How had it come to this? I couldn’t believe it. On campus for only four weeks, just four weeks, and things had gotten out of control. This was too much. Tyler had gone too far in our little games, taken them too seriously.

So why was I still hard? My cock angled upward, leaking, still wet from my previous load.

I heard the sounds from the corridor, just through the door, one Tyler had left unlocked. Anyone could come in, just open the door and walk right in. My cock flexed with arousal.

Glancing over I saw my cell phone, only a couple of feet away. It might as well be in the next fucking state for all the good it was doing me now. How long was that asshole going to be gone? Where did he go? Was this some bullshit part of the game? It wasn’t funny that was for sure.

Looking down I saw the sorry state I was in. “Fuck” I uttered out loud, only my ears in range to hear.

I was naked. Completely and totally naked. And I was tied to a chair. Fuck.

Where did Tyler find this old straight back chair? Such a simple wood thing, nothing especially special about it. I had said nothing when it showed up a week ago. It sat comfortably, didn’t take up much space and I had enjoyed sitting in it by the window of the dorm room studying or just reading for pleasure. But he obviously had ulterior motives with its acquisition. A purpose to which I’ve become familiar in the last few hours.

I hear the knob turn slightly and Joey’s voice, calling back to someone else down the hall.

“Are you sure you saw Tyler leaving?” Joey calls down the hall then I hear his voice trail off. I take a deep breath of relief.

Looking down I see the clear drool stretch down to the seat of the chair and begin to pool there. This was fucking insane. I was so hard. Was fear a mechanism to arousal?

Each wrist was secured to the arms of the chair. Each ankle secured to one of the front legs. Only the remnants of my boxer briefs, a very expensive pair I might add, lay under each thigh. He’d cut them off, slowly, as I sat gagged and tied to the chair. I couldn’t believe it and wanted to scream through the gag at him. But the asshole had dared me to cry out loud enough to attract someone’s attention.

Then he had toyed with me, for hours. I had never wanted, no, needed to cum so badly. I was pleading with him, begging him for relief. Then he had asked me that question.

“Do you want me to blow you? I’ll do it…if you’ll do me.”

I had shaken my head no. No way was I going to suck his dick. Not now, not after he tied me to the chair.

I wanted to. I really did. I had wanted him since the first day when I saw him change clothes. Watched the reveal of his body, tall and muscular, the skin so smooth looking, its tone perfect in the dim light. And he knew I had watched him. He told me so as he stroked me to the point of cumming, telling me how often he had seen me watching him.

“Come on Eli, you want it. Admit it” Tyler had said last night, while down on the floor between my legs toying with my cock. “Just nod your head yes.”

I had refused. Stubbornly, defiantly, refusing him the satisfaction of the admission.

It was the only power I had over him.

The room was dimly lit by Tyler’s desk lamp, deep shadows everywhere it couldn’t penetrate. I glanced to my right. The mirror on the wall at the foot of bunkbeds. Full length and perfectly positioned for me to see myself. I’m surprised Tyler didn’t think to turn me toward it, make me face it. Seeing my cock angled up above my thigh, hard as a rock and glistening wetly in the light was enough.

Here’s the thing. The part of this little scenario that still makes me question this reality. Maybe it’s like this ‘fake news’ everyone refers to, this reality we don’t want to believe. I still can’t believe this is happening between us. This game of cat and mouse, sexual in its nature. Tyler is six foot three and one ninety of gym pumped muscle. Believe me, I know. He’s told me so many times when flexing a bicep or getting his running shoes on while telling me I should go with him to the gym, build up my own body. And I’ve seen his body. All of it, every day. He would parade around naked as he took out each garment he was going to wear, laying them out on the lower bunk. My bunk I might add. He used his razors more on his torso than his face, keeping a five o’clock shadow that was picture perfect. I hated his guts and lusted after him at the same time.

In the mirror I see myself, this person I wish was different. I still looked like a kid. Skinny, average height, boring brown hair and still looking like a boy. I rarely needed to shave and had so little body hair I avoided letting the other guys see me. I felt fourteen years old in lieu of eighteen. And for these past four weeks, as I simultaneously hated and lusted after Tyler, I tried to imagine a situation where I would have the opportunity to meet another guy, someone who would like me the way I was, not some muscled jock but just a regular guy. Someone safe, not too loud, that I could find my own way with.  

Instead I met Tyler.




I had been excited by it being Friday, just one more day to endure before a weekend to relax a bit, not feel the constant pressure to study ever minute. First class, English, and the assignment of a paper on the objectification of beauty. What the fuck? What did I know about objectifying anything? Then history and a surprise exam to see if we’ve been paying attention. And on it went, all day, one grand surprise after the next. By the last class, the one I considered my nemesis, the most dreaded of the day, P.E., I was exhausted.  I found myself having to change into my swim trunks for today was the swim test, to see if we would drown if pushed just a bit.

Looking around there were guys like myself, lean, skinny bodies of teenage boys, but there were the bodies of men there too, muscled, hairy, bulging crotches that made the rest of keep our backs to them. After class I didn’t bother to change, just put my t-shirt on, jeans stuffed into my already full backpack, and walked back to the dorm in wet trunks, not giving a shit what anyone thought. I was not changing in that dressing room again.

The floor was rowdy, worse than usual. Joey was chasing Bill, no, it was Bryan, down the hall. They were wearing nothing but boxers, and I could see their cocks flop around as they came toward me down the corridor. I looked at the floor trying hard not to look up again. There was laughter coming out of Mitch’s room and when I passed Rob’s I saw several guys sitting around on the floor or bed watching two of them battle it out in some video game. When I came to room 423, my room, the one I shared with jock boy Tyler, I saw the door was closed. I tried the lever and found it locked. What the fuck I uttered for Tyler always beat me back to the dorm and was usually holding court with his buddies on the floor. Everyday I came home to find three or four guys in our room, playing video games or watching porn. Tyler pushed the boundaries, testing anyone around him to what they were willing to do. He had Joey streak across the dorm green last weekend, and the one before he got Randall so drunk, we were worried he had alcohol poisoning. 

I dug out my keys and unlocked the door, surprised to see the interior was dark as I pushed the door open. Tyler lay on his bunk, the upper one, with his head resting on his hands, arms spread out revealing the black hair in each pit. I wanted to run my fingers through it. At times I imaged running my nose through it and it embarrassed me to have such an image in mind. He was wearing a white tank top, the one that was low cut with thin straps and those white gym shorts. The ones I hated/loved more than anything. The way they fit snug, revealing so much beneath them. 

“Your wet?” he questioned me.


“The swim test?”


“Did ya drown?” he jokingly asked.

“Yeah, but the coach resuscitated me before it was too late.”

I could be a smartass too.

I threw my backpack down on the floor. I needed to change into something dry for I was beginning to itch. I grabbed up my towel and rummaged in the closet for a pair of boxer briefs, my favorite cargo shorts and a clean shirt. At the door to the bathroom we shared with the two guys in the next room, I found it locked. Steve or Lewis must be in there I thought as I stood there hoping to hear the door quickly unlock.

“Just change in the room” said Tyler. 

Yeah, why don’t I just change in the room, strip naked in front of the jock and let him make fun of me. Say something about my boy’s body. No fucking way. 

“Jesus, you’re so shy and uptight.”

Just loud enough for me to hear. Asshole. 

We’re just guys, sharing a room. I’ve seen his body. His perfect body. So, why not let him see mine. He has seen me change shirts, so he’s seen the worst. The skinny flat chest and stomach. What more was there to see? My cock? My ass? Well, I did have a bit of an ass, had been told so by some girls in high school, amazed a skinny guy could have one. And my cock? It wasn’t huge, some monstrous built-for-porn thing, but it was bigger than most. Longer I should say. Long and lean. Yeah, when I could find some time alone, I could use both hands. So, fuck it, let him gawk at my skinny ass, see me in all my glory. 

I tossed my clothes on the lower bunk and standing right by the bunk beds, Tyler up above me with a bird’s eye view, I stripped off my clothes. Let him watch I thought as I tossed the t-shirt on the floor. I untied the swim trunks and pushed them down, bending slightly to work each foot free then tossed the wet things on top of the t-shirt. I picked up the towel and ran it over my cock, feeling the soft dry fabric rub pleasantly over it. Even with the watching eyes of my dorm mate above it felt good, too good and I felt my cock stir at my touch. I felt almost emboldened enough to do more, to rub it to erection just to see how Tyler would react. Stupid, I know, but there was the temptation. He was watching me, blatantly, without shame.

“What are you staring at?”

“Your naked ass” Tyler replied. No further comment. 

“Well, get an eye full” I replied tossing the towel over my chair. I reached down for my boxer briefs and put each foot through them. As I pulled them up Tyler jumped down on the floor next to me.

“Nice shorts. Too bad no one ever sees them” Tyler said standing right next to me. I was reminded of his height, a good five or six inches on me. He was too close, in my personal space, and there was the taunt, the insinuation of no one having seen me in my underwear. I knew what he meant. The thing he was digging at. I was virgin. 

I’m not a virgin I thought but knew it was a questionable boast at best. There had only been one time, and I wondered if it counted. I had turned eighteen back in March, and about two weeks later when this small carnival set up in the nearby town, my parents carried my sister and I out on a Saturday night. A family outing, just the four of us. We rode the rides, played games and ate the disgustingly sweet or fried foods. Near the end of the night, my sister forced my parents to ride the kiddie rides again, so I went exploring on my own. I circled around the exhibits knowing most were bullshit, till I found myself wandering around the back of some tents. 

The crews were beginning to closeup some booths and prepare to shut down for the night. Stepping over cables and around litter I came to an area where pallets were sitting around, some broken open and some still wrapped tightly in plastic. A guy sat on one smoking a cigarette. I couldn’t help it, found myself staring at him. He looked my age, about the same build in fact. His hair was long, hanging down around his face and I saw tattoos on his calves and on one bicep. When he looked up, I froze. 

“You’re not supposed to be back here.”

“I…was just…”

“What’s your name?”


“Luke. You want a cig?”

“What? No, thanks.”

“You here alone?”

“No. I came with my family. They…my sister wanted to ride the kiddie rides again.”

I remember the way he looked at me. It was if he could see through me. He stood and motioned me to follow him. Just like that I was following him into a tent at the back of the property. It was set up with some tables and chairs, costumes hung on rolling racks along one side, all crammed under the small tent. He sat down and motioned me over. I stood in front of him, a few feet away. He motioned me closer.

“Eli, come closer.”

I moved up closer till my legs nearly touched his knees. 

“I know what you want” said Luke as he reached out and touched my leg. I told myself to back up, to move away from him, I didn’t want him touching me like this. But I did. I wanted to feel a touch by another boy, the physical nature of it. His fingers worked along my thigh, the denim no longer a presence between his fingers and my skin. I felt them work up, squeeze and rub my cock. I felt the confinement, the need for space, space to stretch out. I was getting erect so fast even as I was scared to death of getting caught.

I stood mute and frozen in place, hands hanging at my sides as cigarette smoke drifted upward from below and hands undid my belt, unfastened the button of my jeans, pulled the zipper down and then…then…

Eyes closed I savored the feel of Luke’s mouth on my cock, even through the thin fabric of my briefs. He manipulated my cock till it turned up and stretched out above the waistband. His tongue raked over the exposed head making me gasp. I felt his fingers dig underneath the waistband and tug everything down. I lifted my t-shirt up feeling the air move over bare skin, from mid-calf up to my chest. I was fully exposed to Luke, my cock sticking out hard, the head wet from his ministrations.

“Nice” Luke uttered. I watched how he held my cock at the base and moved to it. I watched inch after inch sink into his mouth wondering how he could take it without choking. He buried me all the way in his mouth. I struggled to breath and had to put my hands on his shoulders to keep from falling over.

I felt his lips move along the shaft, the tongue lick it then the head. He tugged on my nut sac, painfully, straight down. I cried out and felt my cock sink back into his mouth. I flexed in his mouth, grew harder, giving into the urge to move my hips. I pushed inward then pulled back. His hands came to my thighs and controlled my pace. Inward and out, over, and over again till he let me go, let me fuck his mouth harder. I watched my cock piston through those lips. I couldn’t hold back, only a few minutes since we started and already close. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and shoved inward. I grew thicker, my entire body rigid, tensed up tight. I felt his fingers dig into my thighs pulling me deeper into his mouth. 

“I’m going to…”

I didn’t finish my warning. Instead I filled his mouth with my load. I felt each ejaculation and Luke’s swallowing, till finally I was spent.

He pushed me back and I stood there exhausted, my cock partially limp, wet and dripping. He stood in front of me, leaning close till our lips met. Then we kissed open mouth, tongues dueling giving me a taste of my own cum. I felt him tug on my cock as we kissed. How far we would have gone next, I don’t know. Voices of two men nearby, calling out for help caused Luke to pull back. I thought he would be nervous, scared at being caught but he only smiled at me.

“You should get dressed and go find your folks.” 

I pulled up my spit wet briefs then my jeans securing them in place and eased out of the tent. All the way home the wetness kept reminding me of Luke’s mouth and my cock stayed hard all the way home.

So, no, I wasn’t a pure virgin, but no I was not especially experienced either.

“I’ve been seen before, and more” I boasted, putting on a performance for my asshole dorm mate. 

“Yeah, had your way with someone?”

It would be later, tied to the chair that the realization of how we were talking would occur to me. Gender neutral the whole way through. Not once mentioning a girl, or fucking pussy, or any of the normal banter I heard the other guys say. 

“What’s it to you.” Smartass right to the end.

“To me…nothing. But I’m curious. You a real stud or just some boy who shoots in three seconds and thinks it was world ending?”


“You know how to control it, to build up to that special moment?”

The conversation had suddenly taken a wrong turn. I couldn’t keep up, and it would be to my detriment.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Control? This is too…”

“How about a test?”

There it was, the proposition. 

“Test? Test for what?”

“To see if you can control yourself.”

“Okay, what do I have to do.” Big fucking mistake. Right there I set myself up for his shenanigans. 

“You sit in that chair and I talk some shit and see if you can avoid reacting to it.”

“You mean, can I not get hard with you talking dirty?”

Tyler laughed, shaking his head. “Yeah, something like that.”

“Okay” I replied and sat in his fucking chair, this chair, in nothing but my boxer briefs. I didn’t think. Didn’t consider the situation through, or maybe, I did. I don’t know. What I did know was I never felt so exposed, even wearing the boxer briefs. I might as well have been naked in a dressing room full of guys. 

“The game is this” Tyler began, smiling so mischievously I realized I had fucked up, “I’m going to talk, that is it, and you’re going to try not get an erection.”


“You’re going to try not to get an erection.”

“I heard you the first time, but…”

“But what? Afraid I’ll see you react to some words, just me talking about nothing really. You afraid?”

Afraid? Hell, no I wasn’t afraid, or I reacted as such. Actually, I was afraid, for I had no idea what the asshole had up his sleeves.

“No, I’m not afraid.”

“Okay then.”

He stood right in front of me. Tank top lose on his upper body and those fucking white gym shorts revealing the grey boxer briefs beneath them. He put one hand on his abdomen raking it upward dragging the tank top up till I could see his flat stomach.

“You ready” he whispered, a tone of voice I’d not heard him use before. 

“Yes” I lied.

“You come in early from class one day and walk into the room. I’m on your bed with a girl underneath me. We’re naked and I’m fucking her. You see my ass flexing, the upward and down movement as I fuck her. She is moaning and groaning, begging me to fuck her harder and I do. Your shitty bed squeaks and rocks…”

He stops and stares at me, smiling. “I pull out, roll over and you see it, my hard cock, wet and dripping. I tug on it as I look at you, staring back at me…staring at my cock. You want it, want to be in her position, underneath me, taking it…”

“What no!” I interrupt him as I try to stand up.

“Whoa, buddy, not so fast. We’re just starting.”

“I don’t want to play anymore, you egoistical ass. I don’t want…”

“Relax. I just testing you remember. Now sit down.”

I sit back down knowing it’s a mistake. A huge fucking mistake. I watch him reach into a desk drawer and pull out duct tape. Duct tape?  What the fuck.

“Why do you have duct tape?”

He smiled at me and eased down on his knees between my legs. 

“Because I want you to get into the spirit of our game. You need to stay seated” said Tyler as he tore about two feet of tape from the roll.

“Hey, wait a minute…”

“Relax Eli. I’m just going to secure your wrist to the chair. Keep you from touching yourself and from getting up too soon.”

“NO” I exclaimed and began to push my way up.

He shoved me back down and before I knew what was happening my right wrist was taped to the chair’s arm. I tried to tear it off, but he caught me and soon the left wrist was taped down too. He sat back on his heels and looked at me. I must have been red in the face by now, furious with him, and myself. Why did I let him start this?

“Tyler” in the calmest voice I could muster.

“Eli?” he replied, in the same tone but it sure sounded more sarcastic. 

“Let me go.”

“Oh, come on Eli. Just for a few minutes. Now, where was I?” 

As he stood up, I pushed the chair back, rocked it one way and the other. I don’t know what I expected to accomplish but I wasn’t going to sit still.

“Eli!” he exclaimed as he pushed down on my legs holding me in place. “We’ll just have to do some more preparation.”

He lifted my right foot which I was trying to kick out with and soon he has it taped to the leg of the chair just off the floor. Then the left foot was quickly taped the same. Knees up and spread apart I felt my cock stir. No, no, no I pleaded with myself. Don’t react to this, don’t let him see.

“Eli? Are you getting a erection already, you naughty boy” Tyler uttered, as he began to laugh.

“Tyler, if you don’t let me go, I’m going to yell for one of the guys.”

“Really, you’re going to call them in here and let them see how you let me tie you up, in just your briefs?”

“Yes” I replied but my tone spoke otherwise, and Tyler leaned down close to my face, smiling and shaking his head.

“Now let’s start over. You come into the room and catch me masturbating. I’m naked in my chair and I turn toward you, legs spread, hand working up and down my cock” Tyler begins with his little story, rubbing the front of those gym shorts as he keeps his eyes glued to my crotch. I try not to listen to him, but I can’t help it, I hear the words and images form in my mind. Images of Tyler naked, cock hard and he has me go down on my knees and move between his legs. He has me take his hard, wet cock, stroking it slowly. I feel the hardness of his thick shaft. 

My cock stirs then begins to thicken. It tries to stretch out as it gets erect. It’s caught wrong in my briefs and I squirm and work by legs back and forth what little I can, anything to try to get my cock to change positions. It begins to hurt from the discomfort. 

“What’s the matter, Eli?”

“Tyler, stop, please…my cock is…” I stammer to a stop, unable to admit my problem. 

“Your cock is bowing outward. Is that the problem? It can’t stretch out?”


I watch Tyler reach into a desk drawer bringing out a pair of scissors.

“No, Tyler, don’t” I plead as I watch helplessly as the cold metal of the lower half slides up my thigh and begins to cut the fabric. With one side cut away my cock slips free and straightens bringing me relief. I hold my head back and breath normally again. I feel the metal scissors slide up the other leg and look down in time to see the fabric part as it is cut.

When the waist band is cut the tatters that were my boxer briefs fall away. I’m naked. And hard. My cock angles up despite self-pleading for it to go down. Tyler laughs as he stands up in front of me. 

“That’s it, Eli, show me how much you like being tied up.”

“Tyler, please, let me go” I beg, and I hear the whiny tone of my voice. Dear god, how pathetic I sound. “Fuck you” I exclaim, suddenly mad again. 

Tyler pulls his tank top off and I see the familiar form. Muscular, every part of him defined, and I swear he shines in the dim light. He rakes a hand down over his chest and stomach and I notice his nipples are sticking out hard.

“You like it, don’t you? You like looking at me? Looking at my erection” I taunt him. He doesn’t say anything as he pushes those fucking gym shorts down. Below his curved ass they free fall to his feet. His briefs tent out obscenely and he cups it, gives it a squeeze and I see it flex. He leans down close to me, only inches between our faces. 

“Maybe I do, Eli. Maybe we have something in common, you and I.”

I swallowed hard, the insinuation clear. I felt his fingers rake along my cock as we stared at each other. They swirled around the head and I gasped.

“You like that” Tyler whispered, and I wanted to protest, wanted to deny the obvious but it felt too good, those fingers manipulating my cock. I shuddered. 

Tyler toyed with me for what seemed like hours. I could hear the guys on our floor coming and going, occasionally someone knocking on our door, calling out if we are in here, and did we want to go get a pizza, beer or a movie? Fuck no I answered in my head each time as Tyler slow stroked me, grazed a finger along the shaft and rubbed it over the leaking slit. I was so close so many times, my cock leaking till the shaft was wet with it. 

Tyler, you goddamn asshole, you drove me nuts. He would move to my right ear, so close I felt his warm breath. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No…please, finish me” I pleaded and listened to him snigger in response. 

“If I suck you…will you suck me?”

What? I could not have heard him correctly. But I saw the look on his face. No way was I giving him the satisfaction. Not now.

Looking slightly dejected at my refusal, he toyed with me some more. Stroked me, squeezed the shaft and rubbed the head with his thumb. I thought I’d pass out.

I was near tears when he brought me to the point of release once again. Looking down I watched my cock flex, watched the slit gap open, watched the bead of clear precum pool then trickle down adding to the wetness of my cock. Tyler stood  up in front of me and pushed his briefs down, kicking them off his feet. His cock was hard, the shaft curved upward and the head wet. 

I looked upon him, his muscular body, exposed to my stare. He looked pumped, as if he’d been working out. His stomach revealed a six pack, his pecs flexed, and biceps bulged with his movements. He stroked his cock, slowly at first but soon began to really fist it. His hand was a blur. I felt my own cock flex between my thighs, and I knew I was leaking more, aroused as I was, so close only a moment before and now watching Tyler I felt like I could cum any minute. I wondered if he was only teasing me, just putting on a show that would end too soon. He stepped up between my knees, his cock only inches away from my staring eyes. The head flared wider, the slit opened up wider and I felt hot cum hit me in the face.

“Oh fuck” Tyler uttered as wad after wad hit me in the face, the chest and even on my own cock. The room smelled of Tyler, sweating skin and cum and I felt my own cock flex, felt this surging sensation course through me. Looking down I watched as cum slow erupted painfully from my cock. The thick white cum pumped out of the slit and ran down my shaft. 

“Goddamn” Tyler exclaimed as he stooped down, arms resting on my knees, and watched me cum.



That had been a while ago and here I sit waiting on that asshole to come back. I could smell nothing but cum. Tyler’s and my own. I felt his cum trickling down my face, drip from my chin and run down my stomach. I felt slimy with it, nasty as fuck.

And I needed to piss in the worst way imaginable.

I tried to think of something else, anything else. What course work I should have done my Monday, what the next week would be like in classes, when was the last time I called my folks (last weekend) and what were the guys doing on our floor. And the fact the door was still unlocked.

Finally, I heard Tyler’s voice in the corridor, talking to one of the guys. No, he wasn’t going to out tonight; no, he didn’t feel like a video gaming session or grabbing a late-night pizza at Louie’s on Garden Street.  Yes, he’d let them know if he changed his mind. The door knob turned, the door swung open enough to let Tyler slip in where he closed it quickly, locking it this time.

“Did I leave the door unlocked?”

“Yes, you fucking moron. Now untie me. I have to piss.”

“Whoa, hostility.  I sense anger.”

“Come on, Tyler, let me lose. I really have to go.”


“Yes, really.”

“Well, go then.”

I stared at him stupefied. What did he say? I asked myself, not believing what I had just heard. I looked down at my slimy wet cock lying flaccid between my thighs as I struggled to hold it.

“Tyler…please, let me go” I pleaded in the smallest, most submissive voice I could manage.

“Come on, Eli, just go” Tyler repeated. I looked up and saw him pull off the t-shirt, the cargo shorts then the boxers he had on. Naked, he came to me and kneeled between my knees. “You want to piss on me?”

What the fuck, fuck. I stared at him, thinking how the reality of such a suggestion was very much before me. I felt his hand take my cock and I looked down to see him holding it pointing slightly upward and toward him.

“Come on, Eli…do it. Let it go.”

I had to go so bad I couldn’t help it. A little dribbled out at first, painfully, that first release, then I began in earnest, a steady stream. Tyler worked my cock up and down and I watched it splash on his chest, stomach and cock, which began to grow erect again.

“You sick twisted bastard” I uttered as the relief flooded over me.

Head back, eyes closed I felt the last of my piss stream out. Then there was the manipulation of Tyler’s fingers, once again getting me hard. I let him, just sat there with no fight or protest, keeping my eyes closed, feeling the touching, the tugging and stroking and the rubbing over the head. Then I felt something different. Something hot. Wet.

I looked down and watched Tyler’s head moving up and down over my cock. I realized he had taken me in his mouth. It felt so good, the warm slickness of it. His tongue rubbed along the shaft and swirled around the head making me shudder and try to push upward with my hips.

Tyler rose, licking his lips, he gave my cock a squeeze.

“You want me to stop now?”

“Fuck…no” I replied.

“I knew you wanted it” he whispered, then leaning close, “I saw the way you looked at me. It was like a fifteen old boy looking at a new truck. He wanted it so bad, but just knew he couldn’t have it. But…Eli, you can have whatever you want. I’ll give it to you.”

Shit I thought as I looked at Tyler. He looked like he was ready to beg me for something, eyes pleading. But I was the one tied the fuck up. Damn, things were getting twisted around. But all I could think about was my cock, how hard it felt, and how good Tyler’s mouth had felt on it.

“Suck me, Tyler. Suck me off” I whispered.

Tyler bent over and I felt my cock engulfed in that warm wet mouth once again. I closed my eyes and savored the feel of it. Those lips tight around my cock, moving up and down its length. And when he pulled up to the head, keeping his lips tight around it and sucked, I mean really sucked, I shuddered.

This time it was too soon, that surge running through me happening too fast. I tried to push up, wanted so desperately to get deeper into that mouth. I told Tyler to suck me faster. Demanded it. And his head moved faster. I shuddered again and cried out as I filled Tyler’s mouth with my load. I felt him swallowing, felt the suction on my cock till I was spent.

Tyler sat back on his heels, wiping his mouth with one finger, scoping up cum, then licking it off. I was still breathing hard and didn’t know what to say. Everything was turned around. Some fucking alternate reality where the jock isn’t an asshole. Instead he sucks your cock and eats your load.

I want to fuck him.

I watch him reach over to his desk and from the bottom drawer out come those scissors. He slips them along each leg cutting the tape lose. Then along each wrist, slowly working them under the tape snipping it in two till I was finally free. I rubbed my wrists and worked each foot around till the feeling came back. Tyler stood and held out his hand.

“I think we both could use a shower.”

The door locked to the other room so we wouldn’t have interruptions, I got the shower heated up while Tyler cleaned up the floor and put the dirtied towels and clothes by the hamper. When he came into the bathroom, I was in the shower soaped up. It felt good to have my skin rinse clean.

“Make room” Tyler uttered as he stepped in next to me. It was crowded in the small shower and I rubbed my soapy body against his till I felt a reawakening. I soaped up my hands and ran them over his back, glided one over the slick skin downward till I was raking my fingers between his cheeks. I dug them in all the way, rub along his ass till I felt it, the opening to his body. I rubbed it till he was moaning, then I sank my finger inside of him all the way.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes” Tyler mumbled.

I piston that finger into his depths. Pulled it out then sank two into him.

“You want me to make it three?”

“Yes” Tyler moaned as he pushed back on my fingers working inside his hole.

“Maybe you would have rather have me shove something else up there?”

“Please…do it Eli…fuck me” Tyler uttered in a strained voice as he turned to the wall, spread his legs and pushed his ass out to me. He wanted it, wanted it bad. Fucking whore.

I moved up behind him, pushed my hard cock to his tight opening and pushed. I felt my cock breach that tightness, felt the head squeeze through and sink into the heat of his body. So soft around my cock, as I pushed inch after inch into the bastard.

“Take me” I uttered as I sank the last inch in his ass.

I held the bastard by the waist and fucked him. Fucked him as hard as I could. I didn’t hold back or kiss him on the neck and tell him I loved him. None of that shit. I fucked his ass. It was my mission in life to breed the bastard. After the torture of the last few hours he deserved it. And after coming twice I knew this time would take a while.

I felt his fingers on my thighs as I pumped into his depths. I pumped that shit as deep as I could, giving him every inch. He begged for more.

I worked one hand through his thick blonde hair, grabbed a fist full of it and tugged his head back as I drove into him again.

“You like that?” I asked in a taunting tone.

“Oh…yes” he uttered.

I pushed his face to the wall. I drove into his hole and hammered away at his insides. Then I watched him work his ass on my cock. I leaned back on the opposite wall and let him. He pushed back and pulled forward as I watched my cock disappear in his hole, then reappear, over and over, till I couldn’t take much more. I grabbed him by the shoulders, spun him around shoving the shower curtain over as I did, and forced him down on his knees, half in the shower and half out. He went to his elbows, then all the way down with his shoulders and face flat on the floor. Holding his waist, I plunged back in him all the way and fucked that raised ass.

Water was getting everywhere, and I didn’t care. Tyler was moaning like a cheap whore, and again I didn’t care.

I reached underneath and tugged on his cock. It was hard and I pulled on it roughly till I felt Tyler shudder.

“What do you want?” I asked in a demanding voice.

“Give…it…to…me” he stammered. And I did.

I held his hips tightly, thrusting my cock into his depths. Only a dozen times or so and I felt the surge of release. I pushed into Tyler all the way and came. I thrust with each ejaculation till I couldn’t take it. I collapsed on his back breathing hard.

One of the guys next pounded on the bathroom door making me jerk to my senses.

“Jesus, what is going on in there. Shit, there’s water coming under the door.”

I tossed a towel at the bottom of the door to stop any more water from getting under. Turning off the shower and pulling out of Tyler’s ass at the same time I finally responded to the guys next door.

“I’m sorry, the shower curtain pulled out at the bottom. I’ll get it cleaned up.”

“Whatever” came the reply. They were a bit peeved, and rightfully so. Water was everywhere.

“Get up Tyler; help me clean up this mess.”




Eight Weeks Later


Fuck, it was cold as shit. I zipped up my coat before leaving P.E. I could see the north wind whipping around the courtyard. It just looked cold. Bracing myself, I headed for the dorm. I walked fast, trying to get the blood pumping to warm up. I passed Joey skateboarding to his last class and nodded as I stepped to the side.

It was Friday afternoon and I’ll be damn if I was going to do any assignments tonight. I had been busting my ass all week for one exam or another, the last before the big finals. And there was that English paper I had to finish up last night. Technically is was morning for the clock read 2:15 when I finally got to bed. I should be a walking zombie by now, but I was keyed up. Walking on my toes. The mere thought of what I had planned made my cock begin to get erect. I brazenly adjusted it as I walked across the Commons. Fuck, I was horny. The bastard better be ready and waiting.

The dorm was a hive of activity, a group in the lounge watching television, guys going up and down the stairs, carrying bicycles, skateboards, or sports gear. Taking two at a time I raced up the stairs till I came out on the fourth floor. There were guys milling around one door or another, sounds of video games, music or some movie came from different open doors. As I walked down the corridor passing the guys, I saw the looks, the knowing expressions that they knew what was going on in Room 423. For a few weeks now it wasn’t a secret, not with the noisy bastard I had for a dormmate. He just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and I was usually too busy fucking him to care. So, the guys knew. But they didn’t say anything, nothing explicit anyway. There were hints, comments made that seemed like they were jealous. Maybe they’d like a piece of Tyler. Or maybe they’d like me to fuck them. The thought of either was intriguing, but I was in no mood to share. I don’t think my cock could take it, not as often as it was jammed in Tyler’s mouth or ass.

I unlocked the door, something we agreed to never leave unlocked again. The room was dimly lit, just a lamp on Tyler’s desk burning. I stepped in and closed the door behind me as I surveyed the sight before me. Tyler, naked, dog collar around his neck and a cock that began to rise. All he had to do was see me come in and he began to get erect. And the dog collar? Well, that was a gift to himself. I remember how he lied through his teeth to the woman at the pet store. He had a German Shepard, named Max. He needed a new collar. Original, right? I could have ordered something online, something made for the occasion, maybe with rings around it for some additional play. But it was the dog collar that seemed to do the trick. I did like tugging on it when shoved all the way up his ass. Like I intended to be very soon. Yeah, the shit about to get real.

I tossed my backpack down, took off my coat and hung it up then turned to Tyler. I moved up toward him, close, nearly forcing him to lean back.

“You know the drill” I stated in a low commanding voice and watched him move to my crotch, felt the heat of his breath through my jeans, the mouthing of my growing erection. He held my legs to steady himself as he worked that mouth on my cock. I grew hard quickly.

“Take it out.”

Tyler struggled with my belt, tugging it lose with his teeth, then pulling to undo it. He bit down on the flap of my jeans and tugged the button loose, then grasp the zipper and worked it down. Jeans spread open he only had to tug a little to get them to fall to my ankles. Then that mouth was on my cock, making my briefs wet in no time. I wanted to grab his head and burying his face against it.

He struggled to bite the waistband but when he finally had it between his teeth he tugged and tugged till my briefs finally slipped down over my ass and cock. When they were pulled down sufficiently to become lose, he let go. They fell to my ankles on top of my jeans, I stepped out of them, right foot, then the left kicking jeans and briefs to the side.


Tyler moved to my cock, angling his head to align with the head. I watched his mouth open to it, then inch after inch sink into its warmth.  He moved slowly on it, pushing forward till I was engulfed in the wet heat of his mouth, then pulling back till only the head was trapped in it. His tongue would swirl around the head, rake over the slit, making me ball my fists tight as I struggled to maintain control.

I could never last long when so aroused, so riled up for the feel of his mouth. And he knew it. The first load was always a quick reward for his efforts. My cock throbbed with the need for release. It swelled up thicker. I held Tyler’s head between my hands and fucked. I thrust my cock through his lips and over his tongue. Body tensed tight, hands gripping fists full of hair, I filled his mouth.

I pulled out, cock glistening wet with spit and cum, and grabbed him by the collar. Roughly, impatient, I dragged his ass to the bed. Still on his knees, I pushed his torso down on the bed, dropped down between his legs, and dragged my still hard cock up and down his ass. It grew slick with spit and cum letting me slide over the skin easily. I reached over to the conveniently provided duct tape and I bound his hands behind his back. I consider stuffing his briefs in his mouth and taping them in place. He likes it. Seriously likes it, but I want to hear him unmuffled. I want to hear his pleadings, his moans and grunts. I aimed at his opening and push slowly through its tightness. I let him feel every inch as I penetrate him. I felt his tightness squeeze the head of my cock then milk inch after inch of the shaft. He shivered with my penetration and cried out. It’s a loud cry, too loud. Maybe I should have gagged him.

I fucked him slowly, sinking all the way into his depths then slowly, painfully slow, pull back. He shivered and buried his face in the bed, but I could hear him.

“Fuck…fuck me…fuck me…”

I want to hear him more clearly. I want to hear his pleas. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up roughly.

“What do you want?”

“I want…your cock. Fuck me. Fuck me harder…please.”

I pushed into him roughly, rocking the bed against the wall. He cried out again. I hold him by the waist and fuck as hard and fast as I can for a short time. I hammered his ass making the bed squeak and rock against the wall. We’re too noisy, and I know it, but I just don’t give a fuck.

I pulled out and watched his hole slowly close. Then I shoved back into him.

I’m going to do it again, but we’re brought up short by a knocking. “Shit” I uttered as I looked toward the door. The knock came again and I realized it’s the bathroom door, not the room door to the corridor. “Fuck.”


It was Lewis.

“Eli…open up.”

“What the fuck” I muttered as I stood up and walked to the bathroom door. ‘Now they want to come over’ I thought. Then it hit me. They could hear us, the banging against the wall and Tyler’s big mouth. I should have gagged the bastard. I looked down contemplating what to do.

“Come on Eli, open up. We know what’s going on” said Steve. Fuck; both of them were behind the door.

I grabbed the lever and pulled the door open. I saw their expressions, the surprise I was boldly standing before them naked, cock erect, wet, glistening in the light as it drooled. A big clear drop fell from the slit. I was horny as fuck and wasn’t about to let these two fuckheads screw it up.

“What?” I barked.

Lewis stood at the door with Steve behind him. I looked at the two familiar boys, Lewis, who was shorter, lean build and behind him, Steve, the proverbial jock, over six feet and big. Muscular and thick bodied. He played some defensive position in high school football and still had the body to prove it. They stared at me and I wondered what they thought.

“We…want to watch” Lewis stammered.

“Yeah…it’s just…we hear you guys all the time and we want to see what you’re doing” added Steve.

“You want to watch us?”

They nodded in unison. Damn, they were pathetic.

I looked over to Tyler who was on his knees by the bed. He nodded his head. Twisted bastard wanted to let them watch. I wondered if they had it planned. If Tyler, Steve and Lewis had discussed this already. Maybe…maybe not. It didn’t matter. It was obvious Lewis and Steve knew the score.

“Fuck it” I uttered as I walked back to Tyler, leaving Lewis and Steve standing in the door. I heard them follow me into the room. I grabbed Tyler by the collar, roughly jerking him to look up. “You want these bastards to see you get fucked?”

“Yes” he whispered. He looked scared for a moment, then I saw the curl upward of the corners of his mouth. Fucking exhibitionist. I shoved him over, pushed his face against the floor. I looked over at Lewis and Steve and motioned toward our desk chairs. They sat down and rolled closer.  I rubbed my cock up and down Tyler’s wet ass, then stroked to renewed hardness. It didn’t take long, and I was aiming at Tyler’s opening. I glanced over and saw Lewis sitting back, hand over his crotch trying to hide his erection, and next to him, Steve was leaning forward, elbows on his knees, concealing his own crotch. Watch and learn, assholes.

I shoved into Tyler, all the way. I knew being sideways to Lewis and Steve, they could see my cock, every inch of it, disappear inside Tyler. I heard a gasp and one of them utter ‘shit’. Tyler put on a show, howled with the penetration, then begged me to fuck him. I held his hips and fucked. Fucked hard. I tore into his ass relentlessly. I shoved inward till my abdomen smacked against his ass. Over and over, the sound of it echoed in the small room.

I grabbed Tyler by the collar and pulled him up. Let them see how much Tyler liked to be fucked. I knew his cock was flopping between his thighs with the rhythm of our fuck. I reached around and took it, feeling the thick shaft fill my hand. I stroked it, smearing the precum over the head and shaft making Tyler buck against me. I fucked and stroked him in rhythm, and he pleaded with me to let him cum.

I didn’t. I let go of his cock, pulled out of his hole and made him roll over on his back. I held his legs behind the knees, spreading them apart as I drove back into his depths. I hammered away at his hole. Tyler’s cock flopped around on his stomach leaving a wet trail on the skin.

Then I was close again. I wanted to cum and I fucked Tyler harder. Quick short thrusts into his depths. I pushed his knees down to the floor folding him in half, ass raised up just right for me.  I moved over him and drove into him hard. I pulled my hips up knowing Steve and Lewis could see my cock pull out of Tyler’s hole, then I shoved back in smacking roughly against his ass. I kept it up, fucked with all my remaining energy. I felt the heat of my own body, hot, my skin wet, with sweat trickling down my sides and face.

“Jesus” Steve uttered, and I saw him shift uneasily in the chair.

Then need for release surged through me. I jammed my cock as deeply inside Tyler as I could and filled him with my load. I jammed inward with each ejaculation till spent. Then I collapsed on Tyler, cock still buried in his ass as I felt his legs wrap around my own. I felt his hard cock press into my stomach. I wouldn’t let him get off, not yet. It took a minute to get my breath and I slowly looked over to Lewis and Steve.

“Get out” I commanded and watched them stagger to their feet clutching at their crotches. They didn’t say anything as they left our room closing the bathroom door on their side.

I rolled off Tyler and we lay side by side, both still breathing hard.

“Did you guys plan that?”

“What? No” he replied, then he began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“I thought you had planned it.”

I stood up, holding out my hand to help Tyler.

“Let’s clean up and go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Me too” he replied.

We showered, bathing each other, intimate in a way neither could admit to, then we dressed and headed out for the pizza joint over on 12th Avenue. It was only a six-block walk and we strolled along the sidewalks leaving campus and crossing into town. The streets were busy, everyone out enjoying another Friday night.

It was late by the time we returned to our room. The floor was a hive of activity, but we waded through it for we both wanted to get back to our room. We had one more fuck in us, always did, but this one would be slow and without the role play. This one would be slow and intimate. The one neither of us could talk about, the one that scared us both.

In the room we undressed each other and eased down on the lower bunk, the one we slept in together every night for the last few weeks. Tyler was kissing my neck when we heard it. First the muffled cry from next door, then the familiar squeak of a bed rocking and finally the tapping of that bed hitting the wall. We laughed and Tyler put his ear to the wall listening.

“I think Steve is on bottom” Tyler said as he listened.

“Wouldn’t surprise me” I replied as I moved up behind him. I guided him from the wall and down on the bed. Soon our rhythm aligned with the one coming from next door.

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