in a voice that sounded half asleep. Logan's other arm was lying over Cody's head and he brought it down and ran his hand through Cody's hair, massaging his scalp, letting his fingers comb through his hair softly, slowly, the sensation comforting and intimate, and Cody found himself turning his head to Logan's hand, half asleep, he let himself enjoy the feel of the fingers massaging his scalp, the tingling sensation as they shifted through his hair and he found he was rubbing one foot along Logan's lower leg, the soft hair tickling it.

Logan let his hand go and rubbed his chest, firmly his hand moved over the skin, massaging it, warming it up, then Logan moved his hand down, over Cody's stomach and down to the hardening cock Cody was growing.

"You want me to stop?" Logan whispered in Cody's ear.

Cody turned his head toward Logan.


Cody turned a little more and kissed Logan on the cheek near his mouth and turned back around and snuggled up to Logan tighter, pushed his ass against Logan's cock, it growing hard, the shaft thick and long. Logan took Cody's cock and stroked it slowly, his hand moving along the shaft and rubbing the head which made Cody moan and pump his hips.

"I wanted to do this in college" Logan said in Cody's ear as he stroked his cock.

"Yeah?...stroke my cock" Cody moaned as he pumped his hips. "Oh...oh...Logan" and he pushed back against Logan's cock.

"Cody...I'll do whatever you want" Logan whispered and he shifted his body, moved in a way to roll Cody over on his stomach with him resting on top grinding his cock into Cody's ass.

"Do it..." Cody grunted, his voice trailing off as he pushed his hips upward; "Do it." Cody had let himself go, let the moment take over, the intimacy between the two of them, something he knew almost happened in college, and now the opportunity was here again, real, flesh against flesh, and he wasn't as timid, wasn't afraid as he had been in college, and he reached back and ran his hands down Logan's sides, felt the warmth of his body as it moved on top of him.

"You want me in you?"

"Yes...put it in me...come on, put it in me" Cody uttered in a low voice as his body undulated underneath Logan, moved with him as they pressed against each other. Logan rose up and pushed his cock down, nestled the head down into the crevice between Cody's ass cheeks, probed him till he found his target and he pressed against it till he felt Cody push back.

"Fuck me, Logan, push it in me" Cody said as he pushed his hips upward feeling Logan's cock at his entrance, pressing against it for entry. Logan bore down and his cock breached Cody's hole, the head penetrated through the tight ring of his opening and Cody cried out, his moan a mixture of pain and pleasure. Logan eased into him, slowly working inch after inch of cock into his hole.

"Take me...let me in" Logan whispered as he wrapped his arms around Cody's upper body and bear hugged him, grinding his cock into Cody's hole.

"Oh..fuck..." and Cody shoved up with his hips and Logan's cock sank all the way into his hole, hips pressed against ass cheeks. Cody rose up under Logan, his body taut, muscles straining with his exertions.

"Fuck me...fuck my ass" Cody guttural utterings fell into rhythm with Logan's.

"Take me, Cody, take me...damn, your ass is tight" Logan whispered.

Logan ground his cock into Cody, pumped his hips up and down, driving it in as far as he could and Cody took it, ever stroke. He laid there, Logan's weight on him, Logan's cock driving into his ass and the way Logan felt against his body and the way he felt inside made him feel his sex in a new way and he ground his own cock into the sleeping bag, felt his hard cock rub the soft nylon fabric. Logan reached around his chest and hugged him tight and rolled over, bringing Cody on top, his hard cock rising up over his stomach as Logan ground his own upward and the new angle, just a little different than before, made each push inward hit Cody hard, made him feel each plunge of cock into his hole and his own cock drooled a long strand of pre-cum down. Logan took Cody's cock and with every push upward he brought his hand down until Cody was breathing hard, pumping his hips as best he could and when he reached down and grabbed Logan's thighs in a tight grip he stabbed his cock through Logan's fist hard and came. Thick wads spattered across his chest and stomach and Logan felt each ejaculation as each spasm of Cody's hole milked his cock till he began to pump his cum into Cody filling his hole.

Even with the clearing skies and a full moon, it was dark in the trees and Logan and Cody dug out their head lamps, strapped them on, and still naked, made their way down to the river. It was up some, the water rushing completely over the smaller rock that lined its bottom and the eased into the shallows, making slow progress as they watched each step. When they were out far enough they eased down into the cold water and let it wash over them.

It all seemed strange to Cody, this camping trip and it creating the situation where Logan and he had sex and he tugged on his hardening cock as he thought about what they had done and how it had felt to take Logan the way he had done.

"You still horny?" Logan asked in a joking tone.

" want to blow me" Cody replied, meaning it as a joke, but he saw how Logan looked back at him, the mischievous smile and his eyebrows arched up in mock surprise.

"Sure, I'll suck your dick. Bring it over here" Logan replied.

Cody eased up and made his way in front of Logan who had sat down on a rock sticking out of the water. Cody moved up between his legs and Logan quickly took his cock, held it up, and brought his mouth to it, licking the head, running his tongue down the shaft and then pressing his lips to the head and finally, after teasing Cody for a long time, he sank his mouth down over Cody's cock.

"Oh fuck...that feels good" Cody replied, his voice echoing down the gorge, as Logan sucked his cock.



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